Saturday, January 31, 2009

In Canada 2009 AD, Drunken Stupor OK: Heightened Awareness Illegal...

Francis Crick, Kari Mullis, many other scientists, and I, have Altered State inspired science in common. Francis wasn't as bold as some of us and chose to remain quiet, while perpetrating the fraud of Government.

The Double Helix Structure of DNA

He also believed that the DNA molecule came from elsewhere in the universe. Francis subscribed to “Panspermia”

Do humans have a political gene?

For me, Gregor Mendel reflects the epitome of an observer/experimenter. On his chart stands all of the science of modern genetics.

It occurred to me that if there was any genetic component to human political alignment then it should be easy to discover by direct observation of the voting results.

If one asks a population a political question (samples a gene pool by voting), then something resembling Mendel's R chart might be seen in the results if this were true.

I took the USA Presidential elections as an example, because it has basically a right and left system. (I compared it to other democracies and came up with three genetic principles seen in the tabulation of voting results)

The last few American Presidential elections (since figures of the turnout were kept 1960) exactly reflect Mendel's chart, in my view. 25% voted Republican, 25% voted Democratic, and 50% were of mixed left/right variance, and didn't vote. In fact the average ratio of the of the last 12 Presidential election outcomes, if you discard the high and low results is: A split of 6/ 4 (Rep to Dem) wins RR(25.78)+rr(24.22)+Rr(49.93)=100%

The other two Genetic principles displayed in the Voting results of European Democracies compared to North American are:

1. It is a well known fact that intelligence is a genetic, inherited trait. That it is a dominant allele, I am inferring due our species survival and progress, because as the turn-out of eligible voters approaches and surpasses 80%, the -Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) of p^2, 2pq, q^2, where p is the frequency of the major allele, comes to mind. The optimum ratio of a dominant desirable trait (allele) in a free breeding population is 80%.

2. Genetic Drift to lower intelligence. These further results, pertaining to the American Presidential elections, indicate a decline of voter participation since the earliest (average of 1960, 1964, 1968= 61.93%) for which figures (the “Turnout”) were kept, until the last (average 1996, 2000, 2004= 51.87%). This is a (10.06%) (very) dramatic decline in less than 50 years...

Do the letters "GWB" figure into it anywhere?

I was celebrating winning an award and bursary for the highest marks in Belleville that semester in Molecular Biology with 2 hits of some very potent Windowpane LSD 25 when I first saw this very simple relationship. Instead of looking for little politicians inside the genes with a microscope, I simply counted the peas/ votes. The wrinkled ones and the smooth ones and the mixed ones. And to "harvest" the plants I used the published election results.

I know these are not exactly the same as Medel did with the R1 populations and such, but the premise is valid and the results are interesting in my opinion.

"It occurred to me that if there was any genetic component to human political alignment then it should be easy to discover by direct observation of the voting results. If one asks a population a political question (samples a gene pool by voting), then something resembling Mendel's R chart might be seen in the results if this were true."

One thing for sure I am the first to conceive of the idea of studying voting results to see if genetic principles can be observed.

As I have neither credentials nor foundation behind me, an amateur, I trust Google to be my witness and publishing forum. Hey you never know.! And if I had been shy and kept quiet and one day in the future someone else saw the obvious and made the claim I would be left saying "I thought of that way back... Honest!"

Yet on the other hand, I have more power than Gandhi in getting my word out effortlessly using the $45 computer from Free Geek. The Mahatma needed a whole commune dedicated to printing his publications in 4 languages to get his words out while I can spread my lofty notions and ironic potions at the speed of light almost with video on a vast ever growing cyber neural net which has nothing to stop it from becoming interplanetary in the future if things don't get out of hand environmentally here.

Podcast of Synopsis

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why should anyone fear Justice in court?

Basically I am not loosing sight of the fact that in essence “Justice is supposed to be a beautiful expression of man's loftiest notions overlaying a body of human faults.”

How Do I feel with court coming up on Feb 9th?

In one word: Confident!

Not necessarily confident that I will “win,” whatever that means, but assured of the correctness of my ethical and moral position. It may not be popular, but I believe it is very important and relevant to all of us.

It is on my heart to pursue this safe course of civil disobedience for all the right and timely reasons, therefore I must do as my spirit commands. Many others who do this and are much better/more effective than I, at it. this is of no relevance to me also. I firmly am of the opinion that my personal safety is not as important as the damage that this law does daily

What will happen? I really don't know, but am at peace over it. I have a peace inducing ally/friend (rather than conflict generating lawyer) and together we are ready to roll the dice of truth and honesty on behalf of the safety of society. How can I loose? I was always taught that this is the foundation of all Justice.

What happens is not in our hands at any rate and I will be happy to go on with this same path, independent of any result, good or bad. Until this society quits discriminating against me and others for doing nothing but making a safe personal choice, I will not quit. The Prohibition laws cause drug dealing in playgrounds and gangland violence in my neighborhood and increase dangerous drug use, poor policing, and lawlessness throughout all of society.

It is Mr. Hogg, the Crown Attorney, that is on the side of Evil making my country unsafe to live in. No excuse such as the NATO charter on drugs can stand in the way of democracy and a community's right to safety at a grassroots level.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dainis Mednis was a friend of mine

Although I haven't seen Dainis “Madness” in more than 20 years his memory is still with me. Dainis was one of the nicest persons I have ever met; always happy, always a sense of humor. He was the man who gave me the name “Klaus base” when everyone was always going to cloud base and I was sinking out in my early days hang gliding, Hinton Alberta.

Dainis died of an aneurysm on Saturday in a cross country ski event near Vernon, as I understood it. Help was right there but nothing could be done for him. His memory and name will never leave me and I truly am sorry for those who have lost such a happy part of their lives. He was about to become a grandfather. Sad, because he would have been one of the best grandparents a kid could have.

As I am nearly destitute and can't afford to travel, if someone has a way up for the funeral please let me know.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My neighbor a "Harley Lover" Passed on last night

I liked him as a neighbor and returned his civil pleasant attitude to me. I liked how he often goosed his Harley while still in the underground and set off the car alarms. We would smile at each other as he waited for the door to slide shut. Standing about 10 meters apart on my porch, I was able to catch the devil in his eye and cast back a smiling acknowledgment from a fellow rebel. Although he mentioned that he was an HA, I still pointed him to "I trusted the RCMP." I always do, because I trust people on an individual basis not because of the uniforms, or insignia they wear.

Al had a sense of humor and was a man I felt that I could instinctively trust. I knew things weren't good, because he wasn't riding for the last couple of months. The last time I saw him about three months ago his throat was all swelled up and he told me for the first time that he had cancer. Now he is gone. The second person to die young of cancer in my immediate circle this year. Al was only 50. I will miss him and his noisy Harley.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Breach of Trust charges against 4 VPD officers. File # 2007-3691 (click for full audio version)

The incident which sparked this example of dangerous and poor policing was a home invasion and assault perpetrated on me in front of a witness on March 14, 2007, 11 am, and is as follows . This statement was sent to the VPD a few hours after the attack early in the morning of March 15 (I was asleep for a while, probably as a result of the assault and blows to my head)

>>>>>>>>>>>>read from notes<<<<<<<<<<

Next day 9:20 am, there came a bylaw officer who told me that he was sent to apprehend my dog by the VPD.

Also the first appearance of the story of “an email can change the world” in the Canadian press disappeared. When later I had some portions of the officer's notes released she had already, before seeing me, labeled me as “Suspect.” the only information her notes contained were the manager's lies and allegations.

After a few days I figured out what happened and sent the evidence of my proof using the phone records and recording of the 911 call to the VPD. Here it is:

>>>>>>>>>>>read from notes<<<<<<<<<<<<

These VPD goons (perhaps in criminal partnership with the manager) tried to paint me as the aggressor in an incident where there was a home invasion in front of a witness, because they were either too lazy, or too corrupt, to investigate properly and took the word of the manager who was in criminal partnership with the perpetrator. He tried for weeks to intimidate me and lure me into fighting him. I did have enough evidence through telephone records to get her fired, and the aggressor kicked out of the building, but not before she tried 3 times to evict me illegally. This is done by the cops to the poor and down trodden all the time. They then end up on the street in a terminal prolonged death sentence.

These four cops labeled me, before interviewing me, a suspect and failed to take a single note on my behalf. They ignored the evidence of the break in and disregarded eyewitness statements to do the bidding of our manager from hell. She had grow ops in the building with the perpetrator. These are the officers: Tanya Laboutiller 2101, Martin Formanek 2136, William Sandberg 2349, Robert Phoenix 2169.

I took these goons to the Police Complaints Commission, File # 07-3691, Section 52 of the Police Act, Breach of Trust. What a load of pure lies and hogwash that process is. I still have the records and physical evidence to prove these cops liars. The whole process is an affront to the rule of law and entrenches criminal behavior and poor performance by the police.

I continue to have headaches almost two years after the attack, and can't seek compensation because the poor corrupt policing has left me the perpetrator in their records. The city of Vancouver said that they would provide an MRI, yet now they won't, leaving me hounded by a collection agency. Yeah, free health care, police “services.” Fuck off with the bullshit, because I and many others ain't buying it anymore Mr. Wally Oppal, John Van Dongan.

The end of the Breach of Trust file.


What follows is the reaction to this "Policing Service" and why I withdrew my consent to be governed by the corporate, criminal entity, Canada. (any quasi legal defacto group calling itself the government that allows its agents break the laws, even to kill and never be held accountable, is a criminal entity)

And these are the fuck-ups that are supposed to police my personal adult choices and can make me a criminal bringing down the full force of the law if I am smoking a "prohibited" substance?

As if I did something that all the quasi legal compassion clubs don't do now, advertise their services and products to the public. All I did was ask nicely, on two different occasions, 2 police officers if the wished to purchase Cannabis, for the purposes of clarifying our laws and for the betterment of society. Just what is the law here Mr. Oppal-there are no medical exemptions under the present laws, but compassion clubs are allowed to operate. I declared my Compassion for society in trying to get drug dealing from the playgrounds because the government isn't doing it. Since last June I have been unmolested and boldly selling Cannabis from my place. Now I want to know why I couldn't approach two cops and do what seems to be legal? Just what is up here?

If I was this foggy and ambiguous I would never have been able to safely fly cross country on hang gliders. Who in the fuck can follow exactly what the law is in this country? Who could figure out just how it might be applied? For whomever might break it, at any given time and circumstance.

Rule of Law? what a fucking farce! Thankfully Canadians are unsophisticated bovines, far too engrossed in the Hockey Game for our Officials to have to worry much as they fleece them a thousand ways.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Scam of Government Services (click for audio)

What the “need” for Government is all about, was brought home by another encounter this morning on my way to the store.. As I do all the time, I set out with my White Wolf up the steep driveway. He was off leash as he always is, because I don't leash him until we get to the sidewalk up top. It makes it safer walking up this steep, sometimes icy, hill, for me. He was staying as far to the right on the pavement as possible when the manager's husband tried to take a swing at him with the shovel.

This guy, had been shoveling a mountain of garbage, which he and the manager had let pile up for a month now, since the snow first came. The truck could not come to get the bin and the tenants had been dumping beside the overflowing, neglected bin. His wife, the manager, harangued me to leash my dog as I walked by. Aloofus was waiting up top on the sidewalk for me as she spoke to me. She threatened twice to call the Bylaw officer.

I retorted, “THE GARBAGE IS A HEALTH HAZZARD. GET IT CLEAN OR I WILL CALL A CITY HEALTH OFFICER.” (I didn't mean it though. I just want the garbage cleaned up in a timely manner and not to be harassed, having been patient with this older couple for a month now.)

Thinking hard on my way to the store, it occurred to me that these contentious people might believe that it was my dog, not the huge rats or fat raccoons, which had been into this mountain of vermin breeding garbage.

There you have it, these lazy people are ready to call on city government for its services, in order to threaten me, a peaceful citizen not bothering anyone. Yet they are guilty of helping the building's rat infestation explode. I can hear them in the walls all the time, now. The smell and eyesore for dozens of tenants has been a continuous problem around the bin area for more than a year, culminating in this horrendous mess, yet the city bylaw services will work over time to make me a lawbreaker for my dog being off leash.

That is the problem with our modern Canadian government: there is too much of it! The function of most government departments seems to be to help the greedy landlords, the rich who wish to enslave us, and the contentious, to screw with ordinary citizens. Therein the government agents prove their worth and shoehorn themselves into jobs which they have made “indispensable”. This is done with multitudes of corporate statutes, ranging from the prohibition laws at the federal level to the leash bylaws of city governments. These statutes all seems to be designed to oppress people.

Let's have a fossil fuel burning bylaw which might make the air I breath safer, before we have uniformed goons chasing around free-roaming four footed creatures. I'm seriously tired, as are many other Canadians, of this costly government bullshit, designed to help enslave us by bureaucracy, so that we can be fleeced by the rich and powerful. My dog being off leash, in this immediate area, entertains himself with catching rats. He's gotten 3 since Christmas. They hide in the many fallen trees left as hazards and rat cover by the management. Al posts himself strategically to snatch them up as they follow their routes. This is a natural response to the garbage problem causing vermin infestation, which costs no one money, yet I am the one breaking the law for having my dog unleashed.

Therefore, I withdraw my consent to be governed by this criminal corporate entity called Canada and all of its subsidiary agencies.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wally Oppal and the Polygamists of Bountiful

Well it was threatened for several years now and finally there is some apparent action 7 months after having announced the latest push to charge the Hen Pecked, Winston Blackmore, and another. Just because they have been charged doesn't mean that the charges will stand up in a trial which might take place 2 years from now.

Obviously this is not something being done to rescue or “save” any people from being sexually exploited at the moment. These charges stem from long ago disgruntled/enlightened females taking on what they understood after years of participating in it as being “wrong.” The future of these charges is beyond knowing. A more ambiguous issue is hard to imagine.

I can't as a libertarian see the good of the state being involved in limiting relationships in the number of participants if they are truly consenting adults. It is the fact that these children having been raised to their roles in a legal religious belief system, which still allows crimes such as gender discrimination to be sanctioned and taught to their young. Catholics and other mainstream religions are allowed to indoctrinate their young in defiance of the hate, gender equality laws.

Where does the right of society to interfere in someone's faith and beliefs start and end? Why do we intrude when none of the current participants in the culture/ religion of Bountiful are complaining? I see this as a political intrusion into people's rights and freedoms for the reason of persecution by people who disagree with the notion.

I believe that there is no crisis here and if someone did something to anyone on an individual basis we do have the courts, although they are not timely and therefore unresponsive to a crisis. There is no crisis in my estimation, other than that manufactured in other people's minds. I have lived in Creston and watched these people interact in the community. No one seems to be coerced and even if they grow up with different values it is no different than what other religions have done and continue to do.

I feel that there is much more that could be done of less high profile benefit by helping get rid of the prohibition laws which are really harming society and killing people in many ways. It is only of concern to those who wish to always control others what the polygamists do. Many more children of both sexes have been harmed by pedophile priests and clergy, including systematic abuse of the residential schools than is occurring, or has ever occurred, in Bountiful.

Where Mr. Oppal could make a real difference to the safety of our society, repeal of prohibition, he is kind of lame believing in the Kangaroo court system to affect changes in addiction and substance abuse. An antiquated, dangerous corruption/crime causing approach proven invalid sixty years ago. Yeah a little publicity garnering misdirection while the same old racist law oppression bullshit continues.

Or why not concern ourselves with setting up a real investigatory body to oversee the criminal conduct of the police forces of this province which impacts British Colombians everyday and which many people would like to see?

I don't know for sure because I only heard part of the interview and can't find it now, but wasn't it Wally Opal who is the Judge I mention in this video, who thinks Lori Douglas associated Chief Justice Manitoba should resign because he knows, almost Godlike, What Canadians regard as normal sexual behavior?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The rude attitude of Senator Larry Campbell irks me.

Wasn't it this friggen liar who said something about finally electing a Senate? Oh, but that was only a good idea when he needed votes. Who gives these arrogant free loaders their cushy jobs and just what does one have to do to get it, besides being rude and arrogant?

Campbell, Larry W
Re: [Sunshine Soup] Park Rage: It happens!
Sun, 04 Jan 2009 21:29:50 -0500 (18:29 PST)

Get a life. And take me off this idiotic list. Life is too short to listen to your rants. Thanks.

Campbell, Larry W
Re: [Sunshine Soup] Park Rage: It happens!
Mon, 05 Jan 2009 15:51:29 -0500 (12:51 PST)

Dear Bud;
    Get help or medications. No need to reply as I have blocked any further email from you.

see my response:

When Senator Campbell was mayor here his police perpetrated a crime on me and nothing ever came of it. Internal investigations complaint #04-144146 against officers 1768, 2221 and a sergeant 1498.

That was long before these goons tried to paint me as the aggressor in an incident where there was a home invasion in from of a witness, because they were to lazy to investigate properly and took the word of the manager who was in criminal partnership with the perpetrator. I did have enough evidence through telephone records to get her fired, and the aggressor kicked out of the building, but not before she tried 3 times to evict me illegally. This is done by the cops to the poor and down trodden all the time. They then end up on the street a terminal sentence.

These four cops labeled me before interviewing me a suspect and failed to take a single note on my behalf, ignored the evidence of the break in and ignored eyewitness statements to do the bidding of this manager from hell who had grow ops in the building with the perp who assaulted my after breaking into my place: Tanya Laboutiller 2101, Martin Formanek 2136, William Sandberg 2349, Robert Phoenix 2169.

I took these goons to the Police complaints commission, File # 07-3691, Section 52 of the Police Act, breach of Trust. What a load of pure lies and hogwash that process is. I still have the records and physical evidence to prove these cops liars. The whole process is an affront to the rule of law.

Yeah, I kind of think I have a right to complain to all this plus the other events of lawbreaking by well paid police, documented here in podcast, as well as written form, by me:\


Then ad on top of all that, think of all the high profile TASER and other murders of citizens which are allowed for a whole plethora of excuses.

I really don't give a shit about what Senator Campbell likes or doesn't like. I am super tired of cops, their friends, the fact that they are never held to the same laws in the same way, and back room deals which keep only friends of friends of power in appointed jobs throughout all levels of Canadian government. To me it is important that these armed goons are held to account and not given racist morality laws to enforce with their lawless attitudes.

First off, these government officials are PAID to receive all “rantings” of all citizens, not to dispense medical information or judgments. This my journal, and I choose to link it up to a senator in order that someone in that sleepy institution of favoritism is in touch with the life of a citizen who is suffering under the oppression of unjust laws and unequal application of the rule of law. I really don't care if he is drunk late at night and he doesn't like what I have to say. I do have the freedom to say it, and to him if I choose. He is free not to listen to it as well.

He is not paid in his cushy appointed job to insult anyone for trying in a peaceful way to make government aware of the injustice of the prohibition laws and police forces. It is the oppressed lives of citizens which should concern him not dispensing pseudo advice he knows nothing about.

From the top to the bottom of Canadian government you will find it bristling with arrogant snots who think that they are born to rule us and have long ago lost compassion for those they are paid to listen to.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Park Rage: It happens! (click for audio)

I suggest not interfering with what other people are doing if it is of no consequence to you. The world would be a better place and we would need less government if people minded their own business. Case in point:

I was at Trout Lake on Saturday, the 3rd of January, 2009, minding my own business. My White Wolf was off leash at the south end of the lake (Yes, against the leash law---we comply in the summer when people are using the beach). He first off ran around on the snow covered, empty beach, then on the ice a bit, as he ALWAYS DOES. He is an athlete and loves to run and frisk. Aloofus “zig zags” like a Wolf, which he is.

There was a lady on the far corner, standing on the beach and feeding the ducks (also against regulations). When my Wolf scampered PAST HER in a frisky run to chase the lazy ducks into the air, out of pure joy, this bitch from hell started yelling at me to leash my dog as she tried to kick Aloofus.

This I won't tolerate, because it could eventually lead to the destruction of my animal, as he might learn to bite in return. I told her to fuck right off. I reminded her that it was against the law to feed the ducks in the first place.

She kept haranguing me, and I her, I pointed out that these lazy pond creatures needed a bit of exercise and idiots like her made the ducks tame enough so that they couldn't survive in the wild. I also pointed out that it was morons such as herself who drove to the parks in their 4x4's to feed these poor tormented creatures, unhealthy bread, that caused their numbers to decrease, more than my dog running along the beach.

I figure it this way: if I have done my responsibility to make my dog socially safe from the frightened-of-humans creature that he was, I will protect him from being tormented by the viscous idiots of this world. People like her with no sense had almost caused him to be put down when he was a pup and he is still frightened of dangerous apes going after him.

Then the guy at the house got into it and threatened to call the Bylaw officers. All because my dog in a fit of joy, as a child might have done, ran alongside the ducks on the beach to chase them into the air.

Yeah, I can see why people need government if they don't have enough brains to cope in a peaceful way with life. It is always these Nazi-from-hell-types that want to make me comply with the laws, while they consider themselves free to break them and do so with belligerent abandon..