Friday, February 25, 2011

Bud's arraignment held over till March 16th!!

On february 8, 2011, Bud the Oracle, Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society (UDS) was arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia and charged with trafficking. Chief Justice Bud the Oracle was arrested in the process of his activism, which is to assert the natural right to enjoy marijuana and psychedelics as an expression of cognitive liberty.

Bud sold these substances openly and in a purposeful way to make law enforcement and media aware of his marketing activities. Bud's goal was not to profit but is his sincere effort to fight the Canadian Drug and Substances Act by refusing to plead guilty. Bud is Chief Justice of the UDS. A core value of the UDS is the pursuit of cognitive liberty through the use of certain non-addictive psychedelic drugs. He needs your financial support to succeed.

Please donate to Chief Justice Bud the Oracle's defence fund. You can use the Paypal donate button located at the right hand upper side of this blog.

Alternatively you can send a cheque or money order. Address cheque or money order to:

Bud the Oracle's Defense Fund

P.O. Box 33525
Central City P.O.
Surrey, B.C.
V3T 5R5

Scroll down for further information on how to address letters to or visit Bud in jail.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Next Appearance: 2 March, 222 Main Street

Bud the Oracle needs your support...

Write to Bud the Oracle, by addressing it to:

Klaus Kaczor (Bud's former person - whom charges are against!)
North Fraser Pretrial Centre
1451 Kingsway Avenue
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia V3C 1S2

Write or print on both sides of the paper you send. Number the pages (e.g. 1 of 4) and ensure you put a return name/address on what you send.

Do not include, stickies, stamps, paperclips, glue or really anything beyond basic paper and written words or printed materials (i.e. website prints or similar)
Do not discuss his case in what you include - and certainly nothing illicit.

Visit Bud by contacting the North Fraser Pretrial Centre:

Visits: (604) 468-3566
Fax: (604) 468-3556

Appointments can only be scheduled Monday to Friday 9-5 (even for weekend visits). You will need to possibly fax ID to the pretrial centre and take 2 forms of ID with you on the visit. Mail (see above) can also be dropped into the mailbox when you visit. Please be polite when calling (they are friendly and helpful).

Bud has retained a lawyer, and has some funds to take his case to a certain point - but we do need people to come forward and donate legal fees to Bud's Supreme Court challenge.
Donate to Bud's defence fund!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chief Justice detained until trial!

Bud the Oracle is being detained until trial. This decision happened at the courtroom on Friday - before Bud was given an opportunity to hire a lawyer.

Several members of the society attempted to present Bud's legal position to the prosecution. However, they had sherrifs escort them to the courtroom - so no-one could interface with them at all!

The prosecution was given an opportunity to present their side - where they basically said the Chief Justice was an unrepentant drug dealer who would most likely continue...and he had large quantities of drugs. Approx. 3 pounds of cannabis, 2.7 pounds of cannabis resin (hash), 0.8 pounds of ecstasy and 3 pounds of 'magic' mushrooms. The prosecution also referred to the 'storefront' and the business nature of the operation.

Then Bud was given an opportunity to respond. He spoke eloquently about his position and attempts to communicate with the Canadian authorities, his recognition before parliament in addition to his charter challenge - to the cognitive liberty we all deserve, and that the CDSA fundamentally manufactures crime - such as the almost daily gun shootings here in our own communities. He also explained his position as an amateur in the courts. Strangely the judge allowed him to receive a document someone had placed on the bar - and ultimately the judge took it away for 1/2 an hour. She then returned and said she'd identified his cognitive liberty issue - and the claim that the CDSA causes crime, not the drugs or use of them.

She said her 'belief' was that the CDSA didn't cause the crime, and dismissed his document and handed it back to him!

Then she told Bud that she was detaining him until trial, and that she really recommended Bud get a lawyer as he was facing serious charges.She pushed Bud to talk to a lawyer and stood down for 1/2 an hour to allow that - but ultimately Bud didn't hear back. So he agreed to return at 9:00am Monday morning.

On the weekend Bud retained a lawyer, and they appeared in court ( the arraignment) and asked that it get put off till Wed at 9:00am, February 16th - to allow the lawyers get up to speed.

So please attend in the morning if you see this message, take an hour or two out of your day for Bud. Be prepared to empty your pockets and get scanned if you enter the courts - so travel light!

Bud's lawyers say he has an option to ask the Supreme court to review his detainment - but it will cost him about 15k to do that. That may take about 6 weeks - but until then at least Bud is in jail.

Tomorrow he faces a choice of pleading guilty to the charges - or at least some of them, I.e. A deal with the prosecutor. Or he could plead not guilty - where his trial is likely to happen 4-6 months away. This would be his only option to use his 'defense' at trial. It wouldn't necessarily get his charter challenge before the supreme court either.

With both options he may be facing 6 months to 1 year - based on other precedents and similar 'activist' cases!

We will be asking for donations from all concerned with Bud the Oracle. He has managed to retain a lawyer and can take this quite a long way - but will need your help, as it's a slow expensive process! Please lookout for the post regarding donations and how to support Bud, while he remains in jail!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chief Justice Bud the Oracle arrested!

Bud the Oracle was arrested in a police sting on Monday, February 7th, 2011, at approximately 5:00pm. Bud had been the subject of police surveillance for a number of days and had also sold psychedelics to undercover officers.

He appeared in court the morning of Tuesday, February 8, 2011, however, the judge wouldn't hear his arguments.

He appeared in court again on the afternoon of Friday, February 11, 2011, with a small group of society members and supporters filling the courtroom as witnesses to the proceedings. Bud the Oracle represented himself, as he has been unable to retain counsel, with no attorneys agreeing to represent him. Sadly, he has been detained on remand at NORTH FRASER PRE-TRIAL, located at 1451 Kingsway Avenue, PORT COQUITLAM, awaiting trial. To visit Bud the Oracle, contact NFPT by phone to make an appointment. Please note that appointments can only be scheduled Monday to Friday 9-5 (even for weekend visits). Telephone number 604-468-3566.

Bud the Oracle needs your support in various ways...

Spread the word. We are all entitled to our cognitive liberties.

Attend his trials. We must ensure that Bud the Oracle receives justice and his right to a jury trial in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Donate to the cause & join The Society. Details coming shortly on fast, easy ways to do both.

Stay tuned for Bud the Oracle's bail hearing next week and words from Bud himself. Please try to attend court appearances and show the courts that this issue is important to all of us. Facebook page coming soon!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Are these the best Cannabis prices in Canada?

Today at just after 3 pm the car I was in was stopped by a VPD ghost car whose occupants were staring directly at me. They turned around and followed us. Then we parked facing west on 7th beside China Creek Park. The guy on my side 2512 tried to harass me into showing ID. When I became annoyed him and his rookie goon partner then claimed I was "impaired" because I became annoyed at him trying to get me to produce ID. Why I was sitting in the passenger seat minding my own peaceful business. Lying assholes who arrogantly assume that they are allowed to break the law, and then accuse me of being drunk when I don't let them get away with it. I don't even drink. Assholes wearing a uniform. Fresh faced goons too. The one questioning the driver 2308 was also accusing me of being drunk when I refused to be harassed by them

The cops photographing me from the bushes could be figments of frightened imaginations. Why they would need to surreptitiously do this is a mystery. People come by and use their cell phones to take pictures whenever they wish. They could come up and take pictures from a few feet away in uniform and I would not stop. FUCK YOU, assholes in uniform, idiots in government, YOU WILL LEAVE OFF TORTURING INNOCENT HARMLESS PEOPLE, IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT.

I am tired of the friggen lies about medical marijuana and all the bullshit "activism" of the CC culture morons. They hammer home the idiocy of Prohibition by enforcing the notion these things need to be controlled and access limited to those the Government feels are sick OR THOSE WHO WANT TO PLAY SICK. FUCK OFF YOU SLIMY ASSED IDIOTS. EVERY TIME DML, MARC EMERY OR ANY OF THESE SLIME BALL HEDONIST "ACTIVISTS" GET TO COURT THEY RAISE TONS OF MONEY AND THEN THEIR LAWYERS PLEAD GUILTY TO THE VERY LAWS THEY ARE CLAIMING TO CHALLENGE. WHY IS THAT?

These people have actually corrupted a valid fight for freedom of dietary choice for all into a sideshow whose main purpose is to secure a monopoly in a semi legal business, keeping the profit of criminality intact by never really challenging the laws as well as self promotion of this blind alley to exclude real activists from having an impact.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS NECESSARY FOR EACH LIVING ENTITY TO BE ABLE TO PERFORM THEIR FUNCTION OF NATURAL SELECTION on the biological level, just as it is important for each individual to be able define their own generation's Rule of Law. To allow political morons of either end of the political spectrum to interfere with these mechanisms, is a crime against nature.

Does anyone really believe that dummies like Brad Desmarais, Christiane Ouimet, Leona Aglukkaq know better what others should ingest, or even, think?

Not me!

Do you really believe that people like like Jim Chu should be the template to hire future cops from? 2512 sure resembled the Chief. Why is it that a cop must approach anyone with an unlawful request as the first words from their mouth? Why not hire people who show by example that they are willing to uphold the laws respecting search, seizure, and personal liberty, unless their is actual evidence of a crime? who taught these new recruits to approach all citizens with deception? And what does that mean in the aggregate?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Drug laws lead to drug crime and money laundering

This is the natural consequence of Prohibition Laws
the Report9, from the Urban Health Research Initiative, British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, March 2010, which states that

…the existing evidence suggests that gun violence and high homicide rates are likely a natural consequence of drug prohibition and that increasingly sophisticated methods of disrupting Canadian gangs involved in drug distribution could unintentionally increase violence. From an evidence-based public policy perspective, gun violence and the enrichment of organized crime networks appear to be natural consequences of drug prohibition. In this context, and since drug prohibition has not achieved its stated goal of reducing drug supply, alternative models for drug control may need to be considered if drug supply and drug-related violence are to be meaningfully reduced.

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