Thursday, June 30, 2011

Am I stupid or is the Justice System?

This is really frustrating for me. I have just come back from my Bail officer. I came. I signed. I have reported and received a letter requesting my attendance at the Forensic Psychiatric Services office. I need to attend on the 11th and on the 15th July see someone else in the office. This is a court ordered thing. They have to see whether I am a threat to society, a real criminal, insane perhaps for wanting justice?

Just let me review my activities since I ran for City council:
Monday, September 8, 2008
Cannabis sales in Vancouver, today!
or even the first post on this blog
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
On the BC Almanac radio show today

Since this is my journal of my thoughts and activities it is not even clear that I had Mens Rea or a guilty mind

Or even here where I appeared on this issue and was recognized by the parliament of Canada, my words forever part of Canadian history. Chief Justice Bud the Oracle from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

I don't know what shysters got to be entrenched in our justice system but there seems to be a full compliment of them. If I am your common run of the mill drug dealer then I don't understand why they haven't caught every last one of them? I mean the friggren gall of the Crown Prosecutor to make me out as a drug dealer when at every step I claimed that I was doing this for the safety of my community. Why a lawyer trained in the law (like a circus seal?) can't get that across I would not know. I have had a public record available to be perused by any and all since August 2008. It's not that I was shy and reluctant to write anything either.

The other thing is the obvious disconnect that a judge must have from reality to forget the disproportionate treatment of two equally behaving, law abiding citizens of Canada according to which substance they might choose to achieve their favorite altered state.

If a person is doing nothing different than another, what they may have ingested, or even carry on their person should not be a consideration for different treatment. If what possession is being carried by another is of no direct threat to anyone else than the government has no right to have a say about anything. Criminal law governs only human action against other humans or their property. If someone is misusing or abusing something someone then criminal law can be applied. But then conversely someone who is not misusing or abusing anything or anyone should also be treated differently: not like a criminal.

The above are principles in law. The treatment of similar circumstances alike and the treatment of unalike differently page 112 RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, INC. V. NEW YORK, 336 U. S. 106 (1949)
Invocation of the equal protection clause, on the other hand, does not disable any governmental body from dealing with the subject at hand. It merely means that the prohibition or regulation must have a broader impact. I regard it as a salutary doctrine that cities, states and the Federal Government must exercise their powers so as not to discriminate between their inhabitants except upon some reasonable differentiation fairly related to the object of regulation. This equality is not merely abstract justice. The framers of the Constitution knew, and we should not forget today, that there is no more effective practical guaranty against arbitrary and unreasonable government than to require that the principles of law which officials would impose upon a minority must be imposed generally. Conversely, nothing opens the door to arbitrary action so effectively as to allow those officials to pick and choose only a few to whom they will apply legislation, and thus to escape the political retribution that might be visited upon them if larger numbers were affected.

The learned Judge Rideout mentioned that he thought this citation was too old. That brings to mind other old but valid quotes
Professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School has cautioned:
"In a society whose ‘whole constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men’s own minds,’ the governing institutions, and especially the courts, must not only reject direct attempts to exercise forbidden domination over mental processes; they must strictly examine as well oblique intrusions likely to produce or designed to produce, the same result."
--L. Tribe, American Constitutional Law Sec. 15-5, at p. 889 (1978) (quoting Stanley v. Georgia (1969)
394 U.S. 557, 565.)

"...cognitive liberty must guarantee freedom from – the right not to have your brain monitored or directly manipulatedwithout your informed consent. Seventy-five years ago, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis warned that scientific advances might someday “bring means of exploring unexpressed beliefs, thoughts and emotions."
Olmstead v. United States (1928) 277 U.S. 438, 474

“ freedom of thought … is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form of freedom. With rare aberrations a pervasive recognition of that truth can be traced in our history, political and legal.”
- Justice Benjamin Cardozo, Supreme court justice

"…without freedom of thought there can be no free society. "
- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter

And of course this one is an old quote which is also very much valid today, IMO
Thoughts are free and are subject to no rule.

— Paracelsus-

So what has got me thinking today? I am confused over why it is that a man or woman can come in to the liquor store to buy a bottle of what amounts to poison which is subject to no warning labels as to causing harm during pregnancy like FAS, perhaps some warning about personality changes, and lethal dangers if taken with other drugs. Nothing Nada! Considering that in a twenty six ounce bottle drank in one sitting there is enough to kill half of those who might be foolish enough to try it. Alcohol can be purchased twice or more times a day and drank responsibly even consumed at a high rate of 2 to 3 ounces per hour and this person's health care coverage is fully intact as long as they cause no one else harm by driving or even riding their bike drunk. If this person walks to the liquor store, walks home, they are not a criminal or a citizen without rights. Where as someone who chooses to be less inebriated with marijuana can not be so peacefully without being a criminal and or committing a criminal act supporting illegal drug dealing. Why the double standard here? Is this not enforcement of a cultural preference as if it was a monopoly. If it had something to do with being about public safety or health concerns then one must ask why Alcohol and Tobacco are not treated the same.

This drunk person could be mean and reclusive, dark and vengeful without ever being criminal. They could hate their neighbors, be unfriendly, laugh inappropriately, and make rude remarks without crossing the criminal law line.

This drunken person will likely become a healthcare risk and finally a recipient of expensive health care treatment. Nothing could be done about it when this person was abusing a dangerous but 'legal' substance, or two. Alcohol and tobacco. The most dangerous to the user as well as the others, healthcare costly drugs, are exempted from having to comply with restrictions and regulations concerning all dangerous substances. The fact that they are exempt from the Drugs and Substances Act is telling of two things: Like circumstances are not being treated alike as they should be under law. It should not make any difference what substance one chooses to ingest. The only difference is if the resultant action were different. If for instance, a crime were committed after alcohol was ingested, to be in a state of intoxication would be of no consequence to the outcome of guilt or innocence and therefore a crime would have taken place. Also the converse is true, if I am not committing any crime or in any way threatening any one else, then my behavior should not be criminal in any way. What I have ingested, has no bearing on anything. Especially when the only detrimental impact is due to the law which has been created to be neutral in its application, ostensibly for public health concerns, yet leaves out the most dangerous to the user and society drugs: Tobacco and alcohol.

You can't have equal treatment under the application of law if you exempt the users of the most dangerous drugs from the same law which protects others from other dangerous substances with severe criminal penalties. And you shouldn't be able to say 'well they are controlled under two different laws and therefore it is acceptable to be harsh toward the users of some substances and not others.'

The minister is not doing his duty to protect the many users of these two 'legal' drugs. As I have stated before, his duty is to control and regulate in accordance with the risks posed. This is to protect the individual and the public. This is an on going duty. The minister according to his duties outlined in section 55 must act and bring before parliament any concerns that fall under the act. The Act was never meant to be an instrument of prohibition. Simply making something illegal to possess is not something that can be lawfully done under the criminal code. Property laws apply to anything to do with things or substances. Criminal law is supposed to pertain to the actions of people against other people or their property.

By bringing the alcohol industry into the safety net of the CDSA it can be made to comply to labeling laws stating the dangers of misuse in a concise way and recommended limits of so much per person per day might be considered. The same could be done with other substances according to their potential dangers to the users and the community.

Anything else is not mandated by the CDSA. The CDSA was never meant to be an instrument that would arbitrarily target small group of users of substances for moral reasons and make them into criminals for their safe use of something no more dangerous than other substances for which no criminal penalties were given, like tobacco and alcohol.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Why is Alcohol not a scheduled drug?

A Judge’s inner mental chambers

A great factual resource on drugs and their effects is NIDA National Institute of Drug Addiction

Mainly this is my endeavor to understand a very interesting new way of looking at the legal dilemma: The policy of prohibition of some drugs act in Canada is applied. It comes from the Drug Equality Alliance in Britain.

The sense is that once this argument lands on a thinking Judge’s desk, there is a good chance that reason may prevail.

Not trusting the laws of the Justice system as much as I once did the laws of physics while soaring my hang glider, I am not so self assured. Here is my future plan.

Working from within the realm as a citizen of Canada I hope to prevail upon the court to support the rule of law.

Although I thought that I had a right not to be harmed by a government practicing tyranny, I guess that trick is to show them in their legal system exactly how they are applying tyranny and not just try to escape it by forming your own society. Obviously tyranny must be acknowledged openly and corrected. Therefore I shall attempt to expose it to the tyrants in their own courts.

The rule of law states that parliament may enact any law, but this law must be within a parameter which is fair to everyone.

I am not challenging parliament - the Drugs and substances Act is a good instrument for the safety of Society - the law is good. The reason for which the law was created is excellent!

I am not interested in challenging the prosecution either.
I don’t really object to the trial.

I object to the lack of application of the provincial court’s jurisdictional capacity to protect me from the abuse of power.

This paradigm of abuse of power is inherent within the administration of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act which the court can protect me from using common law powers available to the court for such a purpose.

This should be the first concern to the court. The Act itself represents a violation of the universal right of thought which overarches any contemporary administration’s policies by maintaining a penumbra of scrutiny against the abuse of human rights perpetrated by Acts of parliament.

I assert that the court apply anxious scrutiny to the issue.  This is because it is a deprivation of my liberty.

I have had an UNFAIR trial and am fairly calling 'foul' for punishment without law.

Whatever anyone thinks about policy(acts of parliament), it's all irrelevant at this time.

My concern is that I am being subjected to an inequality of treatment in the administration of justice that acts in an entirely disproportionate way to users of certain substances.

Bearing in mind the law never sought to make the use of those substances illegal, the question that should be asked is: ‘why is there no differentiation of character, or even action, other than by merit of this drug interest orientation?’

You might wonder how this strange way of looking at things came to be? It came to be by a policy that cannot even consider these sections of the Act: 55, 56 etc. This ‘policy’ cannot consider it because it lies under a misconstruction: the existence of 'illegal drugs' precluding their regulation and also a category of legal drugs which includes alcohol and tobacco that necessitates their regulation from another Act of Parliament.  The fact that they have not been brought together shows willful obstruction in the protection of the public health and an affront to justice to other drug users who are subjected to powerful measures and deterrence sentencing.  This leads one to ask themselves: If the CDSA has a mandate to protect us, then why haven't governments considered scheduling Alcohol and Tobacco?

The answer is surprisingly simple: because of the misconstruction of 'legal drugs' etc and 'illegal drugs' ect there is not a way that can be lawfully regulated - this makes everyone miss the object. The object is the subject, the legal subject, ME, before the Crown as they would fight this war on my access to drugs. This I consider to be a necessary part of my life to the extent that being denied peaceful access entirely negates my rights under the Charter, my CITIZENSHIP (If you want to govern me under your laws than you better play by them. Lets apply the laws fairly for the purpose that they were created)

Once the government’s false premise of prohibition is exposed as a misconstruction and misapplication of the act, Then the act can be given proper effect.

This was the lesson learned by all governments who made alcohol illegal last century. It is the only way that democracy and lawfulness can replace our current lawlessness. Only when democracy is applied in all instances in a society is it truly democratic. When unjust laws are enacted or when laws are enacted unjustly the mechanism of democracy is corrupted and tyranny grows. The tyranny of organized crime is not the worst of the bad sis. The worst is the corruption of government through general deceit. Its agents, fully armed, seek to impose corporate dictated diets on the citizenry.

I am a persona non grata, a minority, seeking refuge in the imposing courts, for who are they there to impose on?…..the little ones?…. Or, is it their duty to protect the rights of citizens not to be violated by agents of the state using their powers unreasonably and unfairly.

It is an ultra vires dereliction of duty that results in inequality not to include the drinkers and smokers as is the purpose of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

This then also becomes a serious violation of my liberty and person as well: That I am to be treated differently than those smoking tobacco and drinking Alcohol. Why?

I believe that the learned Judge Rideout misdirected himself that he could consider the issue and wrongly determined it was something that could not be discussed in court. The Judge only referred to the freedom of thought argument without any consideration of the common law argument.

That actually was the only argument that he could have considered.

Here is a more pragmatic view of it

The government protects the market for the drugs that kill us by the scores, alcohol and tobacco, and they make healthier alternative choices forbidden.

Where is the protection for health as the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act mandates if most drug users are being killed off through use of alcohol and tobacco and the users of less familiar and statistically proven far less harmful substances are treated harshly through ever increasing prison sentences?

The Rule of Law says that the Act as written and approved by Parliament is to be used to regulate for public health, yet because of the way government is driving the law to fulfill the privatized prison agenda through policy this mandate is not given effect. 

They have exempted the users of the most harmful substances (alcohol and tobacco) and these substances clearly fall under the operation of the CDSA. This would not mean prohibition of alcohol and tobacco as Section 55 of the Act compels the Minister to regulate and this is an ongoing duty. This would mean that regulations are put in place to ensure that the next generations do not become addicted. As it is today, corporate interests are served before concerns for the health of the public. They do not put this before Parliament, because of corporate interests while at the same time increasing penalties for the statistically proven less harmful substances.

The drugs act means mandatory minimum sentences equation. This is taking discretion away from judges which literally makes people's rights to equality before the law disappear.

This is the people created 'by freedom' This is what 'elects' the power that runs the world policy on drugs on anything.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver hockey riots fueled by Alcohol

I am seriously tired of the wholesome bubbly marketing CBC has spouted about hockey and its fans.

One thing I will be wanting in appeals court or any bullshit court in this country is the same rights these animals get. It is the Minister's duty to apply the neutral Controlled Drugs and Substances act for the proper effect it was designed for: Public safety from dangerous substances through control AND REGULATION. The way it is applied now the Minister uses this act as an instrument of arbitrary oppression used selectively against the minority of people who choose other substances to achieve a safer more introspective state of mind than alcohol users do.

The courts are supposed to protect citizens from arbitrary abuse of power by the government and make sure that the laws are applied equally neutrally for the effect that they are designed to. Judges are not required to be Prohibitionists to serve on the bench. Where is the protection from these drunken hockey hooligans? Two weeks of loud celebrations to promote a sporting event for the boon of alcohol establishments is pretty fucking near enough for me. I want the same rights as these hooligans have, to go about my peaceful business of making the community safe. And I will have them, you fucking government assholes!

I am very tired of the governments doing a poor job having, the worst records on issues vitally important to its citizens:
B.C. child poverty at play in 21 child deaths: children's advocate

Screw off if you think I will not appeal my unjust plea. The Crown prosecutor and Judge coerced me to cop out by jailing me before a trial. They can not use this law to arbitrarily harm people who are trying to make their communities safer by giving citizens a safe alternative choice other than corporate controlled alcohol to celebrate with. At any marijuana festival or event in which psychedelic use is prevalent, you don't find this kind of danger to people.

When laws are applied equally to all citizens for the effect that they were designed for, community safety, and not political purposes inflicting a moral judgement, then I will rest.

I remember that the Prime Minister Stephen Harper had some publicity supporting the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs lately. Not too long ago he also had a photo op proclaiming drugs are bad. What fucking drugs are bad, asshole?

How much did security cost the city Chief Jim Chu? Oh yeah you have it under control, eh?

Are you saying something about a drug free life idiot? Does that mean you don't drink? And your children are at the age they are exposed to alcohol now and they will never drink? Is it true that Alcohol is not fucking dangerous? or creating violence? Are you do something about the connetion youngsters have with Hockey and drinking? Are you saying that drugs do damage to people and not alcohol? Stick it where the sun don't shine, moron. Making policy on bullshit never leads to a good outcome.

This man, our Prime Minister, is talking selectively and conveniently forgetting to mention the most dangerous substances Alcohol and Tobacco. The Minister in charge of the CDSA has a duty, is charged, to include all dangerous to the public substances. This does not mean prohibition. He has the power to regulate. The act is supposed to be about control and regulation. By exempting, for no good reason other than it is not politically expedient, the users of these drugs from the act the legislation itself becomes an illegal instrument of oppression. The courts should protect the citizens from oppression and make sure everyone has the same rights and protection under the application of a law. The courts have no jurisdiction in drafting or writing the law, but must act when a law is being used to treat some people unfairly(equal treatment under common law.) In section 55 of the CDSA it says the minister has a duty to public health to bring all dangerous substances under its control. He does not have a duty to leave out the most dangerous substances while trying to harm others for their use of safer substances. Until the law is fairly and equally applied as it was intended, for public Safety, it is not a legally valid instrument and we must be protected by the court from its misapplication.

And I know why people like Stephen Harper, GWB, Ronnie Regan get to make it. GENETIC PREDISPOSITION "DO HUMANS HAVE A POLITICAL GENE?" by Klaus Kaczor (an Oracle in his own right) SINCE I FIRST WROTE UP THIS STUDY FOR THE EDITOR OF AL JEZEERAH SOME CORRECTIONS HAVE COME TO BE NEEDED 25% LEFT + 25% RIGHT + 50% MIXED POLITICAL ALIGNMENT = 100% SAMPLE INSTEAD OF RR(25.78)+rr(24.22)=Rr(49.93) IT SHOULD BE RR(25.78)+rr(24.22)++++++++++Rr(49.93)==== 100% of the sample. What can you expect I was constantly stoned on good marijuana during the whole genetic voter research and did it without a government grant on less than a half ounce of good Kush.

That was the output of my addiction. A theory about political expression in our genome Two hits of Window Pane acid (LSD.) And about a half ounce of pot consumed in the week that the research mania was upon me some fifteen years later. My life is an exciting confabulation of experiences, none of which threaten anyone else, nor do I break any real criminal laws. What was tolerated as "legal behavior," which most of last night's riots was technically, although drunken and dangerous in its mood was allowed then we do nothing wrong when peacefully using our preferred substances. Some of the behavior was unlawful and the police tried to enforce criminal laws pertaining to illegal behavior of people which is also applicable to any mis users of any substances. Even when nothing but pure propaganda makes a crowd misbehave blocking of sidewalks is also tolerated as well as DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR.

Or, I ask again what is the reason I can not be engaged in my spiritual pursuits peacefully if my behavior is peaceful? In the video I ask why I can't stroll through a park peacefully on LSD when Hockey fans get to enjoy themselves worshiping whom they wish?

So why is the drugs and substances act being applied by the courts ON SOME PEOPLE if it is not applied fairly to all users of dangerous mind altering drugs for the purposes it was created? Why is LSD illegal when the harm it potentially does its users and society is miniscule in comparison to Alcohol? To what end is one peaceful set of substance users made into criminals while a much more dangerous segment of abusers allowed to enjoy their version of the good times? And since when have we thinking, responsible, people given up the right to engage freely in whatever peaceful state of altered consciousness we choose? I am all for there being an Act fairly applied to the users of all dangerous substances in an equal application of the law. I think it is about time that all substances including the most dangerous and ubiquitous ones such as Alcohol, tobacco refined sugar or other dangerous to public as well as to the individual, products.

Criminal law does not govern action between you and your body, or, you and any third party adult who chooses via knowledge of the facts to engage with you for fun and/or profit. It cannot be otherwise in a free country. For anyone else to interfere in a peaceful man's chosen form of liberty, would negate all principles of freedom. A society which is built to have children snitching on the adults, and neighbors against each other is not really worth living in. So when some people complain of the smell of pot in their hallway, or trafficking from the adjacent patio, it is a way of making them point out the 'Jews' so that the Plant Psychedelic Gestapo(PPG) can come and do their entheogenic cleansing.

What a friggen hoax these criminals in power pull on us who are captured in the "Bovine Entrapment." Oh, wink, wink! you can't posses or trade in these criminally sanctioned substances, because we know that they are bad for you...... Also, wink, wink! you will note that these dangerous substances which we know are bad, but which a majority of people enjoy using, are perfectly legal and any entrepreneur who follows the rules, verifying legal age, not intoxicated mental state, can sell tobacco or alcohol, over the counter. Alcohol can even be brewed as beer or wine by individuals without a permit.

I can not tolerate anyone who bows to the government's medical marijuana racket. This stuff would benefit humanity and do many people good socially, physically and mentally if its use became more prevalent in the community. The effects are not as destructive both physically and spiritually as are those of alcohol. Loss of cognitive ability with motor skill impairment comes quickly on alcohol. A personality or severe mood change can take place without warning. Irrational violent behavior is a common outcome for alcohol intoxicated people. No such things happen with moderate amounts of marijuana. People have mental states which are relaxed and predisposed to a calm state of reflection. That is the essence of smoking pot "Make love not War!"

What is your problem Mr. Parliamentarian? What perusal of the Hansard has given you any indication that there exists enough brainpower in Parliament to screw with the mechanisms of human nature and spiritual freedom? Why do Politicians think they are entitled to discriminate against, and arbitrarily target, a certain segment of their own population on the basis of personal moral choices. Really? "Drugs are bad?" "Which friggen drugs are bad?" Why not treat the worst ones as public health issues.....? That is what the law is created for isn't it? Each substance according to its own danger to society so that those which are more of a risk will be safe guarded against appropriately.

The fact is I choose to exercise different aspects of my mind other than those involving alcohol and sporting events and there is no sound sane reason that I shouldn't have the choice to follow my own path. It is the fool who dares to shake the stick a holy man sits upon.

And I have no qualms about these people selling timeless teachings in the video below. If it is cool to sell fast food, religion. and many lousy movies, as well as sad sporting events for inflated prices, then what these people are asking in the video below is merely a bit of recompense for getting all the info together. It is hard to market even creative material assembled well for excellent prices, isn't it?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Standing in line at the food bank in the rain

As I contemplated today's intense start, I had a chance to see how much I truly fit in to the "bunch" at the Food Bank. We weren't in the rain for long. It was a great, "full," humbling, but also bonding experience. I guess that I should be thankful that my life has many diverse happenings. And loving the one I'm with, even in this situation, was an enlightening experience. Via her friends conjured up by relentless research, digging, there is once again hope imo on the high seas of Justice.

She claims to be a Shaman's "assistant," a first mate (and only mate,) but that is a matter of perspective lost in the shuffle of details at times. We are both in a down and out, yet strangely alive time of our lives. Things are truly tense occasionally for many reasons beyond our control, but then she is a lot of fun. Not much less confrontational than most females, she is at least clever as many, as well as, somewhat informed, and fun if one enjoys conversations ranging far and wide. I don't know how got hooked up with this "horn swaggler!" And sometimes a tinge of regret climbs aboard a sinking ship to worry a despairing deck hand, but she does have her strengths, and the stubborn tenacity of the English/Irish wenches is something to behold.

I am going to wage a real battle for justice with her help, She has spent well over one thousand hours researching an ever broader ripple in my legal ocean. It was cast here by someone also in need of salvation as a shaman and even better, more giving, an ethical fearless provider of the tools to worship by such as LAD-00023

I am a creature of opportunity. And when despair overtook me in Judge Rideout's courtroom after he dismissed our valid request for stay of proceedings by saying, while misinterpreting our argument: "This is something I might entertain over a martini with friends," on March 23. No one can fight this battle from a prison cell as effectively as they can from a state of freedom. There are ways to seek justice when you are able to sign, file, download papers, call people, email experts and in many other ways research your cause as well as intelligent discussion.

Out here, I can actually study the guidelines by which a judge is required to make their decisions and see if a judge or even the prosecutor is acting according to their laws and rules.

I believe that the Judge and prosecutors are supposed to be acting in an attitude of fairness and harm reduction to the community, not to wrongly implement any misguided or improper political agenda, nor to punish anyone if they are not a threat to the community. I feel that people in these important positions are required to act in accordance with relevant, up to date, best information and not necessarily think in the mindset of last century's prohibitionist theory.

What got me started in my search for real justice again, was that i am struggling through a stressful time and that I am not one to consult doctors very often. What is revealing to me is that although the courts are prosecuting me as Klaus Kaczor, I don't have any ID as KK. Getting a health care card seems virtually impossible at the moment. It seems mine expired in 1999. Therefore from the before the age of 49 through 61, I had no contact with the health care system! Must be making some good decisions concerning my health, eh?

I was also much happier before this Justice system got hold of me and decided to harm me personally, as well as send my harmless customers back to dealing with organized crime. My diet was self administered as it has been that prerogative of all my ancestors since before we climbed from the ocean. I have harmed no one by checking for age and supplying safer substances than alcohol and tobacco to intelligent adults, whose right it also was by virtue of being alive and living as an organic being in this biosphere. These laws have come into effect to the detriment of all human beings in the last century, while Nature and freedom of choice served as the unfailing self regulating mechanism of natural selection until then, from the beginning of life. Open your eyes! There is no law that says Judges must be blind. What I am researching now is the criteria a Judge must use to evaluate the cases before him.

I am certain that adhering blindly to a prohibitionist political agenda isn't one of the Judge's guidelines. First of all, if a Judge is supposed to be the final evaluator of whether the law is being applied fairly, shouldn't he or she be impartial from the outset, not rely on the charges and accusations as even being factual. If there is never an indication of violence, of harm to the community, then why incarcerate someone? The fact that drug dealing has been harmful to the community is a lie for lack of evidence, as no one has yet in the trial, and mostly no facts are ever presented, to establish that my or anyone's drug sales have ever harmed anyone as much as sales of liquor have. No one had ever made complaint about being harmed by me. Only the cops and the Government of Canada has spent effort and time reinforcing criminal empires, while giving someone with a less ethical core, a chance to make a good living> Maybe one of the VPD's or RCMP's best buddies.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cognitive Sovereignty: Breaking Convention

There is a revolution occurring in the field of psychedelics. This weekend brought together a global gathering of academics, clinicians, psychonauts, artists and visionaries. With over six hundred switched on attendees the sheer verve, enthusiasm and energy of the resurgent movement is impossible to deny. There is no place for the tired cliches of the war on drugs, these people are not rambling burn outs, they mean business, are highly educated, and have the hard science behind them as well as embodying the messages of the plant teachers. This marks the beginning of a rennaissance in the psychedelic movement, one which by its sheer scale surprised the conference organisers and attendees alike. We are back with a vengeance....

The overwhelming evidence is in. Global drug policy is not based on the scientific evidence of benefits vs harm. This was demonstrated by the firing of Dr David Nutt who had the temerity to present the scientific proof to the UK government that the issue is not LSD and Ecstasy, but rather is alcohol and tobacco. This is an issue that Dr Julian Vayne confronts in XVI. For those unfamiliar with the issue, the benefit and harm matrix is provided below for a clear visual representation of the real impact of drugs. The research of Dr Nutt was backed up by all of the papers presented. It is essential that we propogate this knowledge.......

The state is against us, and all of the scientific research in the world, and all the incremental wheedling and calls for patience by organisations such as MAPS or the Beckley Foundation will not lead to legalisation. At best, this will give the military industrial complex some more tools for dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the broken soldiers back from the wars for oil.
Or worse still, instigate some state sanctioned control of supply to recognised therapists and respectable religions. This is anathema to us. Though there is undoubtably valuable work being done by MAPS and the Beckley Foundation, we do not accept that these groups speak for us. Nor will we let them usurp that role..........

Click the Title Link for the full article

Last night's drunken idiocy following the Stanley Cup game disturbing the peace, brought home the significance of this great article from the Scarlet Imprint I received this morning.

As another side (the ugly side) to the landscape, take a look at today's gleanings from a close neighbor in Salem Oregon. The American drug insanity is the cause of their spiritual depravity. Without these substances in our diet we can not access our rightful destiny to spiritual unity with the life form of the Universe.
We can count on at least eight teenagers DYING EVERY DAY due to alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes, because alcohol is the morally-condoned government-approved method of getting high. Their parents do it, their teachers do it, and law enforcement does it. Most everybody gets drunk, sadly.

Because adults selfishlessly enjoy drinking alcohol, they don’t want anything to change on that horizon. Even though it kills children every single day, of every single month, of every single year. Instead, let’s talk about pot. It’s a much safer subject.

So safe in fact, that it does not pose any risk to society whatsoever. While eight kids died from drinking today, and will tomorrow, NONE will die from marijuana use.

I have asked some deep metaphysical stuff of my friends today. It was one of those stressful days where life's little rude moments seem to coalesce into the straw that broke the Camel's back. I now belatedly remember a friend saying, "What kind of a life will that be?" He was referring to my vocalization about something I was then mulling over. "It'll be nothing but teen-aged sniveling, and dirty towels/hair plugging up the works!" The trouble is I never listen.

He was a wise one and I miss all of my neighbors! The pox on the "rat," but it was my chances I was taking. Full liability is mine, as well.

I take heart in knowing that when all is said and done and the chips are counted I will be found to be on the side that is right on this issue, that I did the least harm compared to the government.

The very solid argument first developed by Casey William Hardison and the legal foundation in search of Justice for Casey: Drug Equality Alliance

Please don't forget to give to Casey's cause.

These guys at the "DEA" are true activists. Although I may be a recipient of their generosity, I am honestly astonished at the level of commitment- let me spell that out- unpaid time and effort, that this organization has donated to the cause of achieving Justice.

Remember this spending of a few bucks on your part could pay off in you gaining your freedom! Please find their donate button and spend freely. Here is the new battle cry....
Smoke one gram less per week and send $10 to the cause of this wonderful organization or Free Casey cause.
No one over there (Europe-Great Britain) is overly concerned with Bud the "silly" Oracle, or, Klaus Kaczor and his gang of "demented" men, it is all about getting their wonderful perception of the law in front of a court anywhere in the western court. The argument is given during the last part in the video below

And here in the blog again:
Unconscious social norms v conscious law:

As a species, humans are social animals in the process of evolving consciousness. Social animals unconsciously adopt social norms by means of imitation of role models. This ensures social coherence based on consensus – copy others and you’ll fit in. Likewise interacting human individuals may unconsciously imitate each other’s body language, ‘mirroring’, as means of social coherence. Unconscious consensus norms may be irrational, unconnected to objective evidence and reasoning, and may be unfair, applied selectively to the powerless but not to the powerful, as in scapegoating. Social animals are ruled by the powerful, based on survival of the fittest and self-interest (e.g. selfish genes).

Unlike animals, humans have the ability to make conscious decisions based on objective rationality (the objective assessment of all relevant factors and how they are linked logically by cause and effect) and subjective fairness, (the subjective balancing of value judgments since a decision or action may be good for one group but bad for another). Humans can then establish conscious rules or laws that define how their social group will operate, the limits to social behaviour. Conscious laws can be far more efficient than social norms because they can adapt to our changing society far quicker than unconscious social norms. Human societies are evolving from being based on the rule of the powerful majority, determined by social norms, towards being based on the rule of conscious law, determined by rationality and fairness.

Given their incomplete evolution of consciousness, humans find their decision making inevitably influenced by both unconscious social norms and conscious social laws – ‘if everyone drives above the speed limit, so will I’. The design of laws may be irrational and unfair if they are overly influenced by unconscious social norms; alternatively laws consciously designed to be rational and fair may be interpreted and applied irrationally and unfairly.

The relevance for drug regulation is this: the discrimination between consumers & traders of legally-available drugs and consumers & traders of 'controlled' drugs is based on unconscious social norms and the rule of the powerful majority whereas the law itself, the Misuse of Drugs Act, is consciously intended to be evidence-based, rational and fair. So our fundamental claim is that the law is not implemented in accordance with the law but in accordance with social norms that favour the majority at the expense of minorities.

The relevance for drug regulation is this:

Through the Misuse of Drugs Act Parliament has given Government the legal power to restrict individual rights for the sole legal purpose of reducing harm to society from drug consumption.

There is no indication in the MDA text that Government should exercise their legal power unequally between drugs used by the majority of voters and drugs used by minorities. Government appears biased, using its legal power for a political purpose (gaining the support of the majority of voters) rather than the legal purpose (reducing drug harm).

The whole crux of the argument is simple and so obvious. It boils down to the converse of this plainly stated fact:
What is the reasoning behind exempting the most dangerous drugs (Alcohol and tobacco) from the scrutiny of the drugs and substances act, if the act is a neutral instrument for social health purposes? From there you will come to the question "Does the act require prohibition of anything?" Next you come upon "What rational reasoning is it based on to implement effective control of all substances according to their danger to society?" "For the safety of society, why would you treat the most dangerous substances as if they are insignificant?" "Under law must we be treated equally and not arbitrarily?"

People can't see it, as did the natives in the Americas not see the ships of the Spanish when they first arrived. The way we have come to understand this Prohibitionist reality via the "Mindset of Prohibition" is that such a thing doesn't exist, therefore it can't be there. Aren't drugs either legal or illegal?

I remember the Prosecutor misnaming the MDMA as Cocaine (I guess it is the same thing to her) in a summation to the Judge and almost groaning when saying "There was almost a pound of Cocaine, your honor." All the MDMA I ever sold, didn't touch the damage a single person drunk on Stanley Cup beers did last night by disturbing the peace, or, even come close to the physical damage this poison does to each victim. The True facts are on the chart above about how dangerous MDMA is to you and others, not in the Federal Prosecutor's mouth.

Take a good look there Judge Rideout and see how government funded studies compare the relative dangers of these two substances and tell me who is killing people with their substances, honestly. Certainly not those selling MDMA.

It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.

Voltaire, 1752

Here is one of Casey Hardison's favorite songs

The Semantics of Prohibition by Giancarlo Arnao

Giancarlo Arnao's essay on the semantics of prohibition analyses the role of language, especially in the ambit of law and politics, in the systematic demonisation of (some) drugs and users of (some) drugs, from the inaccurate use of terms such as "narcotic" in international conventions, to the meanings of "abuse", "addiction" and "non-medical use". This essay is a great introduction to the way our understanding of "drugs" is socially constructed and politically biased.

Here is an oldy but a goody!

Proemium by Jonathan Ott
Perhaps with all ouor modern knowledge we do not need the divine mushrooms any more. Or do we need them more than ever? Some are shocked that the key even to religion might be reduced to a mere drug. On the other hand, the drug is as mysterious as it ever was... (Wasson 1961)

Only recently have some academic anthropologists begun to consider contempporary drug subcultures to be worthy of formal study (Adler 1985; Holden 1989a).

I will neither promote nor inveigh against contemporary non-traditional use of entheogenic drugs. True, some of the drugs discussed in this book are illegal, and there are those who think it irresponsible to discuss this subject without denouncing their illicit use. On the other hand, the bulk of the compounds studied in this book are legal, and there is no question that there are presently in the United States alone at least a million users of entheogenic drugs, legal and illegal (Goldstein & Kalant 1990), and it is to these psychonauts (Junger 1970), as well as to interested scientists, that this book is directed. There is no need to encourage would-be users to sample the entheogens- the drugs have their devotees, and in any case the current supply is probably insufficient to meet the demand of established users (Blanco 1993).

In this exordium, however, I will denounce in no uncertain terms the futile, counter-productive and ill-advised proscription of entheogenic drugs by the governments of the United States and other countries. As Baruch Spinoza so presciently put it:

All laws which can be violated without doing any one any injury are laughed at. Nay, so far are they from doing anything to control the desires and passions of men that, on the contrary, they direct and incite men's thoughts the more toward those very objects; for we always strive toward what is forbidden and desire the things we are not allowed to have. And men of leisure are never deficient in the ingenuity needed to enable them to outwit laws framed to regulate things which cannot be entirely forbidden... He who tries to determine everything by law will foment crime rather than lesssen it.

It is self-evident that the millions of contemporary users of proscribed entheogenic drugs are laughing at the laws presuming to forbid them, and that they are far from deficient in the ingenuity needed to outwit those laws. It has ever been so with laws presuming to regulate the legitimate appetites of human beings; and there is no question that such laws represent an abuse of governmental power. As the great libertarian Edmund Atwill Wasson wrote in 1914, in a critique of the prohibition of alcohol in the United States (Wasson 1914):

It is one thing to furnish the law, and another to furnish the force needed to ensure obedience. That is why we have so many dead-letter laws in this country, --we forget that a law is not self-enforcing.

In theory, law is the instrument of popular will in democratic countries, and in practice has been used as a weapon by majorities to repress and harass minorities, especially laws against drugs which are associated with those groups (Helmer 1975; Musto 1973). The prohibition of alcohol in the United States is an exceptional case of laws fomented by a fanatical and active minority resulting in the harassment and repression of the majority (Musto 1973; Wasson 1914). When a law is sufficiently unpopular, as was the Constitutional amendment prohibiting alcohol manufacturing and sale for ludibund purposes in the United States, the people in theory will rise to overturn it. Would that it were so with unjust laws, or unenforceable laws! When a government proves itself all-too-willing to attempt to "furnish the force needed to ensure obedience" to unenforceable and (arguably) unjust laws, then the very freedoms or "human rights" on which democratic rule is ostensibly founded are jeopardized (Shulgin 1991). This is the case with the contemporary "War on Drugs" and the unprecedented intrusions into personal liberty which it inexorably occasions. It is a case where the "cure" is far worse than the "disease"; in which the proposed "therapy" is toxic and will prove fatal if administered in sufficiently high dosage. While the use of the drugs this shock therapy addresses continues unabated or indeed increases, freedom and dignity are on the ropes, and in danger of going down for the count.

I will adumbrate four different lines of argument against the contemporary prohibition of entheogenic drugs and, by extension, prohibitions of other drugs- from alcohol, caffeine or nicotine (all of which have been illicit substances in the past) to cocaine, heroin or marijuana (all of which have been legal far longer than they have been controlled substances). These four lines of argument might be grouped under the following headings: 1) scientific; 2) practical or legal; 3) moral; and 4) economic. I will also pose the following question: "why is it that western society cannot cope with euphoria and ecstasy?" This question is at the heart of the prohibition of entheogens. Although they are disguised as "Public Health Laws," the strictures against the entheogens are first and foremost limitations on the practice of religion in a broad sense; or in a broader sense still, are attempts to enshrine in law a certain perverse brand of what once was called "natural philosophy." I call it science, and the modern laws against entheogenic drugs are manifestly anti-scientific and indeed represent "crimes against nature."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disabled comments and a friend invite from sobrietytelevision

The problem with these so called help channels is that their agenda is about control and reinforcing the government propaganda not really helping anyone specifically.

Humans are a complex creature and addictions need to be studied in a realistic way, not by people who wish to use this frailty for the purpose of enforcing their agenda. Below is my audio comparison of the prohibition problem with Michael Crighton's talk at the Smithsonian on fear and complexity

To get some real perspective as to why we have such a huge cocaine/hard drug problem in North America and why Marijuana is a class one drug where cocaine is a class two take a look at the video below.

And if for a second you feel that this was in the past, in the good old US of A, have a good look at the corruption of Law enforcement here in Surrey today. Everyone in the remand center understands what this was all about. Not sex!

Or has anyone heard of any progress on this case of murder? Have any of the cops involvced in asking the HA to do something about this rogue member even been questioned as to whom they consorted with? This is after a crime of murder in which the VPD is at least peripherally involved and yet they are never held to account while they can hold an activist such as myself who is concerned about this type of corruption to "account" under the CDSA and make me out as the problem. What a lovely set-up, for ever working hand in hand for under the table payoffs with the very violent organized criminals who you are protecting using these laws! Fill up the jails with low level "assets" and activists such as me and pretend for those brainwashed gullibles that you are a vital part of our new Prison Industry

An effective website is Transform Drug Policy Foundation. Sadly this intelligent website is also located in the UK. We are far behind in the anti prohibition/legalization debate because of sideshows such as myself and the UDS, as well as CC, medical marijuana, and other dog and pony self interest activism. This is a matter of human rights and the freedom to live a peaceful life like any responsible tobacco smoker or alcohol drinker. Criminal law should only be used to govern people's harmful behavior, never to target a minority for political purposes. This only leads to widespread corruption of government, police and a general response of lawlessness by those who suffer under tyranny. The side effects of organized criminal violence is lucrative criminal enterprise and are also not conducive to a happy society while drug use is promoted to ever younger children. And what for? so that those do-gooders on sites like sobrietytelevision can apply their brand of moral self righteous agenda and bring people to their way of thinking, to save people from the hell they create and support?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sad days ahead for Canada AND ME

Great act of bravery by this young Lady, Brigette DePape.

For myself who doesn't have a single piece of identification it is a difficult road ahead. To get employment, to apply for assistance and health care, to receive any formal help from the government of Canada is virtually impossible. The fact is it is much easier to find a job/opportunity in the underground industry. Is that why there are so many repeat offenders?

Luckily I have someone, although very poor herself, who is supportive of me. I will also keep on trying to find something that can give me a meager income from lawful sources. My chances at this age, with my history, will likely be a hindrance rather than an asset. Ce la vi. Thankfully I have no addictions of any kind and my requirements are meager. But sadly there is very little hope. This of course is how they win. They are very much trying to build a prison industry on people like me to provide jobs for government bureaucrats, guards, cops and lawyers as well as judges. One sweeping law denying equal justice, as in the USA our parent country, will garner a non productive industry as a make work project. There is no logical rational for this type of criminal law to exist. The law really only works as an instrument of political oppression to harm an otherwise peaceful minority via an adverse moral judgement, where it was designed to be a tool for public health safety. The minister is misapplying the CDSA while allowing the very dangerous drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, to be exempt from it although these substances cause 60 times more fatalities than all of the so called "illegal" drugs combined. The peripheral damage to society is repeated in stories such as mine, as well as the dangerous violence committed by organized crime and the police corruption it fosters in reaction.

Still nothing can pass through the Government propaganda machine no matter how reasonable. Take for instance this talk of a North American defense perimeter against Global terrorism. What an outrageous lie. The whole terrorism claptrap is smoke and mirrors. The real Global terrorists are the Americans and their serf countries like Canada. Who else is hucking missiles on flimsy excuses, and invading countries around the world? And just like the gullible Germans believed Hitler's lies so do moronic citizens in North America believe the crap. Only today it's Muslim terrorist we have learned to hate.

At least I have time to write fueled by my anger. What a great load of crap people swallow. Like Obama isn't worried about a double dip recession. Nothing to worry about if he could start another war.... Maybe Libya? And Canada doesn't see it a problem that the US is sliding into economic oblivion, all we need to do is be ready to revise our estimates.

The Japanese finally admit a bit more of the truth:
The Daiichi plant at Fukushima is still leaking radioactive material, nearly three months after an earthquake and tsunami knocked out the plant's cooling systems. But the government says it is still on track to bring the reactors to a cold shutdown by January.
The way they say "knocked out the plant's cooling systems" makes sound so inevitable, doesn't it? As if the generators could not have been placed anywhere else given the Tsunami threat in the area. How excellent an omission, a point not to dwell on. Tens of thousands of people adversely affected by a simple failure of basic engineering principle. No one mentions it because everything dangerous that we rely on is at the same level of safety, and these experts are extremely fallible. The crap we are told to believe in is the same as this, not worth the powder to blow it to hell. Like Government has it all under control. Like our drug policy is helping make us safe as the lying experts claim.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

The big lie of our times is that this man is a criminal. Listen to the BS that the cop goes on about heavy duty pot leading to organized crime. Do these bozos never have to say things that make sense or can they just make it up as they go on? Who gives a crap about the pot maybe adding a 2% risk of schizophrenia? There is a friggen 99% chance of smoking tobacco causing cancer! What are these morons trying to say? "If we spend millions of taxpayer dollars we might find something wrong with marijuana" Post the risks on a package of joints and let adults make up their friggen minds as they do for alcohol and tobacco! This is double speak propaganda. Allow the worst drugs a pass and then target the minority for their comparatively safer choices.

Think of the outrageous lies that people send their kids out to die for!

The absolute nonsense the gullible guppies snap up, like twenty goat herders from Afghanistan, with box cutters did this against the mightiest nation on the planet.

The bigger the lie, the more it is accepted.

The reason Mr. Harper wanted so much to have a majority is the same reason the liberals, any political party, crave it: To have a majority in Canadian government means that you control the propaganda machinery of the state. Canadian, all governments really are corporate fronts. That is why we tried to leave it by forming our own society. These corporations are so corrupt they would deny peaceful people their rights and freedoms no matter the pretense of a Bill of Rights. Alex Carey had it correct, there is no democracy only the pretense of it to dupe the masses of gullible people who don't have a clue as to the true condition of slavery they are under.

The worst cuts in Canadian history to social services are set to be implemented under the guise of tax relief. At the end of it you will be paying more in taxes, but receiving less of your money back. Take a look at the wealth Alberta's government could have at its finger tips and how little of it trickles down to its citizens. Not much compared with the wealth of the corporations which are stealing the resource heritage of Albertans.

Will Jack Layton be the opposition leader who might be able to wrangle out a backlash to the Conservative dictatorship over the next 5 years? Will it matter?

Elected Senators indeed, Mr. Harper! Not bloody likely, only voter rejected claptrap fills vacant seats, today. Canadians, like the rest of North American citizens are morons of the extreme sort, too stupid to understand what is a lie and what is in their best interest.

Who even thinks about justice in a world that is this stupid?

Here is something you can do from the comfort of your home to "end the war on drugs"

If you haven't watched this excellent 9/11 truth video featuring the Theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin, 9/11 the Myth and Reality, below, it will be worth it. What makes me refer to it after watching it again, is that one of the solutions he encourages people to get behind besides Revolution and Non violent Revolution is that of making funds available to by the public for helping ordinary people to run for public office. This, he says is a guard against Plutocracy, or rule by the rich. He mentions this in the last five minutes of the video and it rang an immediate bell about Mr. Harper wanting to slash public funding for election campaigns.

You will notice the age of his audience and the way they seem to not want this type of criminal fraud masquerading as their government. The fact is Canadians are largely asleep behind the wheel and addicted to the slave's drugs Alcohol and Tobacco. Although I listened to most of the hockey game tonight, the drunken idiotic clamor of celebration which continued for hours after the win, made me want to revisit the "Legal" drug issue here again tonight. Alcohol makes one stupid and happy being entertained with small things, such as believing that a home team Stanley cup victory is an important thing in one's life, no matter if you have a hard time walking to the store and never learned how to skate. Tobacco is a non beneficial altered state, other than it makes one feel better to have fed the addiction which it demands of its slaves, both are tax treasures for the government with the added benefit that smokers will usually die by the time it comes for the government to dole out its pensions and social benefits. Tobacco the perfect "legal" drug: an instrument which raises huge taxes, keeps the addict busy providing for their addiction with a false measure of relief as soon as they light up and providentially eliminates the user at the end of their productivity cycle.

My GF heard Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice, speaking tonight in a Youtube and remarked, "he doesn't sound all that bright," thinking that we had a good chance to win with our reasonable argument. It's not about reason, just as it isn't about getting to smoke pot if medical marijuana becomes freely available, IMO. It's really time for a revolution before the mass roundups start, because that is where it is heading in Canada. If these things depended on reason, arguments such as this would hold sway. And the friggen Liberals and NDP don't want to get together and form a viable opposition to the left of these right wing freedom hijackers, Mr. Harper's marching corporate Nazis. All for themselves and their dreams to hijack full control, nothing for the benefit of the people. That is why two out of five voters stay home, nothing in it for them either!

Here is something giving some background to today's world and which is much deeper than hockey. Something not too many Canadians would be interested in because it doesn't go well with beer.

Watch The Power of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear in Politics | View More Free Videos Online at

One thing I get from watching this stuff is that government policy is what is causing these shitty side effects in society, human nature remains the same. What you see around you depends on the mindset you have. If you are born with a conservative filter you will see depravity and degeneration in liberalism. If you are born more liberal minded you will see a moving forward to an inevitable growth/mental expansion and danger in conservatism. People don't realize we need a balance of both ends of the spectrum of political thought.

The Drug laws don't work because they are the problem, not human nature. Intolerance based on fear installing regressive laws is the cause of human conflict, not mental expansion. The ever increasing use of substances by humans is a direct result of the policies in effect. It could not be due to any other thing. Humans don't change in their basic nature over a century, only their reactions to the social stimulae change. If they are being enslaved they will seek avenues of escape.

Watch The Power of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear in Politics | View More Free Videos Online at

What my Lady and I have been discussing this morning is the legal argument upon which she is fixated. Me not so much (that's why I have her in my life-to add balance.) I see that the forces that be are not about to obey the rule of law. IMO no matter how reasonable an argument, if they don't wish to hear it then it will be dismissed. On the one hand, thankfully we activists are a diverse bunch with different paradigms, mindsets and experience history. I've told her that a lawyer will see this as a legal fight, where as someone like Tim Felger will see it as a street fight with the cops. A self medicating toker who can't function without his Marijuana will see it as a medical MJ issue. What we are missing is the unifying effect of true leadership like the sixties and Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Timothy Leary, John Lennon and others. Governments have made it dangerous and socially isolating for truly talented leaders who are prosperous in their own right due to business savvy and talents, to stand up and be counted. We have no leadership who can can command thousands out onto the streets to tell them "You fuck with our leaders, we will disrupt your friggen day." The medicating effects of these substances and the fact that these drugs are so widely available has cut the legs off the anger which needs to come to the fore. How dare these assholes in Government take away our freedom to peacefully do as we wish, like any tobacco smoker, wine drinker! They do this while at the same time creating a pariah of organized crime as another entity of prey upon our community. All due to the bullshit propaganda of fear of drug use campaign, just like the fear of terrorist BS. All because perverted idiots who claim to know what is best for others based on small minded linear thinking are in power putting forth their fear based agenda, social policies to cure society from its own human nature. The Neo-cons used their own CIA propaganda as a basis to formulate cold war policy, not the facts about Russia. It is the same with drug policy. The facts are ignored and self initiated fears stand in for reason. This lie is then spread far and wide with government machinery until no judges, lawyers, teachers, are left to promote the truth and rely on rational thinking. How does a reasonable argument based on logic, on truth, get through this armor of unreason? My GF would say "not easily," and I love her for this dogged tenacity.

Watch The Power of Nightmares: The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear in Politics | View More Free Videos Online at

When we get "mad as hell" and disrupt the complacent lives of the sheep, showing up in the streets by the thousands we will succeed. The rag tag fifty to a couple of hundred or so supporters who showed up on behalf of Marc Emery, although marginally better than the twenty or so faithful (I appreciate them very much) that showed up in court on my behalf aren't going to cut it in the grand scheme of things. We need tens of thousands to disrupt traffic on these issues so that the armed goons who are all about assaulting people at the G8 get the drift we want our friggen rights, too! How much do we want them? Bad enough to get off the couch and leave the bong behind for a day! This is the same issue, at the core, that people in the middle east are risking their lives for. Freedom from the tyranny of unreasonable government. How dare Mr. Harper tells us what we can peacefully enjoy in our diets by saying "drugs are bad?" How dare Rob Nicholson misuse to CDSA as an arbitrary instrument of oppression where it was designed to control and regulate all drugs and substances for public safety purposes, not to make criminals out of a certain minority of people?

It always amazes me that it is a small group of neo cons in the Reagan administration, or a even a single guy like Anslinger, Harper, who ends up in very powerful positions skillfully manipulating their way by coopting the state propaganda machinery for their own purposes. Proroguing parliament, contempt of parliament denying democratic rules of government and the bozos seem to think that these are brilliant tactics, rather than the imminent signs of dictatorship.

Here is a very brave young lady with a social conscience speaking truth to power:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where is the success of the CDSA?

As I walk around Surrey I see the real evidence of failure everywhere I look. People ravaged by hard drug and alcohol use are numerous. The malls are full of zombies bereft of humor looking for something they can't seem to find. You can see this everywhere in Canada as well as the world. Has no one in government stopped to asses their policies and where they are leading society? Do we only come out in happy drunken revery for sporting events and the rest of the time we slink around under a crap consumerism marketer's spell? I can see why people who have been to jail more than once don't seem to fear it. Too bad they settle for such a small valueless trade-off to access their return holidays. I see tattoos on their arms claiming to want wealth or they will have death. In my opinion they settle for neither.

I suppose that the model of materialism driven by corporations via an addiction to consumerism is not very rewarding in itself. People must feel cheated by the so called rewards of this society to turn to substance abuse in the numbers they are. There must be something in the equation that isn't adding up as per claims made. Also the model of criminal sanction, harsh as it may be, doesn't seem to control the problem. It appears that the criminal prohibition of some drugs replacing control and regulation is what is actually making a lucrative enterprise out of drug distribution, especially the most addictive/harmful substances. While building up the police state response to match the increasing violence of powerful organized crime the problem gets continually worse.

By classifying such drugs as MDMA as being extremely harmful contrary to the evidence it makes their profit margin much more rewarding as the demand increases with publicity. Do you not see the increase in the trade happening right before your eyes? Do the Christian /religious right wingers only want increased punishment at the expense of an ever increasing more violent trade in these substances as the outcome? Does only their moral stand matter, not the proliferation of drug abuse to an ever younger market? Once the young start using these substances, no matter how safe compared to alcohol or tobacco they are, they will have learned to choose substance abuse rather than real life. They do that in respect to alcohol and tobacco today, and in the dangerous numbers that they access Ecstasy, Marijuana, and even crack or crystal meth. One of the reasons youth start smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol before they are of legal age is because the are classed as "legal" drugs and therefor seem to be more acceptable in society's eyes to youth. To actually tackle the major problems we face in relation to substance abuse we must make a dramatic change in our approach to the problem. We must understand that this is a mental health not a moral/criminal problem.

The gateway drug abuse problem is our misunderstanding of why people are reaching out to access altered states in the first place. For adults to drink alcohol and watch a hockey game is an adult right as it should be to walk through the park on LSD. Neither activity differs substantially in the context of normal behavior unless either substance is misused and others are placed at risk. Who will think of obeying a law when either substance is within reach and the choice depends on what altered state one wishes to enjoy. The choice involving LSD will likely bring about a deeper introspection and spiritual connection from which personal growth and mental expansion might occur. The same goes for Marijuana compared to alcohol or tobacco. The fact is no amount of criminal interdiction will eradicate the human desire to achieve these altered states and that has been proven over millennium of drug use by every society of humans that has ever existed.
The only interdiction that has proven to work is that treatment of the social context in which substance use is respectfully considered and given its rightful space in the lexicon of human activity. When the use of such substances as LSD and MDMA is elevated to a spiritual learning development, then we will see people who seek to learn accessing it. The party goers will dread the intensity and supercharged experience, while people who wish to get a grip on their inner selves, their propensity to addictions of all kinds, including materialism can safely without being classed criminals expand their understanding. Certainly these psychedelic substances which have the power to raise awareness can lead to a resurgence of spirituality to ward off the empty effects of consumerism for those who seek them out. There is nothing to fear here, rather the reintroduction of safe respectfully accessing these altered states could actually begin to fill the empty pews in churches again with true seekers of the almighty rather than withered closed minded self righteous bigots who always seem to think that it is their duty, not God's role, to judge their fellow man.

Had a great visit with a councilor/advocate whom I can relate with. He is an old warrior in a state of peaceful growth who has been in recovery for over a quarter of a century and in this field for about 15 yrs. What endeared him to me was has sophisticated Zen-like views on life and the fact that he has about 300 acid trips under his belt. What we talked about was the fractional effects of addictions on an individual and how to move on we must rebuild, reconstitute ourselves, not necessarily in a new way, giving up old goals, but on a revamped personal foundation. A continuous growth/exploratory mission should I accept it. He had great insights with examples from his life and I felt close to him in my understanding of life. Plus he had some practical help with referrals to job oriented and life skills advocacy. We spent two hours in a wide ranging discussion and I did catch some glimpses of hope. He saw corporations as an expression of a human trait, which I found interesting, as I see government/justice as an expression of human genetics. I find his grasp of human addictions very interesting and feel that he has something to teach me that I need to learn to move forward on more that the legal harm understanding. He doesn't seem to be a phony. There appears to be a treasure trove of understanding and perhaps real help for me in his counseling. What we also agree on is that addictions are not a moral choice, therefor criminal law would have nothing to do with solving addiction problems. This understanding seems to be the pervasive majority viewpoint of today's mental health professionals.

This is from the Drug Equality Alliance website:
Unconscious social norms v conscious law:

As a species, humans are social animals in the process of evolving consciousness. Social animals unconsciously adopt social norms by means of imitation of role models. This ensures social coherence based on consensus – copy others and you’ll fit in. Likewise interacting human individuals may unconsciously imitate each other’s body language, ‘mirroring’, as means of social coherence. Unconscious consensus norms may be irrational, unconnected to objective evidence and reasoning, and may be unfair, applied selectively to the powerless but not to the powerful, as in scapegoating. Social animals are ruled by the powerful, based on survival of the fittest and self-interest (e.g. selfish genes).

Unlike animals, humans have the ability to make conscious decisions based on objective rationality (the objective assessment of all relevant factors and how they are linked logically by cause and effect) and subjective fairness, (the subjective balancing of value judgments since a decision or action may be good for one group but bad for another). Humans can then establish conscious rules or laws that define how their social group will operate, the limits to social behaviour. Conscious laws can be far more efficient than social norms because they can adapt to our changing society far quicker than unconscious social norms. Human societies are evolving from being based on the rule of the powerful majority, determined by social norms, towards being based on the rule of conscious law, determined by rationality and fairness.

Given their incomplete evolution of consciousness, humans find their decision making inevitably influenced by both unconscious social norms and conscious social laws – ‘if everyone drives above the speed limit, so will I’. The design of laws may be irrational and unfair if they are overly influenced by unconscious social norms; alternatively laws consciously designed to be rational and fair may be interpreted and applied irrationally and unfairly.

The relevance for drug regulation is this: the discrimination between consumers & traders of legally-available drugs and consumers & traders of 'controlled' drugs is based on unconscious social norms and the rule of the powerful majority whereas the law itself, the Misuse of Drugs Act, is consciously intended to be evidence-based, rational and fair. So our fundamental claim is that the law is not implemented in accordance with the law but in accordance with social norms that favour the majority at the expense of minorities.

The relevance for drug regulation is this:
Through the Misuse of Drugs Act Parliament has given Government the legal power to restrict individual rights for the sole legal purpose of reducing harm to society from drug consumption.

There is no indication in the MDA text that Government should exercise their legal power unequally between drugs used by the majority of voters and drugs used by minorities. Government appears biased, using its legal power for a political purpose (gaining the support of the majority of voters) rather than the legal purpose (reducing drug harm).

Global Commission on drug policy
"The war on drugs has failed to cut drug usage, but has filled our jails, cost millions in tax payer dollars, fuelled organized crime and caused thousands of deaths. We need a new approach, one that takes the power out of the hands of organized crime and treats people with addiction problems like patients, not criminals,” said Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group and cofounder of The Elders, United Kingdom. “The good news is new approaches focused on regulation and decriminalization have worked. We need our leaders, including business people, looking at alternative, fact based approaches. We need more humane and effective ways to reduce the harm caused by drugs. The one thing we cannot afford to do is to go on pretending the “war on drugs” is working."

Yet in Canada there is no hope as long as the Harper dictatorship implements the America drug war in compliance with its Washington masters. Not any concerns for Justice, or the harm being perpetrated on its own communities, or the safety of individual Canadians, guides our government. Only jingoistic "drugs are bad" statements are offered Mr. Harper, as if propaganda were relevant in this vital issue. The fact is his party only gained 2% in the polls in the last election while a whopping 60% voted for something different from the crap we are being dealt by the former major parties. Idiots are in power goose stepping to right wing ideology already on the wane in the USA, let alone the world. Tough on crime bill slated to be passed in September will help put more violent crime on the streets of Canada.