Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Geek Vancouver: a good idea in practice!

God it's good to be back up! Had a hard drive meltdown on Sunday night and couldn't figure what it was through trouble shooting. The next step was to get a working hard drive and up-grade from 30 rascals to 80 gigs, also decided to increase the ram 3 fold. Still some minor glitches but that is due to my inexperience. The hardware comes from Freegeek located on Pandora Street.

The staff is extremely knowledgeable, very courteous and generally pleasant productive members of the community. They take in old computers and recycle them. It is a good idea to join their many different classes/group information sharing sessions, if you wish to take a recognizance foray into the cyber word of frugality.

I was told this morning by John that $45.00 will get anyone up on the Internet (minus the connection). That is awesome!