Sunday, December 28, 2008


He came and sat next to me on the bench I had cleared of snow earlier.

We each partook of our own habits. He crack cocaine and I of Hashish and Kush crammed in my pipe bowl. We were the same age.

His features looked like the Cossack he claimed to be in his watch cap.

“My name is Roman,” he began. He had come over in a wave of immigrants from behind the iron curtain and was now stateless. He took out a handkerchief and told me that he had less than a year to live. “Asbestoses”

“I came to Canada in 1979” he went on, “I worked hard saved money, bought farm in Abottsford, learn to grow pot for big money” “I never become a Canada citizen” “I am stateless person because my country now gone!”

“Now I don't care no more everything gone” he was not unable to laugh at his fate. We had a good chuckle over what I told him that I was doing. The crack was the only thing keeping him going, he said. He showed me faded documents. A trail of government bureaucracy speaking of evil intent toward Roman, who had actually given up his lungs to de install government buildings of asbestos insulation, or install it, I forgot. He was not homeless or without and proudly mentioned that.

“They never tell me to wear mask!”

“I got $20,000.00!”

I told him that I was a lucky man. He didn't begrudge me that and wished me well, as I did of him, on parting.

We had shared some common moments in the marijuana grow industry. Roman and I, had some belly laughter, ending up in a coughing spasm when I told him of my involvement in the aftermath of Mayerthorpe. I trusted the RCMP. He was mentally alert and aware of current events, including the fact that Canada refuses to sign the UN bill to ban asbestos, and continues to export this carcinogen for the profit of a few.

We parted friends, and I looked him in the eye as we shook hands. I told him honestly, that I would never forget him and our meeting. He believed me, that I am a lucky man, that I would carry his memory for a long time.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's A Snowstorm in Vancouver Today! (CTV News video)

The White wolf and I were on a beautiful snow land adventure. It took me an hour to make it to Trout Lake. We had a chance to help a bit in the snow shoveling department as we went. Another sad bit of news as an acquaintance, who is just starting to live his well deserved retirement dtream With a nice income, property in Mexico, and sick from Radiation treatment today. That's the 3rd person with cancer in my circle this year. I truly wonder where those cancers are coming from. Certainly not the pot or psychedelic agents.

I live at the bottom of an impossibly steep driveway (20 % it seems like) The first encounter was with a young couple who were eager to have an "adventure" driving to Kelowna. All kinds of warnings came to mind, but they seemed happy and promised not to go too fast and take a room if the were in trouble. Rather than try to keep them from their "Adventure" (pretty sure they weren't going to make it out on to the street,) I summed up all my feelings, my warnings succinctly, after hearing his British accent, in a way which was good for a laugh for everyone.

"Fooken Englishmon"

I could only shake my head at the many intrepid/dumb motorists shoveling valiantly, I'm sure they will end up tow truck tuck. The cars which they were recovering from deep snow were only little light puddle jumpers that would immediately tobaggon out of control. Deadly things. These people are making a much more dangerous decision to drive than I am to smoke marijuana, because they are risking other people's safety.

I took a flip as my legs came right out from underneath me. Was lucky, able to keep my head up off the pavement. Help your elderly and infirm neighbors, see if they are alright.

Even the sky train is intermittent. Some of my clients have come using transit and the buses are having difficulty.

The White Wolf is ecstatic though, and has tried to roust every dog that we encountered for a play. I found out through a friend today, who is a friend of someone in the building adjacent to mine, having mentioned to her that neighbors of her were concerned over Aloofus being out all the time. And barking at them. She had told them that he was well taken care of.

I understand now what likely happened. They were "Concerned" about him and tried to approach him. this is when he tells anyone trying to get into his airspace to get lost. He wuffs a clear warning. Some humans are dumb (many), and again try to approach. Al is consistent he will wuff louder and also at the same time back off. If people don't concern themselves over him and act naturally and just walk by he won't even budge. The minute they start focusing on him he gets defensive gives a clears verbal warning, not a continuous barking, and then will always back off quickly. He doesn't want anyone touching him and has a right to tell people to get lost gently. Never does he approach anyone, he is totally afraid of people, much to scared to attack.

The calling in to the Animal control, instead of taking their neighbors advice and leaving the dog alone is the behavior of someone who needs a nanny state.

"Who you gonna call? Dog busters!"

Can't just mind their own business has to have someone in a uniform to tell them "it's OK"

And why not cater to these mindless morons who can't see to grow up and always need someone to call, if it puts more power in the hands of Government? There is more work for everyone and more taxes to be collected. Why would the state be interested in helping these people grow up and become adults if it can make more income taking care of them?

We need the sidewalks plowed instantly, because I want to go for a walk right now, or over to Bud Oracle's to score some pot. Get over it and dig your heals in, thinking about how good it will feel when you get back home and have a hot chocolate! Don't swear at the city for not cleaning the sidewalks. Adjust, and cope/deal with it. Grow up!

Thanks to all my friends for your support. Stay safe!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prohibition: A fatal error Path (audio rant to my PM)

I would like to know on what FUCKING GROUNDS the government is making me a criminal? I am not impaired on Cannabis, I am not impaired on Mushrooms, and I am not impaired on LSD.


Why do we have to have drunk, TASER happy mounties risking my safety, my liberty, to make a FUCKING CRIMINAL OUT OF ME?

If I ever get hassled again by this government for my safe choices I will take further actions. While the police and politicians, including Prime Ministers get to break the laws at every turn, rip us off, the government is happy to enforce a century old racist legislation, installed by the very people for whose other legislation we are apologizing and paying for today.

If I don't get free man status, then the prohibition laws will have to go.

Billions spent to demonize and make peace loving people like me, criminals. WHY?

The hard drug addicts are allowed to be preyed upon by flourishing organized crime without any real concern for the devastation.

All so that we can goose step behind the goon squad in Serge which gets its marching orders from Washington. No more will this out of control gang of murderers set the policy which destroys our society. They don't have the FUCKING MANDATE!

The Spiral Dive: an analogy of Fatal Error Paths (Utube flight video of Tibor's jet powered Michell Wing)

The Kasperwing Motor glider (Top pic---owned one in Wetaskewin in 1984 1985)


The Mitchell Wing B10 was a lot of aircraft to learn to fly 3 axis on without instruction. (Bottom 3 pics---Flown first in Hinton 1988 and then in Ontario 1989 through 1993

The Kasperwing was not full 3 axis, rather it was a weird weight-shift for pitch via a "swing seat" and a yoke column which could deploy the tip rudders for yaw control. this then "induced" roll. It would not spin, but had this super-fast, controlled, almost vertical, decent mode. I never liked it low, so tried not to loose altitude quickly.

Anyways, the lesson learned when I managed to pull out of an unexpected spin that I aggravated into a terminal Spiral dive, is in my opinion something to reflect on when considering solutions to our present economic crisis,

The lessons from the Mitchell Wing started from the first flight on. And were always costly. I was really only learning about how stupid being stubborn is. This one cost upwards of $2000.00.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Launch on Mt Seven, Golden (A few descriptions by competition pilots)

The pilot posting in the 2005 "Willi" (a competition held in Honor of Willi Muller on Mt 7) is Stewart "Midtoe" Midwinter. He is a real character as well as one of the world's best hang glider pilots. I have known Stewart since the early 80s and have flown with him a couple of times. It is Stewart's analogy "I was so high over the snow covered mountaintops, they appeared as a white capped ocean below me." which I love to use. I saw it in an out of date industrial magazine while in Ontario, going to school.

Here is an interesting foot launch!

This is the launch I had in my mind's eye when I posted in yesterday's article on fear.

I have seen this often in hang gliding. Someone, a newbie to a high mountaintop launch, doesn't have that much airtime, gets out on to the runway and hesitates. I watch the throat go dry, the vague lost moment come over the pilot's face, where concentration and heightened awareness should be the emotions tinged with a bit of eagerness to be off the ground. This is normal and will fall away as the beginner gains experience. It is wise to be cautious, though. But there is a point where fear blocks smooth performance. The time to ponder whether one should really pursue the sport of hang gliding, or not, is definitely not on top of Mount Seven with a squall approaching down the valley.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On Thresholds and Management of Fear, by bud oracle (awesome video of fear inducing sport)

What is always our own major concern?

Fear! Fear of anything, of drug addiction, fear of human rejection, fear of becoming aware of some part of our nature hidden even from ourselves? Certainly there is the reasonable fear of concern for one's health and safety. There is the fear of what we don't know which might become real and something to fear.

Every thing around us has been carefully constructed into nuanced experiences sampled and indexed. When one decides to explore the unknown, the fears can be many. Fear of dragons, sailing off the edge of the world, and starvation would have been rational in the 1400s, and are even valid today. We all have a many layered cake of indulgent fears in the refrigerator. We only have to open the door to be both drawn and repulsed by it in fear. It's scary how much we desire it. The thought of all those calories is mixed with guilt iced fear.

When trying such a heavy new experience as DMT, a reasonable person will be afraid at the moment that they are ready to light the pipe! The amount that this fear effects someone is what should be analyzed. Any Psychedelic is an experience that builds strongly on the user's mental state, personal attitude at the moment of use. It is not a good thing to come to the point of takeoff and have doubt in your ability to fly safely. The flight won't be a good one. It's best to postpone your experience until your spirit is more receptive.

I have seen this often in hang gliding. Someone, a newbie to a high mountaintop launch, doesn't have that much airtime, gets out on to the runway and hesitates. I watch the throat go dry, the vague lost moment come over the pilot's face, where concentration and heightened awareness should be the emotions tinged with a bit of eagerness to be off the ground. This is normal and will fall away as the beginner gains experience. It is wise to be cautious, though. But there is a point where fear blocks smooth performance. The time to ponder whether one should really pursue the sport of hang gliding, or not, is definitely not on top of Mount Seven with a squall approaching down the valley.

It's time to fly and get ahead of it, or un-clip and put the glider back in the bag.

As long as no one gets hurt, a lesson is learned and experienced gained, either way. The flight, the mountaintop is only a learning vector, whether it is flown or canceled.

The other thing is that this threshold of fear is uniquely personal, varying with experience and this should be so. I am of a much higher threshold for fear in many areas compared with someone half my age, simply because I have twice the lifetime experience and due to this enlightened perspective it is easier for me to discard any irrational fears and ignore any urges to entertain them. This takes practice to achieve; a full realization in the heightened perception of the moment, tempered with confidence, that this is easy/fun. Such a state produces ecstatic moments of pure joy, where once lay sheer terror.

Lost in the Ozone..... Again!

No, I am not on LSD, DMT, rather I am high on Terence McKenna's babble. I hear my thoughts articulated precisely (but not in my voice). He is an intelligent man, but his slightly nasal voice was at first a bit of a hindrance. I got over it in a couple of minutes and find his diction very precise and who can be blamed for their natural voice box configuration, only praised for what it verbalizes. The only reason I bring it up is that it is often the first thing mentioned by my clientèle as I encourage them to take him in, inhale his videos. I find Terence a joy to follow as I watch every video twice or more. His ideas and thoughts on the Internet are woven of the same fabric as mine, as are many others.

It still amazes me how myopic all our individual worlds really are. Here I am 3 years steady on the internet now, and a stint around 2001, a Psychedelic journeyer, although until only two years ago in the past, AND I HAVE NEVER SOUGHT OUT Terence McKenna's work before. I am amazed at what others don't explore and at what they do explore.

His thoughts have exactly expressed ideas that I have reiterated often in my writings. How often have you heard me rail against our consumer culture? Here is Terence McKenna's take on it. and here is another perspective.

The first LSD trip in the “New Era,” revived an idea which came to me after a 2 hit trip of Window pane LSD right after my schooling in molecular biology. “Do Humans have a political gene?” was first published in the English (America version) of Al Jezeerah. The website went down in 5 weeks for some reason or other.

Before I came up with this insight and observation, at the time that I first called myself an Oracle while attending an outreach course given by Dr. N Langton from the Sauder School of Business UBC, 20005 in March I also came up with "An email can change the world."

My award winning Project as a business plan was Soaring and the Art of Umbrella flight.

These are the kind of things that I believe Terence is reeferring to in “What are Psychedelic experiences really for?” Anyone checking out my stuff will not say that I lack of new ideas. That is why it is my challenge to try to encourage intelligent explorers of all backgrounds and disciplines to sail these seas in a quest for enlightenment and pragmatic , elegant solutions. I guarantee results in quick order should LSD, and other Ethnogens become widely used again. A rebirth of our society will occur. We will move forward at a cataclysmic pace which is exactly what is in order today. The best thing about these altered states is that these doors of perception once opened remain ajar forever.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

On Terence McKenna 01 Hallucinogens and Culture, by bud oracle (click for video)

An Oracle by any other name is still the same!

This picture came up and was cropped by the gadget, not me, when I googled images "shamans". I kind of wanted his tobacco smoking buddy in there too. It's all about the human compunction to use substances of many different kinds. There is no role for racist nuanced, temperance inspired prohibition statutes in an enlightened society which is interested in rejuvenating itself continuously to follow the model of creation. The other road, the avenue we are currently following, will lead us to choke in a perverted stagnant religious concept meant for endless mindless control to subjugate us to the state for exploitation in an economic sense, all to amass power for others to wield. Further made to debase ouselves with militaristic fraud and propaganda.

Humans who have never used Psychedelics are generally, in my experience are usually fearful, non self aware followers. I have never met a truly intelligent person who hasn't at least tried pot, while most have tried mushrooms and other Psychedelics. There is no way to keep humans from this natural quest for enlightenment, nor should there be.

I resent the thought that one sector of political religious thought can conceive it might have the right to control what others did, especially something that did not in anyway impact them. Before the government has any ethical ground to control each individual's drug use so that they might not harm themselves, I demand the government curb the burning of fossil fuels as is their fiduciary duty, to curb this real menace which is destroying my world. Other than that, screw the thinking they can make a criminal out of me for such a benign un intrusive thing!

A sad quirk for me, as I found Terence on the one day and then lost him the next. This article made me shed a few tears for someone whom I only had met yesterday. I wonder immediately what it would have been like to trip with him. Here is an article in "Wired," By Erik Davis

Thankfully there is so much out there. Terence McKenna's words reach my soul, touching me with their truth and insight. In many ways it is fortuitous that I only discovered him now. This gives me even more confirmation that I didn't just import this mindset of mine from some one else.

People such as Terence are rare indeed. They are meant to be. Sprinkled sparsely throughout societies/cultures, they are meant to tweak the far edge of reality. A culture which doesn't value and tolerate a full spectrum of thought/politics, will die. We need, as I have said in Institutionalized Idiocy, the full spectrum of perception in order to move forward as a viable society. These are self evident truths. A society which is ill is also easily recognized. Ours must be, to have such an absurd distortion of values.

For instance, one value of my society is that: I must be persecuted, because I choose to reach my special plane of existence through which ever natural, god given/human created vectors I wish, marijuana, LSD, even though I am interfering with no one else.

Yet the government sanctioned, promoted reality seems skewed to me. While alongside of my bicycle, with my dog trotting beside me as we are making zero impact on anyone else, high on LSD, there flows the encouraged by all government departments, bail-out and all, the foul poisonous exhaust of many single occupant gas guzzlers destroying our world at a phenomenal rate.

Something seems distorted here. Can this on the face of it be considered rational behavior?

I don't believe so. Then why do we do it?

Could it be, because we have lost our way from the real connections to creation, fallen away from the full meaning of what it is to be human with boundless imaginations free to explore the full richness of our own personal universe? Why must the only existence model for Canadians be the corporate slave to consumerism, taxed to be allowed to take part in the mindless addiction to more things, more wages for more credit for more soul emptiness.

I'm glad that I was not a disciple of Terence until I had a chance to form my own understanding. He must draw cultist fans. I like his logic and imagination and skilled used of language. His delivery could use a bit of resonance, but the meat is so delicious that we can forgive him his slightly plain presentation. I can't figure out why I have never heard of him before. He is certainly worth getting my hands on everything of his that I can.

This is the truth. I will have my truth as it has been given to me by my birthright in life to explore all that creation has to offer.

Again I state categorically, that the government has no right to make me a criminal over my responsible, zero impact on society, use of these substances while allowing an addictive consumer product totally unnecessary, that has shown deadly impact on our biosphere within the 80 years it has been commercially available, to thrive like, actually encouraged it to flourish.

Our values as a living entity are so far divorced from reality, what the true treasures and beauty which we are meant to behold are, that we are blind to the obvious. If only we didn't try so hard to divorce ourselves from nature, creation. In everything we are encouraged via the marketer to participate in this mindless, endless pursuit of wealth and power, without ever asking ourselves why? These things never make one happy, only leave you wanting more.

Even our current religions seek to separate themselves from nature in every way. There is no reflection of the natural in them, only the supernatural: Something that is unattainable in this life.

I believe, like Terence McKenna, that we can not know our true relationship, including the spiritual, unless we try the Ethnogens. I can't conceive of any other way that humans developed there intelligence, creative imaginations, in the early years before culture. Out minds have grown at an exponential rate due to nothing other than the use of Psychedelic substances throughout all our recorded history and for tens of thousands of years according to our molecular biological records. To be prohibited from using them now, when we need a rejuvenation, is true idiocy which will bring down our society, as it well should.

The folly of such oppression as is practiced by our current prohibition laws will eventually make this branch of evolution wither, simply because it developed a false cultural view of reality fed by religious perversions in the form of control, and denied itself the cure on ideological grounds. Thoughts on the tragedy of Easter Island come to mind..

Friday, December 19, 2008

On Terence McKenna: Seeking the Stone, by bud oracle (click for Psychedelic Society)

After watching Terence McKenna through part one of “Seeking the Stone,” I filled up the bowl of my hash pipe and settled in eagerly for part two.

Seeking the stone Part 1

Seeking the stone Part 2

Wow, is all I can say. I have really been unadulterated by current speakers such as this Guru, so can honestly say that I wasn't influenced by his words . What struck me is that my Psychedelic experiences led me to the same understandings, “the same complexity” being drawn by the transcendental attractor.

This must be due to the real dimensionality behind these effects: that they help each individual reach this universal truth if they seek it.

It must must be a universal truth achievable in full blown understanding, through the use of Psychedelic substances, because many diverse cultures and users come to the same points of awareness.

I am humbled that he describes me as a shaman, an Oracle, to the Tee. Unlike some people who are called forth to market with zeal their experiences, recounting their own transcendence, I am called to distill my own encounters to an essence. An Oracle is called to express this distillation without any self directed artifice, not even relating this insight in a linear way, but in itself as an illusion, as a reflection of the original hallucination, perhaps.

Here's where human shortcomings and Oracular abilities intersect in the great vector of universal transition: Sometimes I am so bang on it scares me, and at other times, well...... not so good.

There is a certain assurance if I associate truth with vision. This feeling can not be mistaken. It is a “knowing” that I can easily recognize.

I have come to the same conclusions independently as this man and have been driven to this present same stand in time. I'm a proton in flight, I'm the “central singularity” the black hole attractor, as well as all that is not.

I truly have to shake my head when I remember my honest experiences with the “holy rollers” full gospel Christians. Twice in my life they corralled me! I'm always sincere and I admit, a bit of an actor who craves the limelight, so took up both invitations to be baptized. Hey, I am the guy that will take two hits of acid when one is recommended, so why not two baptismal ceremonies? Can't go wrong? Right?


Silly me! It was fun though! I did come away with a lot of biblical knowledge deep within my soul. Through the Psychedelic chemistry I understand the truth of some of it. For the rest, it is like the dangerous mushrooms: I recognize which ones they are and don't do them.
What goes on in these churches is not true spirit filled moments; rather a play enacted to resemble in some ways an altered state in my opinion. To me, even though I tried it my self by mumbling, sincerely seeking, straining my senses, trying to feel something, it never really came.

There is no comparison with this full gospel stuff and the real effects of a powerful Ethnogen. I truly feel that one must come to these experiences when ready, not pushed into them through mass marketing, consumer pressures. Rather, when a person of a philosophical, adventurous, or curious nature feels that they may enhance their experience of life, these experiences should be treated with reverence and communal learning in wonder. Perhaps even a short course on the history and the effects of each substance and a semi controlled setting of a communal nature for an initial experience might also be wise.

If this kind of value were placed on such experiences we would see wondrous nuances of knowledge coming from left field, and be happy riding our bikes at the same time. This is the part of where my Institutionalized Idiocy, exactly matches his understanding (and it is only his, as he says) this is mine derived at independently, too. I too don't believe in pure Darwinism, where only natural selection will direct the outcome, blindly. As I mentioned, with Humans it is also mutations of thought which move us forward, therefore it is the oppression of the left creative thinkers, which is restricting the flow of this huge river of thought. A restoration of this flow to its formerly natural levels could very well be possible with the resurgence of the use of Psychedelic substances. All signs gleaned from legitimate research indicate that this is so. Yes it is a direct threat to consumerism!



bud oracle 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A casting from the Crucible of the Refiner's fire (Audio)

Can someone have real affairs on line?
Can we have cyber-orgasms?

This bit of writing was inspired by the first thing I read this morning, “ARTHUR BLACK: Calling all computer geeks: it’s time to get real,”. At the same time I'm reading, Jian Ghomeshi, is interviewing people on the topic of the great comics of the last era, George Carlin, Albert Brooks, Richard Prior among them and how the all parodied their audiences and helped affect real change by giving people perspective via introspection. This, of course, carried me back to the DMT experience I had for the first time last night. I wonder if this feeling of a super mentally “lubricated feeling,” as if my thoughts are on a frictionless film, racing by, jumping from one fleeting entanglement to another, is a residual effect? I rather like it, but they seem a bit elusive, hard to coral at first. I have a feeling that writing them down will be achievable. You be the judge!

Back to the top of the stack, for refreshed operational potential, like I imagined the next Noseeum taking up its position, providing a continuous tactical coverage by the invisible defensive net. Another thought slips by.

Next comes a 15 minute language laden encounter with the Odd Barnacle as he walks by my “cage,” off for a walk in the deep snow. The traffic is light below on Great Northern way. The Barnacle is a well read guy and like most of my friends, likes to use words effectively. It's real fun!!

The gist off it was this piece of writing, the fluid residual effects, what he's read by the researchers on the subject of DMT, and how it all might fit in. Even unto the ramblings in this article did the conversation travel. We touched on why I was led to my present course this late in life. We both wondered as to why I wished to be refined in this crucible, or at least my impression of it.

I truly feel that I am being led by the spirit. He is in general agreement, but voiced the question about how to make the wider world aware of the solutions to our misery. Our culture treats me with ridicule, while other cultures would cherish people such as I with traditional respect. Barnacle, voiced the rhetorical question about how to get something like this to fly and hopefully fertilize the whole of humanity with the seeds for fresh perspectives.

We touched briefly on how one might ignite such a movement. That's when I stated that one needn't really have a plan if you are following the spirit within, in fact it is best to leave all personal control fencing out of it, and let the wild mustangs gallop where they will. The spirit must have a plan if one is necessary, I don't need one. All I need to do is to go where I am urged to wander, to stampede.

Our conversation touched on my oversensitivity, upon which he remarked a few days ago, as I was recounting a family story gleaned from my father's war adventures (he had asked me what division my father fought with in Stalingrad). I break out into minor, but real emotional distress and can go to tearing up when recounting a story, easily. The next verbal paragraph, I might range to the tones of an aggressive threat, a dangerous man with violence in the deep undertones. I have learned through experienced to unconsciously put my emotions into my voice, sometimes to my great detriment. Yet I love it! I count myself a full range Primate in many aspects of my personality and character. Some people may judge this less than normal in a derogatory sense, perhaps a mental imbalance of some sort. I say that they are the ones missing the special colored marbles that I was fortunate to have been born with, perhaps even have enhanced a bit.

Anyways, I can be in the passenger compartment of the Swiss Air flight over Peggy's cove, the moment I hear the first live radio message. Immediately, as now, I taste the plastics laden smoke and fear, I hear screams/wailing/moaning, feel hands clutching loved ones. I was there in one micro second with the full emotional impact rippling through all my senses. You may not like it. I love the full bipolar extremity of this range, thoroughly, deeply. I believe it is what drives me to write. Other writers must have this gift as well. How could you not have it and presume to write scenes where such a spectrum of emotions is required?

We broke off, and he went about his business after he gave me a beautiful Xmass card, which has also now touched me into tearing up a bit. Here is the conclusion I came to in our conversation: I am doing all these things, being honestly led there by my spirit. I have no plan. People, and new avenues present themselves to me in my time of need, as they are required. It is not important that I understand the process as if they fit into some kind of over arching plot. That's the human in us that wants to control everything in a finite sense, isn't it? This summation flowed from me spontaneously, “All I am, is a casting being poured from the crucible of the Refiner's fire.”

Back to the top of the stack for real this time.

Here is the beautiful bow that I will attempt to tie Arthur Black's article up with. For sure I believe that one can have real sex on a computer with, or without, an avatar. All the sensory mechanisms and responses are there. The cyber conversation flows in a reciprocating form; one posts, the other answers. There is the physical touching and “caressing” of the keyboard, which in my case ranges widely from pounding in aggressive assertion, through a gentle furtive pecking. There is the audio and visual of course, if you have it. I don't have a live interface in my face though, and feel I don't need it (although I've only ever attempted cyber flirting and never tried to go all the way before). But the very best, and most sensual human interaction during live sex can be accessed fully, I believe via the keyboard, too! I think a woman's, and a man's sexiest attribute which they might bring to a tryst, would be their imaginations. On this medium there is no limit to the orgasms attainable via my imagination, I am sure! It now seems something that I might wish to try, (for exploratory and research purposes only, of course.)

To everyone who might choose these venues, be happy and explore, while remaining spiritually true.

And here is my first vulgar gift, al la George Carlin: Hey guys happy “keybroading”!!!!!!!!!!

Just who is God? Bud's Quest as an Oracle (Audio)

An Oracle's quest is never ending. I was born that way. When the question "why" quits forming in my mind, I will likely be dead. There is nothing that I will take on the face of it for long.

This morning I heard the tail end of an interview with a U of Calgary Prof, Biologist Stuart Kauffman. He tells us about his quest to re-imagine God and re-invent the sacred. It sounded right up my ally and so I remembered to download it tonight.

I was on this track again when blogging during the day, as always.

The following is an email I sent to the current. It says it all.

I loved the podcast today on Reinventing god.

For me the part of the natural processes which are of this bio entity
that I believe makes us a part of this "god entity," also gives us the mechanisms that can complete our understanding of it. The natural ethnogens can be, and have been in the past, the form of spiritual enlightenment of itself. Where else, but from these altered states did our imaginations come up with some of these vast concepts?

It's aprobo that Gian G is presently talking to this actor who claims that "drugs were a big problem." To label all substances, which are unfamiliar to us presently with the addictive dangerous sign, is unfair. As I said in a post on today, A certain proportion of humans have the propensity to become addicted to many different substances, both legal and recommend, to illegal and discouraged.

        fred wrote:
        hey bud, i see you brought some freinds from across the border.
        maybe they know who rougee dusette]misspell] was. listen people
        dont die from weed, people die from people, and stupidity. jdub
        you may be rght about the worst drugs being prescription drugs,
        very dangerous, alot of abuse and addictiveness that comes w/
        them.look at narcotics for pain. i once had a pres. for
        methadone, for 6 mnths. i have a bad back. the meds were a blast
        to be on,but took me 6 wks to dry out and they almost killed me.
        so what are the real demons? pot or scrips you tell me?
That's a good question: What are the real demons?

I firmly believe/know that the demons are within each of us ready to go out of control in many different ways given the slightest chance.

I believe by allowing the government to try to mitigate the harm of each individual person from their very specific problems, is folly.

First of all, it gives each wimpy personal demon, which we all have, the capacity within us to conquer a huge national, even international presence and the power that goes with it. the individual demons form criminal organizations.

All these free choices with their attendant demons, as well as victories, can make each of us more self reliant and confident to tackle more challenging monsters in the future, should they crop up.

In effect, by denying each our personal growth through freedom of choice, the government makes a mount Everest out of a mo hill.

Thereby causing much more addiction through the aggressive marketing of truly dangerous drugs by criminal entrepreneurs, filthy rich and totally careless over any ones health.

Recent studies on addiction show that there will always be a certain percentage of the population that succumbs to addiction, the substance truly doesn't matter.

Please listen to my scientific argument on which my successful claim of right has been stablished.

I have sent this personal reasoned argument "Institutionalized Idiocy" in to all the ministries of both levels of government more than six months ago and I continue to openly sell prohibited substances without interference, so it must be valid. I have been complimented by academics of UBC and SFU on it:"

What do I seek in my drug use? I seek adventure, revelation, understanding, in Psychedelics and a pleasant state of being when smoking marijuana, none of which anyone has the right to deny me, or even judge me for. The irrational fears and judgment go to your own loss and denigration. No one can see clearly with the blinders of conformity on, even a little bit. If you don't want this experience, don't do it, that's your choice. You better leave me to mine, or we are going to have a problem.

I'm quite rational when I tried DMT for the first time after listening to your podcast, tonight. I had heard that it was more intense than LSD, that real hallucinations of fantastic visions of creatures giving you the secrets of the universe, but speaking in colors and visual patterns were possible. As an Oracle, I wanted revelations on the subject so I gave it a whirl.

To begin with, I do have a concern for not hurting myself, so I researched it thoroughly and had a small bit of anxiety when I embarked on my quest, seeking the unknown. I wore a glove on the hand holding the pipe in case I lost awareness and passed out so as not to burn myself, settled into a comfy chair and exhaled all the air in my lungs for a long uninterrupted inhalation.

When the deep inhalations of the vapor began their effects, I continued to be aware enough on one level to wait for a minute to put the hot pipe down carefully and let the drug's effects wash over, through me. Certainly a very powerful hallucinogen which leaves your conscious awareness intact.

Did I see god? No.

Rather, I was looking from his mind through his mind's eye, and seeing with his eyes while understanding with his soul.

For sure I am god. There is no doubt.

What's the significance of it?

That is a variable which depends totally on the individual, isn't it?

Here is a video which I found Jan 9 2009 which reminds me of this experience.

I've also tried another DMT session since the first one and recorded it on Jan 12

There is no moral reason that these tools shouldn't be used by those called to use them. People of reason must see that this is a more valid mechanism to gain enlightenment, than the Roman Catholic Church or any organized religious fraud, because it is so personal and very natural.

I'm sure the propaganda against these experiences as "dangerous drug use," was originally so that no new perceptions of reality, spirituality, might threaten/challenge those already established religious cons. The non denigrated, perhaps promoted as safe mystical experiences of these altered states, would foster a new attitude. Open searching with these substances would lead to an individual spiritual Renascence, which could bring much needed rejuvenation to our societies. I see it as a safe antidote to the dangerous, addictive, fraudulent, enslaving drug of consumerism, marketed constantly from every venue, while at the same time destroying our biosphere. We are suffering the effect's spiritual stagnation throughout the entire world. People are craving this natural enlightenment, but their needs are not being met by the current religions, rather they are being further corrupted into sometimes violent political fraud, and oppression of all stripes.

I believe that without this enlightenment, rejuvenation, we as a species may not survive.

I started to write this when the effects had almost worn off. Psychedelics have never impaired me in any way, rather enhanced my perception/awareness in a myriad of ways.

I had a very entertaining conversation with an intelligent friend starting about halfway through the 15 minute experience, when he knocked on my door. He wrote the podcast "The Origins of Conservatives and liberals," Odd Barnacle. It means a lot to me to have such a depth of intelligent people who are in my life. Although I am always broke, I am a very happy, rich feeling person.

Have a great day. I love your programs they are rarely boring!

Bud the Oracle.

PS. I have served my Claim of Right.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A White Wolf's midnight stroll.

The White Wolf loves the snow. Tonight was our first real snowfall. The city was strangely subdued, as tranquil as the traffic was light. The one inch of colder snow that covered the earlier slush felt almost like sawdust. The millions of flakes sparkled in the many different colored lights pretending daylight with all the white to reflect off.

Aloofus hasn't come in to sleep since the weekend when the rains stopped and the temperature plummeted. He loves the below freezing stuff. His coat stays in good shape if he stays out. I can't get him to come in at all, so there is no point in trying. He is wild at the core and doesn't like being confined. It still makes me shake my head at the time the SPCA left a warning on my door about him not having adequate shelter, because he was tied under a tree in a rain shower, during August. Give someone a uniform and they know it all, I guess.

We strolled to Trout Lake in the falling snow. He is in such prime shape, running, playing in the snow like a young dog, although he will soon be six. Aloofus lives to be off leash. Then he puts distance between us; around 50 to 150 meters in the park. Off on the marking, sniffing and investigatory Wolf's job, while I walk lost in my own thoughts. I never have to keep my eyes on him. He never looses me.

At the south east end of the lake, he stopped in his tracks, looking up a few seconds before a flock of whistling ducks came in low between us. We stood silent as they began to glide on final. They came, a chorus of peeps, in two waves and landed in a soft splashing noise just hidden by some bushes.

For Aloofus and I, it was a wonderful, rare, winter wonderland experience. The lack of traffic was so special. Two young men walking up Commercial on the West side going south just by 11,th stopped to chat briefly. They were gorging on Uncle Fatih's Pizza: 2 large well built tasty slices plus a pop, $4.00 (Commercial Drive and Broadway NW corner). They were friendly as most people are in this town and were also thrilled there was not much traffic. I gave them my website info and hopefully have some more customers. I like dealing with happy, outgoing fun people as much as possible and they look like they type that would be friends as well as clients. The shorter one introduced himself as Chris after we had parted, striking me how one sided I have become in my introductions. This surely is because of my recent campaigning stint and must be curbed, If I don't wish to be disregarded myself. What goes around comes around.

When we came back to our home park China Creek Park at the North West end, just behind the fence was someone camped in a fairly large domed tent. I stepped close and heard the subdued roar of a small gas heater. There were no other homeless which Al and I came across tonight, other than this tent. I see he has been here for several days now. Yard bags full of bottles and cans were close to his cold home. It looked like he had made more than me today. I had very few clients and nobody has money. The economy is effecting all of us. I do sell to my customers in small amounts if that is all they have. Someone has to serve this niche market. I'm so glad most don't drink. Those that do don't buy much pot. These things cost too much money in this economy. Pot is non addictive and so when they are out it is no big deal. The truth is that I could go without pot but the computer would hurt if it blew up again. If I couldn't write, I'd be Jonesin', like the worst junkie.

Al just loves our outings. To be with a Wolf is so special. My heart is so filled with the treasure of our moments that I want for not. The money will come. It always does! I've got this writer's monkey on my back. It owes me some thing for all the abuse I'm put through, chained to the keyboard. One can only be patient, not expect anything, and grab on to the moments of joy as they go by.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Season's greetings and a practical advice (click for wild photo)

Cold enough for Christmas?

This is a personal greeting from Bud the Oracle, pregnant with good wishes and love, as well as practical advice for my friends and all!

May you be firmly, warmly, secluded with your loved ones and want for naught.

This picture was sent to me and I thought that I would share it in a spirit of joy in the season.

It is not meant to offend anyone, rather bring joy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Open Letter to Libby Davies (Click for Claim audio)

From: budoracle
Subject: Re: my Claim of Right
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 14:13:39 -0800

Dear Libby Davies and all, greetings!

I was into you office inquiring about your up-coming office hours, in order to get my claim of Right in personally. So as to give you plenty of time for some input, should you have any to the way this document might be presented to you, I will link you to it. I am not ashamed of
anything that I do or think. I truly do have the best interests of my community in mind. For an uncensored window into my thoughts, reasoning and doings, I keep a very public blog:

On it, in chaotic order, I spill the beans about how I think on most subjects. I have also some very valid insights and criticisms of our unhealthy society.

If you remember that I still have the 600 hundred signatures that I gathered on behalf of the Ian Bush inquest, which you wanted to take to Parliament. You will see that since my earliest involvement things sincerely for the good of my community.

I see the Prohibition laws an Abomination against nature and therefore must do all I can for the safety of my offspring to bring them down.

This led to my personal conclusion and activist stand

Since I sent it to Mr. Opal, I have been openly, very publicly selling marijuana and Psychedelic substances to adults over 19 and continue to do so. I've even sent the links to the RCMP and every government agency I could think of. At first I truly wished to openly challenge this
idiocy in court, therefore on June 13, I approached two officers in their squad car and asked them nicely if they wished to purchase Cannabis. This was so that I could try to overturn this dangerous racist installed legislation, which goes against the primary command of Nature.
I won't stand with murder of my fellow citizens through this crime producing law. All across Canada ten times the number are dying of political idiocy, than in Afghanistan. That's to say nothing of the general lawlessness and corruption it causes throughout society

and again because I use marijuana they denied my right to justice

Since I will be treated as just another drug dealer and made to pay your ridiculous penalty for my rightful and safe choices and sincerely motivated action, I must take other measures to protect myself. How ridiculous to think that on the basis that I actually tried to help our society and move this issue forward, I will be punished. Also, I again asked two officers in a squad car if they wished to purchase marijuana on Nov 13. You may disagree with my politics (although I voted for you) but stupid I am not! these were intentional actions a preemptive strike so to speak to get things going.

My actions were for the improvement of society only.

I have only recently become aware of the intelligent opportunity afforded men of reason and gentle passions, the Claim of Right. Although I watched intently robert arthur Menard's videos on Utube, we have only spoken briefly once on the telephone. I love his, peaceful, in the spirit of enlightenment, manner. My document was drawn up with the help of a young UBC student of the Law AND Philosophy. I have thoroughly studied it, and am in agreement with every word. In fact he drew it up after several interviews with me. It exactly expresses what I wish to accomplish and the sentiments and attitudes that I have.


I invite all of your staff to peruse my website to get a feel for who I am and how much this means to me. I blog on this threads daily as I am very aware of everything that goes on in our society and concern myself with as much of it as I am led too, by my spirit.

I have two well read threads on Cannabis Culture forums, one and two

Also Craigslist

If you google the former name of my Person Klaus Kaczor or Bud Oracle or budoracle, You will see that I took Max Braithwaite's advice seriously. I was his "paperboy": "Well, if you write everyday your can honestly call yourself a writer."

I think that I can make a difference in a positive way through writing and bold assertive peaceful actions. This media will be part of the new set of tools the next generation will use to bring about peaceful change. Since I had fun running for council last time I have a better
understanding of a politician, a bit more empathy, perhaps.

Should you have any pre considerations, such as if you wish any of these articles, stories on hard copy too, although I don't see the need. Just feel free to download them from my website. I am an Environmental scientist by training. A large part of my many divergent concerns is with our environment and have therefore given up my addiction to gasoline 4 years ago. Also, I have called 911 numerous times on behalf of my fellow citizens and will continue to do so. But I will not be criminalized for my safe choices nor forced to comply with a a justice system/government that has lower standards than I. I have no wish to be part of a society in which the laws are differently applied to different people and used as a lever to commit hate crimes or subvert justice.

If it was good enough for me to turn in the double murderer, then it should be the same for the Chief of Police, or The commissioner of the RCMP, or the Justice Minister, Or the Minister of public safety. I won't give my consent to be governed by a society with such standards.

Yours in sincerity and peaceful cooperation

without frivolity or vexation

Bud the Oracle

The first Free-roaming Oracle of modern times.

The VPD have my religious head gear and are keeping it to harm my spirit and I want it back or I will enter a bill for the use of it.

It has no value as evidence as I have already agreed to the facts.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Snails" or "Snail" are new words for "snail mail(s)"

This was first posted on Cannabis Culture Forums as a movie review. I believe that the audio Link contains the first spontaneous use of the word "snails" to replace "snail mail"

Wow! I just saw "The last ride on the Magic Dragon, Albert Hoffman's Potion" a documentary by the CBC for the first time!

I can see why it is banned for sure.

The best thing about it is that I saw a whole plethora of old geezers, acids heads talking like me...

They used the same words to describe the same deeply touching experiences and were very scientifically precise, while relating these spiritual encounters of a profound kind.

The best thing is that in their old age and wisdom, I saw myself not so far forward and liked it!

The fact is I belong with them spiritually and am a special amalgamation of my own, not at all dissimilar, yet totally unique. A product of my "set" in this sliver of time and setting.

The wonder of it is that I can still gain so much fresh knowledge on subjects that I have been researching for decades.

That's probably why I don't fit so well in this venue. I'm a true psychic traveler. Cannabis use is a pleasant therapeutic diversion giving me a stability of my psyche and keeping at bay the mal petite epilepsy. My heart lies with the truth and insights gained through the enlightenment of both spirit and mind from psychedelic trips.

I love the reason that the USA shut down doing its LSD experiments with soldiers: They began to quit the army. How revealing is that?

I loved the hugeness of Aldous Huxley, and saw in his story, twists and turns of mine, as if we might have fun some day soaring, climbing and wheeling in aerobatics.

I'll have to watch that one again.

There are few of any any age that could watch this video, who would turn down a hit of LSD 25 if it were offered to them within a year of seeing it.

It would make any normal person curious and likely to try it without fear. And I can see why the government would fear that. We couldn't have the soldiers quitting, the average citizen turning from consumerism to spiritualism, the city dweller weaning themselves from personal transportation to transit, or even bicycles. It would destroy our present day monopolies. Change might take root or even take a route, and new, kinder attitudes might flourish.

What about our addictions to booze, clothes, watching sporting event, wwf and craving penis enlargements.

Holy crap the sky might cave in, heavenly turds would drown us and the economy would come to a grinding halt.

Wait a minute! that's already happening without the use of LSD. Oh Oh! we do need an Oracle

Please support my campaign for position of Oracle and send it on to your MP, the PM, and even Obama if you like. I truly need this job and Canada surely needs me!

Send it on please


Audio Campaign for the Office of Oracular Wisdom

I think this is the first time anyone has recorded the use of the word "snails" as a shortened term for "Snail mail," if I am not mistaken. As in: "send your elected representatives emails, faxes, telephone calls and "snails."

I know it's a small slimy kind of thing, but since there is such a value on this forum for copyright and such, I thought that I'd mention it. Maybe its got "legs," and will become commonly used one day. You heard it here first. I mean, it sure beats the heck out of using two words, and is too far out of context, in this use to be confused, don't you think.

Also, I remember that when I first called my dog Aloofus, there was nothing on the web and now there are a few. That's great!

Also these are mine: "A waggle of dogs" and "phonicating." I wish that I had CR them, too.

Oh well, the fountain still works fine!