Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little old Granny does old age shooting of manager Gibson's.

Things are in Free Fall! Can you imagine the pervasiveness of the "lawless attitude" in Canada?

This comes to a head because of the "Justice" practiced by the likes of Daft van Dongen and Willy Wally Opal and their entrenched policies.

Since he was a "political" aspiring Judge Mr. Opal has had his imprinted through the old boys club. Certainly his thinking is as stale as the bread the poor are forced to eat in jail. That's a large percentage we see in jail: poor people who are oppressed by poor laws and myopic "leadership." Who else would be to blame for the present predicament of violence throughout our entire society except the people in charge?

On a more personal note. I'm in excellent shape now able to deliver a full days work, no problem.

I'm also playing with my first consumer addiction, my Sony Camcorder. Presently setting up up a cheap used computer with a legal copy of Windows dedicated to video editing. This explains my withdrawal from writing/podcasting. The capabilities of this last year's demo model inexpensive piece of technology amazes me.

I have been accumulating raw footage, some good interviews and getting the hang of encouraging spontaneity from the subject. Some jokes and conversations. Footage from my bicycle while riding with Al trotting on leash (same hand as camera). Still have hours left. Battery is the limiting factor. Bought a larger spare.

It's keeping me extremely busy while not working and I am getting tired of shouting down the wishing well for Sanity.

Should have something up on Utube and posted here by the weekend, hopefully.

Be patient, please. No one is paying me to do this.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday morning Reflections amid more targeted murders: Demolition to Dark Matter

It's Saturday morning. Off work at last! A very tough week where the work was relentless and we were not expecting there being plaster stucco walls rather than drywall. It is a pile off work to dismantle wire mesh backing, remove it and then the stucco rubble. Drywall and metal studs are a “sneeze.” (my contribution to the Demolition Lingo-- they come down so easy all you need to do is sneeze on them). Another “demolingo” phrase I heard said was : All you see is all there is!” Every things humans endeavor/create seems to have its own language it's own expertise . The Law Society and its own corruptions of the English language, some of which can land you in jail; for a long time if you don't understand them. (Jack Roe tells me that the Law Society of BC is having a meeting at UBC, on the 17th of March, when we are going to be doing the Deuteronomy Society thing)

The lure of consumerism is an addictive impulse which grows stronger in a direct co-relationship with the proximity of the Pay Check. Visions of digital video cameras dance through my head as CBC's Radio One Quirks and Quarks is doing an interview with a scientist on “Gravitational Lensing” Dr. Eveline Gates, University of Chicago. Her book is called Einstein's Telescope. What struck me was the talk of “Dark Matter” and how it seems to be making the universe expand at an ever increasing rate.

A thought zoomed in from left field: What if the Universe is literally a figment of “The Living Gian Imagination?” As life grows throughout it in our localized perception, the growth of the collective perception/understanding of the self awareness of the Gian Spirit directly influences the Universe. This spiritual growth of self awareness of the Gian Creature is measured by us today as Dark Matter.

I think it fits somewhat with the modern understanding of Quantum mechanics where we might influence an event by thinking about it and measure our own effect on it. The uncertainty principle.

It is the collective growth of life throughout our universe which is influencing its very fabric. We are part of God, as God is part of all life. And being God, we/all life, defines the Universe collectively.

I wish more people might be open in their thinking rather than waiting for the weekend for another mentally dead state of drunkenness. I hope to reinvent the recreational use of Psychedelics as a healthy alternative to this legal but looser 's amusement. During the sixties, with only a tiny Psychedelic revolution we transformed humanity greatly. I want our universe to expand collectively at an exponential rate. No government has the right to arbitrarily assert itself between any peace way a human chooses to access their perfect state of being in relationship to their own understanding of Gia.

For me, the right to access any mental state of reality that I choose, is my God given right by the fact of my birth into the living God. No human, no government, nothing has the right to limit my choices of mental freedom for whatever reason they wish to conjure unless I am a danger to someone else. Not he Law Society, not the Medical Society, not the Politicians, not catholic Popes, not Allah's Prophets, have the right to interfere for any reason. The prime directive of life demands that each individual BE ALLOWED THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE ON EVERY ASPECT OF THE SMÖRGÅSBORD OF LIFE.

Maybe our own social/environmental imbalance is causing the speeding up of the expansion of the universe and what we are measuring is our own negative effect pointing to an end of the cycle of life which we are greatly influencing directly, according to some. The snake consuming its tail.

The White Wolf is waiting for a walk. Therefore I must keep our relationship in balance and go for a sojourn in daylight while the flying lead has subsided a bit. Another woman found murdered in what appears to be a gang hit.

I want to scream when I hear this insanity developed over the restrictions of such beautiful god given substances form Cannabis, to mushrooms, to Opium. The facken idiocy of it frightens me.

Go Devan Cage!

Here is AN AUDIO radio report refreshment of A PREVIOUS WAR, WHICH ALSO WAS CAUSED BY A MASSIVE DECEPTION, SOLD BY THE ALUMINATI ON THE NOBLE fear based FRAUD OF KEEPING THE EVIL COMMUNIST EMPIRE AT BAY. The lying bastards of the American leadership squandered more than 58,000 American lives alone, 500 Australians and 30 New Zealanders as well as a proudly estimated 1 million Vietnamese.

Remember it took the Bovines less than 30 years to raise more cannon fodder and completely forget that their administration lied to them on every front. These men who did the actual lying, long ago have come clean publicly about how they misled the American citizens, yet the bovines snapped up GWB's idiotic Bullshit, as they do Obama's today, without question.

The wars continue on every imaginable battlefield except the ones like these; "War on Wars" "War on Poverty" "War on Family violence" "War on Spousal abuse" "War on bullying" "War on Police violence, cover up and corruption" "war on Political Corruption," "war on financial fraud"

Why is that Devan Cage?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday night reflections and Bible readings Mar 7th 2009 (click for audio)

A pretty young lady makes me laugh and the usual Saturday night alcohol problems

Jack Roe's invitation to March 17th reading UBC

The Formal Invitation was cried out on the campus of UBC on Tuesday March 3 2009, by me Bud Oracle! Check out the artwork and the middle ages focus.

What's it all about?

Here's the Plan Stan!

This is entirely the fabrication of Jack Roe, and I am happy to play my part. I heartily welcome all and sundry to come and join us practice social simulacrum. I have a feeling it will be fun as most concepts emanating from Jack's neural machinery are, at least in a convoluted sort of way. I'm exited/happy about it and hope that you might join us.

It's a pleasure to be healthy and working at this stage in my life (click for audio)

There is snow up the valley and at higher elevations in the forecast tonight March 6th 2009 posted on the 7th early hours

I am wondering to what idiotic end Harper is making harsher laws concerning marijuana. The year is 2009, the country is full of corruption and violence over an idiot's law, lying about a health giving plant, because of a religious zealot's racist perception 100 years ago. What is the problem when the CBC gives airtime to the vigilantes?

Posted on Cannabis Culture yesterday:

The Current, Radio One, is another one of my favorite daily current affairs programs. (I think it was the Current part 3 I enjoy radio, the audio, and I believe that one of the problems facing us is the general decrease in human imagination through indoctrination/conformity and a large part of it is directly due to the over use of video. If one reads something or even listens to an audio, their own mind/mental machinery must pick up the slack and color in the details on such limited perceptions. There in was a huge reason for the development of human intelligence; the development of language and story telling. This forced people to use/naturally develop more of their neural net's capacity, ESPECIALLY CREATIVITY.

I truly believe one of the greatest threats to humanity today is our addiction to video, which is expanding conformity on a grand scale and leading to a dangerously reduced diversity of thought.

Anyways, back to the reason I started this post: the piece on the current where they interviewed a modern day vigilante who dresses up and believes himself to be a super hero. What peaked my interest was that his mission was the same as mine. "To get drug dealing out of our neighborhood."

The "super hero" guy is doing it by challenging people who he considers as drug dealing with an in your face type of action> with lights and others dressed up as commando types. He said that he was prepared to physically defend himself (isn't this something that the cops always say when the TASER someone to death for holding a stapler?)

I've had contact with several producers of the Current and wonder why they would give these belligerent violent lynch mobs air time, while ignoring someone who has actually rid our society of a double murderer and continues to use their writing skills/passive resistance to benefit society?

I don't get how these idiots itching for a fight with "local drug dealers" (according to their belief/understanding), give a model that is socially acceptable, do you? Why wouldn't someone like me, be at least as important to todays' mix of thought, as these self proclaimed vigilantes? Does peaceful protest no longer hold a candle to the lynch mob?

I mean I have an interesting super hero hat made of buds and a title proclaiming thought and ideas, creative solutions for millenia, an Oracle. Why would someone wearing camo proclaiming their willingness to "use self defense" be more of a role model than me? Is that like the latest news article proclaiming new arrests in Vancouver in connection with the gang violence. These news spins are more political than substantive when I hear some of the charges. They are indicative of the GWB preemptive strike strategy and bound to fail. But who cares the dumb people will be reassured. The vigilantes might consider more preemptive behavior is also in order. Oh boy what bullshit spin fun this will be. bound to be entertaining at the very least.

I am currently working afternoon shift and biking. Therefore I have made a concession to the fact that there are many drunk idiots bearing arms on our streets: I won't wear my religious headgear for fear of being "sport targeted" in a drive-by shooting.