Monday, August 31, 2009

The VPD are a criminal gang, led by a criminal

K2 soaring over Bassil's bump near Cache Creek BC, Pilot JM.

Podcast of the charging of Jim Chu by myself after the shooting of Paul Boyd

Recounting of a serendipitous meeting with Jim Chu

Today's happy rant at the fullfilling of the Biblical Promise: What goes around comes around! Praise God

It looks like Jimmy Chu still hasn't learned what to do...

This is the trial that was thrown out by a judge as having taken too long. The cops seem to get all the breaks, always.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can you think of One positive result of Prohibtion?

Mexico's Ambassador to the US is demanding that the debate on the repeal of Prohibition Marijuana be taken seriously. He states that there were over 7,000 deaths atributed to the Drug wars in Mexico Last year alone. Can you imagine that compared to the deaths in Afghanistan, where we are waging an all out battle against Terrorists. People who are for drug prohibition are insane idiots...

The Marijuana laws have corrupted the Canadian government at the highest level. Listen to how I caught the top ministers of the Canadian government breaking the hate crimes act, as well as the broadcasting act in the aftermath of the Mayerthorpe tragedy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

West Coast Salmon swimming through my brain have stirred things up!

This view of government mismagement due to politics and pork barreling has been tackled in my critique of Michael Crichton's speech to the Smithsonian Institute.

"Fear, complexity, and environmental management" as a comparison to the prohibition approach of social control.

Sgt Jeff Rice wanted some legal context for my claims.

This was posted by Robin Registrar, of the UDS

For those interested in reading some historical legal materials, here are a few. If I have one criticism of Menard it's that he doesn't cite so well---but there are all sorts of citations for most anything if one cares to dig well enough.

(In quasichronological order)


Bracton, De Legibus Et Consuetudinibus Angliæ
(Bracton on the Laws and Customs of England)

Horn, Speculum Justitiaorum (The Mirror of Justices),

Blackstone's Analysis of the Laws of England,

Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A conversation with Rick Simpson

I am proud to be aligned on the same ethical ground as this vital gift to humanity, Rick Simpson.

Rick Simpson, I am proud to say, is a Freeman, too.

A recounting of the telephone call with Sgt Jeff Rice about the camcorder still being illegaly held by the VPD

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Researchers find marijuana smoke not linked to cancer

Here is a Canadian who will not step away from benefitting his society no matter the forces aligned against him. He knows the truth as I, and legions of others do, as well. Why would doctors be allowed to keep anyone from using anything that they deem effective for what ever reason? Especially a terminally ill patient?

There is deception everywhere in our government keeping a common cure for cancer and many other ailments that people could grow in their own gardens from competing with the monopolies of big Pharma. Why are people like Rick and myself persecuted for something that you can see in my utube videos as being happily accepted by my community during our public sale of cannabis?

Why are we being persecuted when all evidence points to maruijuana being a benfit to humanity? Where is the harm that we might keep this possible cure for cancer, happiness producing plant, illegal? In the Bill of rights and freedoms it says:

"no law of Canada shall be construed or applied so as to

(a) authorize or effect the arbitrary detention, imprisonment or exile of a person;"

For what reason are they harming harmless people committing a harmless act by their imprisonment and exposure to physical violence from their jailers?

Why do they have a warrant on Klaus Kaczor when he no longer exists due to having withdrawn his consent to be governed by Canada? What harm has he done to his fellow people? who on those videos objects to what Bud is doing? Why do people congratulate and thank Bud the Oracle profusely and endlessly when Rob Nuickleson claims Canadians want harder drug legislation. Who has proof of their claims? Who is lying, the Justice Minister, or, Bud the Oracle?

Can anyone point to any behavior that is not peaceful?

Why were we left unmolested on August the 9th and then arrested 2 days later after calling 911 for an assualt perpetrated on me? Does that mean that the police will only arrest us if criminals try to evict us from their territory? Does that mean that the cops/courts work to keep the criminals in business?

Don't forget to experience the interactive art of the Rainforest Theatre's next show, Villains vs. Heroes. It's happening over the next two weekend's (Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 8pm) at Trout Lake (North End by the pier, near Victoria Dr. and E. 14th) and it would be great if you are able to make it (complimentary). It's an interactive adventure/action/comedy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bad news for Klaus Kaczor!

Warrant issued for this former person.

Looks like the rule of law does not apply to court proceedings.

Good news!

Recall of a conversation assuring me of the imminent return of my camera!I told the Sgt that I was a benefit to society while the government is actively trying to make me out to be a criminal

NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE RISK THEIR LIVES TO DO THE RIGHT THING AS I DID IN THE MP3 BELOW: "I TRUSTED THE RCMP" A true story of police corruption and the perversion of a good deed to blackmail me into submission. Your police forces hard at work solving crime. This was during the time of the Picton Pig Farm murders. Obviously these cops were too busy doing there own thing to help stop those crimes. Facken morons is what the RCMP were who tried to screw with me.

Green Living:
How To Change The World

The power of change lies in us all. We are strong enough in each individual to conquer the tyranny of the state.

I still remember that brave Chinese student standing up to the tank. See movie below

Why you never get ahead

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marijuana makes me more aware, not less intelligent

Another season for forest fires throughout the world could be chnging weather patterns. Immediately global warming deniars are on the roosts squawking about solar cycles and normal weather patterns due to natural factors. More people are executed in the prohibition battles here in the lower mainland. Crime and police promoters deny it is due to the policies of prohibition.

It almost seems absurd to me at times, that I am trying to change something so unmoveable, so large as a society's ignorance. Do the forces in power not want a lawful, peaceful society? If they could point to ONE successful social model where prohibition worked then I might have faith in the strategy. THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS PROVEN TRUE BY HISTORY IN EVERY CASE: PROHIBITION CAUSES MORE LAWLESSNESS AND CRIME THAN IT DOES GOOD FOR SOCIETY.


Do our "leaders" not have a duty to abandon failed policy and try something different as part of their social contract? I can't understand the likes of candidates here for the provincial elections promoting the same line 1920's prohibitionists used. These candidates bring their culture which includes autocratic dictastorships and executions to our society and these policy lines are happily adopted by the mainstream conservative parties.

It seems people are either too stupid to understand the mechanisms of power or they have been distracted purposedly through fraud to impliment policies which are not in their best interests. You have a corrupted system which works for those in power at the expense of the citizenry. Every year you pay more recieve fewer benefits, hire more cops, judges, and lawyers and we have more lawlessness. And people blithely continue to support failed policy, because it is promoted through fraud by people in trusted positions.

There seems to be a veil over people's eyes. Perhaps it is due to the expansion of irrational fear, the distrust of normal curiosity and personal freedoms of confident men and women. The shift is from personal resilience to the nanny state as we are expected to give up more of our income to buy safety through social insurance policies and services.

More than 99% of the people I meet readily agree that prohibtion is a failed policy. I speak in depth with at least 1000 people a year randomly, and less than a handful are for prohibition, therefore I conclude that our Justice Minister is lying when he claims that a majority of Canadians want harsher penalties for drug offenders. Why we must suffer as a country with shootings, and violent crime, less respect for the police and the law for a lie, is beyond me. This policy is causing social mayhem which is increasing in its intensity the longer these policies are in place and the harsher they become. Drug use is a personal choice with no relation in nature to a criminal act.

The entire sole purpose of THE criminal law is to govern interactions BETWEEN people. These interactions are basically violence, theft, fraud, slander. Any interaction where one party unfairly interacts with another party causing physical injury, mental injury, economic injury to another party is a crime.

The use of drugs of all kinds directly causes injuries, if injuries occur, to the user only. The dangerous behavior of people who use any substances and those who are not using any drugs is already covered by criminal law; impaired driving, family violence, abherrent sexual behavior. The side effects of normal drug use are no worse than alcohol use, if that. The use of motor vehicles is much more dangerous, killing millions directly in the world today while contributing largely to climate change. According to the best scientific data available, the use of all substances combined is nowhere near the impact of our growing addiction to gasoline.

This prohibition is only another version of the tyranny of a majority over a visible minority and comes directly from an era which promoted such hateful human instincts as policies of social experiments. The fact is, it is a useful vestige of that time of social control experimentation to be used for today's politicians to generate fear and hate. It is a built in whipping boy that the mindless bovine herd can be relied on to respond to as it has been taught in a multi generational trained way. To criminalize freedom of choice over a moral judgement call from that era is in itself on the face of it, absurd, considering the mountains of knowledge we have accumulated through science since then. We have also appologized for some ot their other racist legislation in light of today's standards, but stubbornly these politicians climg to the lie for their own purposes.

For instance, we have overwhelming evidence from modern science not available to the people who put these laws into the criminal code, that marijuana is beneficial, rather than harmful, to its users. We have overwhelming eveidence that prohibition causes increases in substance use and crime.. There is a mountain of evidence that these laws cause corruption in every level of policing and government. In my life alone I have caught the very top levels of the Canadian Government breaking the crimional code in an organized fashion because of this law, in an effort to harden these laws.

When you think about it, it boggles the mind. The reason you hear nothing and CBC is relunctant to give me much exposure, is (a) I caught them aiding the government in promotinhg a hate crime after the 4 mounties were murdered in Mayerthorpe. (CRTC file # 233039). I had no lawyer, otherwise they would have had to pay a large sum of money. Without checking to the government's statement's veracity, CBC blithely promoted the lie that marijuana growers (and by implication smokers) were indirectly responsible for this crime within hours of its commission. How arrogantly adsurd for a sophisticated corporation like CBC to climb on to a hate crime being committed. The legal department should have known what this "stupid toker" KNEW while toking on a joint of Trainwreck; "That when these guys blame something on having been committed by a certain group, without even a preliminary investigation, it is likely to be vicious propaganda." The cops and government officials were tasked to respond by saying these words if they were being fair and honest as required by law: "The matter is still under investigation therefore I can not comment." Holding a readily identifiable groups responsible before any investigation is done is irresponsible AND ILLEGAL.

It is the same kind of incompetence which is quite common in Canadian police murder investigations in which they target someone as being guilty and railroad an innocent victim for the crime allowing the murderer to escape and commit another crime.

(b)The Canadian governemnt, once I made it aware of the breaches of the Broadcasting Act and the Hatecrimes Act, should have charged those actors who promoted this hatecrimes on TV and Radio, under the hate crimes act. It was good enough for Paul Martin, Steve Harper and Jack layton, all of whom I apprised iof the crime, to allow the commissioner of the RCMP to withdraw his statements and appologize for making them. You never see this segment aired by CBC as much as they aired the lies of the government. In not charging these people with the crime they committed it means that the Canadian government committed, and then covered up, its commission of A HATE CRIME AT THE VERY HIGHEST MINISTERIAL LEVELS.

(C) THE RULE OF LAW WAS FURTHER jeprodized when the Provincial Judiciary, and also the federal Justice departments, then would not allow DAVID AHENEKEW to withdraw his hateful STATEMENTS WHICH DID NOT HAVE THE FORCE OF A GOVERNMENT MAKING THEM AND WERE MORE HISTORICALLY HATEFUL, RATHER THEN A CONCERTED EFFORT TO CALL FORTH HATRED AGAINST A LARGE SEGMENT OF OUR PRESENT POPULATION which the government ministers were trying actively to do.
Hear my involvement in this part of our history on this 5 minute mp3 podcast "An email can change the world"

Another reason why you will not hear of my intelligent actions on anyy media is that it will encourage the average person to believe that they have power. This is contrary to what the government wants us to believe. In fact they don't want any more people hearing about the fact that you can become free from the bullshit by formally withdrawing your consent. Along with the forces that rule us now we are against other activists who seek to conform to the system but beg it to change on their behalf. We say the whole thing is a stinking foul mess which needs to be overhauled in creative ways in order for us to be able to adapt to the ever changing conditions which are a normal part of the flux of evolving life.

The whole social system has become a stagnant pool, a quagmire of foul laws and moral attitudes designed to dampen the bright creativity of the human sopirit and make us into fearful slaves of conformity, wards of the Nanny State..

It's about time you get off your collective fat, sugar fed asses, and do something to ensure your freedom, even a chance at the future for your children. The system we have in place now needS radical overhauling by sincere openminded people who will never be given a chance to. It is fATALLY FLAWED BEING TERMINALLY RESISTANT TO CHANGE.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bud the Oracle's fax to the Vancouver District Provincial Court

Court on the 18th in CR 307

Cover letter to Vancouver District Provincial Court

Bud the Oracle

Free Man Upon the Land

phone: 778 329 6043


To: In Re: 201530 Fax: (604) 660-4322
Date: July 2, 2007 Pages: 02
Under this cover find our lawful excuse from your de facto court.

Main transmittion to the Vancouver District Court

Spoken version of the fax below (MP3 audio archive):

Bud the Oracle

Chief Justice of The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

Clerk of the Marihuana Guild

Free Man Upon the Land

phone: 778 329 6043

Saturday, August 22, AD 2009.

In Re: File Numbered 201530
Vancouver District Provincial Court

To Whom It May Concern:

On the Eighteenth day of August of the two thousand and ninth year of our Lord we did
present ourself in your Court 307 as Bud the Oracle, an agent for our former persona Klaus
Kaczor. We did demand that the woman occupying the bench give sight and hearing of her
commission by which she is granted jurisdiction over ourself, Bud the Oracle. We did ask
her three times to give sight and hearing of her commission, and she failed to provide it.
Therefore, we proclaimed that she was not a holder of any office in right of the Crown and
that no one present need acknowledge her as such. At this time she directed Sheriff Services
to remove ourself from the Court.

We were removed into the hallway where we sat for some time. About an hour later a Staff
Seargant, numbered 734, directed us to Court 514. We felt we should comply as there was
a sign at the door saying that you will be tasered if you do not comply with the Sheriffs.
Therefore, we went with them to Court 514 and sat within the gallery.

A man in black robe with red sash entered the Court and took the bench. He called the
matter of Klaus Kaczor up, and we again stood as agent for Klaus Kaczor, our former
persona. We did then demand sight and hearing of the commission of the man occupying
the bench of Court 514. He did not produce a valid and subsisting commission, and we did
demand this thing three times, and after he had failed for the third time to produce such, we
proclaimed that he was not a holder of any office in right of the Crown and that we need not
acknowledge any of his judgements as having the force of Law.

Therefore, we do not recognize your process as sufficient nor lawful, and we do reiterate that
we are lawfully excused from your Court per our Claim of Right, Bud the Oracle, Chapter I,
Schedule I item III, a copy of which we do include below:

"I claim the right to revoke my consent to be represented and governed by other than myself
via lawful excuse and by so doing free myself from all statutory obligations, restrictions and
limitations, if doing so is in my best interest.


Bud the Oracle
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The OPCC, "A useless tit of an Organization"

I'll keep you apprised of the process.

I laid a complaint about the assault on Monday 17th. Today I have been after trying to get my camera back. It was in the possession of someone who was arrested not charged, and then released in about 7 hours. The VPD has literally stolen this valuable tool for my activism but it is a vital link to my safety for recording events around me as well.

Here is the email I sent off this morning. does anyone have any better ideas?

Greetings and peace to all whom these presents may come,

I wish to know the status of my complaint.

Also I wish direction as to if this is the appropriate place to lay charges of false imprisonment, false arrest, theft of property by the VPD?

I also have a fee schedule which was formerly submitted to the Canadian Government and wish to submit my bill for these unlawful infractions covered thereby.

Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society
Clerk Marijuana Guild
Freeman on the Land

This is the response they gave me this afternoon. Notice how the complaint against 2, probably 3, guards has suddenly turned into "The jail guard referenced in your complaint has yet to be identified"

Dear Sir: Your email of August 21, 2009 has been forwarded to me, as I am the Investigative Analyst assigned your most recent complaint. Please note the following responses:

Ø In regards to the status of your complaint (OPCC 2009-4799):

· It has been characterized as a public trust complaint and a related notice has been forwarded to you in today’s mail.

· The jail guard referenced in your complaint has yet to be identified. However, I note that it has only been four days since you lodged your complaint.

· Unless your complaint is dismissed, informally resolved, or withdrawn, a commencement of investigation report may be anticipated within 45 days and subsequent progress reports every 30 days.

Ø In regards to the laying of criminal charges:

· Sergeant Jeff Rice of the VPD Professional Standards Section has responsibility for the investigation of your complaint, including the forwarding of reports to Crown Counsel when deemed to be appropriate.

· You may want to discuss the laying of charges of “false imprisonment, false arrest, theft of property” with him.

· Sergeant Rice may be contacted through the main switchboard for the City of Vancouver at 604-717-3535.

· Please note that the Professional Standards Section file number for your complaint is 09-145208.

Ø In regards to your “fee schedule”:

· There are no provisions under Part 9 of the Police Act (complaints) for compensation for injury or damages.

· Should you wish to make a financial claim against the Vancouver Police Department, you will need to contact Risk Management of the City of Vancouver.


William MacDonald

Investigative Analyst

Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner

I liked Charlie Chaplin's speech so much in the video Robert Menard Posted that I recorded my own version of it below, for the halibut. Just hit go

This is my Claim of Right. The document was formally submitted to various principals of the Canadian Government. I borrowed someone else's template and used it for myself.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here is the success of Prohibition to look forward to.

I actually benefited from Marc's overgrow the Government Strategy when I had a good income from efforts in the marijuana grow industry. Although I am not a fan of his style, his efforts are considerable and relentless.

Plus he is a good speaker to a receptive audience. Thanks Marc, I appreciate your efforts and if they wish to jail me I have you as a model to look up to in resolve. I will, as I did before, lobbly the proper jokers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transcript of Small Claims Court proceedings, Judge Dhillon grants Bud the Oracle Freeman Status (pages 1, 2, 3)

The day starts off with an Imprompto Meeting with Jim Chu chief of the VPD, also, the recounting of our court date.

It was one of the most serendipitous coincident of my life. Jim Chu was walking into a restauraunt only about 20 feet from where I stood awaiting the Main street bus. Robin suggested I go in and introduce myself to him in a peaceful way. Which I did. He did say that I should contact his officers for the camera, burt had nothing too say to my reply about them not returning my call. He also said "good" when I told him about charging the jail guards. He also agreed with my sentiment to settle this thing peacefully through communications. Best of all he can tell all of his officers that I am a peaceful man who wishes to use communications to resolve issues.

Here is what happened in court today. One thing that I forgot to mention is that I wore a robe of middle eastern culture. When they would not allow me to wear my crown and forced me to leave it at the desk, I did put on a woolen brown beany when I approached the bench. I never removed it before either Judges. I had to hand the Crown Attorney the Bible I gave him a second time because he tried to return it to me. It is the only law that I am under.

"Busting Bud" CBC news article

This is all about keeping a beneficial vegetable the foundation for organized crime and police recruitment.

To think that I am a criminal for risking my life several times to make our society safer. This is plain idiocy of the deepest kind Canada.

I trusted the RCMP A story of my putting a double murderer behind bars and the payback I got

Our challenge to the criminal world trying to take the crime out of marketing a vegetable.

This is the sum total of the Institutionalized Idiocy plaguing Canada and the World today over a beneficial VEGETABLE THAT MAKES ONE HAPPY.


Today I will appear in Court RM 307 at 1:30 pm, 222 Main Street Vancouver

There is a feeling of ominous foreboding within me. I may never meet some special kids that I am close to seeing for the first time. Too bad so many people are so closed minded that progress is impossible. I have my doubts that humankind will survive very far into the future. And perhaps that's for the best. Personal pleasure THROUGH QUESTS FOR POWER AND WEALTH, is the prime mover today. Perhaps it is the natural selection mechanism gone wild having been skewed by prohibition into spitting out too much comformity.

OUR CHILDREN ARE BEAT INTO CONFORMITY TO EXCEL IN THEIR ROLES AS TAX SLAVES. All vestigases of creativity and individual courage/resourcefullness are erraddicated to make room for the 4th Reich.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Freeman Bud the Oracle, Chief Justice Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society has a valid Claim of Right

Thoughts about my court date, and the events of the day, including listening to a recording of the Small Claims Court trial before Judge Dhillon April 2 2009, as well as the laying of a charge against the jailers who assualted me on August 11th while I was Illegaly incarcerated.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am tired of being assaulted and harrassed by rogue armed agents of the Government, but Robert Menard's way is much better

This was a peacefull assertion of our rights. Yet the armed VPD agents arrested me illegally and handed me over too be detained illegally to the jail guards who also assaulted me. I swear to god that I will at some point in the future arm myself to protect my life and liberty, should this type of incident continue to occur.

This is the better way by far. Don't try it my snarly way, you could get hurt.

I wish Robert had a an armed peace force to call on.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let's get ahead of the wave Canada: Legalize Now!

Get off your couch Canada, get ahead of the wave of sanity which is going to wash over America in a reactionary tide.

We the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, have taken this issue to the Mayor of Vancouver with an offering of a branch as a gesture of peace in creation.

This is the time for Canada to get smart and boldly step where no American has the courage to tread. This will symbolicly set a new assertive tone to our North American relationship. Best of all we can test out the parameters of a legal controlled trade. How will tourism be affected? Will the Olympics be more peacefull, require less policing? How will the regulation and control help decrease local drug crime policing costs? Will it add a more civil tone, or, less civil tone to the community.

To be cowed from seizing the ring of being able to set up the tone and primary control of the distribution of eventually all substances, is folly at this moment. To shrink back from this beckoning launch is to miss the opportunity of the most progressive social experiment of the new millenium in its foundational stage.

This is bound to come and soon, all over the world people are revoking their government's control and general disorder is on the increase. People will no longer be over controlled without pushing back, and hard.

As Ron Paul says, there is no rhyme or reason for Prohibition, other than to practice state tyranny. Tyranny always increases general lawlessness. The exact model we have around us.
This also is a way for the Canadian Government to step formally back from the pressure of American Diplomacy. It is our society and the marijuana guild which technically is the "Demon," not Canada.

Technically Canada can rightfully claim "Sorry, Baba Obama, but we have this weird thing, mistake really, in our bill of rights and freedoms. Due to it, the clever, stubborn knotheads who figure it out, are lawfully allowed to withdraw their consent to be governed. Who would have thunk that, eh? We let this small knot of knotheads from the left coast into our parliament by mistake, but now there isn't a friggen thing we can do about it. They kind of sideswiped us with some funny headgear and... well, maybe some members were thinking of know how these committee meetings get? They even left us a peace branch saying that they are gonna control and regulate the whole thing so none of us courageous politicians will be tainted by the title of drug legalizer. You know it might just be wise to leave off with the drug persecutions in this day and age, don't you think?"

We would have a proffitable Olympics, Mr. Robertson... Less policing costs. More happy people visiting the most progressive city in the world.

Time to hop on the bus, Gus. Get yourself Free, Lee...

Friday, August 14, 2009

The White Wolf howled tonight

The White Wolf howled mornfully tonight, three times. It was a mid range in volume warble of the saddest dimensions. I could hear tenants above me scurry to their windows. He tore at my heart. It was rude imprisonment he suffered for his loyalty to bud oracle. You can see how traumatizd he was being led away. He is directly connected to my soul, and I to his.

The neighborhood feels warm with love for us. I am not alone! I strolled with him 72 hours after the assault and I found it extremely painful to climb down the 37 steps to Great Northern Way. The same just walking down the steep driveway.

To think that decent jailers would want to work with rogues and criminals. I think that I was looking into the eyes of at least one decent ethical human being who has the courage to change things.

To think that your government would employ the likes of these thugs to "administer justice" to a 59 byear old demonstrator for public safety and the stopping of the violence around us, because he verbally claimed that he was being detained illegally after 6 hours and no instrument of formal charges had appeared.

I taunted them with "The government of Canada is a criminal organization" which is true. I said that I could make their weeks wages lawfully selling marijuana in a couple of hours which will also come true soon. As they opened the cell I continued unabated, and said with my hands in my pockets "What the fuck you silly goofs gonna do? Attack a 59 year old man for telling you that you are the moron you are?" I think those were my exact words. very close.

That is exactly what they did, when they could have left me in my 3 by 7 foot bare cell in which I had been kept for about 4 of the 6 to 7 hours of my confinement without food or drink or toilet facilities.

That wasn't enough with the verbal taunting at me. They had shut another heavy metal door at first when I started raving about being illegally incarcerated. My loud voice could not have had much impact on their "sensitive" perhap delicate? eardrums after transiting 2 heavy steel doors.

I know that aloofus and I are not alone. There are decent people everywhere rooting for us. Intelligent people who are tired of the insanity. some in the very bowels of the dragon.

How dare the Canadian Government employ peole who would terrorize and then assault me, a sovereign head of state, for trying to make our common existance safer.

They illegaly held a head of state, stole my crown and denigrated me. Well we all know the precedent Canada set when upon false testimony it paid for Mr. Mulroney's lies.

I demand nothing less for this physical assault as an officially recognized head of state by the Canadian government. I can prove that I am not lying. This is for the bennefit of humanity and my community, and that the Canadian Governmwent has officially recognized our Society with me as its head which doesn't Recognize the Canadian CDSA.

Therefore this was an illegal arrest of someone who was practising their right to lawfullly sell marijuana. This precedent had been set on the 9th of August by being left to practice an open preannounced sale of Cannabis unmolested. There is a video record of the VPD doing a driveby investigation.

The next day I thanked the Mayor and the VPD and AGAIN ASSURED THEM OF OUR WILLINGNESS TO MAKE COMPROMISE ON DISCUSSIONS. We asked them for everyone's consideration to communcate with us in peacefull negotiations, should they have any concerns.

They can't just come and arrest us the next day in lue of peacefull negotiations, since these are our rights as conferred upon us by the federal government of Canada and now asserted by Claim of Right on the 9th.

Arrested illegally only to be assaulted in the worst ever assault of my life by thugs wearing the uniform of the VPD. I fear permanent damage to my legs. The strongest part of me till this moment.

I will not settle for less than that scoundrel liar and taker of bribes, Mr. Mulroney got for fraudulent assertions.

My claim exists in right before Jesus Christ!

I have at least the same honor and dignity as this character of dubious ethics. Where Brian risked getting found out when he took those envelopes of cash, I actually risked my life for my community (google I trusted the RCMP)

Where this shady character lied about damage to his reputation? to get his settlement, I have honestly risked everything and been severely physically beaten for it. I will not have less respect than this other former head of state recieved from Canada.

Some people think I am worried that I might have signed something under torture. I signed all finger print copies "duress" one "under duress" This was after I as beaten and had seen no doctor. Every video of me will show me suffering in all movement severely from the time of the beating. I still can't walked without severe pain. I fear permanent damage. I actually do. I don't know if I ever will have joy in riding my bicycle again.

These are the results of the VPD trying to enforce the CDSA supposedly for my own good.

Fuck right off you heartless Morons, Harper, Nickleson, this will spell the end of your idiocy, I swear!

The document that I got after 20 hours in Jail and was forced to sign under duress

Click the title for the non legal instrument which they forced me to sign under duress of going to the North Fraser detention center for a week to await a court appearance. They forced me to sign it around noon. I could barely make it up the steps. had't seen a doctor. My dog is I don't know where.

You can SEE BY THE SCRATCHED OUT CRAP that I had started to write someone else's name.

I was confused in severe pain. Torture by the jail guards. I will be suplying you with the file number At the OPCC as soon as I can make it Monday

I love the pain of my battle injuries because Marijuana gives it a delightfully powerful perspective

I just noticed that I haven't written anything on a word program for a long time. For me the words are cast forth with the abandon of speech now. Once written they are no longer something I have a claim to. Cast on the winds of conversation. It seems arrogant to want to copyright them.

My neighbors are very helpful and empathetic. There is much spiritual support in the ehter. I feel it.

Chris Benet is right when he says that the Freeman movement has little success to show. One thing for sure there is a pressure to keep word of it out of the popular media. It is only on free cyberspace that one can become aware of it. Even there it is below critical mass.

We are on the threshold though and I have never admitted defeat. This is an important test of our claims.

Paradoxically this should lead to a reaffirmation of Canadian democracy if I am successful. It would put fact to your constitution.

The governed can only be governed by their consent. If it were otherwise and we were not formally allowed to withdraw our consent then of course that would mean that we are not basically free. Either we are free in every sense, even to the point of CONTROLLING EVERY ASPECT OF OUR fREEDOM OF CHOICE, or we are slaves to the corporation.

My friend who took on the rescue of the White Wolf on her own initiative was informed at the pound that our previous note signed was not good enough and that if no one claimed him, he would be adopted out in 72 hours. In the picture above, you can see the cops have him hand t the arrest the time of arrest. SO HOW IN THE FUCK WOULD THEY NOT KNOW WHOM HE BELONGED TO?

They squeezed 188 bucks out of my friend which I will have to reimburse because he wasn't licensed. One of the reasons he was not tagged is that the court record will prove I stated loudly to the Judge that as a Free man, in the future I would not submit to any statutes of the city of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, or the Federal government of Canada unless I chose to as stated in my Claim of Right

Judge Dhillon smiled broadly and let my words stand on the record as ther was no objection from the prosecution's side.

JoAnne at the City of Vancouver Legal department assured me that Judge Dhillon "Granted" me that status of Freeman on the land as is noted in her records.

There the City by obligation must have informed the VPD of my status even before the June 10th bust on the park bench. Since the federal government also has recognized me formallly and given me parliamentary status not only under my Freeman name, Bud the Oracle, but more importantly in my offcial capacity as head of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society. Whether it was by mistake (we know the Canadian government never makes a mistake ...CDSA), or by design, I was recognized with all the formality in using my title as any other head of state. Even if it is a state of only a few it is a state which was officially recognized.

Therefor having warned the Parliament of Canada of our full intentions and our beliefs and laws we have lawfully sought a remedy for our common social benefit to all this lawlessness and violence surrounding freedom of choice. No rogue police depart can come legally between what Parliament has recognized and claim it does not contrary to the city of Vancouver recognizing I have established these rights by Claim of Right, the doggie kidnappers executioners seems not to have been informed of this fine point in the law and feel that they can force me to knuckle under through the torture of the severence of our close relationship. That is the depth of depravity thgat many public "servants" are capable of. They will pay for their cold arrogance dearly because I won't ;et up targeting in my writings. These low life goons actually use these techniques to torture people on marginal fringes whose only relationship is with their pets. Bovine Canadians don't realize that giving jobs to these cruel morons with psychotic tendencies in uniforms they lower the coin of Canada in respect. Just like Harper does in his Hardline stand on omar khadar. Who in the fuck gives a shit what a prime minister thinks personally? Canada as a nation has supposedly risen above the whims of individusl tyrrants, or has it?

I have the document to which I was forced to put a signature or remain in detention for a week in hand and it is not a warrant or formal charge. It is titled

"Undertaking Given to a Justice or a Judge"

I was illegally incarcerated.

This is a very painfull injury that the goons gave me in jail. It hurts like hell, but at the same time makes me smile. It has made me much stronger. The mainspring of my life force has switched from "I love to ride the sexual tension of the mainspring of life" to "I love to soar the political lapse rate of power"

I am proud of being the first lawfull marijuan seller and am confident that if Canada wishes to appear to be a free country, I will be doing this: selling a beneficial vegetable lawfully until my retirement.

This I consider an honorable proffession and is my right by birth into this wonderful creation.

No politician will ever be able to control me, again. I have claimed formally my security of the person and will govern my life according to the will of God, not Stevie Harper.

We will see how much credibility Canada has in the realm of its charter of rights of freedoms soon, won't we?

No doubt that I have it right, in my mind. And certainly I have been selling pot openly for 14 months now and I am being given a wide berth. It was me that called 911 when we were threatened by that goon. The cops better give me back all the footage, it is my security should something occur.

It also examplifies exactlyt the social forces surrounding crime marijuana and prohibition. It shows exactly what the CDSA has wrought violence by organized criminalks on the street. This video clip is proof poasitive of what we are trying to eradicate: Crime and violence surrounding a beneficial vegetable.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I called 911 because my buddy was being assaulted (click for CC magazine article)

Again thes cops are taking my Crown as a trophy

Do you see the guys whose turf I am threatening standing around siding with the cops? The cops and criminals are the same symbiotic group feeding off prohibition.

Here are a few posts explain what happend from CC forums:

3 VPD jailers hauled me out of my 3 by seven bare cell and hung one of the worst beatings on me in my life in terms of injury. They pulled me out of my cell after taunting me repeatedly to sign under the name of my former person. When they insulted me I got pretty insulting right back. One stepped into my cell literally tore the shirt off my front and hauled me out into the main room of the jail. The one held me while the other two repeatly kneed me in my up thighs. It huryts so much that I can BARELY GET UP OUT OF THE CHAIR.

Tomorrow first thing I am going to the hospital to get checkout. Then I am going once more to the useless tit of the OPCC and lay a formal charge.

I was twitching so bad after the beating, they had cuffed me tightly and thrown me into the hole in front of the cold air lowers with only my shorts on. I guess it looked pretty serious and omeone called the nurse, two kind black dudes. The one promised to pass on the message that I had been assaulted. The shift supervisor then came in and made a show of sayuing that I hadn't cooperated, that's why. They then put me into a more comfortable cell, with a mattress and a kind female guard of east indian persuasion called me Bud for the first time. this was around midnight.

All day they sure tried to get me to say I was someone else. I refused finger printing until the istrument of arrest came at about 21 hours into the ordeal. I signed duress on all copies.

Finally they made me sign some paper under threat of going to the Fraser remand until court appearance 18th 1:30 pm. I never saw a judge, a justice of the peace in all the time I was there 24 full hours.


Thanks so much! I feel that the love transcends our prickly words. Sorry to hear about your torture as well.

My theory is that this response hardens all criminals and makes good policing exponetially more difficult because of the bad will generated.

And to think that these goons are tasked with controlling the vegetables I wish to use!

I have such good friend, like Carol who sprung Aloofus from doggie jail at the cost of $188.00. I will add that to the bill that I will be presenting the city of Vancouver. This will include the former 20 hours of illegal incarceration when the Utube bust went down and The 24 hours this time. If you listen to my claim of right I demand a sum total of $5000.00 for every hour or part thereof for illegal incarceration.

The document I was released on is so hoky we are going to the supreme court to verify if it was legal.


They charged me with posession for the purpose of traficking. They got all the records of our transactions pluss about 2 ounces bagged up in dimes and 1/8 I made one last deal while the one cop was question R with him watching to a brave soul who was about to sign and swrea membership form because he was comming up on pot charges and it was looking like the cop would leave our dealing alone

Two T3s given by a client are just kicking I hate the head trip but the pain seems far away now.

Another client said that it was just like her soccer injury where she got a charlie horse for 4 days. couldn't bend her knees because those are the muscles that are used.

Release form said I must stay away from selling or using illegal drugs. I'm open for business as always. Had customers waiting when I arrived home.

This was a non legal arrest and detention because I will not back down from my claim of right no matter how much they torture me.

They are fucking in the wrong way with the wrong guy. You would think that after all the times they tried to touch me before on other matters when they had egg on their faces they would not fuck with me like that.


Now I have some great worthy fellow warriors to help me plan and execute.

This was a skirmish which has loaded my ammo belt and shapened my focus.

You are right, in the vid where the VPD investigates by driving by on the 9th I wasn't my loudest but you can hear twice marketing to them. What was going through my mind was that I didn't want it said that I was breaching the peace. I know they heard me and saw the baggie, because we had eye contact the FIRST time I SANG OUT.

What can I say, we make some mistakes take a hit in the thighs, but we are not backing off. Now we actually have more proof that the rule of law is a figment of bovine Canadian's minds!

There is an oversupply of proof of lawlessnes of police everywhere, yet Canadians are blinded by pure bullshit from fraudsters, like Rob Nickleson.

They are told it is marijuana smokers which cause the lawlessness, and tyhe bovinbes believe it. I can't imagine how stupid you have to be to not find the truth for yourself. Open your eyes you Moron canadians,. It's the laws AND those who enforce them which are problem, not pot or any drugs.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marijuana sales Victory square 3 pm Today

Sale of Cannabis will commence 3pm sharp today at the cenotaph. These war vets would not have risked their lives if they had know how the state wished to control our diets today. They would not have laid down their live for a country that tried to tell their offspring which vegetables they would be allowed to grow at the expense of a peacefull society and be taxed to death to do it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Open letter to Mayor, Council and Police Chief Vancouver

Greetings and peace to all,

I am thankfull of your non interference with the Marijuana Guild's assertion of our Claim of Right during it first Sale on the Art Gallery Commons, August 9, 2009.

As you can see by the Youtube videos Most people are happy with the news that they can purchase this pleasant and beneficial vegetable from non criminal sources without having to pretend to be sick enough to recieve permission for their diet from the federal Government. You will notice the quality and general happiness of the people who do purchase Cannabis many of whom are tourists to this City. These are the kind of people we need to come here in droves to keep our economy thriving.

In the future you will see me everywhere on the commons selling my wares peacefully. Again, I expect there to be peaceful discourse, rather than armed agression by your policy officers, if there are any specific considerations that you wish me to take into account. I am very ammenable to reasonable compromise and would rather enter into it than violent conflict over any issue which could be settled by communications.

Yours assertively

Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society
Member Marijuana Guild
778 329 6043

PS. For those who use this fine vegetable please consider purchasing it from me. Today I have Baba Kush and Island Sweet Skunk in stock.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marijuana Guild Sales a success!

$720.00 worth of Cannabis was sold in 4 hours. Taxes collected $36.50

Mamny are interested and happy about being able to buy Cannabis openly

David Eby of Pivot Legal has a few good questions and some encouragement. I suppose He is going to ask the Crown what's up witht the CDSA if he has a client charged under it. I would. Is this law even enforcable anymore if all you need to do is put on a funny hat and declare the law null and void? What's up with that Mr. Harper, Nickleson?

Pleasant people buy Cannabis. The rest walk peacefully by. For what fucking reason does Canada make a large part of its peacefull population criminals? You are the fucking criminals, you moron elected shytes!

Responsible people enjoy controlling their own diet for a variety of reasons

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have severed all ties with Canada by terminating my employment under the former name of my person to become Bud the Oracle full time

This is my final declaration of independence from Canada on the last day of my probation under the name of my former Person.
Henceforth, in all business carried on, I will be known as, Bud the Oracle, Freeman on the land, presently Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

Those laws of the Society, and the laws of god, shall be the only governance in my life, so help me God.

Should I be illegally arrested, I will rightfully claim compensation as stated in my spoken Claim of Right (click title of this post)

Monday, August 3, 2009

A plea for sanity to Kash Heed BC Solicitor General

Anyways Kash Heed likely was saying the things he thought were politically expedient at the time like all dishonest politicians seeking office. Now that he has power he is again taking/mouthing the politically expedient line of those who are his true masters, now that he duped the citizens into electing him. He is regurgitating American domestic and foreign policy

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What makes some addictions more acceptable

At least the British police have a good knowledge of the law and can actually communicate to resolve a problem without resorting to illegal force first. like poorly trained and performing Canadian cops