Friday, July 30, 2010

Robert Pickton won't get new trial: top court rules

I have been both outraged and compassionately crying over this sad schlamazzle for more than a decade. I have joined in marches and remember thinking how much the cops on Harleys were making in overtime, while when this case first came to light no could be bothered even admitting that the "low class Hookers" were in trouble. I remember hearing about how they were all on vacation somewhere enjoying themselves on the spoils of "Crack Whoring." At the time I thought "What bullshit!" and was dealing with my own corrupt policing scam.

On BC Almanac today came an apology, of sorts, from the deputy chief of the VPD, admitting mistakes were made and that he was truly sorry on behalf of the VPD. He was also waiting for the inquiry to begin in the handling of the case. This sounded very sincere and honest as he delivered it. The VPD now claims there may be as many as two serial killers loose in the Lower mainland.

Public inquiry into Pickton investigation possible You'll notice that CBC calls Michael De Jong the Solicitor General, he is actually the Attorney General. The Solicitor General's job is reserved for ex cops and changes its officers very irregularly due to past crimes committed by them coming to light and criminal investigations.

The reality as evidenced in the video below is a bit contradictory to his statements: At the street level his goons still have no respect for this very same segment of society. The corruption caused by implementing the CDSA on individual cops is huge. Their disdain for this class of hurting human beings puts a lie to the Deputy Chief's words. Surely the cops wouldn't have pushed her if they thought that she was ill (as she was). Rather, I believe they saw her unsteady gait, formed an immediate negative judgment as to "Drug user?" and reacted negatively almost as if by instinct.

Then they walked on and later covered their asses by reporting the "incident" having had time to put a bit of self defensive coloring on it.This kind of disrespect garners non cooperation and disrespect in return. Is that why finding these guys is so hard? No one trusts nor likes the cops?

We are to believe that these guys will really give a shit about any missing of these people? Yeah, maybe you, Mike Howell, but not me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

666kerk666 says it like I feel it. I like being free when I get up in the morning!


It is relatively easy to reach, too! You need to become aware, gather knowledge, and ACT! Not in anger, don't waste your time in conflict (armed or legal). Like 666kerk666, all you need to do is create beauty in this world however you are called to, and take those recollections with you at the moment of passing. Your reward will be FREEDOM on a daily basis! That's right Paradise can be experienced here and now and taken with you into eternity (perhaps.)

Some people have asked me where I come up with this (crap). My mind is active and continually soaring on possibilities colored with past experiences. I remember some frightening situations while I was hang gliding (a sport usually laced with drug induced euphoria--adrenaline.) When there seemed to be imminent impact, a couple of times, I had experienced time distortions and flashback streaming memories. Truly very similar to my DMT experiences, so I guess that I thought I was on the threshold of eternal transition at my core. The Pineal gland was "pouring it in" naturally. That and the floodgates opening wide dumping in Adrenaline. So you can see my reference to death being a drug induced psychedelic experience is on the mark for me. What I remember about the memories, was that they were all beautiful. Exquisitely sensual and deeply visceral. I do remember blossoming, bursting feelings rushing in expanding waves of joy over me.

Listen to the CBC Ideas Podcast "Beauty will save the World" Frank Faulk

See my comment below as shatner bassoon

This instant of passing, imo, might be enhanced by a hefty dose of naturally produced DMT to become a psychedelic orgasm if we have stored up the memories of beautiful moments throughout our life. The best of it is that each of us defines beauty in a slightly different, personal way. This paradigm should make it universally acceptable and uniquely individual to pass on joyously if our hearts are in the right place.

When one thinks about the beauty involved in making life by making love, you really have to wonder why it should be a sad experience to pass on into the universe again. It may be sad for the living, but having lived a life of beauty, I would expect a lovely moment at death, too. I believe it deep inside of me without any concern over what will happen in the next momment. It will be a pleasant surprise, I am sure.

Here's someone from a far place. This is not the first time. I wonder how they got to see my little slice of rebellion? Interesting what article they came in on

Hk Cable Tv Ltd (***.****.**) [Label IP Address]

Hong Kong Central District, Hong Kong, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
30th July 2010 07:32:46 Page View

Thanks. I like it! Much appreciated

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Sons not killed by 'friendly fire,' parents insist

My heart goes out to the old people who have lost loved ones in this illegal war in Afghanistan.

One problem though; these people want to live in a fantasy and believe lies. Many people might agree with them and wish that these "mistakes" would just stay quiet. Well, you are the ones responsible for the murder of many children and innocent adults in these war crimes we as a nation are committing.

How dare you parents of the ones killed wish to be so selfish that rather than face your own son's useless demise in honest reflection and therefor help us avoid such deadly idiocy in the future, you sob and want more death based on lies and wish the truth stay hidden.

Why is it that you must cling to a lie with no consideration for those who will surely succumb to it in the future? Why is it that you can only grieve for your personal loss and the truth surrounding it being exposed and not the loss of all of these innocent people who never invited your sons over there in the first friggen place? I don't mind suffering even going to jail for what I believe is right, but I will never stand behind unwarranted aggression to feed the lie of patriotism to shroud mistakes.

Snap out of it and suffer the wrong choices you have made supporting this warmongering government and their boot licking Americanism in order that the consumerism urge, the demand for trinkets, keep on flowing. These are your choices come home to roost. Your children were sacrificed on the Alter of American Imperialism through its war hyped carelessness.

Don't be crying about exposing the truth now. Take it in! You are addicted to propaganda! And like any addict you must first admit that you have a problem. That is why people must learn to control ALL their own addictions so that they can learn and transfer the knowledge. Otherwise you learn to trust the government for everything to your own detriment.


Why don't you have a look at alternative documentaries other than the state sponsored propaganda? Use your brains and help save other people's children instead of trying to bury the truth.

Having said all of that in the interests of truth and honesty, I want you to know that I have personally shed sincere tears of painful sorrow for every single one of our soldiers lost and for you.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Karen Magill meets Bud the Oracle at Trout Lake

Above a picture off the website of the lovely lady I had met with her husband and exchanged cards only moments before meeting Karen below.

She has given me a card to send to Ottawa in defense of fur Bearers which I am doing at the moment.

I found Karen to be a happy person. The kind I love meeting. It is an ongoing daily treasure for me to be able to interact with people like this. To visit Karen's blogspot just click the title link in this post.

My hat draws them like butterflies!

Everyone is concerned about something if they are engaged in the community. It is a real thrill to meet such enlightened activist, passionate, intelligent people.

Thank you god for the simple pleasures!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another American killed in ambush: Taliban

Here is a point of view I agree with completely:

TorontoProud wrote:Posted 2010/07/25
at 5:50 PM

ETMissAuga lies --:

"Let's not forget that right after 911, Bush gave the Taliban a choice to either hand over Bin Laden, or face certain destruction by western military power. They made the wrong choice."

Yes The Government of Afghanistan said that they were holding Bin Ladin under house arrest and when the Americans provided some evidence that Bin Ladin had any thing to do with 9/11 then the Afghanistan government would EXTRADITE bin Ladin as is the rule of law among civilized nations.

George Bush and Americans refused to follow the rule of law . They refused to act like a civilized nation and attacked Afghanistan unprovoked and murdered and tortured tens of thousands needlessly .

Canada has spend 45 billion and lost 145 soldiers because of Right wing Jingoism arrogance and thuggish behavior

Read more: click title link to read CBC article

This goes hand in hand with the war on drugs that the US government chooses to perpetrate against its own peaceful citizens who seek a different state of mind and exercise their freedom of choice. Fascists have gained control of the US of A a long time ago. The example the world will take away from the short live history of this republic will be that democracy can be easily overcome by clever political marketing exploiting the gullible nature of the majority of its citizens. By neglecting spending on education and gearing up for endless conflict to support a military industrial goal/complex any desired outcome can be achieved at the ballot box, not to mention implementation of direct fraud via the ballot box.

As you can see the thinking of the establishment is totally skewed to the irrational. The war on drugs will become an endless police action supplying fodder for the prison industry and legal profession as well.

Well, you can move towards this tyranny if you wish but it will be at your peril. You will bleed if needs be applying your moronic idiocy and fascist thinking.

In his last few words of the above post "Canada has spend 45 billion and lost 145 soldiers because of Right wing Jingoism arrogance and thuggish behavior" you can see who supports the war via patriotism without question; the thugs. The police forces of Canada, the bikers and those who support anything the right wing terrorists in Ottawa conjure up to wage war on others on behalf of America.

Idiots who will garner hate for us for generations, is what these war mongers who blindly follow the USA are, Mr Harper.

It is everyone's duty to stand against the corruption and idiocy at every level, as individuals brave and free, because if you don't, soon you won't be..............

These closed minded warrior morons who control people through force think that they can keep on doing what they are, unimpeded. They feel that they are immune to the forces of nature which seek a balance. The natural way of things is ignored and power and might exerted until a paradigm shift occurs. I hope it does soon and these real terrorists, of which Mr. Harper is one, will meet their well deserved fate at the hands of those whom they torture.

To claim to be on the side of less government intrusion as concerned conservatives claimed was their right last week, and therefor the mandatory long version of the census would need to be scrapped, is mind boggling. Never mind that is the only honest measuring device to use in studying the effects of government policies, the fact is conservatives must have their privacy. OK then!

Check out this video How weed won the west


(I like how the young man puts Paul Martin and other Prime Ministers to the test with some tough questions. We are asleep at the switch, people! If you think that there is going to be a rosy future in a Police State under the world domination thumb, you are a believer in Hollywood fantasy and deserving of enslavement.)

It is the founding principal of democracy, that people such as I are needed and must take up their duty to keep our democracy alive. And it is something that the education system tries to delete out of people early and replace with blind obedience. This is the same thing Harper/Ignatief demands. It is the same crap supported by the controllers of the media. Just as that CTV article about the Paul Martin speaking event (in video above) so was this "news" article a pure bullshit smear about my business premises at 564 East Broadway: Vancouver drug activist arrested for storefront enterprise Vancouver Sun By Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier

Mike Howell might be a hack for the Courier/Sun, but he doesn't understand the meaning of the phrase "No Justice ---No peace."

Mike Howell thinks it makes sense to allow the cops to commit crime while they lie about how dangerous pot smokers are. I bet that I am getting almost as many reads from here in BC, but more than him from around the rest of the world. Mike Howell is a liar for the establishment, one of a legion. He holds his job because his media is a marketing rag for the alcohol and consumer rip off trade. Never one to let any facts and the truth cloud an issue he is usually opinionated in some irrational rote-repeater sort of way.

Mike Howell blindly wrote patriotic articles promoting the war likely as a good moronic patriot happy with calling Collateral Murder by another name. Always the good promoter of government propaganda he is. Fuck off with your financially sinking rag and your lies promoting murder and mayhem for alcohol sales and the police state.

I am only following a logical sane rational progression in my duty as a citizen. When I realized that the rule of law does not exist in this country through many personal experiences, I did not just stop there and knuckle under. I took it on peacefully and did the next logical thing when one discovers that the organization to which they belong operates above the law and uses tactics which include murder, extortion, torture, and allows our neighborhoods to become mired in lawlessness and be ruled by organized crime, and thuggish criminal cops: I withdrew my consent to be governed by such a criminal entity and in fact set up an alternative model for community safety.

This July marks the 9th anniversary of Portugal's miracle

So don't give me any moronic lip about what I propose as not being the rational thing to do when a government is concerned about the well being of its citizens. I am tired of the idiots ruling things and making my community unsafe with moron cops and gang thugs holding sway, with the destroyers/polluters of the world making evil and fowl decisions. I will control what does and doesn't enter my body or you will have to house me for the rest of my life.

This was a great expression of our Society's foundational understanding by the Registrar. I entitled it "the Law and the Bible"

I'll put a couple of photos up of the historic business card from the time of 564 East Broadway. They have just been returned to me and were printed on the day the cops stole my vegetables, chemical belongings and harmed the community by closing the store down. They are so nice, that I am thinking of selling them as artifacts of history. I think I was the first retail outlet open to the public selling the wares on my menu anywhere in modern times. There are 1000 of them and I could use the money. What do you think? A way to help fund my activism? or way too much over the top fund raising?

I wonder what these guys on the night shift think about my cards:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( [Label IP Address]

Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 0 returning visits

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27th July 2010 04:12:46 Page View

This is a new one. How many people did that war cost? It too was based on an admitted lie: The gulf of Tonkin incident

Vietnam Post And Telecom Corporation ( [Label IP Address]

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27th July 2010 22:04:51 Page View No referring link

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diversion "Plan Columbia for Mexico" - Not Tackling Mexico's drug wars

ABC News Car bomb marks dark chapter in drugs war

A seemingly frank discussion about a new level of narco terrorism in Mexico. It is really a diversion as the drug warrior expert regurgitates his old drug war rhetoric and gives us bullshit by the barrel load. Totally admitting that there will always be a drug flow and demand, these guys forget the purpose of the laws which are causing this great destabilization in law and order. This is caused by the laws of prohibition themselves as a side effect to their original purpose: the elimination of drug use in our society, NOT the proliferation of the use of them. Repeal these laws and the corruption/violence and lawlessness would cease immediately and safety would be able to prevail in our communities once more, instead of Black Hawk helicopters.

The 24 minute version can be accessed at the Current's website as a podcast on the Current part Two hosted by Jim Brown (just click the title of this post)

OR, you can listen to my version of the conversation below (about 20 minutes longer includes toking and coughing)

The video below shows another kind of police corruption caused by our drug laws. This area on Hastings street is full of hard core drug addicts and this is the way police treat these people because the government says that they can via the CDSA. The woman pushed to the ground by a Vancouver Police Officer is actually a 26 year old victim of Cerebral Palsy(CBC) or MS(CTV) and Police brutality.

Here is my post on the CBC news article:

shatner bassoon wrote:Posted 2010/07/22
at 3:45 PM ET

These cops are goons because Canadians have not been doing their duty to hold their police forces to account. What kind of attitude do you think will develop when you strap guns on these low level agents and allow them to break any law with impunity. This is the "success" of developing a strong armed police state in response to crime manufactured by poor laws such as prohibition. Bad laws corrupt the entire system and foster disrespect in all corners of society.

You can see in the video below that the VPD can't tell the difference between and assault and a consensual fight which they ruled it as:

Also because they can keep on doing it with no concern like this attack against Rainbow John by Constable Blaine Christian #2187 VPD, the police never get to refine their inter personal skills. As long as they can continue to get away with assaults whenever they feel like attacking a citizen they will not change their behavior:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Creative effects by Youtube user

Thanks 666kerk666, it is very interesting and I for one love it.

Sorry to everyone about the 265 emails in my budoracle gmail mail account I haven't gotten to yet. I forgot to look in there. It will take some time to clear now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The folk music Festival on Jericho Beach beckons

Some of my thoughts on The Mounties' latest debacle: RCMP ignored tip about missing couple's SUV

I don't wish to climb on this wagon because I think that they made a simple but honest mistake. That's something that is allowed in a complex job like this. Of course some of the RCMP's policing skills might lack honing, because of the corruption and rust caused by them focusing on criminalizing gardeners and controlling people's diets due to the CDSA. This shows me that what I have been suggesting might be a good idea: Retrain and refocus all Canadian police forces to enhance their effectiveness in our communities. But before we embark on this course and also gear up complete job performance and personality reviews at sensible intervals, we must repeal laws which go against the principal of Jus and Injuria I sincerely hope the mounties have better luck and find the McCanns. They look like a fine family who don't deserve the grief and Canadians don't need to have anyone in their midst that would hurt his couple. I have met a couple of them in the Remand center whom I wish had less money for lawyers and more encounters with intelligent Judges.

Lately I have been linked to from established news agencies and now somehow I feel obliged to "entertain" the many people from all over the world who actually give a shit about some of the things I do and visit my blog? Utubes. Thanks for stopping by.

I met a lady whom I have known for more than a year now who follows my blog and is as emotionally connected to the issues as I am. I was surprised by her reaction when she threatened not to read me anymore if I didn't stand behind everything I write. I do feel passion about what I write at the moment, but I am also human like the RCMP and get it wrong at times. That is why we need everyone, as many as we can get, connected as often as possible: to get a broader perspective.

That is why I believe that there can be no democracy in a representative system. Only in a direct democracy where each individual holds his own vote can democratic consensus be reached. That means that we are now ready with the sophistication developed in our communications systems and our ability to use them as individuals to embrace the next logical progression in our political understanding.

What is apparent is that the party system destroys the intimate connection people need to determine their own future. When you take a good look at it the mechanics of electing a representative are not necessary in today's world you will find that they allow tyranny by a political party to exist. The only reason that humans stepped back from direct democracy when it was first conceived in ancient Greece, was because countries/cities became to large to allow direct participation and few citizens were sophisticated enough to be able to contribute anything.

If I run as a candidate in the next federal election I would promise to implement "TADD" if I was elected. One thing for sure as their elected member, I would clearly express myself, receive input, perhaps revise my thinking, restate it, while at the same time pointing people to other opinions/perspectives on the matter/bill being voted on in Parliament and then do exactly as my constituents tell me to through their direct democratic input. While in cold Ottawa with the White Wolf (if elected), I would try to form alliances with likewise forward thinking members of government or anyone who cares to for the benefit of our community.

What other role would an elected member have in this parliamentary system if the people actually held the power? All he/she needs to do is facilitate the desires of their constituents, to help clarify things and hopefully lead people in making progressive choices that benefit the community?

You can tell that I am smoking some good Kush this morning combined with a higher than normal number of views in my stats counter.

Thankfully I met a neighbor who clued me in at where Jericho Beach actually is before I wore the White Wolf's legs out. I turned around and wished for some of electric bike that would pull the Wolf in a child chariot, like. We will need it soon enough. We met a few frisky pups today and a 7 month old Samoyed who was not happy with the Wolf's quick display of dominance. What an cute little guy he was barking at Al, but from a distance. Three young ladies stopped and asked as to my dog's heritage. You could see the mix and Al was about double this guys size. Randy I think.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally BC Coroner's service to conduct Inquiry over Paul Boyd death

This is the sound track of the above video.
Here is something that I have had a direct involvement in since it began, almost. When I heard the then new Chief Jim Chu obstruct justice on behalf of the shooter on CBC radio, I promptly charged him under the police act. OPCC file # 2007-3940 Sometime later after I failed to receive the first interim report as I had gotten 1st person standing, the police board gave me an unannounced visit and deemed me incompetent to lay the charges.

The police board is controlled by the Chief of the Police and the Mayor (Sullivan). Since then every judge in court has found me very competent, even to the extent that I was deemed capable of holding my own defense. What kind of corruption is it when a citizen can't lay a charge against a cop who has obviously broken the law and obstructed the investigation of a citizen who may have been murdered in police custody?

This fuck up's job required him to say "The matter is still under investigation, therefor I can not comment." There is an obvious reason for this. This is how all police investigations are corrupted, by direction coming from the top to find fellow officers not guilty of anything.

I remember and have a witness as to the statement from the female cop who attended my arrest at the store incident in Feb 2010. She showed me a picture of Chief Jim Chu when I sat in the wagon handcuffed and said. "This is a picture of our chief. We don't like people who don't like the Chief." I asked her, "Is this personal then?" She replied, "You bet it is."

Is that why she lied and said she found Heroin at the store? So that I would be illegally incarcerated on false testimony for two and a half months? You bet this is the reason why cops are not trusted: they lie, are corrupt and deserve every bit of flack these goons are getting.

Why is it that the Crown prosecutors are always on the side of police criminals, instead of looking out for the interests of the citizens of Canada in whose employment they are?
“The VPD did their investigation over a period of about a year,” Eby recalled. “And then it sat at the Crown counsel’s office for another year before they finally decided that they weren’t going to pursue charges or lay charges.”

Excerpt from Straight Talk (click title of this post for link to article)

Here is why you shouldn't use drug propaganda to corrupt the Justice process.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another one killed in Surry shooting

Really surprising and appreciated that CBC would publish this post by shatner bassoon (myself)

One killed in Surrey shooting

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 | 7:40 AM PT Comments10Recommend17
CBC News

Police were first called to the shooting around 3:35 a.m. PT. Police were first called to the shooting around 3:35 a.m. PT. (CBC)

One person is dead following a shooting in Surrey, B.C., early Wednesday morning.

RCMP were called the intersection of 142 Street and 103A Avenue at 3:25 a.m. PT and found the victim's body lying on the street, according to Sgt. Peter Thiessen.

Police have released no information about the victim's identity, including the sex or age, and no suspects are in custody, said Thiessen.

But residents of a townhouse complex on the street said the victim was a young man in his late teens or early 20s who recently moved into the complex with his parents.

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shatner bassoon wrote:Posted 2010/07/14
at 2:00 PM ET

This is the expected and predicted collateral damage of the current failed corporate policy in the form of the statute known as the CDSA. Either directly, or indirectly, the attempt to overrule natural selection in the form of freedom of choice of one's own diet, has given us the supra natural side effects of general lawlessness ruled by violent organized crime. You can see a real life example of the VPD upholding the drug turf of an gang in my latest Youtube videos.

They were called to the scene for an assault upon my cameraman. When they came, they arrested myself for common drug dealing as I tried to demonstrate the exact paradigm we are talking about & seen on the videos (VPD works with patriots to promote lawlessness 1/3_ Utube): The police work hand in hand with the criminals to uphold the CDSA for intertwined personal interests.

These and other consequences for our idiocy in promoting this failed policy are corrupting every aspect of our society and leaving many Canadians dead. The news of crime actually caused by people on drugs is extremely sparse and largely contrived, while the news of violence and other serious crimes enabled by the law is overwhelming. Op[en your eyes.

All we are doing with this law is adding an unnatural dangerous mechanism for criminals with perverted minds, opportunists, to become powerful with.

My words as Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society to the Canadian Peoples during the Justice Committee's meeting, which are part of the parliamentary record, are proven true daily and never mentioned by CBC. That's one of the reasons this moronic perverse idiocy still exists : media propaganda.

You really have to wonder why these neighbors don't clue in and demand that the government control and regulate the drug trade which isn't going away anytime soon?

They would rather conflict with their neighbors who are sick drug addicts. They would rather displace the BAD GUYS INTO SOME OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD. Just what do they think that they will accomplish in the long run? Why not solve the problem and get all drug dealing out of the neighborhood and decriminalize so that we can help the addicts, rather than continue to make it a lucrative proposition for these family enterprises?

If you make the stupid powerful and belligerent, as you can see in the video/my videos, you will always have problems. If this woman who owned the house had been smart, she would long ago have moved and found a better location for her nephew enterprise. If it was simply a nephew gone awry, then why not see that you must regulate and control as the only real solution?? Why not prescribe through pharmacist and be done with it in any neighborhood? Why is it so hard for these people to grasp the real solution?


Why must stupidity rule, rather than common sense?

Here, on August 3 2010, is an arrest for two executions in the drug business last year. The people murdered were drug addicts. Addiction is a health problem normally treatable if the ill person is not marginalized, is supported by the community. If it were a controlled and regulated activity then ever younger people would not be introduced to these substances and help could be procured at any step.

Addiction is a difficult personal lesson to learn which the Justice system only exasperates and hinders from being accomplished.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is violent crime encouraged by Vancouver police enforcing the CDSA?

"Nothing is more destructive of respect for the Government and the Law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase in crime in this country is closely connected with this"

(on US alcohol prohibition)

In these first three videos you'll see the open marijuana sales of the Marijuana Guild only two days after the announced sales that we did at the Art Gallery Square on Sunday. You can see at first the peaceful tourist crowd is curious.Next they leave as the "patriot" comes by and assaults us. Then the crowd takes its cue from the masters of this turf and become hostile towards us even though the cops come, unlike the previous sale at the Art Gallery, which was peaceful. No one disturbed anyone's turf, I guess.

Next video you can see that none of the cops care about the assault, They take no notes and claim in their notes that Jack was vague. The police had the motive for the attack and later after stealing the camera by falsely arresting the cameraman, the exact identity. Not a single word of either of our statements was taken down and a myopic "investigation" focused on me selling pot. It's not likely that they don't know who the Patriot was nor who he represents.

Next video the cops trump up an illegal arrest of the Cameraman on false allegations, without even seeing a victim. He is supposed to have assaulted a child according to one witness. They took the statements of two drug addled people one of whom jitter bugged his way up on to the stand on May 3 at the trial. The cops took no notes, so figured that they could just grab the camera to assist them, probably.

The Judge saw these videos in a voir dire to see whether the videos would be allowed for the trial. I was clearly selling pot and yet the crown withdrew all the charges. Was I winning the trial? Surely not! I only got to cross examine the lead cop 2571, and then caved when I could see many more days in remand center awaiting future trial dates. I was having a premonition that things were not going to go my way. I caved and wanted to plead out.

When the Americus Curi came to see me in my cell during a short break he said that the crown would drop these charges, altogether. He said she wanted ten months on the store charges and said he would speak on my behalf. I had said in court that all I had wanted was to show how this crime could stopped and the community be made safe through control and regulation. When we returned to court the prosecutor asked for the Judge to sentence me to ten months for the store bust three counts: 1) 3lbs pot 2)more than 500 hits combines LSD and ecstasy and 3) half pound mushrooms. She showed the Judge the following video before sentencing.

The following video are of the peaceful open pre announced marijuana sale at the art Gallery only two days prior to the Victory Square incident. You can see that there is no problem with ordinary people who believe it is time for control and regulation. Where drug crime does not exist on controlled drug turf, there are neither angry crowds nor violence. Only duer to the CDSA is there any problem.

You can even see the police drive by and leave us alone in the video above. This is the same place where there are hundreds of drug sellers operating peacefully on Canada day without police supervision. Never any problems except where the CDSA applies, is there?

I just don't get it. Why drop the August 11th charges when I was clearly on video selling? How could the Cop honestly say in court that the cameraman's statement was vague and that is why he didn't take down a single words. Did I stay in jail for nothing then? Because this was the only sure punishment that the crown could conjure up, by lying about there being heroin found at the store, at the time of the bust for 564 East Broadway on February 17 2010.

Rainbow John and several friends were in court on May 3rd 2010 and he did accost the lawyer, the Americus curia, to do a good job on my behalf. Which he did. But when someone actually understands the plain view of the results of prohibition which is installed all around us is being presented to them, as the Judge did, I thank her from the bottom of my heart for listening and watching this with an open mind. She did her duty to the community too and denied the request by the Prosecutor to jail me as a common drug dealer.

I am so glad I had people like the Registrar helping to guide me at important times and that mostly I let them before I could stray too far afield. This was a moment of truth and clarity of purpose in my life. Thank you, Jadis Dumas, for doing such a great job with "The Freed Man" documentary. I wish you and Rom had stopped by once more before you left. I had a small gift for you to be done in some lovely spot for serious natural connection and enjoyment. I hope to hear from you soon though. I would also like to have some of your photos emailed to me so that we can all see them on my blog. Not the naked ones though. I have already gotten into trouble for some innocent water sliding sports on Utube!

There can be no doubt that I was serious about what I was doing. Some may say "seriously deluded" without too much opposition from me, except that I say maybe someone needs to be in operation under the "color of a claim of natural right" as was told to me by Robert Arthur Menard some months ago, for things to move forward just a tiny bit.

Whatever the reason for this merciful, wonderful, outcome is, it will likely remain shrouded in at least partial mystery to me. All I can say is that the courts have agreed with me and found me to be a valid and sincere activist concerned as I say I am, all about making my community safer.

I think it paid off even in the fact that I would not lie to the Judge about ceasing my activism when I was before her after the bust at the store. I said I would continue my activism and was happy to think i would eventually be facing a jury of my peers on this issue when the prosecution lied about Heroin being found at the store. It cost me 2.5 months in jail to be this honest. But it was part of my foundation, I think.

I am just musing over these proceedings and events and how everything turned out excellent as if God were looking after things. All I did was remain true to my cause and make some spontaneous, delusional maybe even, moves. Isn't life just sweet even when all you are is some crazy psychedelic user on a home grown mission. With the help of some friends we have accomplished quite a bit while keeping a sense of humor happening. Every day I shake my head in pot besotted wonder and marvel at the way things might have been if God was absent in my life. It might have turned out way more painful to me, except for an honest bit of lifelong concern for my neighbors/community blindly, passionately, pursued.

Something is driving me to remain active in the struggle against the dangerous insanity caused by the CDSA. One's own life and concerns become secondary when a task grabs a hold of your spirit and you are possessed by it to come against the lies, thugs and corruption. I feel that I am in a battle with dire consequences a possibility. There is a payback in heightened awareness and a sense of mortality about everyday events. The same sort of background danger that was comfortable to work with when flying hang gliders. Maybe I survived Hang Gliding to risk real danger in this sport, for a greater good? I have always figured it was better to die on a battlefield for a greater good, than in a playground swinging from the monkey bars.

Stuff that I wrote some time ago is still drawing those whom it touches today. I sincerely hope that I will have some impact on helping to change things for the better. If the Mounties are reading me perhaps they might gain some understanding of the average drug user and that we can be good community members as flawed and excellent in the human spectrum as they are.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Mania is an example of a dangerous marketing phenomena

Here we are on the verge of maniacal morning of soccer. Looking around me I am amazed at the human propensity to be led by marketing hype into states of madness. Wow!

The same kind of extravaganza as the Olympics. Hugely overblown, insane display of human competitiveness, elitism and greed. All the while these modern gladiators enthrall the world, we are blind to the injustices and suffering of the very people from whence they are drawn.

Do people really understand that it is not their own personal abilities expressed through talent and skill which they are mad over? The only thing that these horn tooting marks are expressing is an implanted marketing campaign.

To be able to sit back in the executive seats of the World Soccer Institution and smile at the lucrative success of a world gone mad in response to your money bilking efforts, must stir up some feelings of awesome power.

At the core of it is money and power, not sport.

The meaning of sport has been eroded by the addition of the adjective "professional." Now it all about organization for the purpose of marketing to make fortunes.

Sport in its purest form is friendly play between competing people for the purpose of having fun in the participation. When huge pools of money are to be made using sport as an industry, it perverts the fundamental nature of it from play to bitter conflict, stylized war.

And all is fair in love and war.

When large spectator attendance is achieved we are really seeing human herd instincts being manipulated for the purposes of marketing. This is further training in human gullibility, making people receptive/responsive to all kinds of suggestions in every area.

It's what the Roman emperors found works best to keep the population self absorbed and malleable, ready to pledge their allegiance to Rome. Constant gory reminders of the deadly struggles for survival sharpened their lust for blood.

Just as easily as the marketers can get billions of people to support one team over another in a ritual battle, so too can they do the bidding of political masters and support war on the basis of any lie. Take Iraq as an example. Americans embraced the lies causing the deaths of a million human beings. Take for instance the difference between our forefathers being able to discern the folly of Prohibition of alcohol and revoke it in only a few short years, and today's world where people can't tell the difference between a marketed lie "the war on drugs" and the facts. That is why it was marketed as a war, because this is how we are trained to think, to align ourselves, by the marketers: One side, or the other, painted in a hue of true blue loyalty. Exactly like Fadden's xenophobic appeal to loyalty for Canada.

War, conflict and professional sports all rely on the same human mechanism being stimulated in the same way. Only the degree of stimulation is slightly, incrementally different.

Does that mean I won't watch the world cup final or go down the Drive to mix with the drunken crowd. You bet! Me and the Wolf have other things on the agenda and mass marketing of any kind turns me off.

A bit of unstressed exercise, some happy communication and perhaps a bit of interesting video or photography and what ever comes our way, is on the agenda. The crows are calling, the roads and streets promise to be quieter than usual.

Staying away from the alcohol influenced crowd is a goal of mine.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Marijuana grow-op found in hidden B.C. vault?

Oh boy these RCMP are good at helping the grow business expand, eh! For every one of these busts 2 new production facilities will be created. This will in turn be guaranteed to produce another even larger photo op for the mounties soon.

All the while there is never the slightest ripple in the flow of good pot on the lucrative black market.

It seems a conundrum: that a substance which has been proven through repeated driving and other tests not to impair people, is beneficial in many health issues and has been labeled a medicine, has never in its entire history killed anyone, can easily be grown in anyone's garden and made valueless is criminalized while alcohol, known to be a lethal, violence producing substance is state protected at the expense of harming harmless people and promoting violent organized crime.

This is total idiocy in the extreme and will continue to harm Canadians far more than any foreign terrorists far into the foreseeable future.

The most unreasonable aspect of this is that every study, test and all leading scientific thought on this problem agrees with me. The proof is evident everywhere in our society and still the lie flies. Why?

Why am I and others harmed for trying to implement a safe paradigm as a solution to this expanding lawlessness? Why is it that the government can never be held to account to prove the validity of its approach or try something new for the benefit of Canadians?

Why is it that they can continue to implement obviously failed policy and yet claim it works? Why is it that reason, science and democratic will do not apply to this statute, the CDSA?

Why is it that I must continue to be burdened with growing lawlessness and organized violent thugs, corrupt police, as a side effect of this failed policy?

This is , BTW, a much greater threat to our public safety, peaceful security as a society as any threat from foreign governments, being an actual mechanism of democracy-freedom of choice/liberty-which will help to stave off any incursions of an authoritarian government by strengthening us as individuals who love the practice of liberty. Citizens who will fight to the death to keep any government from controlling one's state of mind and diet is what freedom of choice, self awareness and regulation will produce.

People who are free and happy in making their own safe peaceful choices will never opt for a foreign totalitarian system. They will not need to be "warned" through vague xenophobic fear inducing comments to be made safe.

People who are free of tyranny, exercising their freedom in a creative enlightening peaceful fashion will never opt for a police state or dictatorship.

People who are trained to allow the government to control their diet and tell them whom to fear, are easy prey to any other tyranny that wishes to, and can, take over.

The kind of tyranny that this law produces is destructive to the Justice system garnering it disrespect, destroying its foundation.

This is a modern day Inquisition based on hatred of the other. Thousands of children wander off due to all kinds of reasons and their parents are never charged with child endangerment. Idiots get to practice hatred with government sanction, and get paid for it as well. Then other morons are fleeced through taxes to support this obnoxious crime causing paradigm.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Richard Fadden's moronic comments are a blatant indication of incompetence

This schamazle has been a eye opener to the utter idiocy Canada is burdened with in its most powerful institutions. These comments mark a milestone in in the displaying of the lack of intelligent people in key positions. What was this power besotted braggart doing? He was talking as if he was participating in a coffee clutch at the neighborhood gossip's place spreading unsubstantiated sensitive rumors which he had no business exposing.

Maxim Bernier, Helena Gurgis, Rahim Jaffer are all only the latest symptoms of the serious problems with our level of lack of intelligent leadership. These creeps are corrupt or of incompetent fabric and should not be put into positions of trust.

Here you can see exactly why we have in place the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act destroying our social safety while harming harmless Canadians. These idiots ignore the scientific evidence and insist on political propaganda instead of doing their duty to the citizens. Yes these elected monkeys actually make life worse and more dangerous for our society.

This morning I hear news of a tragic accident on Shuswap Lake. A question was voiced as to whether alcohol was involved.

Let me answer that by relating my Saturday night experience. I did my favorite trip MDMA and Psyloscibin mushrooms and of course plenty of good pot, Jack Herer. I strolled with the White Wolf for 5 hours and was on Commercial drive toking on a bench at bar closing time. I was amazed at the dumbfounding effect of alcohol on display before me. While wonderful creative ideas flitted through my mind, lovely colored patterns enhanced the scene. Conversation came easy my mental machinery was finely honed and quick as i like it. I will never become drunk or supremely stupid again. This is the model the government promotes: it wants its citizens to stay stupid and aggressive by only allowing alcohol to be consumed.

I was at my mental sharpest, enjoying flirting with ladies bantering with their boyfriends who stopped to admire Aloofus. Even if they were not apparently drunk they were not very sharp if you could smell alcohol on their breath. My mind came up with spontaneous humor that had them laughing or debating with me. I was far from being impaired on my combination of substances. I was in more control and much more aware than the drinkers and yet the government makes me the criminal for my safe choices. This is a truly dangerous moronic paradigm.

All I can say is "Mr Harper and the drug war mongers are actually the terrorists we are influenced mostly by" The responsibility for this is shared by a major swath of morons who believe these liars and trust them in the face of all the displayed incompetence continually being exposed.

I have told people that there is no way I will ever knuckle under to plain idiocy and march with the morons. My foundation is the truth and I will stand on it until my last breath, no matter if they jail me forever. I was born with superb mental machinery and nature and God demands I use it, to do my duty to the rest of my fellow countrymen, by never budging from what I know is the truth by way of reason.

Screw off you dangerous morons who are destroying our peaceful freedom, causing crime, in order to implement their own moral judgments rather than basing their understanding on the facts and evidence.

You are the incompetent idiots that you plainly show us you are Yeah that's you Richard Fadden: the head of intelligence is an idiot and proud of it.

You are what is holding back progress and promoting violent organized crime, the proliferation of drugs and a pervasive disrespect for the laws. I am so glad I got to tell these criminals face to face in the meeting of the Justice committee.

Most people I talk to believe as I do: that in my blatant attempts to demonstrate the example of control and regulation to repeal the prohibition laws, the courts agreed with me and therefore did not punish me. The government lost.

From the experiences I had with the Justice System, I have taken away the message that what I did was necessary and part of a citizen's duty. I see no reason to be ashamed of what I have accomplished. I continue to follow the path of concerned activism to promote control and regulation as is my responsibility in my community.

I was born with brains. Sorry, I can't become stupid to be politically correct.

Here is the only solution to the problems caused by prohibition. It is simple and practical and based on evidence reason and works well as you see my customers coming to a peaceful safe place to exercise the freedom of choice that they were born with. This documentary shows me at a time I believed in my rights to exercise my freedom, which I still do. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what wee were trying to do and the Judge agreed with me.

Can anyone point out where I was causing a danger to society? The neighboring store owners who complained and with whom the police agreed said that I should close because there is a school within three blocks. That a total non reason founded argument because what i was doing was checking age and the guys who sold only one block closer the school, their turf is being protected by the police and these stupid store owners buying into the lie. They don't check age you fucking goofs and that is why we have a problem. Not in any way shape or form using logic can anyone come to the support of this warped reasoning: that I was the threat to children not the current laws.

The best thing of all is that the Judge agreed with me and gave me no punishment for my efforts to help make a safer community. And now we have a precedent in law that others can point to and claim an argument of doing their duty to the community. It's a large chink in their armor because I already had a conviction for drug dealing as an act of activism.

The crazy guy you see in the video actually beat the government in no small way with the help of his friends.

Someone asked me what Richard Fadden had to do with prohibition. I answer him in the end of the video: It is all "idiocy in the extreme" practiced and supported by people who have proven themselves to be really stupid. Why peoples lives and social peace and safety should be sacrificed to the poor decisions of these obviously poor decision makers and not left to decide by the people themselves is a stunning mystery to me? As I said a thousand times idiots rule us, and this is another example of obtuse thinking in a long procession of idiocy by someone who is paid and tasked to think at a much higher standard. We are counting on him desperately to do better than to try and make a Utube conspiracy video using CBC for no good purpose except to try to inflate the currency of CSIS.