Friday, August 29, 2008

21 year old man dies of Alcohol overdose

All one has to do is google "Fatal alcohol poisoning overdoses" and "Fatal Cannabis overdoses" to get a clear picture of which substance is more dangerous.

I will not be forced to choose a more dangerous substance to comply with idiocy.

To help other adults make a safer choice I am still selling Marijuana openly to adults over 19. You will need 2 pieces of ID if you are young enough for a check.

I do have a trial coming up soon for sticking my head into a police car and offering Cannabis for sale. I did this to come before the courts in order to force the issue.

Until the laws change to reflect an adults right to choose and the government provides a controlled distribution to keep our children safe, I will be in operation. We have a right in the constitution to make safe choice for ourselves, regardless of what our racist religious parliamentarians thought a century ago or what the American war mongers think now.

Support me by buying your Cannabis from me. Vote for me for city council. I have the courage to change things. Contact me through my number found here.

Thanks for the support and donations to my campaign from my American friends who I met on Saturday on Cordova across from the Salvation Army! As I said then, I sure hope sanity comes to your nation for all our sakes.

Call me anytime that you wish to visit our fair free city, where you won't be targeted by body armor wearing DEA goons for exercising a god given right.