Friday, June 18, 2010

More dog park reflections

The dog park and smoking marijuana allows me some sanity to relieve my stress.

There are a few things that are bothering me of late:

Ignatief with his "cut and run" Bushism. As long as they got this "fackmack" I will never vote liberal again. I have voted more conservative than NDP since the last time I voted liberal and its because of this kind of BS. Before we purport to be helping teach Afghanis, while really being about American Imperialism, maybe we should stay in our native reservations from which many LIBERAL GOVERNMENTS HAVE "CUT AND RUN" IN THE PAST.

IS THAT WHAT HE THINKS WILL GET HIM ELECTED? It certainly doesn't reflect what Canadians want, according to the poles. Why not reform this country's laws and thereby help over 5 million harmless Canadians who are presently being persecuted for their choice of diet? Just what does Afghanistan's NATO occupation have to do with Canada's safety, when hundreds are dying of American drug war induced imperialism right here on our streets? Or...Why couldn't he promise to put into practice the recommendations which just came out of the Air India Inquiry?

The Rahim Jaffer Political hockey OT period. I'm getting kind of tired of this dog and pony show. It is about the depravity of the Government and they will just weather it out anyways.

The truth and reconciliation commission is something that needs to be thrown into the questioning mix, too. The plight of our natives and the resultant inter generational dysfunction is heavy on my heart. This is obviously an area we failed in right here at home.

I wonder how we can as a people proclaim that we can help anyone let alone from the barrel of a gun, as an occupier?
This police/government unaccountability deserves immediate attention more so than Afghanistan. We haven't fixed our security dysfunctions yet from Air India. We were killing our own natives just yesterday (Frank Paul inquiry is just over)Dudley George, Niel Stonechild. The arrogant gall of proclaiming that we could help anyone, when we are a barely functional people ourselves.

Canadian Government agents practice terrorism on other harmless Canadians who prefer a different diet, using another tool of American Imperialism: The War on Drugs

And Ignatief thinks he can convince the world we are in Afghanistan for Nobel purposes so as to lie himself into office.

Shows you how overrated he was as having "leadership" potential.

Why not train our own cops to be better at their jobs so they don't hurt or allow Canadians to die.

Why not fix things here before we ram our brand of "democracy" down someone elses throat, while actually invading and occupying this country with the help of an unwilling puppet government?

Just how dumb are Canadians after all? Aren't 147 sacrificed on the alter of George Bush's failed Imperialistic yearnings, enough?

Why in the frig would I need to be criminalized for my happy safe and harmless choices, while these idiots wants to squander more Canadian lives for a lie? Last year's lie to be exact: "Cut and run"

This coming from a man who "cut and run" from Canada for a long long time living his life elsewhere. Yet there will be patriotic morons who will believe this crap. Thankfully they are dwindling in numbers.