Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bud the Oracle - Report from inside Jail

from the Oracle...

(he starts by explaining how he was attacked by another inmate that morning and how he's really kept in a place where it's not safe and he's kept with real criminals...he doesn't sound good and is not in good spirits!!)

"I seem to have stuck my neck out somewhere, where it's ready for the challenge what this government is doing...and I've got nobody. There's really only a handful of people who know what's happening to me.

By the time I'm out I'll likely be out on the street and will lose my place...and all my belongings unless I can get some help from anyone out there. Can anyone help me? Does anyone care?

I called up a reputable trial lawyer - basically, they wouldn't entertain the the feeling I'm going to be here a for a long is asking for 8 months (I'm getting double time for time served now) if I plead guilty to both charges by May 3rd.

I'd be in here for 4 months anyway till June 17th and still have only pled guilty so I don't see how that's going to help anybody in society.

If I don't plead guilty the crown is pushing for 18 months to 2 yrs and err...well a Mr Banes (this friend of the court) will apparently help me with my defence - which basically, may mean only, really challenging the grounds with which they came into my place on the 16th - that they had no warrant when they came in the first time...may be able to get the charges dismissed, if the evidence was obtained incorrectly, and then fight the other one in a traditional way - saying look on Aug 11th 2009, bring in the fact that the city was notified on Aug 9th of our intention to sell and fight it in a 'traditional way' - without using the society or the freeman defence.

I know that Robin has another opportunity to present an order of prohibition - if they even allow him to present. Its an argument for their use of 'absolute jurisdiction'...which means they don't have a writ from the crown, that orders me or clearly states that I'm under their jurisdiction. But you know - it's likely and my impression is that they wont entertain any of 'this' (society / freeman) in any of those courts...Robin's presentation at the supreme court was totally ignored by the judge. She didn't respond to any of it, despite her sickly comment about the eloquent presentation...just basically ignored it. He'd done a good job too...but none of the reasoned points were addressed. She stuck to the fact that I'd never recanted my first statements that I'd continue selling - which I did in fact recant in later court appearances - in fact that was where the Provincial judge early on was offering if I changed jurisdiction I may get bail...where I did decline to change from a jury to non-jury.

The fact that they used the non existent heroin charge to paint a poor picture of me...and use it to keep me here, and then repeal that charge. It just seems like that now they got me in here I'm being punished before the fact - it's not just the fact that I have to stay here it's the fact that I'll have nothing...I'll be on the street...and can't defend myself.

I'll lose my place at the end of Mar. Very kindly one of my supporters paid my rent to the end of March and then that's it. Unless I can get some help to remove and store my possessions I'm going to lose everything and wont have a place or my desk to work on, somewhere to have my computer to look for jobs no phone - my whole life has gone up with this challenge and this is all before I get chance to argue with the court...

The prosecutor (Miss A. Switzer) has no interest in the fact that I've been an activist and have loudly been attempting to communicate with the government doesn't seem to make any impact on them (the courts). Her responses have been cold and only 'facts' regarding finding me as guilty as any other 'drug criminal'. This law for them is as worthy as pursuing and as applying to a murderer or an assault or rape or fraud charge. It makes no difference - they discount any evidence or defence, they just go under the basic fact of the law with no window open for reason or mercy on the people or the community or their wishes.

If you consider in Canada 50% probably want it decriminalized the worse option and in BC well maybe 75% want it legalized shows the people has no popular voice or choice in this law or the courts or the way the government operates.

Harper totally lied on his recent interview in response to youtube legalization questions when he stated it's not that because drugs are illegal they are bad - it's because they are bad that they are illegal. Lets see you prove how bad cannabis is to us Mr Harper...Ms Switzer?

The fact that I'm even here and I've got no options and I can't adequately defend myself, it's simply not fair."

Bud the Oracle.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bud's Bail Application Denied

Bud the Oracle appeared in Supreme Court on March 17, 2010. Despite asking to appear in person some 'error' was made which forced Bud to appear by video conference.

The judge allowed a friend of Bud the Oracle's, Robin, to appear and speak for Bud the Oracle. Whilst the judge thought it unusual, she allowed it providing Bud agreed and didn't talk in addition to Robin...

Marc Boyer's video of Bud's bail application appearance.

Robin's presentation lasted about 20 minutes and despite the judge admitting it was an eloquent presentation, the bail application was denied - principally due to Bud not retracting his admissions with the first judge that he wouldn't refrain continuing with what he was doing (selling cannabis etc). He feels he must stand up for the harms caused by what he calls the criminal CDSA. Bud feels that the CDSA itself is causing harm to Canadian society - not the 'drugs' themselves.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bud's Next Court Appearance

Bud appeared today in provincial person, to hear the crown ask to co-join both of Bud's cases. The crown has not formerly withdrawn count 1 as it still shows on the record...

Today the crown also introduced James Bahen, Queen's Council, this so called 'friend of the court' and was therefore introduced to Bud the Oracle....but there was no discussions between them and it's not even clear if this chap really is working on Bud's behalf or not.

Bud also demanded that he be allowed the assistance of his friend Robin, but, as it was, there wasn't much to do at the hearing.

The Crown is asking to join the two trials---one in respect of information 201530 and one in respect of 201998.

Tomorrow also:

The Law Courts
800 Smith Street

Chief Justice Bud the Oracle v. REGINA

The room number is unknown as of yet, but the BCSC Supreme Court Criminal Registry has confirmed a spring order for the prisoner for tomorrow---so he'll be delivered into the custody of Sheriff Services for tomorrow's court date.

Please show if you have some time and wish to support these challenges to the CDSA, or support Bud the Oracle.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bud the Oracle's next court appearances

Tomorrows appearance - possibly by video is for Bud to discover whether the criminal state of Canada will provide a 'friend of the court' as the judge ordered. It's been 25 days since Bud's arrest. He's not seen his particulars yet, he's not had access to lawyers or this 'friend of the court'....certainly no friend of Bud's! And his rushed court date of June approaches fast...

Remember the first and largest charge of heroin from the prosecutor turns out to be patently false as Bud claimed it would...they just want him and his message off the streets so the criminal CDSA can continue unabated...

Monday, March 15, 2010
BC Provincial Court
222 Main Street.

Wednesday's appearance is to argue for delivery of the particulars (disclosure) and also bail.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
10 am
Law Courts
800 Smithe Street.

Chief Justice Bud the Oracle will appear and argue for delivery or, failing that, bail.

Please, if you can attend, and if you feel cannabis and other psychedelics should be regulated, taxed and finally actually CONTROLLED by society - I'm sure Bud would appreciate it immensely!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bud the Oracle detained by the state!

The allegation of heroin 'trafficking' turns out to be false, and the crown has stayed count 1 as a result! Bud was confident he was only selling purest DMT!

Cleverly and nastily though, as Bud was charged with heroin (a federal charge) and as he'd previously responded that he would continue to sell in the same manner (the day after his arrest) - he was detained without bail. At his second hearing a week later he elected a supreme court jury trial and then he told the judge he'd been hasty in thinking selling was his only means of support & activism - so he wanted to apply for bail, and change his prior 'statement'. This is where the judge said he couldn't help any longer - unless Bud opted to move his trial back to a provincial court and forgo his jury trial and the judge essentially said he could walk... but at this point Bud opted to stay with his jury option (as he thought he had no other choice) so he's been detained since.

Now the real nasty part. Even though the federal charge (of heroin) is now stayed - and the remaining counts fall under 'absolute jurisdiction' of the provincial court...his original statement of continuing sales (against the federal charge) now continue to allow the crown to keep him detained? Although he would be able to apply for bail he has no paperwork, no lawyer, no legal aid and despite the promise of a 'friend of the court' he's seen no-one to date 3 weeks in!! This federal crown has made it clear they have no interest in having Bud released so he can work on his trial defence, the JP sitting yesterday told bud he's to be detained until trial - which may be at least a year off - as the crown has asked for a 3 day trial. 3 days is the most I've seen in these activist cases (even Marc Boyers didn't come close to 3 days). The federal crown did tell the JP that Bud has the option to apply for a bail variance...but could not offer any input as to how Bud might accomplish this from his cell - without paperwork, without access to the internet, a lawyer (he has no money), legal aid (he earns too much money) or the supposed 'friend of the court' (which the federal prosecutor admitted had they not even had a conversation with and couldn't confirm whether they'd actually accepted..).

Any arguments Bud may have at this point (including beliefs about his unlawful arrest - or his claim of right/color from selling with notice given (i.e. following law), attending the police board with the intent to open the store - and rolling a joint there too!!) have no weight in determining his bail variance though - so he may be out of luck there anyway and as I said the crown has no wish for him to be released. This is despite putting the government/s on notice. Attending a session of parliament and being heard officially. All government offices have visited his websites and perused his documents / claims / videos etc...


So Bud is being held by the state. They intend to find him guilty, not have a jury...and put him away for being an activist. Nothing about their actions makes society safer. Prohibition continues stronger than even and continues to get great support for these 'just doing my job' types like this Ms. Adrianna Switzer - the federal prosecutor on this case. I've noticed also this same prosecutor is used on all these activist cases, so I assume she works closely with the AG, Rob Nicolson and Harper in promoting this harmful prohibition. Another 2 teenage girls died last week - presumably from too much alcohol and other drugs, perhaps adulterated - all due to prohibition and lies around safety of consuming substances. Promoting alcohol yet condemning cannabis or mdma!!

Held by the state now for THREE WEEKS....

From Bud:
Catching the government lies...and doing something about it!!

Catching the government's illegal 'tazer signs' at government facilities and doing something about it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Behalf of Bud Oracle


as you may or may not be aware, the blogger 'Bud Oracle' (you may also know him by the name Klaus Kaczor) was taken into 'custody' on February 17th 2010 by 'law enforcement' agents of the province of British Columbia, or the Dominion of Canada, I'm not sure, strictly speaking, how that works.

Bud Oracle now faces 'charges', stemming from his recent activities, related to trafficking in several proscribed materials, marijuana, ecstasy, etc.

I visited Klaus at the North Fraser Pretrial facility. Circumstances have made it difficult for him to maintain contact with people, I told him that I would post some things around to help remedy that.

He doesn't have any of his phone numbers. He can phone out (no calls in), but hasn't access to his address book. He has no internet access.

He says that he is intending to push ahead with a jury trial, and wants see through what he's been pursuing so far and put it in front of a group of peers in a jury. To this end he is anxious to get in touch with any of his activist cohorts to strategize and plan for this.

As well he is wanting to hear from any and all friends and acquaintances.

He can receive letters, as Klaus Kaczor, (some restrictions, I think), and visits can be arranged 24hrs in advance during the week. The number below is pretty helpful.

North Fraser Pretrial Centre

1451 Kingsway Avenue
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia V3C 1S2
Phone: (604) 468-3500 Visits: (604) 468-3566
Fax: (604) 468-3556

Write, or visit Klaus Kaczor at the address above.

Aside from these obstacles he is in good spirits. He mentioned a good turnout at his last court appearance and was grateful for it.

Please remember: in your dealings with the folks at North Fraser Pretrial facility use the name Klaus Kaczor.