Monday, May 31, 2010

Where are the dangerous men today? (Stephen Harper's murder and mayhem list)

Above is a picture of a mother grieving her son who was lost as collateral damage in Canada's drug wars. So that cops can lie to you like this.

These three documentaries entertained me last night. I had spent a day tooling around with my pal Rainbow John. He brightens up my spirit with his endless optimism and untiring activism.

"The Most Dangerous Man in America": New Documentary Chronicles Story of Daniel Ellsberg, Whose Leak of the Pentagon Papers Helped End Vietnam War

Vietnam: American Holocaust

The fog of war


We started out by viewing the documentary "The Freed Man" done by Jadis about Chief Justice Bud the Oracle recently. John is a former documentary maker and he liked it very much. We smoked a couple of joints and did some strolling to and around Trout Lake. I like Johns company. He is not shy and very friendly so we meet and talk in an engaging way with everyone whose path we cross. Some great young people and a few older ones kept us entertained. When I catch a side long glimpse of John holding forth passionately at his age of 74 I wonder if I am not seeing glimpses of myself in the future. We are different people but do share many personality traits. I like how his spirit seems undiminished and his curiosity is wide and deep.

Watching the documentaries about the times I lived through made me nostalgic for those times again but more so assured that I am even now on the correct path. I had been against the Vietnam war, believed in the corruption of America by the industrial military complex, asked "What are we fighting for?" with country Joe and the fish. I had demonstrated on the peace bridge then about Alaska's nuclear bast and was banned from the US for 17 years. I had read silent spring and demonstrated on behalf of the environment against the dangers of oil spills. I have endured decades of war rhetoric by morons in establishment papers and TV programs. Always denied the reasoned pragmatic solution by idiots like those in charge in Canada and the USA. Gang violence as predicted by us is all around the world due to America's war on drugs. Tens of thousands die for this lie yearly. Oil gushes out befouling the world's oceans unstoppable because these greedy bastards are supported by unthinking citizens who are addicted to gasoline. !46 Canadians are dead in Afghanistan because failed American world domination wars and still the morons mouth something about patriotism. Why do only the worst ideas perpetrated by lying lowlifes get implemented? Why are people so fucking stupid? So lazy and uncaring? Why aren't we all as engaged as Rainbow John? Why are so many content to believe obvious lies? It's our future and peaceful coexistence that is at stake. Isn't that enough to engage people?

Our Prime Minister licks the boots of America war mongers and sends out his citizens to be punished for selling seeds instead of telling the American psychotic monster where to get off. Canadians are so friggen stupid that they don't seem to care. Our press is on side withe the propaganda and compliant with the government in the role of police state propaganda machine.

Every thing around us is a mountain of lies which are designed to control the masses of morons willing to believe them.

It turns out that the two people killed near Cranbrook in a "Targeted Killing" were probably collateral damage in drug turf wars after all. My comment below it as Shatner Bassoon is too kind and wrong. They were like not involved but had moved into the house recently. There you can add two more innocent people to the murder and mayhem caused by Stephen Harper lie list