Thursday, September 18, 2008

Censorship has its rewards! The words become more enticing if fordidden.

This is the most interesting perspective, Hijacking Humanity-click title, that I have seen in a while. Although I don't believe every last thing was by design, and although it is American, Harper has worshiped the plan for decades, I do feel the truth of it within my spirit.

I have learned this much from my Wolf, when someone is trying to sell me something real hard my resistance usually goes up. Therefore I become wary and diligent and do exactly as that which I am asked to do in the narrative. I become skeptical and try to gain knowledge in different ways. Sometimes all I have to do is listen to someone and they say something that joins another piece of the puzzle. This is why I know that this is truth. I have seen and written my own versions of this same truth independently, therefore I know it to be real.

Vancouver College is a place where drones are made. It seems full of the least aware, most regimented, non curious drones I have ever met. Many were barely mature. None took a brochure or were inquisitive in any way. I could out-perform any of them in any knowledge test, I'm sure. And these people are paying for an education? It seems that they aren't getting their money's worth, or only second rate students go there. Good consumers trained in somnambulism.

If you take the time to read my true adventures (not the Pump House, crows on crack, love unleashed) you will see that through curiosity, self education, higher education, by following what my spiritual core told me to do, from turning in the braggart who confessed murder to me: I trusted the RCMP, to An E-mail can change the world, Laugh or cry this story is not a lie, that things had to be the way they were in order for my life to play out this way. You will see that by following my inner spirit and doing what I was driven to do, for whatever purpose might be inspired, I am being rewarded with good karma., I believe. It is my duty to use it to come against insanity when I can.

Besides, for me, a creature of opportunity on a X-country/life soaring flight, this is fun. I shun conformity, slavery by instinct. I can tell when someone is perpetrating a fraud on me. I try my best to use my skills to effect. Truly my life is rich with rewards of the most precious kind.

Thanks to all those from institutions of higher learning who have been visiting my website for extended periods, I'm glad that my poor writings are being perused by you. Thanks, I'm beginning to feel that it isn't just me in this battle for sanity and human freedom.

It is for you and your offspring that you must demand an end to this madness, police state enforcing pollution, and consumerism, so that we are all slaves forever for trinkets made in China.

"Materialism is the addictive drug, and consumerism is its delivery method" Bud Oracle.

This is the reason I call myself the first free-roaming Oracle of modern times. Call me crazy; it's traditional. I tell you honestly, that you could have your freedom as soon as you wish to exert it.

Freedom is first and foremost a state of mind.

Take back the power: Voter train your politicians to be more responsible to your wishes. Don't vote for any of the former ruling parties.

And keep your eyes and ears open, be aware at all times. Today I met an undercover officer and was able to "make him" within the first minute of talking with him.

It's easy when you stay sharp. There are certain directions that a cop wants to lead a conversation. I understand the arts of communication, normal engagement, and can easily ferret out when someone wishes to lead me to paths which might incriminate me.

Communication is an art I spend at least 40 hours per week engaged in. You can say accurately that I am experienced in the nuances of conversation mining, vocal masking and much more, with the ability to disarm people quickly. It comes of a natural affinity, and training turned into practice. People in general judge a book by its cover, and usually underestimate me, which is also a bonus if you wish to sneak in "under the radar."

It's all an intricate weave in a web of deceit, which we project automatically to disguise our vulnerabilities while luring the other into disclosing theirs.