Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crows are fascinating creatures "Wise Guys" CBC Ideas

This program on CBC radio one is a favorite of mine. I am very fond of these birds. Click the title for the link and listen to the show. Check out the embedded Youtube videos on the Ideas webpage as well.

I have an audio version (poor quality early learning attempt at audio editing) of my short story:
"Crows on Crack"

Also, currently, I am working intermittently on my project "Stoned Crow Chronicles" written while I was at the Fraser remand center.

Monday, June 28, 2010

International Center for Science in Drug Policy

It's time, for the health of the human race, to get real about our drug policies.

These scientists are the leading lights in research and institutional knowledge development. It is time to pay attention to the facts and leave off with the political shysters. The only reason that drug prohibition still exists is because the state is using this law to increase police power over its population. The purpose is that it be used as a tool of oppression, an instrument of tyranny. There is no effect on the amount of drugs available nor is there a decrease in the usage, due to prohibition.

The reason given for the invention of prohibition laws, ostensibly to curtail the use of dangerous drugs, is thwarted by the lucrative reward created as an economic side effect of the law itself.

A century of studying Alcohol and Drug prohibition in prestigious institutions by intelligent researchers has reached this conclusion: Criminal law has no positive effect on drug use in society and is harmful to its citizens in creating an unjust, unlawful violent society.

Friday, June 25, 2010

There is a new better looking younger Oracle in town and he's smoking a lot of my Kush!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

G20 arrest after man found with crossbow and "other materials" : LSD?

Is Richard Fadden trying to divert the attention from the real threat being bungled by CSIS? Click the link for the CBC article on the 53 year old man conjured up by gung ho forces to justify the 1 billion dollar bill for security.

The way Fadden, head of CSIS, was trying to divert attention to some vague threats from China on The National last night might have appeared to have been collateral LSD damage to some who have been following Far Out News, his real intentions could have been more sinister: Counter spin to swing media attention from the fact the CSIS has bungled the current threat response to Operation "Acid Rain"

There are unconfirmed rumors of crow feathers being found inside the box...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toronto Huntsville G8 G20 summit terror Attack uncovered by CSIS

As Bud the "News" Oracle says: these culprits are still on the loose. CSIS is EAGER for any information concerning these crows. You are warned to be on the lookout for crows wearing the eye dropper delivery systems featured above.

They are considered to be extremely dangerous packing a mind altering load of LSD. Each is capable of turning on ten thousand stagnant hypocritical procrastinators. Do not handle or lick these birds!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reflections on: The Harvard Psychedelic Club on Tapestry CBC Radio One

Great program about a long ago time for me, today. Just click title link to download the mp3 from CBC

I'm glad the substance "research" into psychedelics is once again being investigated. It is a portent of good things to come, I believe.

I never even heard of Richard Alpert, Ram Dass, until I got on the internet.

The reason I did personal research then and now has always been the same. To go on an enlightening journey of some kind. The crazy stuff that is still being bandied about is pure BS in terms of it being realistic threat to the average person. Many more people are found dead by their own hand in the presence of, and under the influence of, alcohol, than will ever be related to psychedelics.

In fact it may be evident after research that many more people have been kept from suicide by their use of these substances than might be harmed by them.

I loved Leary's response to Nixon: "I have America surrounded" and can clearly remember the joy it brought to my heart. It was sad to hear that he betrayed some people but the prospect of prison is bleak indeed for a man like Dr. Leary. Who knows what demons drove his compromises. May he rest in peace.

A friend came by and gave me info on this new video on LSD by National Geographic.

I am enjoying it for the first time right now.

Here is a Fraser Valley connection.I have friends who make it only a small degree of separation from Nick Sand, although I never knew of him. His smile touches my soul, I believe exactly the same thing, thank you Nick Sand. It is the duty of intelligent and courageous men and women to bring this substance (LSD) to the masses, to those in government, for the benefit of all humanity. Psychedelics, especially LSD, are the only hope that the human race has to develop the level of collective creativity and mental awareness to tackle, and perhaps solve if we are lucky, the problem of monolithic complexity which we face today, imo. As we needed these substances early in the development of the human species, so too do we require a paradigm shift in our general ways of thinking today. The use of mushrooms might have given humans the adaptability to survive a disaster of major proportions before: the Ice Age.

Today the use of LSD might help us take a good look at ourselves and reorient our path to align to the natural way of things which will give us top satisfaction and happiness, but not derived from consumption. On the Current this morning two segments touched me as being related to this general theme: Pt 1: Fortress Toronto and Pt 2: Environment & G20 both touched indirectly on my thinking. Wouldn't it be great if these leadership people were slipped some good LSD? Those on the borderline of sanity, which by obvious observation are many, could well go over the edge. That would finally be a blessing for many of their subjects. Those who are left might produce something of value: They could cancel all future G8 /G20 meetings for a start.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Luck Marc Boyer. Thank you for fighting the good fight

We have endured a couple of beautiful summer days here. There are many people who are feeling a pinch work wise. My pickings are slim too. Thankfully I have had help to stay afloat while I was on federal holidays. I would have been too far behind the eight ball to recover if it hadn't been for some very kind people. Thanks.

These two videos of Marc Boyer's interview have got me thinking again. It is sad for me to see so little concern for a safer, saner society by repealing the Prohibition laws. That allows the corrupt justice system to cut us out of the herd at leisure while the rest of the world continues to graze on.

All it takes is a reasonable and just Judge who has an fine understanding of the law. Why isn't it arranged so that a Judge can refuse to hear a drug case on his own ethical conscience? I mean a few of them must read more than the old reefer madness literature. There is plenty of science out there proclaiming the truth: that prohibition works contrary to it stated goals. The cure is worse than the disease.

Intelligent people, some of whom are Judges in a position of power must be able see that our troubles lie in attempting to go against nature and control what people choose to ingest. I wonder why so few of them take a principled stand?

I guess they feel that they might have too much to lose.

Perhaps the difference between them and me is that I have nothing, and therefore the point is moot to me.

All I know is that tomorrow will happen anyways and it feels better to face it in good humor and optimism. Many many people are so much worse off that I can't even imagine their plight. Therefor I have no option but to leave fear behind and be happy while the sun shines.

I am glad my happiness is not tied into my financial success.

Fragmat left a comment on my Utube about introducing chickens to his backyard and dogs. It seems that they enjoyed the encounter although he didn't. I can only chuckle at the thought of what might have gone on. I hope he puts up a video of the action. I actually do feel part of a larger caring community.

Why wouldn't more and more intelligent, sensitive Judges understand that they are part of a larger drug using community and it is time to use reason to limit the harm done to society by these crazy laws. If anything addiction is only curable when treated as a health concern.

Friday, June 18, 2010

More dog park reflections

The dog park and smoking marijuana allows me some sanity to relieve my stress.

There are a few things that are bothering me of late:

Ignatief with his "cut and run" Bushism. As long as they got this "fackmack" I will never vote liberal again. I have voted more conservative than NDP since the last time I voted liberal and its because of this kind of BS. Before we purport to be helping teach Afghanis, while really being about American Imperialism, maybe we should stay in our native reservations from which many LIBERAL GOVERNMENTS HAVE "CUT AND RUN" IN THE PAST.

IS THAT WHAT HE THINKS WILL GET HIM ELECTED? It certainly doesn't reflect what Canadians want, according to the poles. Why not reform this country's laws and thereby help over 5 million harmless Canadians who are presently being persecuted for their choice of diet? Just what does Afghanistan's NATO occupation have to do with Canada's safety, when hundreds are dying of American drug war induced imperialism right here on our streets? Or...Why couldn't he promise to put into practice the recommendations which just came out of the Air India Inquiry?

The Rahim Jaffer Political hockey OT period. I'm getting kind of tired of this dog and pony show. It is about the depravity of the Government and they will just weather it out anyways.

The truth and reconciliation commission is something that needs to be thrown into the questioning mix, too. The plight of our natives and the resultant inter generational dysfunction is heavy on my heart. This is obviously an area we failed in right here at home.

I wonder how we can as a people proclaim that we can help anyone let alone from the barrel of a gun, as an occupier?
This police/government unaccountability deserves immediate attention more so than Afghanistan. We haven't fixed our security dysfunctions yet from Air India. We were killing our own natives just yesterday (Frank Paul inquiry is just over)Dudley George, Niel Stonechild. The arrogant gall of proclaiming that we could help anyone, when we are a barely functional people ourselves.

Canadian Government agents practice terrorism on other harmless Canadians who prefer a different diet, using another tool of American Imperialism: The War on Drugs

And Ignatief thinks he can convince the world we are in Afghanistan for Nobel purposes so as to lie himself into office.

Shows you how overrated he was as having "leadership" potential.

Why not train our own cops to be better at their jobs so they don't hurt or allow Canadians to die.

Why not fix things here before we ram our brand of "democracy" down someone elses throat, while actually invading and occupying this country with the help of an unwilling puppet government?

Just how dumb are Canadians after all? Aren't 147 sacrificed on the alter of George Bush's failed Imperialistic yearnings, enough?

Why in the frig would I need to be criminalized for my happy safe and harmless choices, while these idiots wants to squander more Canadian lives for a lie? Last year's lie to be exact: "Cut and run"

This coming from a man who "cut and run" from Canada for a long long time living his life elsewhere. Yet there will be patriotic morons who will believe this crap. Thankfully they are dwindling in numbers.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Casual Conversation while under the influence of marijuana

Besides being a practice attempt at editing a video using one sound scape of a dog park conversation and a bunch of stills, this video is important to my political cause.

I am sitting at my favorite spot at Trout Lake trying to get a bird sound scape when a mother and son happened by. They were drawn into a spontaneous conversation over their love of the White Wolf. What is remarkable is the fact that I had my pot pipe in my hand and had been toking as they came by. She was perhaps in her sixties with him in his thirties. The event was totally benign and uneventful. Why would I need to be made a criminal over my actions? These people don't seem to mind my behavior. We are getting along fine.

Why would the government need to step in and control this with criminal sanctions?

Am I insane? I just don't get it. How could anyone in their right mind want to criminalize some like me? What is the friggen problem here Mr. Harper? Where is the need for government intervention?

Why would someone need to go to prison for five years for selling the seeds of this plant?

Am I nuts, or has the world gone over the edge? I honestly don't get it. Where is the crime?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Study on driving while under the influence of Marijuana

 I am very interested in the way the news announcers are quick to parrot the establishment line that "Researchers claim that their findings do not mean it is is safe to drive under the influence. They point out that people are more distracted while high." Yeah right but their performance is the same as those who are not high?

I will add to this post later after the wolf and I get some sniffing of the roses time in. This subject has been of interest to me since I realized that smoking pot probably helped keep me from making decisions that would have have likely killed me while Hang gliding. Yeah I slowed down, didn't make bold decisions while flying high. This is normally called caution when exercised in a non drug testing environment.

I can't honestly admit to being "impaired" in any meaningful sense when I am high. That is why I enjoy the state so much. It actually adds to rational thought, enhanced creative perception for me. This has paid off personally many times in my life, besides the invention of the Batten pocket repair kit for hang gliders: and the penny repair for a BMW motorcycle
When a substance which alters while increasing your perception, makes one feel happy/non aggressive, kills pain, is medically beneficial as both cure and preventative and relieves stress comes along, which also allows you to realize that you should compensate by becoming more cautious, it is time to study it seriously without prejudice for the comparative benefits for our society it may have over alcohol.
Isn't it interesting that the last century has brought humanity both prohibition and the greatest loss of life due to world wide aggression/conflict?

Here are some serious drug side effects W5 CTV The Dark Side Parts 1 and 2. I would never have thought such profound behavioral/personality changes were possible as a result of a Parkinson drug. They say in the article that it effects the same centers of the brain which controls impulses. This clearly shows me that addiction is a malfunction of molecular biology in the human body. The criminal code could not be effective against a biological chemical imbalance, could it?

At no time ever was I as dangerous as that poor lady with her addictions while I was driving on pot. I can just imagine her driving down the 401 furtively glancing for the neon signs of a casino or a male stranger. This woman was never warned by the manufacturers nor the pharmacists, nor the doctors, as are alcohol users never warned that severe personality changes, as well as loss of hand eye coordination and cognitive impairment can be expected from the use of this product.

I just had another enlightening encounter with a young friend who has dropped by to smoke a joint with me. He told me that presently he was seeking a second job in the evenings, perhaps doing dishes, because he has too much time on his hands and so ends up smoking too much pot. This revelation, he told me, came during a mushroom trip a couple of weeks ago. He quit smoking so much pot and is bored so is seriously looking to get a second job. If that isn't great reasoning and creative thinking brought on by the very substances he is using I wouldn't know what is. Enhanced self awareness produced by psychedelics which leads to a constructive change in someone's life is a great side effect compared to pharmaceutical crap. To be able to moderate your use of marijuana on an impulse reflects the fact that it isn't as addictive as tobacco or many other drugs.

I too have had no problem cutting back my intake because I can't afford it.

This young man's motto to me was "Everything in moderation."

Why should people who use these substances be criminals compared to those who get to swill alcohol until they become crazy, or use prescription drugs which are also dangerous? What kind of insanity is behind the rationality for this nonsense?

If people are not impaired by using marijuana, then why are we making them into criminals when they drive just as well as those who are not using it? Wouldn't we prefer people use a substance during recreation which leaves one unaffected?

Below is a high wind foot launch of a soaring machine much like the one I describe in the podcast above Where I invent the batten pocket repair kit.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some candid conversation with someone whose path is different: Rainbow John

I think its rather nice of John to entertain us with his memories and thoughts. in the first one we range from Marc to James Cagny in our discussion.

In the second one he shares his impressions of the start of WW2 as a four year old and his memories of the air armada on D-day overflying him as a 9 year old. Something about the lack of chocolate eclairs shaping him into his peace activist role.

While uploading this video I was listening to "Ideas" a favorite radio program on CBC. Tonight's show fit right in with John's attitude of seeing the beauty in the world: “Beauty Will Save the World!” CBC producer Frank Faulk

Why should we discourage this type of behavior in older people? Why are tokers of all ages persecuted by the government? Are we not peaceful loving people? Why does the Government hate us, make us criminals? Is this not the type of elder one would want in a society?

This is my post as Shatner Bassoon on Leaders deny Liberal-NDP merger talks.

That is the problem : resistance to change.

To look at a possible merger as impossible because of old party allegiance, is to ignore the natural way of things evident all around us: evolution.

In the birth of something new, undreamed of possibilities arise.

The most dangerous problem facing Canada today is it's unwillingness to move forward, to seize the new day in a new way.

In all of the recent dithering and government dysfunction can't we see that the solution is a simple change of mind; adopting a malleable mental attitude.

It is what used to be called progress. Are we so mired in past doctrine that we are unwilling to embrace a new future? If ever there was a time to unhook from former ways, to experiment with something different, it would be now.

It wouldn't hurt the liberals to become more democratic, while the New Democrats could use some liberalization.

Why not think of the people of Canada, not your respective parties for once?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cops and their deception

In the title link you can see that there are some cracks in the deceitful facade.

In the pictures above, you have three cops of the VPD enchanting a lady whose dim understanding of the issues leads her to believe that drugs are prohibited in the Bible. She will pray for me because I choose to exercise God's gift of Freedom of Choice. There are those who don't wish to employ any reason but believe every lie. I leave off with the impossible mission of speaking logic to her quickly, not wishing to cast my pearls before the slugs.

These three cops chatted with me only a few minutes prior to this encounter as I was tying up my bike at the other end of the Art Gallery Square. They were aware of who I was (my fame precedes me) and my last encounter near by with Rainbow John (where I lost my camera) They wanted to know what the protest was all about and were quite civil, almost respectful. Strangely, I get this sense in the property room gang of the VPD, too. Adrienne Switzer even went out of her way (and she does have a full schedule hanging people for drug crimes) to help garner the release of the camcorder. There is not so much disrespect coming from them as individuals towards me as was the case before.

I rely on my psychedelic's heightened senses. They seldom do me wrong in these kind of directly experienced things. These cops seemed to be "pumping" me for inside info in a good nature way. It is not my nature to hate people on a personal basis for anything. This keeps my water pure. The sense I got was that they were taking what I had to say seriously, maybe not agreeing with it, but mulling it over at the very least.

Maybe my forte would be more of a spokesman in a luncheon, dinner speaker kind of role. I don't think I can make it as a stand up comedian, but perhaps some kind of speaker. I will check into it because I don't know anything about Toastmasters. Maybe politics is not the way to go for me.

Luckily I have good advice coming from close friends. My wish is for always more close friends. When I wonder why a certain person hasn't come by lately, they suddenly show up, happy to see me.

These cops were joyous to have this lady upholding the lie of prohibition so that they could have me under their legal control/as an adversary/as their piece of law enforcement work. They were happy to have her dimwitted logic blowing prohibition smoke their way. You can see their indulgent smug smiles when hearing the lies being rote repeated at them

Sunday, June 6, 2010

An interesting and novel news item on marijuana prohibition

Just surfing pot TV and found this article below on the front page.

Gotta wonder why people are generally so disconnected from the reality of the loosing proposition prohibition is. We need more voices that slowly and compellingly articulate reason like Paul Armentano Deputy Director of NORML.

Someone whose opinion I trust and employed before to reap success (the court house protest and the video on the TASER warning sign) mentioned raising funds on a self sustaining basis like people raising money for green foundations on the sidewalks while at the same time keeping a softly spoken representative in the field. Raise awareness while raising funds to sustain the person putting in their time plus a bit extra for the organization. This way it would be a way to get people involved on their street scene anywhere in Canada. People talented and sincere, hardworking could make a go at it in the larger cities high traffic areas.

I'm thinking about running for the Marijuana Party again (only thought about it before-never ran yet). I don't like doing this alone though and I need someone to help manage and keep the books straight (accounting is not my forte). It would be nice to have an experienced campaign manager/organizer, too. Their first advice would probably be to run in David Emerson's riding as a better strategy with TADD.

I thought about doing it before because the Marijuana Party pretty leaves its candidates to be independents, except for the marijuana legalization platform.

That would leave me free to promote my TADD platform (Google) Technology Assisted Direct Democracy. That way I can promote my politics, my ideas and myself and try to raise awareness while adding to my income if possible.

I have applied for East Vancouver, Libby Davies' riding. It would be fun to go up against her as, I voted for her the last time. I would need to explain to people why they should vote for me rather than her with respect. I think that I could do this. Something about wanting to speak on this subject in public draws me.

The S-10 protest has made me consider what I personally can do better.

I actually liked campaigning for council. It was fun to talk, and, mostly as I learned to do towards the end, listen to people. The White Wolf could come along and lay on a portable mat with a bowl of water. He's getting better at staying, not as restless as he was.

I have a printer and paper and can have cards made up.

It's not about the winning, although I am playing to win. More importantly it's about the message of safety for the community. Who knows maybe people would like the idea of direct democracy which could be implemented in our riding if I won.

Some people have to have a mission/follow their heart.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Some missions are not so good

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My friends are concerned about the oil spill.

I am glad to say that many of my friends are seriously impacted by the oil spill in the gulf. Rather than think of the doomsday scenarios myself I take a pragmatic view of things and hope that this will be the impetus to serious change which we are all hoping for. Come on and have a good time hippy tripping with the White Wolf and I.

Some things are scary to face but face them we must sooner or later. What you see us doing is about 5 hours of fun time totally devoid the burning of any fossil fuels. I wish I had more money flowing in, more security, but I do have my health and a sense of happiness/good humor.

Who knows what the morrow will bring? Good things I hope.

In the meantime enjoy the day tripping with us.

The camcorder is back

The first 2 videos are of the day that John and I were accosted by the VPD in the end of January where I lost my camcorder.

During the initial part of the smoke in we bothered no one. Only when we came across these neo Nazi security goons did conflict arise. The reason is this stupid law which give these violent types a reason to disrupt your peaceful behavior. No one else except these fat law enforcement wannabe types was bothered by me having a smoke.

The last video was of June 5th S-10 protest. The usual characters including the white wolf.

Best quote of the day: Girls who smoke pot are hot.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Protest @ Art Gallery Square noon to 2 pm Today

I have my camcorder back and will be there. It's against Bill C-10. See you there!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A great day!

It started out with a read from someone in the house of commons:

Canadian House Of Commons (192.***.**.***) [Label IP Address]

Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
2nd June 2010 09:19:26 Page View www.google.ca/search?q=The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society &rls=com.microsoft:*&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1&redir_esc=&ei=B4QGTJzpN8GB8gaUlNXrCw

This means that something I did a year ago is still getting attention. What is interesting is the search and the post that I did after our appearance at the Justice Committee.

Next I went up and paid almost half of my rent; a good start. The manager is a decent fellow and we chatted about things. He's quite the artist and is also of Polish extraction as well as his hardworking wife. It's good to have people who can do their job properly.

Then I walked with the White Wolf for some more work which also went well. It was assembling IKEA drawers for kitchen cupboards and the White Wolf came along. Part of the happiness came from having finally gotten some decent used shoes. Until last Friday I had been wearing my open sandals (not conducive to walking). Already my legs are getting stronger, recovering after the extended lack of exercise in jail.

Next I walked home and received a call from my buddy about the new videos he got up today. I enjoyed the excitement in his call. It's contagious! I'm glad I know many people like this.

My buddy rainbowjohn1 is getting better with his video output. He takes us to his Island paradise and reveals the soul of a happy person.

and some eagles and damned cows

We are going to succeed at making this world a better place because we are committed and we ain't giving up. John and I have been to jail and we are still undeterred, happy to do this because it gives us good payback karma/lots of fun. We like people and angels and we are in this struggle for the long haul. I'm glad to be his friend and hope to have the energy and talent that John has when I get there in only a few short years.