Friday, October 22, 2010

Today's announcement will occur between noon and 1 pm

May God grant healing to our land.

I will be announcing my liberty between noon and one or there about. There are no crowds to worry about entertaining. I am in relaxed no stress mode on vacation from the role of Psychedelic Oracle today. I look forward to these lovely days when I can shed my duties and take in the world on a smaller scale. The chores of an Oracle are difficult and tiring at times, but someone has to do it as I told Professor N. Langton. This job is not for everyone, but many people have a little bit of an Oracle's spirit within them and they enjoy occasional use of these substances.

Not many could survive on the levels of ingestion that I am forced to achieve due to the unique nature of my role. That is why we must all be allowed to achieve our unique freedoms and develop our talents as individuals, not part of a politically managed herd.

May God find love in your hearts today.

Chief Justice
Bud the Oracle

Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

Clerk of the Marijuana Guild

Here is how the "News" works in Canada:

Had a great day today. Perhaps you can notice that I have no after effects of four days of psychedelic quests. I felt fine refreshed both mentally and physically. If I had stayed "high" on booze for the same time I was cruising on MDMA and LSD, I would be in a fine fix in both areas. Remember even if you disapprove of a three day drunk, it still doesn't make that person a criminal or have a dangerous side effect of organized crime.