Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Pain and suffering in Haiti touches me this morning

There is a lot of pain over there and an opportunity for Canadians/the world to be able to give freely in an empathetic spirit of compassion.

The news coverage on yesterday's prorogue protests was slanted in the extreme. CTV repeated said "this did not resonate with the majority of Canadians although tens of thousands turned out across the country." I guess they think a majority consists of the barely half of the voters eligible turn out at elections. The politicians divide Canadians by ruling and conquering, imo, because Humans are born with a political gene.

I sent a comment to the news department at CTV pointing out that at every election the cadre of people protesting against the entire government by staying home is steadily increasing. Soon they may make up the majority and be looking for a REAL alternative. There in the wings will be some entity, like our society, to give them real options. We have been uninterested in soliciting others to join. The Society's whole strategy is first to pour the foundation on legal grounds, let it firm up, and then people will flock to us of their own accord. This is already happening.

When people ask me, "How do I join?" I reply with my card and advise them to fully immerse themselves in our Legal concepts and understand everything completely before making such a serious commitment.

We do not want the sheep to care and think for them as the Canadian government trains them to be. We are not looking for power in dull numbers, rather strength in the individuals who join us now. We want contributors, not wards.

We need people who are tired of tyranny, who are persecuted for their beneficial beliefs, because they don't conform to the oppressors views, although they harm no one. In reviewing Haiti's history a bit, I see that there is much to learn from their dilemma that could benefit the formation of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

I think that once resources allow for it, we could possible couple our plight with Haiti's. Perhaps contract for good marijuana to be grown there to be marketed by the Marijuana Guild. Our society is in the process of becoming the first in History to have an on line global registration system if we have our way. The claim of right to be free of government tyranny under the Marijuana Guild's clam of right should extend to every country Canada has a relationship with, automatically.

There are freemen and women in this country currently gearing up to meet the demand for good herbal product we are anticipating. The guild is looking into the leasing of a storefront at this very moment. There is no stopping our right to make our common communities safer by providing sanctuary from a rogue, non democratic government, for harmless people who are committing a harmless act upon themselves. We said in the video to the police board and as our words in the parliamentary record prove that if they did not repeal the controlled Drugs and Substances act forthwith and Control and regulate for the safety of society then we, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society would take up this duty. We have!

Let me explain it once more as I did to Wally Opal June 1 2008, to which he replied with a witch hunt, recently dismissed, against Winston Blackmore.

If it is legal to circumvent/ignore the Polygamy laws of Canada meant to protect an innocent third person by claiming one's religious right to do so, then it is even more lawful and precedent founded to allow adult individuals to exercise their god given freedom of choice as proclaimed in the Bible by committing a harmless act upon themselves, controlling their own diet.