Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dana Larsen's candidacy is stirring the pot, eh!

The idea being floated by the regular political pundits that Dana is somehow ineligible to run for any office because he has taken psychedelic substances openly is absurd when you consider the our former premiere is a drunk driver. It is apparent to me by direct observation that there is no chance of anyone getting into a position of power who might wish to change anything for the better and talk truth to the issues. I don't support Dana's platform, and think that he is so far behind the change curve that if he were able to implement it, not much would result from it. The only thing these leadership campaigns demonstrate to me is that "democracy" can not produce the good benevolent pragmatic leadership necessary for a healthy society. The sheep don't know how to select a good leader because they have no recent models/templates displayed before them as examples of whom to choose from out of the crowd of circus con artists. There is a reason that everyone keeps on moaning about how "they" are all the same, all crooked. Can anyone reading this post conjure up real, living memories which point to a great leader whose policies and term of office truly benefited those whom they served, anywhere in Canada?

Democracy is another fancy name for mob rule. It allows the pack to "choose" its leader when the pack is not cognizant of the qualities which make up a good leader or even what is good for itself. The pack is only capable of being led. The union workers know how to work, not lead. They don't know how to separate the bullshit from the truth, to stay uncorrupted. To let the masses choose their own leadership in today's world of mass marketing and corporate greed, is the fatal flaw. In fact it is an exact science, controlling the mob through its genetic predisposition and mass media marketing. (Klaus Kaczor was the name of my former person)

Why do you think that the corporations, the media, keep on chanting "Democracy! We are in a Democracy! Its all about democracy?" BECAUSE THEY CONTROL IT!

This is the root of your problem Canada, your so called "democracy" is really greedy corporate dictatorship in practice, not rule of the people. The best interests of the leadership candidates are not on behalf of those who elect them. This is obvious to see in the organized gang lawlessness, the police state tyranny of the G-20, and easy to feel in the pocketbook, yet the voters can't get it straight and do themselves a favor. That is because they are too stupid to be called upon to make good decisions in their own favor. They are being controlled and their vote co opted by those with money and power who control the media, the government and the police, through corruption. The dog and pony show that you are witnessing today on the BC political scene has nothing to do with what the people want, or democracy, it is all about political entertainment and control of the bovine through propaganda.

Unlike in Israel, where even a former president has been held to account criminally for being a sexual predator, Canadian cops get away with murder regularly, former Prime Ministers, pals of the current prime Minister, are not even charged for committing perjury in court concerning bribes he admitted taking while in office. There is no rule of law in Canada. How can there be a democracy? The people know this and stay home in ever larger numbers at voting time. Its all a scam!

Hello Dana, wake up! You don't have a chance! It is all a big lie!

Th problem is that everyone thinks that this is the only playground in town and that we all must play their little game of corruption. You play at your little scam and be fleeced every time. We, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, choose not to. We offer a way out of this insanity and tyranny. No law under God can force me to associate with a society whose police forces appear to openly contract a hit with organized crime "to make our community safer." Not only do we have a legal argument that would win in any non-Kangaroo court, I personally would refuse to be ruled by such a government. It matters not if I am the only one with an ethical core, or, the ability to see the corruption of JUSTICE and rule of law, in the entire country, no judge can force me or anyone to comply with a government whose agents openly cooperate with violent organized criminal gangs to police our communities.

A recording of a bit of the Current CBC and my off the cuff reaction to the arrogant physician at the end are accurate. Who really gives a shit what the physicians think? don't think? because the statistics I quote at the end are true. In our Society, people control all things concerning them, not some self appointed quacks who presume they can make decisions for everyone else, who believe that they hold a monopoly over freedom of choice. I withdrew my consent from their control. You do as you will.

The strength of any Society lies squarely on the shoulders of the individual, not "experts," who hold monopolies in control of large numbers of people. In the concentration of power to such arrogant quacks as this doctor, a single mistake can prove fatal for many over generations. Of course this person and his colleagues would never admit to making such mistakes, or, they are even capable of making such gross errors. These smocked gangsters presume a lot. "I have gone to university, therefor I am God!"

"Yes of course, on his say so, because he has a degree, we must all suffer gun violence and state tyranny practiced against the god given right and mechanism of Natural selection, freedom of choice." So say the bovine.


The most important mistaken presumption that they continue to make is that they have authority over anyone's life. They simply don't have any authority to command anyone, at any time, or, to withhold anything because of their personal moral convictions. Yet these arrogant con artists continue to play god with the lives of everyone, but are always above being held to account. Only bovines would allow this state of affairs to control their lives. I know, because I have worked with cattle before, and helped to inject things into them, administer low dosage antibiotics, to make things more profitable, "efficient," and easier-- for the farmer, for the insurers, for the sheep herders, and politicians! This man speaking with such authority is a quack on this issue.

He, the god like doctor, is not factoring in the many thousands of deaths caused by the gang violence surrounding the fact of drug distribution into the equation. The reality is that prohibition has an adverse effect totally contrary to its claimed goal of reduction of drug use. The outcome of the equation is not a balance of health concerns, the outcome is one judged under the law as one of freedom of personal choice, with criminal consequences for the state of mind one wishes to peacefully experience. Humans make poor personal choices, that is our friggen right, you stupid quack!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Update: LAD-00023 revisited (click)

There have been a few calls inquiring if everything was alright with me because I haven't posted or Utubed for a bit.

Good news about the Boxing Day Sale: it was a roaring success and seems to be the first such sale experienced in this type of product anyone had seen. The line ups were orderly and well behaved without security. That is no bullshit. I had a line-up for the first two hours. I had broken down, and, for simplicity's sake, added a bonus of 20% across the board. So many nice people ranging in age from eighteen to the mid seventies stood conversing happily, sometimes waiting up to fifteen minutes, for their turn to order.

The VPD was busy up top in front of the building and this had alarmed some of my clients who took detours to get here. I always assured them that I felt good about the increased police presence, because who else would I call to help me out if something went wrong? The Vancouver Police don't bother me, rather I believe they are protecting me from the real, violent criminals. It's their job to keep the peace in our community since it would most likely be a Canadian who would be the criminal culprit. Who else should I call: the Hells Angel's? If the cops don't come when I call, or, if they dick me around, harm me again, then I will need to hire my own security from a pool of whomever is available.

I would have no other choice if this is the level of lawlessness that is in effect in BC. Let's hope there is someone in charge who is still sane, and doesn't think like Brad Desmarais and put a hit on me. The cop who engineered the press conference to announce the VPD's cooperation with the Hells Angels over the problem of Juel Stanton's behavior should be fired. To publicly align themselves with seeking the help of a criminal organization known for its violence to help with policing the community has undermined the foundation of the role of policing in a society which claims to be governed by the rule of law.

I am secure in the foundation on which I stand. There is no way, as I have told the parliament of Canada, that harmless people can be made to join a criminal organization which openly works with violent criminals. Has anyone noticed that there is not a hint of this obvious turn of events. One CBC suite, during my attendance at one of the Musical nooners this summer, spoke up and said to me of my perception of the VPD working with the Hells Angels something like this: "well that's your right to look at it that way." It's their right too, but no one dare go in that direction, because how would the sheep react when they got the obvious connection between Stanton's death spelled out for them? To air this real proof of a connection with organized crime, the press would expose that there is no rule of law in Canada. Couldn't have that eh? Oh, but they sure ramped up the bullshit about how dangerous Bud Oracle's pot shop was when it was open in February. Some kind of pure crap about me being responsible for an international security incident during the Olympics by Mike Howell of the Sun. Not a word about this open exposure of the criminal association of the VPD with the Hells Angels.

The fact is, these real actions by the VPD hang in the air like the smell of the rotting corpse of Justice. We actually don't know who took out Mr. Stanton and will likely never know whether it was the cops, or the HA, or someone else who took the opportunity presented to them by the VPD press conference claiming cooperation with the HA in April 2010.

The words we spoke as a Society to the government of Canada, foreshadow by a year our conclusions and state clearly that we are harmless people who have the right not to be harmed by the actions of the criminal organization known as Canada. When you loose the understanding of what your duty to the community is, as a police organization, lawlessness rules.

If you click the title link and research the document thoroughly you will see that it is a prescription for healing the Canadian society. Of course no one can force anyone to take it. But, no one can force anyone, such as the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, to cooperate with a criminal organization, either.

Here is an original song by Tim Dalton and John Finn. Thanks for sharing it.

Last night on Ideas CBC there was the third part of a series of podcasts entitled "Dogs themselves" It is amazing that I have come to understand these wonderful creatures---Dogs

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The ecstasy of "E"

An early morning address from the Chief Justice Bud the Oracle while on "E." I am trying to upload and complete this post before I lose contact with the keyboard as I get off on the LAD-00023. I enjoy communing with God this way and will take the camera along today and at least record this trip for posterity's sake. Yesterday's Current CBC Radio One "Top Under-Reported Canadian Stories" and "Project Censored"gave me cause to celebrate what seems to be a new era of honesty in the media. Happy tripping to all of you.


Please don't drink and drive and don't rush. Enjoy the birth of Christ

It was a pleasure to meet Tim van Horn and learn about his Canadian Mosaic project. Tim took a very nice photo of me at the CBC Food Bank drive. He included me even though I told him that I was no longer a Canadian

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas & Boxing Day Schedule

I will be closed on Christmas Day and open the next day, Sunday the 26th for my Boxing Day Sale. It will be a bonus added concept of 10 to 20%. Hash and some Marijuana flavors will be 10% product added to each purchase. MDMA and Mushrooms 20%

Here are the directions

Monday, December 20, 2010

Do dog bylaws give power to the mentally disturbed?

Upon reflection the last incident with the woman who complained to the City about my dog biting her dog when Aloofus and the neighbor's Sheppard put the run on her dog (click title for link to court outcome) is very disturbing to me. I have never witnessed the Wolf actually bite any other dog, so I am pretty sure it was the Sheppard who put a tiny puncture mark on her dog. Yes he is a big bluffer and alpha posturer, but he knows the rules: no biting. This woman who lives in the neighboring building came by with her pup about 3 years ago, or more, and somehow things went wrong. I didn't see the incident but I imagine that her pup was being rambunctious played its part. The Wolf likely postured, snarled and probably her pup nipped him out of fear. This is a no no in the dog's world of proper etiquette. Likely the Wolf went ballistic and tried to really threaten this little whelp and probably get her to submit. Still no biting though. This is where things have gone wrong since. The owner, this crazy woman from hell, started screaming and escalating the tension. I came out then, was verbally abused and threatened with bylaw enforcement because my dog was off the leash.

About a year later came the incident where the Sheppard and Ali rushed her dog and put a puncture mark on it. Why the city should be involved in this when it has no role to play in a fatal human hit and run on its streets, is a mystery. Are dog owners not responsible for their own dog's life traumas? Does the City of Vancouver not have better things to friggen do than to referee dogs? If the goal was to actually raise the level of awareness and safety among dog owners wouldn't my solution to off-leash problems be a better way to go?

Last Friday night this neighbor with a dog from hell almost blew her cork and I became aware that she is mentally unstable. The incident which is about the 5th time in three years is always the same and is as follows.

I had my head down coming down off the stairs and when I looked up I saw the wolf ready to do his feigned attack thing. The crazy woman was standing in a fear and loathing laced stance holding her aggressive mutt tightly. A companion was standing next to her also in fear. The wolf rushed in all snarly, teeth barred, and aggressive. Nothing dangerous in a normal big dog and it would not be this way if this idiot hadn't escalated matters to this point by wading into dog arguments and not allowing the normal course of things to run. He's in and out in about 3 seconds not having touched her dog as usual but having expressed his displeasure with this dog who had the temerity to bite him in the first place all those years back. What happened next has given concern that this woman has life issues of which I seem to be a major part.

She came at me with her dog on a leash lunging like an attack dog at me, snapping at me. Then she manhandled her dog weapon beside her tightly and began to shout, swear and spit at me from the distance of one inch. This went on for a full two minutes and I shouted back that her dog was the spitting image of her vicious self and that I was sorry that my Wolf was so quick in leaving off with his verbal harassment. She was again threatening to call the Bylaw enforcement officer the next day.

I didn't worry about her threats as much as her obvious mental imbalance over such a minor incident as a dog snarl fest. Sure it is a build up over her personal hate for me and all I stand for. The result is that she is in my estimation becoming dangerous to me.

Why I write about it today was that this morning there was a similar but opposite incident concerning the Wolf again. This time it was in the East corner of China creek park, perhaps 200 hundred meters from where the Friday evening dog incident took place. I was close and watched it happen. Three dogs were off leash playing and the Wolf came in the stranger. He stood in his Alpha stance for the young powerful slightly bigger male to sniff and greet. The cocky young guy wasn't having any of that and so did the feigned attack/slash aggressive drama thing and put the run on the wolf. Yeah, the old Wolf tried to snarl back, but the young guy rolled him off balance a bit and he almost went down. Before the owner could catch her big healthy boy it was actually over. The wolf had disengaged and was low tailing it back to me. He had been shown his social standing and accepted it and I petted him in assurance and he trotted off tail curled and up again in the next second. All over. During all of this I made no move and did not open my mouth. I was chuckling a bit inside to see the Wolf get a bit of his own medicine and how he handled it in stride. The owner of the victor, too, made no sound but did actually catch her guy after he let off putting the rush on the Wolf.

I was not at all upset in any way, shape or form and neither was the other dog's owner. The reason why people get all bent out of shape during a dog interaction is because they don't understand dogs. To be upset at a human owner because their dog doesn't get along with your dog is idiotic behavior in the first degree but then to have the City enforce this idiotic behavior with leash laws is really over the friggen top. People are total morons if they need to have the City of Vancouver make up for their lack of understanding of dog behavior. Don't get a friggen dog if you are not willing to put up with normal dog interactions. No wonder the entire system is breaking down! Rather than allow people to develop dog handling skills, understanding, these uniformed bylaw cops are called upon to escalate a bit of growling into legal action. The uniforms are there to placate the mentally imbalanced who can't help themselves. They have procured a good paying city job out of it.

The solution would be to raise the level of dog handling awareness, not engaging in more human legal conflict. This would be too simple, rather, everyone must be held to the lowest common denominator, which is a mentally disturbed hateful person who should never be allowed to own a dog in the first place. Just because her dog is leashed doesn't mean that she and it are not a big problem, a danger to peaceful people.

The City of Vancouver bylaws don't apply to me, my Wolf is well behaved and has caused no one, or their dog, any injuries. The next time there is an interaction, if she charges me with her dog again and it touches me, I will put it down there and then in self defense and be done with the problem.

Well maybe not. The poor dog isn't at fault.

Sorry to hear a favorite of mine has passed on. Thanks to the magic of Utube he will live on

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Diane Rothon BC Chief Coroner Fired during Paul Boyd Inquiry

As I asked in the post in the title link, now I know. From the bits of testimony coming out of the Paul Boyd Inquiry, I can see that there might have been a difference of opinion between the Government and someone who had an ethical core, a medical doctor perhaps, Diane Rothon? oh well girl you tried your best! It sure sounded to me like the cop executed Paul Boyd by everything that I have heard. The fact that the Police Chief obstructed justice on his behalf so soon after so dramatically is telling, imo.

A couple of clients have "warned" me at different times about police cruisers being parked at the top of the hill. I am happy that the area is well policed, I tell them. Of course there are many policing tasks to be done in this area. A lot of spousal abuse goes on when the drinking starts. There are meth labs around, dangerous people are walking around in the hood. why would I need to worry about the police? I am not under their jurisdiction and they know it. As far as I know, Lindsey Houghton is true to his word.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Name Game or What's in a name?

If you click the title link and see the recognition given in the parliament, it is now made even more official in that the Ministry of Health is responding to me by my proper name.

Today, the morning of the 15th, brings with it visions of smoothly undulating hills and tall mountains, deep dangerous crags. I am soaring like a hungry bee, wafting up on heady spring aromas close to a beautiful flower in a bee's clumsy version of flight. Soon I might zoom in and land on its lovely petals and do my thing, if the air currents are right. There is always turbulence to be wary of, though. Life is fragile. At any moment my liberty could be curtailed. Storm troopers could take me to jail. Crash and burn. Oh No! Or, I could be lucky, make a good landing. I could climb in and get my reward of sweet nectar. it's fun flying none the less.

This whole thing, my ongoing political adventure , my life, is reminiscent of an awesome cross country soaring flight, to me. At the moment I am tucked into a nice glide to the horizon, with the variable geometry full on high speed mode, at cloud base under an endless cloud street. The ground is 3 kilometers below me laid out like a jigsaw puzzle. I have a strong tail wind. It feels like I will fly on forever and come in for a nice landing at the end of the day. Things can change fast, though. That is part of the fun for me and other soaring pilots. Its the dynamic uncertainty of it that draws out the full experience, the full load of adrenaline. Some people, are built that way.

Here is something in the optimistic genre which was sent to me only moments ago. It shows some of this dynamic interplay in progress.

the Paul Boyd Inquiry is going on but it seems the outcome is a foregone conclusion. No doubt the guy had injured a cop but was he really enough of a threat at the moment of the shooting to warrant it? That at any rate has nothing to do with what I complained about, which was the actions of the Police Chief Jim Chu who obstructed justice on behalf of the officer who shot him before any investigation was begun.

That corruption belongs to Canada. I do not belong to Canada, therefor, other than through normal human compassion/empathy, this does not touch me.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I am humbled by the following from around the world

Although the numbers are not huge, among them is a high percentage of universities, city and state, provincial, and federal governments. Many come in on my genetics articles (CLICK TITLE LINK) as well as our legal concepts. I have used such a wide vocabulary on a full spectrum of topics that the search engines find me often. Truly I never learned any of this or planned anything. This is all seat of the pants cyber flying. Nice Friggen Ride!

Much like Jonni Durand takes us on! From launch to landing, I feel as if I am on MDMA when I watch this video. It conjures up such vivid memories for me, that I "crank and bank" with him as he flies by the arms of Christ! One day I would have liked to take this flight for real and worked to achieve it. Today, I am satisfied to have a global readership of intelligent people to whom I can express myself, while flying this space-time machine. Using the keyboard instead of weight shift for "directional control," I am able to catch the odd "fusion dragon" and rise above the landscape. I have weaned myself off the addiction to raw adrenaline in copious quantities and relegated my "fun time" to communing with god under the influence of psychedelics. This is a much safer and less destructive to the environment of a sport than hang gliding is and connects me directly to other members of the community in a happy, productive, way. Where is the need to punish people for something so harmless? Oh, and my selling these substances should give you a friggen clue as to how harmless they are. The only crime, in the almost three years I have been doing this openly, was when the police busted me on lies and false allegations at the store on 564 East Broadway. Think about it my neighbors are fine with what I do, there is no violence around me. Near the Mayor's house and City Hall, though, things are different. Could it be because here I control and regulate that there is no crime?

The landscape is different today, though, compared to when I was hang gliding. The "air currents" are mostly political turbulence. None-the-less, it is possible to "soar." The goal is different, too. This is not for solely hedonistic pursuit, although, it may look like it to some of you watching me do all these drugs. I see it in a different way. I see personal harm reduction at work.

I see what I am doing as "making a silk purse out of a sow's ear." I am hearing presently, a discussion on "the Current CBC radio" about the 69 year old lady who was stripped searched by the Ottawa police. Listen to her! How defiant she is! She sounds like the female version of me! She likes having a drink. So what? the cops like to assualt people So what the fuck are you going to do about it? This flight for Justice is what stirs my passions today. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY MORE PEOPLE ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THIS THROUGH HUMAN EMPATHY?

I am a drug using, addictive personality(sow's ear), who refuses to wear the label that the establishment has been trying to hang on me for 46 years: Dumb drug user. I am not a dumb person, and even though I have personal problems with substance abuse, I use relatively harmless drugs and am very engaged with helping change things for the better(silk purse.) Much more so than many users of alcohol are contributors. What the Registrar and I have done is "extremely extraordinary" when I see from where we have come.

Last night he came by for a visit and saw I was a bit stressed. We discussed my having to learn new things(growing into the role of Chief Justice) relating to working with other people, delegating authority, and mainly being patient. We completed this visit with the Lord's prayer which is something that I am learning helps in many situations. Sure we are playing at this (isn't life a play, a fun game which is meant to be enjoyed?) But, this is real Wu Li Dancing, none-the-less.

I am behaving like 99.9% of the other psychedelic "drug users." I will not tolerate the actions of today's police forces, and when I can, I do what I can to change things for the betterment of my community(just look to the right side of this article to access what I have done). I state exactly what I do, what I think, openly, every day in writing and video record to put the lie to this war on drugs, which is a war on harmless people for the benefit of organized crime and the university monopolies.

I don't know about you, but when I see how the Registrar and I have cobbled together this new legal paradigm(space ship) which is still fragile in my, and non existent in many other peoples' eyes, I have to actually shake my head to get a reference point that doesn't seem delusional after some reflection. The Registrar has asked me whether it matters what other people think, if it was important that I receive "popular recognition." this has forced me to search my soul and respond by saying, "not really!" Yes of course many times before I have thought indulgent, hedonistic, materialistic thoughts. Perhaps they will make good fiction? What is coming to the fore now is the beautiful complexity of this gift from God, (Lad-00023 listen to and download this audio- the Registrar is on LSD when he reads it,) is. A few things I am sure of: That this is really from God, that this is an example of Wu Li Dancing at its finest and that I am only a cog in the wheel.

Marc Boyer was just here. Man that guy is contentious! He also has no fear of idiocy. Marc has contributed much more than his fair share to keep our freedoms alive. I disagree with his strategy, but applaud his activism especially his perseverance. He also made me some great cookies! Thanks for everything Marc!

Update 12:57 pm... Only moments ago i had an interesting conversation with some young people who are in the same business as me. Apparently they have been to my blog, because when I started explain what they must do if they wished to become lawful sellers, is to comply with the rules of the Marijuana Guild, before I had a chance to further expound, the one guy chirps in, "You have to charge 5% sales tax right and sell only to people over eighteen."

I am pleasantly shocked! These are the people we wish to reach out to! These are the ones now dying in the illegal drug trade because there is no regulation! They are interested! And no I am not afraid of them. Every single young person whether out here, or, in the remand center whom I have met, respects me for my outspoken honesty. You bet it is going to pay off that I treat everyone with respect and trust. It always comes back around in spades! Never fails. This is from God and He is my only protection. He has assured me that how I act is acceptable to him, and this is the evidence that I need in the feedback loop(being of scientific bent.)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 people injured in gang related violence last night, Sgt Kaiser VPD

That is exactly why we do this Sgt Kaiser, Jim Chu, Mayor Gregor Robertson. The Unincorporated Deuteronomical society was formed in order to do the job that you people are not doing. It is your duty to make our common community lawful and safe. You people have failed abysmally, enforcing idiocy in the form of the failed CDSA, which has caused these problems.

There will be no stepping in our way to enforce your bullshit on us, thank you! You don't have the moral grounds to keep on harming Canadians in order to serve failed American Foreign Policy. Make my day and come to get me. Anytime you anal orifices want to lose your drugs and substances act and help save lives, come and bust me in a nice way, and we will do this together! Are you not tired of being on the side of the Gestapo losers? I mean, don't some of you people wish to be associated with what is right, not the cowards wearing colors and guns in your "leadership?" Do you need a job that badly, that you have to oppress harmless people and cause all this violence to have it? Must you leave your ethical position behind to do your job? Do you have any ethics, morals?

Mexico's drug wars won't come up here? When have the cops succeeded at any of their work here lately, that didn't cost lives and hundreds of millions? And Harper takes the advice of these incompetents for his Law and Order Policies? Give me a break!

And drug users are stupid? Holy crap, have Canadians ever been duped, eh? Fleeced of their heritage, their world leadership role, fleeced of a harmonious peaceful lawful society, all so that these uniformed incompetents can strut around, shoving harmless women, run for office after having caused incivility and havoc in our communities at huge expense (all the inquiries and never is anyone held to account). Check out the way the "news" cameras are focused on creating news not recording events in my videos.

It is blatantly obvious that the majority of the people are being dulled down by these types of focused "news" events instead of being shown the truth, allowed to form their own opinions. This means that those who are responsible for making this democracy work, the people, are in the pockets of those employers of the marketers: The corporations. In turn, the politicians who are also in the same pockets, but much deeper down, work against the best interests of the citizens, because there are no mechanisms which hold them to account. The reason for this is because traditionally those elected no longer serve the people once they enter the House of Commons, but those parties and benefactors whose money got them there by dumbing down the voters through expensive marketers.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Incivility drains human resources, causes social instability

This morning's The Current CBC "the cost of Incivility" was very interesting to me. If you listen to the podcast, as I will again on my MP3 today, you might get a drift of where my post will go today. I see this "workplace" phenomena, as being only a reflection of one facet of this huge ugly paradigm which is Canada's national dysfunctional condition. What takes place in Christiane Ouimet office also is a reflection of what comes down from the top, the Prime Minister's Office. It is the way of things you see as the cop shoves aside the disabled woman in video. Yes he is being charged, but the outcome is a long ways away.

No one was held to account when 4 RCMP thugs murdered Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport. What about the unlawful behavior of the Police and Ontario Government during the G-20? You bet am working on a video post about this bullshit today.

What about Frank Paul?

The "problem" is not as small as a workplace. The problem is endemic, epidemic, in all of society. It is the same problem that is exasperated by the practice of oppression on a massive scale through the "Controlled" drugs and substances act, which purports to give the agents of the "King" the authority to steal from and harm harmless citizens. It gives authority figures in both the private, and public sectors, the right to discriminate on arbitrary grounds and personally harass people for something that plays no part in their interactions with others. This is done under the lie that it benefits society, or our common "workplace." The only results are increased lawlessness and gun violence and drug use.

How can anyone expect a society that is based on fear, mistrust, and violence produce a happy healthy community? And then arrogant leaders would deny those substances which can alleviate that pain of cruel oppression with a close happy communion with God?

It is this lack of respect for each other as individuals, much of which is a throwback to cultural conditioning and poor leadership modeling which is at the heart of the problem. An overemphasis on controlling, arrogant, closed minded figures as authority models has caused much societal dysfunction, disharmony and instability at a debilitating cost to Canadians. Wouldn't this description fit your current Prime Minister? Don't you see this "workplace" dysfunction applying to your house of Commons, your government?

I guess that what the Registrar and I have done, with the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, is analogous to quitting the dysfunctional workplace known as Canada.

Today was an excellent day in paradise! These transactions for psychedelics were made on the evening of the 11th of Dec 2010, for the record.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aglukkaq in back pockets of tobacco?

After hearing this "brilliant" star of the Harper Cabinet on the House CBC on an equal party spokes person basis, a Biblical saying came to mind. As she rambled on with details about paint and lead that a science spokesman might enjoy, very minor things, I understood why we got no answer from this minister as to our requisition. "Cast ye not your pearls before the swine." I don't think she would be able to have understood it.

Integrity commissioner's actions 'unacceptable': Fraser

Is this the best these porkers got? I mean with about 37% of the popular vote and about 25% of those eligible to vote, these scoundrels sure have Michael Ignatief and Jack Layton on the ropes, eh? Yet the whole country seems to be on a bought sorry ride into oblivion. Every commitment and every ideal is reneged on and there seems to be no limits to this depravity. Yet not too many Canadians seem too outraged by it.

Holy smokes! Am I ever glad the Registrar came up with this fantastic little bit of fun theater, which we got the Canadian Government to go along with, otherwise I might have gone off the deep end. He is wise beyond his years in that he stated clearly what the final outcome would be for us.

There does need to be a safety valve for relief from this insanity for those to whom being sane matters. If we would not be allowed to do this, in a lawful, peaceful, beneficial-to-the-community, way, then the only alternative for change would be armed conflict and explosive belts. We have done everything required for peaceful withdrawal from the insanity and offered our terms for harmonious coexistence. None of which interfere in any detrimental, unsafe way, with the Government of Canada.

If you think that the government is only in the pockets of the tobacco industry, you are far from the mark. Organized crime calls the shot here in Vancouver. The broadcast media seems to be in these guys pockets too. At least they make none of the obvious connections.
I am my own insurance. The Registrar and I have fought these evil forces surrounding us which are linked right back to office of the Prime Minister. They cannot touch us because we are under the protection of right, of God. They shall fail in every effort to come against us, because it is the will of God.

Think about it carefully. Would you want to live in a society that came after people like us and persecuted us? There would need to be an armed uprising if a state wished to handle peaceful harmless people who wish to benefit the community, in a violent way. They know this better than the sheep whom they have duped so badly that they are useless to entrust democracy to. We are playing their game to win! I am not afraid to make my stand! Nothing will make me back down. Should something happen to me, my words will ring out loud and clear. They will remain in the minds of those who seek liberty and justice a lot longer than the words of Ms. Leona Aglukkaq.

In chess this would be called checkmate

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is "democratic" government a solution to good leadership?

When I see the mess that the political situation is in as reflected by our British Columbia political parties which are both undergoing "rejuvenation," I have to reconsider my wish to become involved in Canadian politics. There are two important words in that last sentence, imo. "Both" reefers to the fact that, usually in our system, there are only two political parties which are significant. As I have stated in "Do humans have a political gene?" we are fractionalized, polarized, by the nature of our "intelligent" political "discourse" or lack of it, to a "guttural" reaction. This drives the social division we see in our politics, which precludes rational decision making. Next, the large apolitical center, or those born without political filters(50% as in the study), away from the voting booths. This allows the evisceration of democracy on principle and manages to install fractionally driven governments which don't take into account that the nature of good human government depends on balancing these factions. One thing that became apparent when doing the study and researching into the different election results of democracies, is that democracies are a recent, rare phenomenon, totally unproven as to their effectiveness in good governance during the long run, and, not proven as a harmonious part of the governance of the peoples of the entire world.

The reason for this is that the polarization is being caused by the media which are the property of corporations. As Alex Carey so clearly points out, there is no real democracy in the West, especially the USA and Canada, it is controlled by corporate propaganda, as many of us have been proclaiming for decades.

Within the video below, I outline my goals as Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society and give you some insight as to my motivations as an individual.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wiki Leaks: media navel gazing, or a focus on revelations?

Although it is hard to tell by just looking at a picture, but I don't get a sense this man is a rapist. This is only an impression that time will either validate or dispel. i don't see how this is endangering any Americans compared to the the tens of thousands who are put into harms way to enforce brutal Imperialistic invasions which have killed millions of innocent civilians based on lies. This attack on the importance, the meaning, the validity, the relevance, of these Wiki Leaks is a propaganda farce perpetrated by the Industrial military complex whose foundation of perpetual bullshit masquerading as "good" foreign policy is being exposed.

Think about what it really means when the Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan mentions that President Karhzi's family is criminally connected. Doesn't that strike you as discordant to what you are being told that your sons and daughters are dying for? The sounds of it is that what I and many bold, so called liberal, bloggers have been telling you is true. You are, as a nation wasting your treasure for a corrupt venture. What Stephen Harper/Michael Ignatief is telling you doesn't square with what he should know to be the case: this is an illegal invasion Canada is involved in, on the pretext of Rooting out al Quaeda, which is ultimately doomed to fail because there is no local support for it. Canadians are dying, our reputation worldwide is being stained, because we have invaded a foreign land and are supporting a criminal government which is using our efforts for its own nefarious purposes.

The CBC seems to be downplaying the importance of these leaks (click title link). Any relevance that there is, is being sidelined into distant fictional future scenarios by their talking heads. The story, according to CBC, has too much evidence with "hundreds of thousands of leaks to come." I don't give any credence to what I hear from the broadcast media as being anything but spin upon initially receiving it.

Tom Flanagan, a former adviser to the Prime Minister, calls for the murder of Julian Assange on TV. here is my letter to the President of the University of Calgary:
Ms. Elizabeth Cannon, president of the UofC,
It is you people who are the idiots who have ruined this country with conferring degrees to violent morons. That is why we left Canada, because idiots with degrees are ruining things. There is no rule of law. People are jailed for using harmless substances which make them peaceful, while assholes like this moron who has advised the Prime Minister for years, calling for violent solutions now calls for murder on TV and always get away with it.
Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

The most dangerous terrorist organization to Americans is their own government.

the real news happening right here in Vancouver is being ignored.

All I know is that this needs to be done, and that there is no one else doing it. There is no rule of law in this province, country, or even city. Businesses don't comply with the law just as the police don't and there is no one else to hold them to account except those who are concerned about the harm being done at every turn to our community. Why would I not be allowed to do this in a peaceful way? No one in a uniform or wearing colors of any sort is going to intimidate me. And standing up for myself I will stand up for those who can or won't. Why is this something I choose to do? I find the pursuit of Justice rewarding in itself and also I believe that there is a great need for this work to be done. I can fulfill this need in a coherent, pragmatic, socially friendly way in my neighborhood. That is where my concerns lie: in my neighborhood and with those whom I interact daily. There is no way I will stand to be threatened or assaulted by anyone wearing any kind of uniform. Thugs with an attitude are not going to stand in the way of a peaceful intelligent man easily. There are laws that everyone must follow.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Prince George arson victim dies Sgt Kaiser VPD

Hey there Sgt Kaiser of the VPD, Mexican style drug wars won't come up here? Follow the back story. This would also have something to do with the growing violence and crowding in the pretrial centers. The problem with Sgt Kaiser's assessment is that it is based on a large degree of myopia. That is why it is not a good idea to let people who are on the front lines make policy decisions. They are too close and have no overview. I don't mean to belittle Sgt. Kaiser's personal police work, but he is not thinking clearly about the big picture, if he doesn't see the growing violence and lawlessness due to the CDSA. A problem that we, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, have gone a long way towards alleviating already, at least in theory.

I will be on my way down to the CBC plaza for the food bank drive, soon, leaving within a few minutes. Yesterday's filmed adventure is still in need of editing. The cops are busy in the empty lot across the street doing tactical training. All is well in the Hood! Did a huge sacramental dose of the LAD yesterday and had a ball!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shit just got real

Although reality was setting in after smoking a huge hit of sun blossom seeds she screamed "Puddi Puddi Puddi!" The crows were on crack again and the Christmas mess would soon be swept up. All will be well if the LSD doesn't run out and the White Wolf isn't tempted to go feral.

We all hope that here in LA La Land, "Where age before wisdom, cochise," rules, all will not go native. Don't let them find you supine!

Kevin Falcon (I keep wanting to say Kevin the Falcon,) former BC Minister of Health, before whom the LAD-00023 document sat without response for over a month, seems to be throwing out his hospital surgery duds and taking up the challenge of wearing the temporary crown of head honcho of BC. Very interesting, it's all a matter differences of Style between him and the outgoing Premiere and dangerous driver.. I hope his meaning of changing of "style" might incorporate some fine LSD from my menu and a walk through BC's forests with some of his ministers, instead getting drunk and driving when "unwinding" on foreign islands.

So far "they" have declined to take me up on my offer below. Sales are "Grrrrrrreat!" as Toni the Tiger would say.

This is the wondrous creation of law which the Registrar has given us, LAD-00023, and allows me to be this bold and honest. We have done it!

It has come this far. "Psychedelic sex for sale" in front of the BC Supreme court during the world famous polygamy trial.

What a wonderful fun filled adventure my real life is! Thank you, Lord God, for these gifts of liberty and peaceful harmony.

Smoking seeds of Morning Glory

There are some nutz that think that this is a drug experience when Jonny Durand mentions flashbacks in the above video. Let me assure you, this is much more dangerous than LSD or even MDMA, or anything that I have on my menu. And yet, you might feel like you have experienced something of what he is talking about after doing some of the things on my menu. And its much cheaper, too!
this is oine of the best Hang gliding videos I have ever seen