Monday, May 31, 2010

Where are the dangerous men today? (Stephen Harper's murder and mayhem list)

Above is a picture of a mother grieving her son who was lost as collateral damage in Canada's drug wars. So that cops can lie to you like this.

These three documentaries entertained me last night. I had spent a day tooling around with my pal Rainbow John. He brightens up my spirit with his endless optimism and untiring activism.

"The Most Dangerous Man in America": New Documentary Chronicles Story of Daniel Ellsberg, Whose Leak of the Pentagon Papers Helped End Vietnam War

Vietnam: American Holocaust

The fog of war


We started out by viewing the documentary "The Freed Man" done by Jadis about Chief Justice Bud the Oracle recently. John is a former documentary maker and he liked it very much. We smoked a couple of joints and did some strolling to and around Trout Lake. I like Johns company. He is not shy and very friendly so we meet and talk in an engaging way with everyone whose path we cross. Some great young people and a few older ones kept us entertained. When I catch a side long glimpse of John holding forth passionately at his age of 74 I wonder if I am not seeing glimpses of myself in the future. We are different people but do share many personality traits. I like how his spirit seems undiminished and his curiosity is wide and deep.

Watching the documentaries about the times I lived through made me nostalgic for those times again but more so assured that I am even now on the correct path. I had been against the Vietnam war, believed in the corruption of America by the industrial military complex, asked "What are we fighting for?" with country Joe and the fish. I had demonstrated on the peace bridge then about Alaska's nuclear bast and was banned from the US for 17 years. I had read silent spring and demonstrated on behalf of the environment against the dangers of oil spills. I have endured decades of war rhetoric by morons in establishment papers and TV programs. Always denied the reasoned pragmatic solution by idiots like those in charge in Canada and the USA. Gang violence as predicted by us is all around the world due to America's war on drugs. Tens of thousands die for this lie yearly. Oil gushes out befouling the world's oceans unstoppable because these greedy bastards are supported by unthinking citizens who are addicted to gasoline. !46 Canadians are dead in Afghanistan because failed American world domination wars and still the morons mouth something about patriotism. Why do only the worst ideas perpetrated by lying lowlifes get implemented? Why are people so fucking stupid? So lazy and uncaring? Why aren't we all as engaged as Rainbow John? Why are so many content to believe obvious lies? It's our future and peaceful coexistence that is at stake. Isn't that enough to engage people?

Our Prime Minister licks the boots of America war mongers and sends out his citizens to be punished for selling seeds instead of telling the American psychotic monster where to get off. Canadians are so friggen stupid that they don't seem to care. Our press is on side withe the propaganda and compliant with the government in the role of police state propaganda machine.

Every thing around us is a mountain of lies which are designed to control the masses of morons willing to believe them.

It turns out that the two people killed near Cranbrook in a "Targeted Killing" were probably collateral damage in drug turf wars after all. My comment below it as Shatner Bassoon is too kind and wrong. They were like not involved but had moved into the house recently. There you can add two more innocent people to the murder and mayhem caused by Stephen Harper lie list

Friday, May 28, 2010

Calderon "We are kicking them hard!"

When you consider the entrenchment of crime in Mexico his words are brave indeed. They don't impress me though, as I have been hearing them for half a century with the exact same results. The Early Edition has a special on in Abbotsford this morning and one of the main topics is gang violence. Winnipeg's ongoing gang violence is again in the news.

And on it goes. The comment most agreed on in the Winnipeg CBC article starts out
Here is a simple idea to help control the expanding crime and violence that is engulfing Canada in the last few years. How about we change our immigration laws and stop accepting people, with no training or education and nothing to offer Canada, from crap hole third world countries where life has little to no value and crime is a way of life....

A half century of this bullshit is what I have been listening to.

Might this treatment be a real, simple, pragmatic solution? (The first link was to a CBC national video ) Why in the frig wouldn't we try it rather than keep going through the same endless error loop? It's not like we are succeeding in keeping this deadly substance off our streets with our present policies. What do we have to loose except our delusions? The guy in the end of the video spout bs about the addicts in Calgary for sure coming here to Vancouver is a moron. The whole idea of this program is top dispense heroin through any drug store in the country for those who need it. That way you prevent people coming to Vancouver to have more accessibility to drugs.

Breaking news! Prince George RCMP announces largest grow op bust in history. 18,000 plants the names sound oriental one from BC and one from Quebec. Wanna bet that no one of significance will shake down from this. The other thing is this thing might represent a coup by the RCMP but it also represents a void in production, an opportunity needing to be filled.

The gangs are a direct result of the lucrative black market which has lured these ruthless entrepreneurs into participating in it. From the escalating profits these people arm themselves with American weapons. Without the huge profits from prohibition they would not have the power that they do.

My own experience makes me well aware of the dilemma facing many people: I have no current resume and if it wasn't for friends I would have a hard time getting any work at all. Crime and criminal organizations don't require resumes. This makes it very easy to recruit more gang members no matter what the government does. Think about how a young person might have a difficult time getting a low paying job, while criminal opportunities abound around them. There is no other outcome for such a model than increased crime, gang membership and lawlessness (a general growing of disrespect for the law.)

The Current this morning is talking about the Shower posse. The talk is of cutting off the flow of money back to Jamaica. "The only way is to deny criminal gangs their grip on society." Really? This is the only thing that hasn't been tried in the last half century. But repeal of prohibition is not on the agenda!

The continuing "solutions" put forth from our governments are guaranteed to escalate these dangers of gang violence as they have been proven to do for the last half century.

These are the facts proven to be so through direct observation of our society in the last half century. What Prime Minister Harper is doing when he submits to the American Drug War Strategy is going against reason and the facts, while delivering more of the same as we have seen.

This sustained apparent idiocy is tolerated and accepted by the citizens as if it has merit. What hope is there other than what the gangs offer? If the government insists on this course of action which encourages the growth of gang power, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Might as well get on the bandwagon early and stake out your own turf in the jungle. Network with your local criminals, because they will eventually have all the power that counts. Don't get on the wrong side of any of the criminal elements in your community unless you are willing to risk becoming targeted. Check out the statistics and see how often they get someone to court in one of those "targeted killings." Then check out how often there is a conviction in those cases. We all know what will be the outcome the next time the police are investigating one of those targeted killings. The witnesses will not have good memories and be reluctant to be forthcoming.

Yeah, you know which side is destined to succeed in this game! Get on it! The war is coming here!

Canadian's failure to elect effective, pragmatic good leadership has caused this problem. The problem is directly due to the citizen's disconnect from their duties. The duty of citizens is to elect good leadership which makes good laws and corrects problems rather than sell out the country to another country's crazy tyranny.

This is a solution for all countries in the world: look to the safety of your own communities and make laws which benefit your own citizens rather than sell out for economic favored trade status with the American monster for the benefit of business class. Let these entrepreneurs operate on their own merit without burdening our society with laws that encourage CRIME. If they can't compete, rather than bail them out, let them sink.

Think about the fact that the police are withholding my camcorder illegally as the Crown Attorney released it last week. They have no understanding of the importance of PR on a personal individual basis. Cops feel like they are above the laws and act accordingly. This policy will eventually come back to haunt them as we all can see in the daily loss of respect which they deservedly unleash upon themselves. It's part of their own built in power homeostasis. If they get too arrogant their own behavior will come back to change them through the reaction it garners.

Constable Christian #2187 is doing his petty thing and ignoring the law because he can. No one can make him obey the law for the greater good of the the Rule of Law, he can ignore it and do his own petty crime without censure. I have called up the message center 604 717 3349 and left a couple of messages. No response.

Cops get away with breaking the laws all the time and there is no recourse, no rule of law. At every turn large or small it is apparent which side has won: the side of crime and corruption.

NO RULE OF LAW. Rahim Jaffer gets off. Benjamin Monty the drunk driving mounty gets off after killing Orion Hutchison. Also after doing Robert Djeikanski at the airport. For Ian Bush, for David Knipstrom. Cops usually get away with all crimes large or small, including murder.

And they think this will garner them respect?

I guess if their reasoning tells them that prohibition is the way to go, then their irrational disrespectful unlawful behavior during citizen interactions might seem perfect, too!

Here is a portrait of what the criminal entrepreneur is really like. The draw to the streets is made all the sweeter if the carrot is big and juicy. This is the draw of Lawlessness that I keep referring to

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christopher "Dudus" Coke

This is so fascinating. What kind of loyalty, what kind of hold does this man command? 60 lives lost so far and they are not giving him up. This is more power and support than any Canadian politician has gotten during the last 3 decades, if ever. If you scratch just a tiny bit below the front page hype on this one, look carefully at Mexico, and compare them to our homegrown tinpot despots in Ottawa and the corruption they wreak on the entire land, you will see what the real problem is.

The real Problem is this: The United Snakes of Amerika is undermining law and order on a global scale, exporting their puritanical Prohibition laws along with its military and economic clout. If they controlled and regulated their own population's voracious appetite for drugs while at the same time leaving off with upholding corrupt criminal governments whose only claim to fame is that they do Amerika's bidding to their own citizenry without a whimper, the citizenry would not be prayed upon by organized crime. It is the lucrative nature of the uncontrolled drug market which makes it rewarding to peddle more and more drugs to younger and younger Americans. Where ever drugs are legalized/decriminalized their use dramatically decreases.

I wonder at the charisma a "gangster" like this Dudus has. There has to be something they are not saying about this man, this story. To paint this man as a drug kingpin and nothing else doesn't explain the fierce loyalty that is plain to see.

Is this what it will take to finally start telling Amerika to fack off? Neighborhood insurrection at the gangster level to show the world that some people are not so keen on letting another country fetch one of their number from their country is what it might take.

Why should the Amerikan administration be allowed to perpetrate world tyranny with idiotic prohibition laws which encourage gangsterism for ever? Enough is f*cking enough isn't it? I mean they plucked Marc Emery from our Country without hardly a whimper for selling seeds.

That's right, for selling seeds in the year 2010, a man who paid taxes to our government has to serve 5 friggen years in an Amerikan Jail. This is for a crime not even prosecuted in Canada. I would rather be a Jamaican today than a Canadian.

These people have a spirit of self determination that is lacking in Canadians. You can have all the gold hockey glory in the world, but it is this measure of fierce resistance which will be the indicator of a nation's future sovereignty.

What you are seeing is the seeds of Amerika's drug war coming to fruition here and in Mexico. Amerika, since Nixon has created many men with vast empires who hate Amerikan law, are well armed and ruthless, will reap what it sows. The war on drugs has spawned a world wide disrespect for law and government and an increase in lawlessness. Now these elements born of prohibition are ready to bear their bitter fruit.

Thousands killed in Mexico, hundreds killed in Canadian drug turf enforcement, hundreds to thousands killed in many other countries all to prop up terminal idiocy in puritanical thinking: Prohibition

It goes against the laws of nature to try to control another person's diet and yet we are forced to endure this crazy idiocy called Amerika's war on drugs.

Have a good look around this will be happening in your neighborhood soon!

How friggen arrogant can you be? The addiction to oil has befouled their coastline as well as that of other parts of the world, all to feed an addictive way of self transport using a fossil fuel burning consumer product, but still some how the USA feels that it has the moral right to determine what state of mind a free adult might wish to access. Can you imagine that? The utter absurdity that the people who allow this to happen, are just what you need to determine your diet!

Marc Boyer has a date tomorrow at 9 am in Provincial court.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A murder in the building

First video after the return of my laptop

Maybe there was no murder after all. It could have been that my source for this info was a bit over the edge and transfer her issues on to an elderly woman's death. The police would have had to investigate in their CSI suites irregardless of the cause of death if she had been deceased for a week. At any rate it makes me feel a whole lot better about it not being an act of violence, one day later.

I blog as Shatner Bassoon on CBC

"Cake" is another prohibitionist's nightmare come to haunt you! These people hit the nail square on the head WITH THEIR VIDEO, pointing out irrational hysteria WHICH IS OFTEN FOUND BEHIND PROHIBITIONIST THINKING.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tobacco pushers sell singles to underage children (click for CBC video)

It was shocking for me to see this news article on the National. I truly know how addictive and destructive tobacco is being free of it for 15 years. The reason why I began to sell to adults over 18 when my store was in operation was to keep adult substances out of the hands of children. It is a mystery to me, when I know the true dangers of tobacco compared to pot or even LSD, why these store owners who sell singles to children don't get jail time? Adults should be allowed to purchase poison like alcohol in my opinion. The control should be focussed on keeping it from the hands of children. I can't understand why I had to spend 2.5 months in jail checking for ID on my customers while these variety store owners can sell deadly and addictive substances to children without seeing jail time?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Protest on behalf of Marc Emery Victory Square

There was work to be done from 9 am to 2:30 pm but then I rode my bike down to Cambie and Hastings. As we passed the next building a friend volunteered to take the White Wolf. He loves to go in her dog wagon as she is a dog trainer and has regular walks for certain clients. She has taught him and me so much and is a large part of the reason that he has become as socialized as he is. This freed me up to cycle at speed and I got down there in about 15 minutes. Arriving at 4 pm I was early for 420. Had a chance to talk a bit with CB and DML. Smoked some good herb and saw some people I hadn't seen for a while. Was home after 5:00 pm and terribly hungry.

These are always pleasant gatherings with low stress and good people. Why would what we do cause us to become criminals? We don't even need police supervision. Everyone is calm peaceful and happy.

The nicest people smoke pot.

Wish I had my camera.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What did 564 E Broadway have to do with the news of a robbery I recieved only a short while ago?

The news was of a violent attack during a robbery to get a pot dealer's product. I know this man to be a peaceful business man with ethics as are most marijuana dealers. But this isn't the first time and there is nowhere to turn to except yourself in upholding your own safety.

Why I opened up a store and demonstrated in Victory Square was to be able to bring this activity into the safety of other normal commercial enterprises. I did call 911 when we were assaulted at Victory Square but rather than go after the violent criminal whose drug turf we were challenging the VPD chose to enforce the CDSA.

So let me explain to you imbeciles who can't put 2 and 2 together, once more, what will happen in this incident multiplied a thousand times. Since the police won't protect you, you have to do something to stay alive. Quitting supplying a natural product to honest people who need it is not an option. There has to be an alternative to alcohol for those who choose it. Tyranny will be fought on its own terms wherever it rears its ugly head.

So if there is no rule of law, having been coopted by organized criminal violence as well as an increase in individual lawlessness and violence, where do you turn?

Let me explain to you that most likely this person will turn to where everyone does eventually in a dangerous lawless jungle, EITHER HE WILL GET HIMSELF A WEAPON OR BETTER YET HE WILL HIRE A WEAPON OR SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE A WEAPON.

So let me explain it to you morons, this is the sure way to ratchet up dangerous violent crime in your communities: Make sure that no stores open up to sell it to people over 18. Keep it illegal so that criminals can use the law for their enterprise. Cops will always have job security when you create many petty criminals who supply people with a freedom of choice. Some of these will not be petty criminals though. They will control the lesser ones and set the pace of conflict.

A better crime recruitment and lawlessness escalating program than prohibition could not have been invented. It's a perfect fulfilling, self serving, fully integrated system where politicians get elected spouting its lie, cops get hired to fight the crime caused by bad laws, and society gets fed more propaganda about we need even tougher laws to give more ruthless criminals an even more lucrative reward. The whole insanity is dependent upon a moral judgment which has not been proven valid.


There is absolutely no way that Canada can escape what has happened to Mexico if we continue to go down this path to ever more lawlessness. Violence and crime only beget more lawlessness and there is no way that the state can keep up with the rate of escalation it causes through stupid laws that go against the freedom of choice people are born with, against human nature, our proclivity to seek out altered states of consciousness.

When you make criminals out of people who sell plants and seeds, you are going against the primacy of nature and you are bound to reap rewards commensurate with such idiocy.

Free Marc Emery (click for news of yesterday's demonstration)

Four hours of tooling around in my sandals and socks yesterday on behalf of the Marc Emery cause was worth it. There is another demonstration happening tomorrow at Victory square 2 pm. Why is this man being tortured for selling seeds when the crime is not prosecuted in Canada. Some people seem to have been inconvenienced. My nice shoes which fit like a glove are still in prison awaiting my return. It's an all day round trip to North Fraser by bus that some of my friends made more than once to visit me. It was almost worth it to have been in there because it has given me perspective and understanding that I am loved by more than a few. No matter how silly I sometimes get, some people stick by me and more seem to find me. That is why we must stick with Marc and all those who fight for this cause.

I am surprised at the increase in my blog attendance since before I went in-as high as 500%. Thanks to everyone. I wish that people who believe in that sort of thing (prayer) would pray for a friend of mine's mother who is very ill. We need more prayer and good will/"vibes" in general for everyone, including those imprisoned. Its about affecting the water molecule with your spirit. I'm getting some more work today, so that is good.

I am sad to hear of the financial and other difficulties people are going through. I feel it too. I know things are getting better for myself as well as others. Happiness is a mental state which can be accessed from any other state of being.

Had a chance to see the documentary that the young film maker from Capilano University made; The Freed Man.

She did a very good job getting the balance of humor, honest insight, and over the "top-ped-ness" just right. The last is not easy to do when you are dealing with someone like Chief Justice Bud the Oracle.

Statements made while on the outer limits of reason such as "I'm captain of this ship" were not as stinging to watch as I thought they would be. Although I did have my runny nose and was my carelessly dressed self for all to see, I was not ashamed of what I said. Considering that I was mostly high on good pot, during the trout lake and store scenes on my favorite 60 mg dose of MDMA I performed well.

There is nothing that I did regret saying or doing. Who I really am as you would meet me in the dog park at that time comes through. She did extremely well to expose the passion of my politics but not to get caught up in them.

Robin the Registrar came through very real as well, including his intellectual brand of good humor. In watching it the diversity of our natures comes through and I again marvel at the pragmatic way Robin and I can work through things although we are political opposites.

The film is exactly what it was commissioned to be: a true slice into our lives at a very special moment in time, and a minor point in history.

I am so glad this young lady got to do it and that she did such a good job!

She has promised to put it up on her Youtube account so that I can embed it into the blog and link to it. Some consent forms to be signed and such. This young lady will do well in her craft, I am sure

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Victory Square Downtown Vancouver - Marc has been taken from his cell and is on his way to the USA! - Activists plan on handing out FREE MARIJUANA and BLOCKING TRAFFIC!


Marc Emery is being extradited RIGHT NOW. They are loading him into a prison transport and taking him to the US border.

PLEASE, go to your closest Conservative Party office and sit in! Don't leave!

Call the Conservatives: (866) 808-8407 and tell them exactly how this makes you feel

Call your MP:


If you live in or near Vancouver, come down to BCMP/CCHQ to help protest!

-12 Noon, 307 West Hastings, PROTEST!!!! FREE MARIJUANA will be smoked on Hastings Street!

If you live in Toronto go to Vapour Central (Young and Charles)

If you don't live anywhere near a Conservative, then go into the street!

Stand up and defend Canadian Sovereignty! Free Marc Emery! PROTEST NOW!!!!! is a project of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation:

142 - 757 W. Hastings, Suite 211
Vancouver, BC V6C 1A1

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Golden Teacher

Met someone interesting today as I usually do when I am on psychedelics. I have had the pleasure before but we didn't get to share in the way we did today. Sometimes its funny whom one meets when high and journeying through life. I am naturally empathetic, and when I become aware of someone elses perceptions of their own reality I wonder at the gulf of understanding between us. My friend is at least as far from the center line of "normality" in their direction as I have been in my deluded vector of late.

Often we see glimpses of it as comics, good writers, poets nudge us out of ourselves for a moment. Psychedelics are great adventures for me to get to know people through because they allow a more malleable impression to color and precede a personality. Nothing is set in stone and deeper glimpses can come by casually between the laughter of conversation.

What is abnormal on my part is that I don't live in fear or with worries about anything. It's a blissfully ignorant state of being, not particularly conducive to longevity. It allows you the virgin wonder of the moment when that bullet of fate strikes you smack dab in the forehead. It also frees you from spending a single moment worrying about strange scenarios which you have no control over, the way things might have been.

I know one thing: those gifted with an active imagination can sometimes wind up captive to its extreme vagaries. I'm just as deluded in not having had any worries about being busted when I was walking down East Broadway (on 17 of February actually going to talk to the very same cops who couldn't wait till I got there and took me down) as someone who has feelings of paranoia occasionally. We are just on opposite ends of the perception spectrum is all.

I see wonderful promise written in pretty smiles, sadly framed in veils of fears. I also see light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me explain that I was sincere in my prescription of ecstasy, MDMA as a possible viable cure for these symptoms, these fears.

I am not someone who has studied the pharmacology of drugs other than through personal experience. I am not interested in giving anyone bad advice, but I do believe that this substance may be the cure for anxieties. The fact is that it might not be what you need, but it isn't gonna hurt you to try it. No more toxic than a turnip, imo.

As I explained, I think there is a problem of MDMA leading to addiction/tolerance if it works for you. I have an addictive personality and must consider tolerance and limits of use in all substances, especially those which I enjoy doing. This is the normal self awareness necessary to keep from becoming addicted to anything, imo.

I think the therapeutic use of MDMA should be interment as needed to help fend off spontaneous anxiety attacks much the same as other symptomatic treatment as headache or pain reliever may help with an intermittent or occasional pain.

I think of it (especially in a three month absence) as having a lure on me because of the special way it makes me feel. I enjoy the pure stuff, in a 60 mg, rather than the standard 120 mg dose, once a week at the most. Usually I enjoy it with magic mushrooms. That is one reason I love psychedelics is because I have few fears. Or perhaps that is why I have few fears; because I do psychedelics regularly.

That way I get to explore anything that might crop up in the furthest imaginative recesses of my mind before they become dragons of scary proportions. Our brain chemistry is so fragile in many ways. I think that I have done my last DMT trip as I explained. There is only so much need to explore something. If anything induces fear then it is wise to beware. It is a powerful experience to see God. Perhaps it is diminished in over repetition.

Today was a great trip on "The Golden Teacher" mushroom, 1.8 grams. I met some people who knew me at Tout Lake. They were busy talking with an African gentleman who was from Nairobi. It turns out they will be holidaying there in about one week's time. There was some interest in how good a mushroom high I was experiencing from several different people. It feels so good to be one of the crowd. Dog people are more tolerant and wider experienced, it seems.

There are so many good people out there to whom I am connected by my activism, in my altered states, that I have received much good karma and real help from. The White Wolf has drawn some gals in with his charms, not the least of whom was the Judge.

I feel so good about belonging to something worthwhile and important to the community as well as many individuals. My pond has widened and the waves are touching more and more good people who stimulate me into thinking on these strange follies of fate. I like being free. I am a happy person who enjoys the company of other people. This gives back to me in more ways than I am even aware of.

Thankfully, I have given up being judgmental for the most part and have had a great expansion of rewarding experiences, because of it. There are rumors that warm my heart about anonymous benefactors. I am glad I didn't have to burden anyone for too long.

I talked to Adrienne Switzer today and she assures me that my camera and computer equipment will soon be home. Strangely I don't hold out any animosity for her either.

Marc Boyer is free again after having been jailed on a warrant over night. That is good to hear, too!

Another fellow activist just put me on to this bit of tragedy. To think that people are routinely killed by government agents for a war against reason. This will be judged to be insanity in the future when one considers that its meant to stop people like myself and my friends from accessing a happy state of mind of our choosing. You really have to wonder what kind of insanity is gripping our leadership to make them think that they are on the right path destroying a peaceful society to keep happy people from being happy however they choose to be. Pure insanity is happening around us masquerading for good government.

Who is insane, people like my friends who wish to choose a different diet or people who would criminalize others to the point of killing them? All of this dangerous oppression, the paradigm of organized crime, simply because they would dare to experience a different state of mind, a different behavioral addiction to access their endorphin centers. They can keep on sending me to jail because I will never roll over and say that this is normal sober behavior. This is a gift of brown shirt thinking; demonizing others to exploit your own sense of superiority.

Before I admit to being crazy/insane the government will need to explain these treatments of people simply because they wish to access a different state of mind. Can the RCMP explain why they are killing this man?

While continuously benefiting from the wisdom I have gained through the use of Psychedelics such as
this lesson in perception I have found this research concerning cancer and the use of magic mushrooms

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cannabis culture forums article "retired Winnipeg staff sergeant tells truth" (Click Title)

Thanks Bill VanderGraaf. A retired Police Sgt speaks out about Harper's bill C 15

What I saw inside the remand center is organized crime being strengthened by these laws. These criminal entrepreneurs have the financial where with all to play the legal games of the system -and win- no matter how violent the crimes. They learn to expand their networks in jail, there are always new recruits to be had from the young fresh petty criminals coming into contact with them.

These guys laughed when I told them what I was in for and how I was denied legal aid when I told them the truth about where my money was tied up: in the stock seized at the store with which I tried to come against this true crime causing idiocy the government seeks to perpetrate on its citizenry. The hard drug addicts and their suppliers are all part of the same created arbitrary prohibition crime based on a moral judgment of social thought a century ago.

What I can't understand is that although the cops know it, the judges know it, the people know it, the criminals know it, not many have the balls to do and say what is right throughout society.

Can these elected political morons not understand that now would be the time to climb on this band wagon of reason, get behind sanity and break the deadlock these myopic conservative dinosaurs, whose credibility is daily evaporating, seem to have.

They have no clothes and the rest of the party-hack-political-has-beens have no balls to lead. Now is the time to offer something different to the people who are tired of seeing the same old idiocy in thinking that is crippling the USA. Why in the frig can't our elected reps get together on the issues like in Britain and give us good government for a change, not the worst of the friggen worst?

And like this cop above says, why is our government spending time, effort and lots of money to make things worse with addictions, worse with organized crime, worse with violent crime, a template for lawlessness and gang recruitment which has Mexico's accomplishments in sight. All evidence around the world, like Portugal's 8 year experiment decriminalizing all drugs, show that prohibition is behind more drug addiction to harder drugs, more violence and petty crime and more general lawlessness and more powerful criminal organizations.

What is the reason we don't see good, brave men and women standing up throughout their professions, government and private to speak up for sanity against this mindless prohibition path shown to be a dangerous blind alley to the South of us and all over the world. Why this blind following into perdition when the writing is so clearly on the wall?

This frig-head Harper is an idiot according to his latest firings, policies and decisions of those whom he allows into the power fold. To follow this moron Bush-wannabe blindly into the lawlessness and havoc seen across the boarder takes some kind of brown shirt devotion and small mind, imo. Canada should then be ready to suffer the same consequences. OK, build more prison networking systems so that everyone can join the fun and partake in the profits to be made by prohibition idiocy. Bigger and bigger more ruthless criminal organizations will profit more and more to keep people from growing plants in their gardens. If Canadians choose to be this stupid with all they can witness around the world how can anyone stop them. Enjoy! have it your way.

I know whose side I will be cheering when I hear of Mexico's brand of justice arriving here. I will not be supporting state tyranny that makes a criminal out of me for my free state of mind. I have already taken advantage of my ability to network.

A society that seeks to Jail people like Marc Emery and others for trying to make it a better place is dangerous to the world and fosters its own resistance by sowing its own seeds of destruction. Before that eventual harvest of Armageddon like destruction succeeds, as it must, countless individuals will be harmed by the forces of tyranny as they are even today. Its time people stand up for what is right.

Whose friggen business is it anyways how one chooses to stimulate their own pleasure centers as modern science tells us we are doing, whether someone wishes to place a bet on a game of chance, whether one craves a big Mac with its attendant side effects, whether it is a personal addiction to fossil fuels and the open freedom of driving and its climate change side effects, or whether it be a personal fondness for something different in their diet?

If someone is not directly bothering you, or anyone else, why not get out of their face and help make this a better world by minding your own friggen business?

Whom has this cop harmed by growing and smoking his own pot? Perhaps he has been an enlightened cop who has done his community good, and because political dickheads like Harper haven't got enough imagination to get elected on a platform with real solutions to crime, we end up harming the best of our citizenry for their boldness in speaking out against the nonsense.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friends of Democracy

Hello friends of democracy,

We would like to invite you to a Canadians Advocating Political Participation (CAPP) Vancouver Day of Dialogue forum on democracy this Saturday, May 15th @1pm @the Unity Church in Vancouver - 5840 Oak St. Near the Canada Line.

The goals of this participatory forum are:
1) To identify the factors leading to voter disengagement and to develop tangible actions to address such disengagement.
2) To develop strategies that raise critical awareness of political issues.
3) To develop capacity for community-based pro-democracy efforts in Metro Van.

This is a follow-up event to the "At Issue" dialogue we facilitated with Andrew Coyne last week.

For more information please email

Hope to see you Saturday!

CAPP Vancouver

This might be doable by me. The time frame is right and I can take my bike.

The reason no one is engaged is because the system does not respond. People have found it to be a waste of time to get involved in politics unless they are power hungry politicians who wish to hold an office. For those who want practical solutions to everyday problems this system gives nothing.

It was designed so that there could be a ruling class by Englishmen of the eighteenth century as their own wilderness fiefdom.

The country is four thousand miles across and its system of government response to populist movement was almost a non issue. It took a whole season to cross it from one end to another. Soon it would only be days when the railway became functional. The idea of a populist driven parliamentary democracy was not even formed yet and the American Republican experiment was in its infancy. Our country's government was designed as a political playground for nobility. Of course in today's world the party is the ruling class instrument.

There can be no engagement of the masses, in my opinion, unless we revolutionize our system of government to engage the population. Their is absolutely no reason why, especially seeing as Canada is a world leader in communications, we can't come up with some form of direct democracy, while not straying too far from what we have now.

Check out my concept Technology Assisted Direct Democracy

There is absolutely no reason to give the elected members the vote on any matters as there was when communications took weeks and few people could read or engage due to lack of education. What must be taken into account is the propensity for political elements to able to hijack the agenda unless a certain threshold of participation is reached. By having the elected member always there to participate for us he will be responsive to his electorate and party politics may fall by the wayside. It may the perfect relationship, forever removing the paralyzing effect of party politics and reaching the true popular heart of democracy.

Why should the likes of Rahim Jaffer and all the hacks and former has beens including Brian bullshit Mulroney be able to score off whom they know? That sits squarely across any path where democracy might wish to travel. Who would need these friggen lobbyists if the people held the power? Who would be entertained by all this bullshit about documents, Helena Guergis and everything that the CBC throws at us as entertainment, if the people held the power? One quick vote and the government would be handing over the papers and there would be no Jaffer affairs because he would not be in business squeezing out favors from former associates. His wife would have had nop reason to lend him her blackberry and members of parliament would be busy pleasing their constituents by giving them feedback about how they see the upcoming legislation affecting them, pretty much telling them how they will vote and why so that the citizens can step up and change it by voting how they like in time for the upcoming bill.

I don't envision too much more participation immediately in such a system but the change will come in training and calling for a different sort of parliamentarian. Maybe more men and women who can stand on their own two feet and actually produce some high caliber work for their constituents not just vote according to party doctrine. We are suffering from a terminal lack of talent in this system. Only a few megalomaniacs and their yes men get to make policy and they do it with the main purpose of staying in power in mind, not what is good for the country or its citizens.

The reason we do have party politics now is because people are born with a political gene and the left and right needs to express their natural propensity as seen through the filters they are born with. This only accounts for fifty percent of our population. Those born without a political filter of mixed political persuasion, the other fifty percent become disengaged in our present polarized system. In the USA almost exactly 50% stay home.

It is our system which elevates the parties to power which also disengages our rational middle from participating because only the polar extremes get to wield power, only for their purposes which primarily include a lock on power.

I once did a study published in the English version of al Jezeera. "Do humans have a political gene?"

It seems to be a little too far for my communications abilities, so I will forgo this meeting too. That is why we would do well to be able to have our political say often from the comfort of our own home. Don't need to have a of verbose input, rather I want a yea or nay on all issues. Shoddy legislation won't get support and the government won't fall, just move on to the next order of business.

I kind of think the meeting will be full of political wannabes of the polarized persuasion, anyways. These things usually are because all political people can't get enough of hearing themselves talk so very little of intelligence ever gets said. .

The documentary on Bud's latest test flight airs tonight

Tonight May 14 2010 at the fabulous Birch theater on the campus of Capilano University in North Van at 7 PM to 9:30 there will be a showing of this years documentary projects. One of which will be Bud the Oracle's latest adventure at 564 E Broadway I am told some of my most memorable quotes will be included to haunt me perhaps "I'm Captain of this ship! Avast! Stand aside!" "I'm just trying to see if the wings will stay on!"

I really don't know if I can make it. The price of admission is free but the bus ride is expensive right now. Perhaps the other major consideration is that I might cringe at the true nature of my depravity. On the plus side I would like to see how the film maker did in her project as compared the others in her class. If I ever won the lottery, I might take the course myself and this would be a good way of seeing how good a course it is. Documentary film maker. It would likely help with my Utubes.

I wish people would telephone Sgt Ralph Kaiser #1680 VPD and ask him why he has my camera? It was stolen from my hand when the police assaulted Rainbow John West and was not in use. The only thing on it is an interaction between us and a security firm. Why do the police have this camera? Are they above the law criminal code 337? The number is 604 717 3349 . Just punch in the Badge number when prompted and ask this man why they have my camera. No CHARGES ARE PENDING. (see second post down for the description of the VPD assault on Rainbow John)


I am missing my camera. It is an obstruction of my free expression

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who is the problem?

Yesterday I went to Trout Lake with the Wolf. It was taken over by some students playing games under teacher's supervision. There were six or eight canoes being paddled about by more noisy kids. There were fewer dogs around, the space having been taken up by children of all ages. I made nothing special of it and passed through.

While on my journey around the lake I came across several dog owners who were more than a little upset about the turn of events. I suppose that these are the ones that the great machinery of government is designed for. They would need someone to complain to. There should be a "department of children integrated park services" or something, where one can duly complain, lay some charges, or create some sort of legal havoc for someone. I mean maybe these children are being exposed to canine bio-hazard, as well as presenting an elevated exposure to allergens beyond what the social insurance scheme can bear. I'm sure that the whole outing was not well thought out considering the potential dangers of mixing children and dogs. Considering that, and canoeing at a dog beach, there should be several laws that are being breached. Holy crap a doodle. And if there aren't any laws then there should be someone elected like Helena Guergis to handle the problem and create some feedback for friends. NFFFF

I was dismayed by the venom against children and their stupid teacher supervisors that several woman verbalized. Keeping my mouth shut and not wearing my bud hat allows me to slink into the background and become more of an observer. This has enormous benefits.

Cutting down on my quiet time for a few minutes was a fair trade for watching this mass of kids at play. If you pick a distant knot of kids and watch them for a moment and kind of squint you'll find yourself way back in your own childhood. I really can't understand how the happy sound of kids at play can piss people off like that. Isn't there a little jailhouse somewhere for people who are so instantly hateful.

All too soon they were gone today. Dogs ruled again. Met some lovely people today. I keep forgetting that I am not wearing my crown of buds and its like a great new experience. The White Wolf wins the hearts of the nicest ladies. What a treasure he is!

He doesn't like children, but unless they make directly for him he leaves them alone. If some kids wished to be bold and approach him he would give them something to think about. Thankfully, after a solid warning he does retreat.

Aloofus never took notice of the huge number of kids seething around him. We passed them in a couple of minutes. Their voices ringing out in the background followed us around the lake.

I guess you had to have been deprived of your freedom lately to find the unhappy attitude over children in a dog park so enthralling. Such a petty thing to become upset about. Share the fucking world! Let others be happy doing what they will. What is your fucking problem? Who gives a shit what my state of mind is so long as it is happy and doesn't develop a hateful attitude towards others.

The haters have a lot of say in today's world! Our government always sides with the haters.

Those who walk by each other in peace are happy anarchists, while the haters need representation to reach out and touch those whom they hate. The world would need no armies if it were populated by those who would leave everyone to their own peaceful devices. Its the haters who wish to control others, who need the whole infrastructure of the police state for their self expression. Even though it is labeled "Parliamentary Democracy," it is in reality a thinly disguised lie for tyranny.

There was a lot going through my mind today. I truly believe you need psychedelics in your diet in a regular way. To go without them for too long, deprives you of a chance to become mentally balanced with a deeper perspective.

I've been working on Stoned Crow Chronicles and its about magic mushrooms crows and dog parks. Today, when I did a couple of grams of shrooms, I was superbly connected to the voices of the birds around me. The sound scape is so rich and full of spring promise. Also, the aromatic scents of fertility, swamp plant growth, give me a heady feeling as I bike through them. Breezes on my face make it feel as if I am flying while coasting on my bike. Such a warm spiritual connection to my world, why would this be illegal? Friendly women with an Aussie accent. Three generations of girls from Granny through young Juno only eight months old.

I wish I had my camera. But the cops need it more, I guess.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What to do when you live in a shoe?

Some people will start their day off confined. They will pay a political price for being honest about their beliefs and providing a beneficial plant for those who choose to use it. To think that such a right wing nightmare is playing itself out in today's age. It's like a medieval plague, a religious cleansing of some kind.

"Those of the plant and those against the plant!" Let there be strife, murder and mayhem, a police state of cruel proportions, rather than allow those adults who wish to feel a bit happy while not being impaired their portion of bliss and due. All must be drunk when happy, no one shall access the evil states of mind from which progressive change might come. Yea shall stay cleansed of all suspicious left thoughts and be happy with fear and hate of others. Only those who partake of the yeast excrement shall be without felony in their drunken stupor, whilst all the rest must accept their criminality and be ready to serve their time for their crime.

Think of the right wing idiocy it must take to think like that. It's like the moron who tries to tell us that the only way for her to have stopped using drugs was because the fear of cops and consequences at the end of the radio show Part 1 War on drugs. Listen to her try to tell you that black is white and green is red.

The fact is she herself with support kicked her habit. Prohibition with all of its bullshit went on around her continuously, all the drugs she was addicted to, were all available to her, people were getting shot over drug debts, the cops had more murders to investigate as life in a crime ridden world went on about this bimbo. So you fucking well gave up drugs! big fucking deal. Now you get to promote yourself as an expert on everything, a social guru with all the friggen answers. Not a single one of her answers on the reasons we should keep prohibition in place make any sense.

When someone gives up cigarettes, they don't all of the sudden become experts on social policy. There seems a type of tunnel vision of small minded thinking that is pervading Canadian mental health. A last century type of right wing myopia which tends to lead to linear solutions to complex problems.

$50.00 to know the sex of your fetus now. See, information is a valuable commodity and can be a legitimate way to recover some health care costs. It seems that there is a cadre of evil doers in charge of Canada whose political capital is readily spent on lowering our compassion meter reading. We will help women around the world but not with any abortions, we will stand behind Canadian prisoners in other countries unless they have done something very wrong, and we will deny all pensioner prisoners their rightful due having worked for their pensions to be spiteful to Clifford Olsen, to please those who will never forgive anyone of anything.

Yeah, this is the kind of Canadian that will be a taxpaying conformist ready to shout on behalf of policies that will degrade them, that will have their stupid way. They will listen to the people who can lie to them and make them believe that abortion should not be allowed, that gays should not have equal rights and that you should slave for meager benefits and hate anyone not the same as you. These are the people who tell you that the junk foods they sell are good for you, much better than the illegal stuff which criminals sell to you.

When the same scientists who have caused our world to become a lethal toxic soup of mass destroying weapons and addictions to petroleum products tell us that the same neural centers are accessed and stimulated the same way as all substances reach humans, what the fuck is your problem Harper? Rahim and his lovely wife might enjoy a snort once in a while, which makes them no fucking different that you and your piggy buddies who enjoy the odd donuts on occasion. Not that I am saying that this makes them somehow worthy. Lying two faced ass kissing tyrants like them should not be in positions where they can harm people while sticking money into their own pockets. You remember your buddy and mentor, Brian? Now he had a thing with enriching himself via his office, similar to but not exactly the same as Rahim whose wife wife was a minister of your government. You see what I am getting at here. She was sniveling so nice with Peter Mansbridge, having been strong armed out by Steven Huxster only recently. I don't agree with your lightning speed actions on firing the lovely Helena, but doubt her proclaimed innocence too. Something just doesn't add up to this pile of political doo doo,: it stinks with wafting aromas, but there is no visible putrefaction. Must be because there have been no cocaine possession or impaired driving charges. Funny how a little thing like no mention of these things on your rap sheet makes a big difference. That's why these things rarely stick to anyone in the political or legal profession. These types of players make their lucrative living in these circles and can't afford to be burdened by a criminal record. Not the same for others in this country, therefore there is no rule of law.

When someone is allowed to step away from driving impaired at almost twice the speed limit and be found to have cocaine in their possession, are they not being a serious risk to someone using that piece of roadway at that time? Only if they don't have friends in high places, I guess? If someone sells some seeds for a plant deemed a medicine, or even someone tries to make their community safer by demonstrating the controlling and regulating of dangerous substances lets give them 5 years or take the peaceful activism and turn it into a crime, that's OK. What kind of nightmare are we living in today?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dark days for the Emerys

The gall of our government to outsource Canadian "Justice" to Amerika. To take 5 years out of a man's life for the sale of seeds in the year 2010 is a true act of blind tyranny created by spiteful men and women who have too much power and too little common sense or compassion. I'm sure goon cops will be strutting around saying "that's what you get for breaking the law" until they go out drinking next days off and driving drunk again like Rahim Jaffer. To think that a crime that isn't even prosecuted in Canada can be outsourced to Amerikan "Justice" by someone purporting to be an elected Canadian member of Parliament is being taken for granted by the Sheeple of Canada. It isn't enough that we have laid 142 good men and women at their alter of world dominance, forced to copy Amerikan patriotism while saluting the likes of Colonel Williams.

FUCK OFF YOU DUMB SHIT CANADIANS. HAVE IT YOUR WAY. Everything I do from now on will be an effort to get these "pigs out of politics." I have had enough of the idiocy which stands in for good governance. Here are the facts in March 24 War on Drugs part 1

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another day on the journey

Thanks to the gods for the chance to call my mother! The cops took my list of friends, prosecutors, cops and called it a clients list. Therefore my parents contact number was lost to me. The lengths these goons will go to to try and keep the gangs safely selling in the school yards is unbelievable. They even claimed to have found heroin on the menu in my store.

The worst was today, though. Because my father is such a mindless conservative right winger, he copped an attitude about my time in jail. This is of course a gift from the Canadian government. I reminded him gently of the fact that he spent time as a prisoner of war directly after his trip to Stalingrad. According to him, as he acted by his silence and proudly saying "I was a prisoner of war" as if having been punished for killing Russians and invading their country was a much more noble cause than me trying to come against tyranny as found right here at home. Much better and less social stigma was attached to a Russian invasion in his conservative view of the world. Of course that would be the same measure of someone having gone over to Afghanistan to "risk" their lives in the desolate mountains of the Taliban strongholds, today. Much more Nobel a cause to fight it out killing the enemy in that situation than bucking the odds trying to be silly and legalize a vegetable. What humans have as reasoning positions is so insane at times. No matter your own depravity one can always look down on someone else. It's a real trick sometimes, but if there is a way we will find it.

I have come to terms that my father and I are two opposite ends of the political spectrum. It is because of him and my brother who are of the same political filtration type, that I have come to understand that humans are born with different political filters

And he wonders why I am not gonna make it home soon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yeah I'm nasty

How about you try to make a better society, challenge the organized drug turf at victory square last August 11th. Get assaulted by the villains themselves. Have the cops seize the camera for 8 weeks although they took it from a third party and had no warrant. Then the crown gets to bootleg a video disc off stolen property and pretend that an assault is a consensual fight, that the cops are doing their duty helping out organized crime stay in business. All seems so normal. Cops doing good busting someone selling to people over eighteen. And then the store. How dare someone open up a normal business and treat people like they are capable of choosing for themselves adults over eighteen. Holy flying fuck, I GUESS THAT IS REALLY A CRIME ISN'T IT. To think that my neighboring business idiots used the line "There a schools in the neighborhood" with the cops. Yeah you fucking douchbag assholes now the gangs can market to them directly in the allies and soon they'll be hooked on crystal or crack. The way people like to twist reality to make themselves heard with bullshit spewing from their mouths is ridiculous. The both morons on either side 564 were lying about the smell permeating through the walls. What assholes are they? I have a degree in chemistry and I would have liked to see them prove this horseshit. Soon You will have their creative letters and be able to see the lies of the cops and these good citizens who didn't like people going about their own business next door but felt because they are good little nazi proprietors they needed to expel the bad people next door. Fuck right off and choke on your lies . I will enjoy watching the karma flow to these morons. The cops and their illegal entry before the warrant. The lies about heroin. All the bullshit piled high. Thank you your honor. One day, that seems a fair shake and a good comment on the pile of crap before this woman.

I'm busy trying to get rent and groceries together

Thanks to everyone for helping me out. The crown has just about tortured me to death with its enforcement of the status quo: The protection of organized crime using the CDSA to make sure that younger and younger children use drugs sold to them by violent organized criminals.

The Vancouver police are busy making sure that the Hells Angels are not troubled by people such as myself in their protected area near Victory square. The community is now safer seeing that drug dealing can take place in school yards and back allies once more, as 564 East Broadway is closed and my neighboring businesses don't get to lie about smells permeating through the walls.

The hokey shit people are willing to swear to on behalf of the government propaganda machine is unbelievable. To lie like that on behalf of tyranny will pay back the morons with the police state that they seek.

I'll be busy trying to bang my new book into the computer. Stoned Crow Chronicles is something that I need to publish to open a window on the jackass ridiculousness of people who wish to spout government lies.

The neighboring business owners are the jerks who didn't like me doing business next to them saying things like "Children are in the neighborhood," therefore I am being bad. What a bunch of idiocy. I was checking age while no one outside my business checks age. The children in the neighborhood are once more safely being taken care of by the gangs. You fucking goofs, liars and swallowers of propaganda. Go fuck yourselves until you are blue in the face. These are the same devoted fascists who would have turned in their neighbors for being Jewish at another time and place. The world is full of these idiots willing to suck the state's hind tit because they are so happy to be part of the lie. I hope you get what you deserve in life. I'll be happy to see you pig lovers get your load of pork soon.

Fuck right off you fucking goofs! Morons rule the world as you can see in Ottawa. Pure bullshit is what these morons in Canada get out of their elected political theater. Two and a half months of listening to Rahim Jaffer bullshit and lies from Harper is enough to drown a sane man. CBC is not going to be something I ever watch again. Its like the Canadian version of the National Inquirer.

Have it your way morons! What you are doing in your jails will give me something to look forward to in my old age! Mexican drug wars will entertain me right here at home soon. What a bunch of institutional idiocy your justice system is!

Have it your way you fucking morons! Sleep your way through reality until it wakes you up and bites you in the ass. Believe the liars all you want, you are going to reap the whirlwind for it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Bud got the least amount of punishment that a Judge could give

It was so great being out amongst the living today Friday 7 May 2010. Someone mentioned what the fellow got who drove drunk and had cocaine on him. If you click the title of this post you can read my post on Rahim Jaffer when that went down. The first part is someone elses newsprint article but my questions at the end especially the one where I wonder if he shares it at home, seem kind of relevant in retrospect. Maybe her behavior at the airport answers that question.

The plea bargain involved dropping the August 11th charges altogether and pleading out to the store charges. There was a questionable entry before the warrant was issued and a failure to mention that the exhibits officer was one of the cops who entered on a supposed emergency visit. there were 3 charges then:

1) 3 pounds of various primo pot.

2) 300 HITS lsd AND 150 HITS mdma

3 150 gm Psyloscibin

The Prosecutor was asking for time served at 2X so 74 days served plus 7 months.

The judge gave me the very least sentence she could give. She gave one day on each of the counts to serve concurrently on the day of the trial. I am restricted from weapons but no other conditions or probation/parole.

I had an emotional breakdown after the video was shown in an voir dir. It probably didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would but my total preparation had gone into having the video excluded. That would have required lots more time inside spent waiting for court dates.

What really helped me I believe, because she is the same JUDGE WHO SENT MARC BOYER UP, is the fact that during my daily protest I had had a chance to talk to her outside. I had met her a couple of years ago during my days on the councilor elections when I had stuck my head into cop cars to be in court. I thought she was a crown councilor Then. She had been upset when I mentioned my dog was tied up outside all day. Then during my daily protests on behalf of Marc, she as did many of the legal actors came out to have a chat. We got to know each other as dog lovers first and of course I campaigned about my cause. Probably said something bad about the stupid judge who sentenced my buddy to six months and other disparraging remarks about the judiciary. I think I met her twice mostly conversing about the White Wolf who was seconded in the bushes out front by the bench. She was probably witness to some of my disparaging remarks about the legal profession, hurtful insults at cops and such. So it wasn't all hunki dory nice smoke being blown by me. I believe that at a couple of times when she walked by at first during the daily protests I might even have harangued the poor woman because I was still think she was a crown prosecutor. I knew that at first she was quite conservative in her attitude towards drugs as we talked. I think that we spoke very candidly about our individual attitude towards drugs. I believe I spoke to her of many many things There probably was my hang gliding, my acid trips my entire life in a nutshel. And you can imagine a blabber mouth like me and a quiet judge.

I probably mentioned that I got the Wolf when I had the grow op near Creston and my involvement in Mayerthorpe, and other interactions with the police. Probably I invited her to Youtubes and my blog many times. I may even have pitched her with my wares saying "I have a legal profession special this weak on some Afhani Kush to help you unwind after a busy day IN COURT." I SHIT YOU NOT! I am that way with anyone and although many have come away from the encounter swearing I am a certifiable lunatic, I assure you not many say THAT I'M INSINCERE

I think, though she got that I was sincere in my political activism and why I was doing it. She watched the last video shot where I advertise the menu and am testing out the acid. When the crown played it I had a massive sagging feeling about how incriminating it was. I didn't clue in to who the Judge was until she was facing Te friend of the Court James Bahen speaking on my behalf. He did a pretty good sincere plea saying that it was my contention to stop the insanity of having gangs and organized crime with the police backing it. I did a not too bad job with the witness who came and in cross examining the cop who was lead investigator and perhaps that is why the crown dropped the charges entirely.

My post Morten assessment or born again proclaim is this: At every turn in life you might be called upon to project a part of yourself to others. Be careful to be sincere and send forth the best of yourself in every conversation, you never know whom you are engaging!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am sorry for letting you down by pleading out

The end of dignity!

Thank you all for your support! I am sorry I crashed and pleaded out. I lost all hope when the prosecution seemed to have the upper hand of tyranny! I was counting on there being an opportunity to raise reasonable doubt by excluding the video and going after the cops' dirth of notes. Alas not to be. The deck is definitely stacked against you. If it weren't for the good fortune of having a compassionate judge, I would be swinging from the nearest tree. Don't fool yourself the only sure way out, from the most serious of crimes is high priced legal talent! Six hours in the law library aren't nearly enough. I don't think that unless I had gone into my ninety ninth emotional breakdown in my life I would have ever come back. The swan dive off the top tier of the block beckoned on my return. Seriously! That little bit of jail compared to my fellow felons had taken the dignity from me.

I surely know who my friends are. Thanks to everyone including CB!

Thanks to every one who could make it to court and those that sent good karma to me from the far reaches. I love you all.

I have learned a lot, not the least of which, not to judge others so lightly. I know what Mark Emery and every activist who has or will spend a lengthy part of their lives feeding the dragon which devours human dignity to strut arrogantly posturing politically in moral self indulgence enjoying the death of spirit to enforce a diet feels like, a least a bit. Yes, some of my fellows likely deserve to be there behind the concrete, but I will never again presume to judge them. I let god do it, while I can remain respectful of each sinner's diminished humanity. I finally know whose side I'm on!

Why, I'm a sinner as are all the rest! Well maybe not Harper and the Con servatives

Their business is their business, they'll suffer enough for their sins, so I don't need to heap it on as well! It will only diminish me, the judging. Some are better than others and all are no better or worse than the rest of us. Some just haven't got caught yet. Some of us have parliamentary privilege, a better credit rating, can kill behind a badge, while others become the grist for the justice mill!

If I owe anybody anything, I soon be right.

Again, I didn't win like Clarence Darrow my hapiest thoughts thunk up. No, I wimped out and began to wail in despair. I cried for myself mostly, but I also cried for Marc Boyer, DML, Marc Emery, anyone who has ever spent a moment behind bars for exercising their god given freedom of choice. And yes I am not ashamed to say it, I meant it!

Tyranny is cruel and I felt its torture rack.

My telephone is on call forward, and I haven't had the ability to correct it. My Wolf is unawares of my imminent return, I'm hoping that someone might have a digital camera for the reunion as mine is still confiscated for complaining of assault to the OPCC on behalf of Rainbow John!

Funny how they can easily download a disk without provenience to crucify me in court today but the VPD must keep my camera in this instance according to Sgt. Ralph Kaiser #1680 who visited me in North Fraser on The matter only a couple of weeks ago. According to Ralphie the courts won't let anything but the original camera in as evidence. That's because I came against a cop. There absolutely nothing on it about the incident, but they will keep it for a year likely.

Oh well, have it your way! Police state in modern soulless Canada.

We've come a long way from when I spoke Lester B, and was transfused with his spirit of optimism.

Now a days we allow the highest mucky mucks from The Prime Minister's own fold to cavort with corruption and become all hockey hard to strip away like self righteous dragons every old inmate's pension, to ladle out vengeance on Clifford Olsen.

We as a nation will suffer mightily soon for are smallness and short vision.

Canadians are destined soon to share in the spoils of their close minded conservative tightfisted misery. All the while the worst of the worst like Colonel Williams are hiding in plain view!

I'm happy to feeding this addiction once again. I have come to hate television anew!

"Inside" I wrote a story soon to come out as an ebook. I been told its not bad by fellow felons, at least the stroy concept, but then what would they know, eh you friggen highbrows?

It's a psychedelic political fantasy, my version of Animal Farm. be on the look out for it! Stoned Crow Chronicles. It's a saga meant to be cheaply consumed by the masses, an alternative view of our present reality. And for several weeks my escape into never never land. I was using up Bics at the one every five days rate. The rest of the time lately was spent in my frustrated legal training.

Do I have any regrets? Not one. I'm just gonna become reborn and like spilling mercury harder to grab hold of by those whose political tree I am about to shake.

Oh, and my honest opinion about the withdrawal of consent, the forming of a free society: Don't try this at home kids!

That's why in hang gliding we used to call the early fliers at a competition, wind dummies (today the more politically correct, wind engineers!)

Yeah, you might say if your one of my old soaring buddiea: Klaus sure sank out!

Hey, I say, a good writer (hopefully someday) should be well experienced.

What doesn't Kill me will make me stronger and likely much more agile.

Tomorrow the White wolf returns. I missed him the most. Such good friends we have.

Thanks again.

I'll re edit today. This is sleepless addiction binging!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bud's Trial: Monday, May 3rd 2010. Tomorrow!

Bud needs witnesses...please. The more the merrier!

The crown offered Bud 6 months if he plead guilty which would've meant he'd be out in June...or 2+ years if he wanted a trial! At first he thought he'd been a fool to have challenged the government, just by himself - but he's decided to stand firm by his challenge, buoyed on by the few on the outside who continue to support him...

His trial is tomorrow....Monday, May 3rd 2010!!
222 Main Street, Vancouver.

(If you're coming to court for the first time - know there's a search policy when you enter. You'll have to empty all your pockets and be subjected to a scan like at the airport. Also you'll be asked to leave cell phones with cameras...until you leave that is.)

A judge at one hearing appointed Bud a 'friend of the court' - a Mr Bahen - and although he's supposed to work at arms length helping Bud defend himself, Bud is convinced he's working closely with the crown to secure a guilty plea. Their last meeting at the court a few days ago ended with Bud telling Mr Bahen to essentially 'fuck off' and that he didn't want to ever see him again - as he felt his advice was just trying to steer him once again to pleading guilty. Mr Bahen has not really responded to any of Bud's defence - rather just wants to tell Bud to plead out...

Well imagine Bud's surprise when he got a visitor Saturday afternoon - a Mr Bahen!! Wow he's quite an important lawyer (queen's bench) and he has the time on a Saturday afternoon to visit with Bud at the North Fraser Pretrial Facility...nice as pie he was, and again pushing Bud to plead. Bud just listened again...and then bid him g'day!

Bud's caught these guys with their pants down...and they probably know it now. Bud know's both the cops and the crown have made serious errors - lies entered into the particulars, and he'll be questioning them (at least the cops) on the stand!

Bud's confident of his approach. He thanks his supporters - and wants them to know he's doing this for everyone...and to challenge this criminal CDSA and it's supporters.

Hope to see some more people there tomorrow!!

Sincerely, tokebloke.