Monday, September 29, 2008

I enjoyed the Writers Festival at the library yesterday.

Click the Title of this article to read some of my latest arguments on Prohibition in the Western Standard Shotgun Blog. There are some interesting posts from the pro and con, and you can meet some of the lesser know candidates who stand for grassroots freedom.

The other point I wished to make this morning was to thank the many nice people who stopped and talked to me at the Writer's Festival Sept 28th, 2008, and the many, intelligent and bold men and women who commented on my hat! You are the spice of my life, Thanks.

I'm trying for under $50.00 campaign, because I think that is all this process is worth. For sure the upper limit will be $100.00 because that's all she wrote for the campaign chest of Bud Oracle. And I am not going to spend more, even if someone contributes to my campaign. I prefer that people get involved and spread my links and the word.

It's fun to campaign, I am only interested in it if it remains fun, rather than worry about not having enough money to compete.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Democratic Economy the best in the world? Yeah, right, Mr. Harper!

This is the society, these are the people, government and economy Harper has been touting as his ideal model since he came on the scene. It is our neighbor's full prisons, crime ridden lawless society Harper sees as the template for Canada. Harsher laws for your children, three times and your out for life.

When is Harper going to establish the rule of Law in Canada? With the example of always being above the laws which they harshly enforce, the Canadian police forces have racked up the largest score of collateral damage (dead Canadian citizens and one Pole) while "doing their job" of all the other illegal gangs combined. Lies, negligent investigations, have caused many travesties of Justice. Natives are still targeted in vestigial racism.

Former Judge Henderson arrested in the Cayman Islands in a police corruption investigation. I wonder if more of our Judges aren't secret criminals. Like that one in Northern BC, who was found guilty of raping a minor. The same minor who had charged a Mounty before she died.This rapist cop, knowing that she can not stand against him now, is suing the Police themselves for charging him. Are these only hints of what slime lies deeply within our justice system? The model we have is of the law of the jungle, not, justice as in the rule of law.

The American lies are collapsing to the south, yet Harper stands by them. As if Canada's puny economic engine, which is intertwined with the American business cancer, could stave off what is in store for us.

This autocratic emulator of the Great Decider and his republican dream team, Harper, has shown himself to be a sucker betting on a loosing American horse. Don't be misled by his claims and words, look close at his failed deeds, his inability to work with your elected representatives.

To elect Harper, a Republican conservative boot-licker now, when America itself is rejecting his ilk, would put Canada behind their recovery.

We pay for non performance and corporate welfare, while there are many needy Canadians being left to suffer. The corporate greedy slugs take our money and never give back the industry promised to us in payment for the tax incentives given, to employ the poor and needy, to enhance the Canadian economy.

Some Canadians are bovine to believe the the likes of the conservatives will help them in the coming economic failure. They will stick money and tax incentives up their friend's anal orifices, while making the average Canadian carry the brunt of the hardship.

These "Market Adjustments" really mean "wealth claw-back" from the poor. Those who have caused this meltdown knew enough to be cash rich and get more from government to buy up all the deals due to devaluation of your property, which they caused.

Wait and see, the rich are getting richer, and will be able to get even more so, with the likes of the Conservatives in Government.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Canadian Elections a non event? Voter Train our Politicians

People are not engaged in talking about the serious issues that are facing us. Hardly a word is spoken about the war, what war? Not much will appears to be behind environmental issues.

Why is it that, at a time when we are on the threshold of the end, the point of no return, we retract like a frightened turtle into its shell? Is it the fault of lowbrow media only interested in feeding dirty politics for ratings? Are we truly that shallow in our depth of awareness?

Do the young couples with children have any sense of what is really in store for them? I see so many young children and more in the oven. What will become of them unless wise leadership is elected today to solve those real problems?

Is Harper good at anything but insults and dictatorship, Do we really need a strong man like Saddam Hussein at this time? Or someone who cares about the social costs of the future? Do you feel comfortable, looking around at the meltdown , that the business community can be trusted with our future, as Harper and his pals claim?

What is the problem Canada? Why doesn't the press interview me, I have real solutions which are timely.

End the idiocy of Prohibition and destroy the economic base for organized crime so that society can heal in harmony once again.

Allow the criminals to pay taxes and keep their profits as well as rejoin society, so that we have their talents working for us as legal entrepreneurs.

Hold all police and politicians accountable under the laws to set an example of lawfulness.

Install magnetic strip licensing and charge polluters directly per day they pollute. This will also help with policing as we will know where vehicles are in real and recorded time. We have been dithering at this while other nations in the world are decades ahead.

Retract all troops on foreign soils and develop a policy of non aggression, and stay neutral. Create a defensive, insurgency type of military plan for the repulsion of an invader and stay sovereign so that we don't have the idiocy of other governments effecting Canadian society.

Our future must be Sovereign. To tie our destiny to America is a loosing proposition for Canada, because this is a nation in decline. We will be paying for their carelessly incurred debt with no dividend of security, rather instability caused by reactionary terrorism.

I have a solution for practical change right now!

Voter Train our politicians to become more responsive to Canadians. Withhold your votes from the former ruling parties and vote for those who have something to prove to us if we give them a chance! This will allow the other parties to revitalize themselves and come back adjusted to be more responsive.

You would think that in all of Canada we would see another view similar to this surface, but in all our multi million dollar media nothing like this is likely to surface because that would really upset the apple cart for those who pull the strings usually. And Canadians think we live in a free country.

We deserve the leadership that we will get! Ask yourself why this election at this time. What is Steven Harper's true agenda? Can he be trusted to keep his word?


Some great blogging with my favorite opponents: the godsuckers.

It's about the idiocy of denigrating Dana Larsen for his on air acid trip while totally ignoring the evidence that he is completely rational and un impaired in any way.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jews for a just peace demonstrate Mon 22 September

A vigil in Black (bring light/candles) 5:00 to 6:00 pm Vancouver Art Gallery (near Robson and Hornby.

What struck me was that they invite anyone out who hasn't done this before. It is a life changing experience to take a stand for something, very empowering! So come out, it will be a real stand for you!

I've stood alone and it still felt extremely powerful, yet paradoxically serene. This will reward you more than you might dream. I've gained so much inner strength from taking worthwhile stands such as this. The world needs sane people who give a crap to do something now, so please join them. I'll try to make it for the first half, but I have to be home close to six.

If they succeed humanity might have a chance at a future without Armageddon looming over it constantly, so it is kind of important.

Also note that this group is sponsoring a film for the Vancouver Film Festival.

September 25th "Waltz with Bashir" check out the schedule.


One Lady and I stood, while the godly walked by unconcerned about foreign injustices. There is absolutely no hope for the future.

The numbers of materialistic consumers addicted to trinkets from china is overwhelming and speaks of a shallow future enslaved to the marketers for our society

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Censorship has its rewards! The words become more enticing if fordidden.

This is the most interesting perspective, Hijacking Humanity-click title, that I have seen in a while. Although I don't believe every last thing was by design, and although it is American, Harper has worshiped the plan for decades, I do feel the truth of it within my spirit.

I have learned this much from my Wolf, when someone is trying to sell me something real hard my resistance usually goes up. Therefore I become wary and diligent and do exactly as that which I am asked to do in the narrative. I become skeptical and try to gain knowledge in different ways. Sometimes all I have to do is listen to someone and they say something that joins another piece of the puzzle. This is why I know that this is truth. I have seen and written my own versions of this same truth independently, therefore I know it to be real.

Vancouver College is a place where drones are made. It seems full of the least aware, most regimented, non curious drones I have ever met. Many were barely mature. None took a brochure or were inquisitive in any way. I could out-perform any of them in any knowledge test, I'm sure. And these people are paying for an education? It seems that they aren't getting their money's worth, or only second rate students go there. Good consumers trained in somnambulism.

If you take the time to read my true adventures (not the Pump House, crows on crack, love unleashed) you will see that through curiosity, self education, higher education, by following what my spiritual core told me to do, from turning in the braggart who confessed murder to me: I trusted the RCMP, to An E-mail can change the world, Laugh or cry this story is not a lie, that things had to be the way they were in order for my life to play out this way. You will see that by following my inner spirit and doing what I was driven to do, for whatever purpose might be inspired, I am being rewarded with good karma., I believe. It is my duty to use it to come against insanity when I can.

Besides, for me, a creature of opportunity on a X-country/life soaring flight, this is fun. I shun conformity, slavery by instinct. I can tell when someone is perpetrating a fraud on me. I try my best to use my skills to effect. Truly my life is rich with rewards of the most precious kind.

Thanks to all those from institutions of higher learning who have been visiting my website for extended periods, I'm glad that my poor writings are being perused by you. Thanks, I'm beginning to feel that it isn't just me in this battle for sanity and human freedom.

It is for you and your offspring that you must demand an end to this madness, police state enforcing pollution, and consumerism, so that we are all slaves forever for trinkets made in China.

"Materialism is the addictive drug, and consumerism is its delivery method" Bud Oracle.

This is the reason I call myself the first free-roaming Oracle of modern times. Call me crazy; it's traditional. I tell you honestly, that you could have your freedom as soon as you wish to exert it.

Freedom is first and foremost a state of mind.

Take back the power: Voter train your politicians to be more responsible to your wishes. Don't vote for any of the former ruling parties.

And keep your eyes and ears open, be aware at all times. Today I met an undercover officer and was able to "make him" within the first minute of talking with him.

It's easy when you stay sharp. There are certain directions that a cop wants to lead a conversation. I understand the arts of communication, normal engagement, and can easily ferret out when someone wishes to lead me to paths which might incriminate me.

Communication is an art I spend at least 40 hours per week engaged in. You can say accurately that I am experienced in the nuances of conversation mining, vocal masking and much more, with the ability to disarm people quickly. It comes of a natural affinity, and training turned into practice. People in general judge a book by its cover, and usually underestimate me, which is also a bonus if you wish to sneak in "under the radar."

It's all an intricate weave in a web of deceit, which we project automatically to disguise our vulnerabilities while luring the other into disclosing theirs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The news of the Canadian elections is tragic

There is nothing new under the Canadian Indian summer sun! Worn, tired rattlings of the would-be medicine men who vie for the job.

These green initiatives should have been put in place when I went to school in the environmental sciences after the propaganda of Rio. This was an Initiative of the Ray government in Ontario in 1990, quashed by the Harris Conservatives. These strong arm bullies, tough on murdering natives, allowed the Ontario landscape to be a dumping ground for effluent of multinational industries.

It will be your children and their grandchildren that are going to reap the bounty of that horn of plenty. And you deserve it for voting the idiots in!

Yeah 38% is what harper has, the same as when he broke his own gesture to democracy, the set voting date and pulled the plug on Parliament.

This is a consummate liar not to be trusted no matter how smooth he appears. George was a smoothie too, and look how he fixed things up for America.

Not too much innovative to help us from any of them. Same old, same old.

Voter train the scumbags! Vote against the status quo shake things up!

Einstein said, that to follow the same error path and expect different results is the definition of insanity.

He has described Canadian politics of the last century to a tee, with his statement.

For the record: Len Catling interviews Bud Oracle

Note: full interview now available!

Click the title of this article after you have prepared yourself with a favored relaxant of your choice, reflect on why and listen carefully, we cover a lot of ground.

For my personal analyses of this interview see the post below.

Be patient, it requires a close ear.

Under the Title "Strange Change" on Craigslist Vancouver :

"A guy who walks around looking like an aerial collision, between himself and a Crow chasing a Seagull, close over a field of budding Marijuana, speaks of change."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Radio Interview went well, to be aired 1:05pm 15th

Len Catlin is a skilled interviewer and CTV is lucky to have him. He has that confidence that comes of time/experience spent making a living (Len's 32) and the intelligence to set a new course for himself. He is working on an upcoming show "First Story," something to do with natives. I'll be watching. Whereas my face is made for radio, Len's is better suited for TV! The whole crew were certainly not, motley. I offered them my promo sheet and telephone number in case anyone felt like making campaign contributions if they are in the neighborhood.

The interview came in at almost exactly 15 minutes, only eight seconds over. He was a serious questioner and hit the obvious hard points: my headgear, if I was serious or content to be fringe, and how I wished to engage the middle to win. I haven't heard it yet but he seemed to like it. I was in trouble when Len asked why I was mixing Afghanistan in my city politics.

I tried to paint my reason why everyone should be concerned, but I was treading water here. I misunderstood the reason for him asking it. Yes Federal politics and global tensions are on my blog, because they are on my mind. This blog is like an open journal where I think aloud, record my feelings and impressions on everything, not because these things have direct relevance with city politics, but because they expose who I am boldly. Don't like what you read, don't vote for me. Enjoy my honest and broad comments, pass them on and vote for me. I'm certainly not painting myself as ambivalent, to obscure myself from those I seek to represent.

One thing that Len was adamant about, was that I should put up MP3 podcasts and use my "excellent" voice to tell my stories. That way people could listen to me. I am a pretty good raconteur and can tell jokes, so I will try do this.


Monday 15th 8:41 am

I've listened to the recording several times now. After getting over how unfamiliar my voice sounds, I wasn't unhappy with it. We cover a lot of material, he wasn't pandering to me, I was able to cogently explain some complex thoughts without getting too over the top and I was getting to feel at ease by the end of it. I will try reading my stories first to record myself, that way I may have to edit them again for a vocal script. I hear the potential that Len heard as well. If I could flow like I do when I am reading, or even in an easy conversation, the hesitation would disappear. The halting lag was due to my spontaneous editing of a fresh response to a vital question and my sense of what was being recorded, wanting to get my words just right.

The radio this morning is talking of a market meltdown, exactly what I was talking about: The conservative right has had a dictatorship of power for the last century and these calamities are the result of not having a balancing input from the left. Total idiocy to believe the religious right-wing denigration of the free thinking left is beneficial to our survival. We will suffer from this poor myopic leadership as we see all around us, when the lies collapse.

The guy who shot the Jack Russel on Quadra Island was lucky I wasn't around. I would not have stood by the side of the road and cried. This dangerous Psychopath will hurt humans if he hasn't already. This act in law has no consequence for him, because the puppy was a "thing." If ever there was a time to take someone out of society, as a preemptive act for the safety of citizens, it would be to lock this man up!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Revised schedule/ not live but taped interview, may be aired Monday 15th

Len Catlin gave me a call this evening. I had a feeling something was up and started to say something about "pulling the plug perhaps?"

He replied, "as a matter of fact" that the staff would prefer a non live, taped version, because there was no delay. Also Len has gotten a job at CTV and starts there on Monday. Congrats to you! Therefore we will tape the interview tomorrow afternoon. Like Len, I would have preferred live, but! Who am I? Click title to go to Evolution Radio 107.9 BCIT.

Besides, Len is taking a chance just to tango with me considering how sensitive his young career is right now, knowing how controlled the main media really is in this country. That's one reason why we don't see much change, because the powers of corruption have the media in their pockets.

I will do what I can to take a chance that they will air the interview on Monday at the appointed time without any real censorship of the content.

Does this bother me, in any serious way? Of course not, I know what I am up against. These forces that plague us are deeply entrenched causing the long term destruction of Canada, by choking the life out of personal freedom, political expression, demanding conformity to a century old temperance ideology spurred on by racism, and doing it all with the taxpayer's dollar. Making us unsafe with your money!

Think about how often you hear a new perspective on any of the regular media. Look at how long it took the Green party to "officially" be heard on the political landscape and they are far right of me.

Rejected by the Minister of Public Safety, head of the Buffalo Patch Gang

Turns out that someone in the Minister of Public Safety's office has turned off my auto mail feature, at least on the face of it.

No, Stockwell Day doesn't want his staff becoming apprised of the good deals on pot that I have available, in case someone becomes a regular customer, and develops some honesty, human compassion and ethics.

Traffic is really down on these blogs of mine today, certain IP addresses are no longer reading my truth. I hope most of the White Wolf's American readers are liking the blog for its honest perspectives rather than surveillance. Monitoring free speech can have a detrimental effect on the monitors.


August 16th update.

Turns out that Craigslist is not buckling under to the right-wing dictatorship. A voice of nitty gritty freedom? Thanks

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mounties gullible and buy into TASER's fraudulent term "Exited Delirium"

Turns out the Mounties own suppressed independent review of TASER use by the RCMP, places the blame squarely on the poor research into TASER products and almost total reliance on the Company's sales pitch. These gullible morons make decisions which will kill hundreds of Canadians based solely on the company literature. And they claim to know what is best for Canadians such as Prohibition. These are idiots making decisions way above their league.

They stick to their illegal stand using this untried, unsafe, untested by CSA, weapon against Canadians no matter how many they kill.

This group of Buffalo Patchers is out of hand, forgetting their role and duty as public servants first, who is boss, and that the people of Canada decide what weapons they carry against them.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The harrassment of peaceful people is sanctioned by our government.

According to one woman who harangued us mercilessly It was an affront to the young children that there was a marijuana party banner and that I was wearing my bud hat advertising marijuana. Not a single child had looked at us or paid us any mind until this righteous bitch from hell started to abuse us. Although regular marijuana sales go on in the park at all times of the day, a protest to try to make it safer is denigrated while the status quo remains.

When she had walked right up to the playground she threw a F*ck you at us as loud as the streetbarker. This was witnessed by at least a dozen people. It is for these ignorant people's political support that they are allowed to spill their vile hatred at us in public. Not one child had taken any notice of us. She had no children of her own but felt that she had every right to swear and use foul language and shout derogatorty remarks at us, teaching children ill manners.

As long as tobacco is allowed to be smoked outside in the park a non carcinogen like Cannabis should be allowed. Marijuana smokers act no different in any observable way than tobacco smokers. They don't get violent even though a nazi bitch accosts them, they don't threaten violence, they actually show young children that political expression is a good thing, at least better than loud ranting and raving from a lunatic.

The harassment also includes cyber forums and the right to free speech.

New "Kangaroo" community court

This post was spurred on by the new community "drug" court and its 8 million dollar renovations while serious lack of funding for real recovery facilities plagues us.

If you click the title you will see a link to the article.

The courts applying a racist inspired law is not a way to go where all forms of addiction are a natural human condition, with a heavy genetic component. Addictions are personal mo hills that each must climb alone with the help of local community.

To make this a criminal approach is insanity which actually creates a lucrative criminal incentive to supply and create a demand (not hard to do with some addictive substances). The evidence is all around us. Prohibition is only a model for INCREASED DRUG USE. There is no evidence that Prohibition has in any way decreased drug use.. Only added much lawlessness and violence to our society. I have every right to demand a different "solution" from the government than a model that works contrary to its stated objectives.

Personal Health issues are not the concern of criminal courts.

By looking at the entire history of natural evolution we can see that every individual of each species is born with a freedom to ingest whatever substances it wishes, this is a mechanism of nature encouraging experimentation, the foundation of change. The mechanism by which nature brings forth mutations to be worked on by natural selection. This right is as natural as breathing and upon it depends the future of each species. to allow pollution of deadly substances and then criminalize personal choice is rampant idiocy interfering with natural selection and skewing our species' chances of survival into the negative side as conformity is demanded under criminal law. I will not have organized crime ensconced in providing my natural god given right of freedom of choice, Mr.Harper.

The involvement of a government in making this a moral issue enforced by criminal sanction is the cause of our heavy price in crime and increase in substance abuse at an ever younger age. My government is directly responsible for the chaos caused by crime. The majority of Canadians want sanity in this area Now, not more bs.

The real folly is to believe that a court of law has any part in health issues.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bud Oracle will be on Evolution Radio Monday 15 1:10PM---107.9 BCIT

Come Monday 15th Len Catlin will interview me live on the radio, just after the 1 pm news. You can catch it on the website. Just go there by clicking on the title of this article.

He sounds like a thorough guy! The better to get into it with!

He also sounds liberated as well as intelligent, so I don't doubt that we'll get along.

I'm looking forward to it. Should be interesting, to say the least!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shooting death on the 401; gangland violence on the tarmac

Another young victim is sacrificed to the "Drug War"

Total idiocy, to have this going on and taking a steady toll of our young.

Show me the successes of your Prohibition policies Mr.Harper.

Where are they?

That is why I have had enough. the government is not keeping our youth safe with its myopic idiocy demanded by a foreign government as a sign of subservience. You self righteous religious morons are the cause of murder!

I have been predicting these events for 4 decades now and no one listens to reason. Only the idiocy of liars like Harper is considered!

I hope its your kid next time you bovines!

Story Slam tonight

Starts at 8.00 PM 245 E Broadway. Check out the link in the title for more details.

I'm thinking of telling a story if I can get on the roster.

Heard about it on BC Almanac Radio One, I think.

You have to be there at 7.30 to sign up for a five minute tale.

Just called up and they say its not on anymore, but at the Rhizome onBroadway on Sundays.

Story telling is an art of communication, rarely practiced in today's world.

A society which participates in and values story telling is a gentler, kinder civilization. I believe that we are sadly lacking in these talents and are suffering social division and unrest because of it.

The National today confirms my post below!

Go to the link in the title of this article and watch the National for September 8th 2008. You will see that the poles show exactly what I perceived during my campaigning on Sunday 7th , the one entitled "Canadian soldier killed,7..."

As I have said before, people are not interested in the Afghan mission nor the political conflict of leadership. People want, no crave, real policies for the future, for keeping the country competitive so that we can have jobs and do well in the world economy. Those policies which might have helped us today were shunned by Mulroney and his clowns.

The young parents on the National in Toronto are interested in a future for their children more than they are in driving cars.

I believe our politicians are behind the momentum on this as every other issue. This is my proposal for Vancouver:

I would if I could work to implement a vehicular magnetic strip licensing system with remote road sensors. A nominal fee for the initial yearly tag, and then a fee of $1.00 per day it is sensed on the roads.

The home owners would see a direct deduction in their property taxes for these tax incomes. This would encourage the use of alternative to fossil fuel burning personal transport and reduce tax rates for home ownership close to where one's employment is. a change in lifestyles.

A further benefit would be a reduction in policing costs because all vehicles would be able to be traced in real time. Of course a record could be kept for later perusal of all vehicles on all roadways. Crime would be much more difficult to conceal. Compare to the rate of deaths and injury from Cannabis use, the hit and run fatality and injury lists are staggering. Is it because many of these random hit and runs are committed by otherwise "respectable" citizens, that all the attention is diverted to me being a threat for smoking pot, while hundreds are killed or maimed every decade in Vancouver alone?

Fack you Mr.Harper, I'll not be your target of convenience anymore!

The daily vehicle fee would help off-set a portion of the real cost of fossil fuel burning personal vehicular transport to our environment, as well as spur on the search for alternatives and encourage the use of bicycles and public transport.

I have done this personally 4 years ago and can assure you that our citizens would become healthier, happier, and wealthier if they were encouraged to get out of their cars. This would lessen the burden on the health care system and make us a better adjusted more civilized society as people begin to socialize with each other again. I can at 58 get anywhere in this town, or within ten miles on my bicycle faster than a driver, if I had a week to get into the route and logistics.

And it really is getting pleasant, looking at all the healthy people that are on their bikes now! Much better than Cadillacs.

The resistance to this change is due to our addiction to the car as a marketed consumer product, as deadly to the entire human race, as a crack addiction is to an individual. Heroin was a legally produced pharmaceutical, too. But it wasn't used by the majority and mass marketed so heavily that the car becomes a symbol of personal freedom, an inalienable right! Even trumping my right to breath clean air!

Therefore, it is insanity that we make people who smoke pot criminals, but worship those as successful who drive a hummer! We really have to wake up and give our heads a shake, or be ready for a swift calamitous end to all this hypocrisy. This is a blatant deadly waste of the worlds limited resources to serve the gods of American Consumerism: Materialism, money.

It is legal, marketed madness, supported by religion! Much more dangerous to life than Marijuana. Yet I'm called stupid legally by my Prime Minister for holding my rational thoughts.

We'll see who is stupid soon enough, Canada. Steven Harper and the bovines who vote him in, or people like me who are calling for real change now before it is too late. You are definitely making the bed you will lie in with your children's future. Yes the Germans thought Hitler was a real "leader" too. The same with the Americans and George Bush. Harper is a hollow metal robot ready to serve up your children's future for American ideology.

As a soaring pilot, having made many challenging decisions successfully under the influence of Marijuana, I know what it means to be at the point of no return. I assure you that this is where we as a nation, as a species, are now!

I can also recognize a lie without difficulty.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cannabis sales in Vancouver, today!

Yes you guessed it! Another advertisement. There is a huge competitive market in Vancouver.

This is to remind you that I am pro actively servicing clients over 19 years of age who wish to purchase Cannabis from me.

I am aware of all the legal ramifications but this is also the end of my line with this insanity.

The events spurring me on to this stand are one, two, three and the final straw.

This is a total outrage to me that we are tormented today by the religion of myopic zealots a century ago known for their blatant racism. It is making our society unsafe, causing police and government corruption and has put a tool of oppression into the hands of tyrannical governments, which they are only too willing to use to excess.

I am providing a safe choice at a reasonable price ($10.00/gram, 3.5grams/$30.00) to people who wish to purchase their cannabis from me.

Some good Indica "Grape" on tap today 778 329 6043 Evenings 6-9

Click on the title and plug China Creek Park Vancouver into it. When you have the one up by Great Northern Way I am a block away--give me a call and I'll tell you where. No need to do risky street deals.

We have the right to change this crime causing legislation and keep our children safe from uncontrolled sales in the playgrounds.

Until the governments get real, I will do what I can to change this for the safety of Canadians.

Support my activism. Help me change things. Buy your herbal products from me!

Every cop, crown attorney, and judge is making a good living keeping this unsafe insanity in place. I will try to earn the same to help make Canadians safe.



Just was talking about this open policy of mine with an intelligent client (aren't all pot smokers intelligent?). I can't be sure who might be a police officer or not, and so rather then let suspicion ruin my encounters with these nice people who come to support my campaign, I take this attitude:

I take it for granted that one or more of my customers are probably undercover cops verifying that I am actually doing as I say I am here. At least they are sending nice people, polite, not creepy seedy undercover vice cops. These people must be fresh new recruits. Hopefully they will get to practice policing in a landscape where drug laws don't exist to make their jobs exponentially more difficult.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Canadian soldier killed, 7 wounded in Afghanistan

As I go around Vancouver trying to run for city council, to my regret no one seems to be focussed on the afghan war. They aren't even focussed on City politics.

I find this a strange thing because I am endlessly engaged on all fronts and care about every nuance of what is currently happening. Very few people care about much beyond their personal lives.

As a realist I must consider my scheme of Technology Assisted Direct Democracy as impractical. People want to be led, and like to complain.

Politics: It is a nasty business, pulling the wool over someone's eyes. There can be no honor in it, by its nature. People don't want to listen, but talk about their ideas (just like me). The most passionate debate today focussed on off leash dog park issues. Perhaps a jaunt defending the right of a person to use LSD or any other substance that they wished without criminal sanction, was a close second.

If I can say that will defend a holy roller's right to roll holy, even though I believe they are nuts and dangerous, then I expect the same freedoms! Otherwise I really don't give a crap what these Canadians are dying for. Certainly not to make me free or keep me safe. Their buddies keep on saying that we should not cut and run. Who in the hell do these brainwashed grunts think they are? My elected representatives? Go ahead and die for American Imperialism, that's your prerogative. It doesn't mean that you have an edge on what is ethical for my Country. My views are just as valid.

Maybe the lack of concern over our continued Canadian losses in a controversial war is a defense mechanism to keep themselves isolated from making a true commitment to war in general and to this one specifically. It is a low level issue because people wish to avoid the hard subjects. Or maybe people know instinctively that it is an artificial war and don't have the nerve to oppose it like so many Americans have been coerced to support idiocy to remain patriotic.

I can't reconcile the numbers of surveyed Canadians who claim to be against this war and Harpers 38-40% support. Someone is sitting on the fence! Or that is the level of understanding in the minds of Canucks. We can't figure that a vote for Steve, George's buddy, means an extension beyond 2011. I think Obama wants to be there forever, as well, to prove that he too can kick ass with the Marines in Good American Tradition.

To have a political White Wolf is special!

Too bad we didn't meet up with Jake (whose picture is on the title link), but it wasn't meant to be.

I tried to soft sell the politics and invite people to read my stories and visit aloofus's blog. This was a much better all round feeling for me today saving my voice.

Truly, I would be nowhere on the political scene without him. If he wanted to run for any office he would stand a good chance of getting in!

Thanks to those who supported my campaign, I really needed it. And to the young man who showed me his ID without complaint, thanks.

What a nice day and I see that some have nibbled at my stories.

There were a few Felini-esq sets, with table clothes, vases full of flowers and all set in lovely surroundings. Thanks so much for letting me intrude for a moment and share your company. Please dig into my stories, they're free; a gift to you. You might be entertained, might even get a glimpse of my soul. Please pass on the links.

Vote for Marc and myself we stand for change.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's another beautiful day in Vanouver, yet some are sad.

Sadly, the deaths and injuries at a valley mushroom farm are heavy on my heart this morning.

It is important that people who work in situations where there is danger from gas or foul air exposure, learn to not rush in before assessing the danger to themselves and other would be rescuers.

In Gordon Campbell's world all that matters is that his selected buddies are well compensated, while poor worker training and qualification standards are taking a steady toll of my fellow citizens for lack of funding.

See my posts as shatner bassoon, on CBC news site. By clicking on the title of this article, you can read the original news article.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Stephan Dion's dog, Kyoto, is not a White Wolf

Yes of of course Kyoto is cute, but alas a White Wolf he's not. I hope he is getting out enough.

The more I see of Dion the better looking he becomes, especially when he is with Kyoto.

But he is still a liberal who have had too much power for too long, for their own good.

We need real change, not more has-beens.

Try voting for any one other than the Conservatives and
Liberals to "Voter Train" our politicians to be more voter responsive.

Let's not reward either one of these autocratic entities, as if we were training a dog. No rewards for bad behavior.

It is discouraging though, when I look around at the people in the dog parks. By the looks of it, the canines are smarter then the primates who own them. Who picks up whose crap, after all?

Emerson to co-chair Tory election campaign

"Turns out Harper is now doing better THAN HE DID WITH Maxime Bernier, at hiring a proper fit for a post!

A turncoat, lying fraud like Mr. Emerson is an appropriate choice to head this team of Fraudsters.

Well done Steve, as your bud George would say
Check out my other posts as shatner bassoon the ones of bud oracle have vanished forever into cyber space

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Constable Holtz restored my faith in the VPD (somewhat)

Just got a call from a thorough police officer Constable Holtz of the VPD who took my complaint incident # 08-171073.

Apparently they are concerned for this old toker. Thanks!

I certainly will call them, should I see this goon following me again!

You really made my day! I hope the karma flows your way as well!

I'd like to run for the Marijuana Party in Kingsway

This is only one of my issues.

There seems to be no real choice here for Canadians, no broad perspective. I was reluctant to run for a single issue party a few years ago and am still against party politics now.

The only issue that the Marijuana Party demands unity on, is the prohibition issue and our fight for sanity. Other than that, it leaves its candidates totally independent. That's Awesome! Because then they can represent the people who elect them.

I will implement TADD in my riding.

I need to have someone stand up and loan the money to my campaign (it's totally refundable), for me to make the effort. It's $1000.00

We truly need new fresh perspectives in our current mix of viewpoints.


In watching the news about all the campaigns and seeing all the political people shining in their enthusiasm, I see everything appears exactly the same.

Didn't Einstein say something about insanity being the practicing of the same error and expecting a different result.

No wonder so many ordinary people who don't wish to control everything are turned off. Most people who own no property only want a fair shake, nothing that isn't due to them. They are concerned about having a roof over their heads at a fair price, while the Property Holders/Developers are concerned with how much their investment appreciates.

The property developers are interested in shaping the future to feed their selfish affluent materialistic concerns.

The poor are denigrated and trained to think of themselves as powerless. They are concerned with everyday living and confused by the complexities and have no real advocate to stand in for them.

It's a fixed fight. Much like the way a PM has the ability to call an election at his whim ambushing his opposition and stacking the deck in his favor. and we thought that was fixed.

We believed that we were beyond that as a Nation but Mr. Harper has proven the consummate liar, showing us he'll do anything he wishes no matter what laws he passes (Thursday the 4th after watching the National and local news, I added this)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Someone threatened, then assulted me today

Follow the title link for my post on Cannabis Culture to give you the details.

The cops probably won't do a thing about it due to my politics. There is virtually no protection from violence in this society and the VPD has time to target peace loving people for the substances they prefer to smoke!

The guy mentioned as an insult that he had heard me shouting all day.

I consider that a compliment, he must have been following me as I shout out my ads as streetbarker.

This is an insane society, isn't it?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

These are photos off the internet of White Wolves

Wow I have actually never looked closely at photos of a White Wolf but when I met a pilot who said he had seen them up close in the arctic and told me my Aloofus was a spitting image I had to look them up.

He is right. To me the little guy was a curly tailed Samoyed from the looks of his tail from my vantage point walking behind him all these years. From the front he has always looked the Wolf.

He has followed me everywhere that nature would have never introduced him to. It amazes me how far he has come and even the daily progress now.

As long as the first reaction of someone isn't to reach for him, he allows himself to be petted by strangers, mostly women. that is amazing to me. I stated before that it took 4 months for him to let me touch him the first time. He is doing better than I ever imagined in cityscapes. It his willingness to be by my side which makes him put up with my journeys. And he is getting more hits on his blog than this one! It just goes to show you what kind of draw beauty and wolves have for humans.

Here are some newer pictures of the White Wolf in the City