Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shit just got real

Although reality was setting in after smoking a huge hit of sun blossom seeds she screamed "Puddi Puddi Puddi!" The crows were on crack again and the Christmas mess would soon be swept up. All will be well if the LSD doesn't run out and the White Wolf isn't tempted to go feral.

We all hope that here in LA La Land, "Where age before wisdom, cochise," rules, all will not go native. Don't let them find you supine!

Kevin Falcon (I keep wanting to say Kevin the Falcon,) former BC Minister of Health, before whom the LAD-00023 document sat without response for over a month, seems to be throwing out his hospital surgery duds and taking up the challenge of wearing the temporary crown of head honcho of BC. Very interesting, it's all a matter differences of Style between him and the outgoing Premiere and dangerous driver.. I hope his meaning of changing of "style" might incorporate some fine LSD from my menu and a walk through BC's forests with some of his ministers, instead getting drunk and driving when "unwinding" on foreign islands.

So far "they" have declined to take me up on my offer below. Sales are "Grrrrrrreat!" as Toni the Tiger would say.

This is the wondrous creation of law which the Registrar has given us, LAD-00023, and allows me to be this bold and honest. We have done it!

It has come this far. "Psychedelic sex for sale" in front of the BC Supreme court during the world famous polygamy trial.

What a wonderful fun filled adventure my real life is! Thank you, Lord God, for these gifts of liberty and peaceful harmony.

Smoking seeds of Morning Glory

There are some nutz that think that this is a drug experience when Jonny Durand mentions flashbacks in the above video. Let me assure you, this is much more dangerous than LSD or even MDMA, or anything that I have on my menu. And yet, you might feel like you have experienced something of what he is talking about after doing some of the things on my menu. And its much cheaper, too!
this is oine of the best Hang gliding videos I have ever seen