Thursday, April 23, 2009

The rewards of trust in Canada are bitter under Mr.Harper (CBC podcast audio)

Tax Mistake - Irvin Leroux's Story

This story hit me hard when I heard it this morning. The foundation of it, the unaccountability of government bureaucrats, is why I withdrew my consent to be governed by the criminal entity known as the Corporation of Canada. I am sure that this is behind a huge increase in lawlessness in Canada. The thought process for millions is "All that I can get away with is fair game, because the government does it to you."

More than any proof that pot is the gateway for harder drugs, Rampant unchecked tyranny breeds a reciprocate lawless attitude in a society. This contention is proven time after time throughout history.

At every turn the government, through its agents, breaks the laws it forces with unchecked Powers on us. The sheeple fear the government and are trained to ignore the fellow citizens fate. Few are intelligent enough to understand that this whole system is a fraud of the most odious proportions. No better in intent than European Fascism was in the 30's, except in scale of violence.

Today those in power feel that they can torment those who chose a different self remedy than alcohol, based on belief, while all science and all observation points these substances to be less harmful than alcohol, tobacco and many over prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Many Judges are idiots of the same ilk that stood behind Adolf propagating the lie by insisting that it is their jurisdiction to make choices for people for their safety without any evidence that what they are doing is making anyone safer. In FACT ALL EVIDENCE POINTS TO PROHIBITION BEING UNHEALTHY FOR SOCIETY AND YET THESE GOVERNMENT DUPES AND PUPPETS DO THE BIDDING OF MR. HITLER, I MEAN HARPER, RATHER THAN THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF CANADA.

More people will understand what it means to become free man as this recession deepens. They will understand what a grand deception this society is when all the bullshit FAILS TO PUT PAYCHECKS INTO POCKETS.

another thing that I heard this morning was that Winston Blackmore of Bountiful wants the government to pay for his charter defence but has been turned down once already. This brings to ind what Judge Rideout said about doing a proper chater challenge if it should happen in the future. It's pure bullshit to think that a lay person can take on the government with its unlimitted resources and criminal agents.

What a fantasy these legal begals musthave? Justice in Canada is more of a halucination than anything I have seen on acid. I am sure that this is exactly what is causing the general lawlessness around us. It is alla reflection of what we have as an example, a model to guide us.