Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disabled comments and a friend invite from sobrietytelevision

The problem with these so called help channels is that their agenda is about control and reinforcing the government propaganda not really helping anyone specifically.

Humans are a complex creature and addictions need to be studied in a realistic way, not by people who wish to use this frailty for the purpose of enforcing their agenda. Below is my audio comparison of the prohibition problem with Michael Crighton's talk at the Smithsonian on fear and complexity

To get some real perspective as to why we have such a huge cocaine/hard drug problem in North America and why Marijuana is a class one drug where cocaine is a class two take a look at the video below.

And if for a second you feel that this was in the past, in the good old US of A, have a good look at the corruption of Law enforcement here in Surrey today. Everyone in the remand center understands what this was all about. Not sex!

Or has anyone heard of any progress on this case of murder? Have any of the cops involvced in asking the HA to do something about this rogue member even been questioned as to whom they consorted with? This is after a crime of murder in which the VPD is at least peripherally involved and yet they are never held to account while they can hold an activist such as myself who is concerned about this type of corruption to "account" under the CDSA and make me out as the problem. What a lovely set-up, for ever working hand in hand for under the table payoffs with the very violent organized criminals who you are protecting using these laws! Fill up the jails with low level "assets" and activists such as me and pretend for those brainwashed gullibles that you are a vital part of our new Prison Industry

An effective website is Transform Drug Policy Foundation. Sadly this intelligent website is also located in the UK. We are far behind in the anti prohibition/legalization debate because of sideshows such as myself and the UDS, as well as CC, medical marijuana, and other dog and pony self interest activism. This is a matter of human rights and the freedom to live a peaceful life like any responsible tobacco smoker or alcohol drinker. Criminal law should only be used to govern people's harmful behavior, never to target a minority for political purposes. This only leads to widespread corruption of government, police and a general response of lawlessness by those who suffer under tyranny. The side effects of organized criminal violence is lucrative criminal enterprise and are also not conducive to a happy society while drug use is promoted to ever younger children. And what for? so that those do-gooders on sites like sobrietytelevision can apply their brand of moral self righteous agenda and bring people to their way of thinking, to save people from the hell they create and support?