Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gifts from my Catholic heritage to ponder in this Season (click)

Although I won't use this factual account of the heritage of catholicism unto our present day Pope for the purposes of spinning my own religious fantasy as the moderator does at the end, I do agree with the facts.

That is why I emailed and sent out LTEs to the Weasel, Paul Martin, when the Pope interfered with our "democratic" processes during the vote for allowing gay marriages. Not a single mention of the illegality of that move in international law was made and of course there should have been a government diplomatic warning of the highest priority as there would have been if any other nation had tried to involve itself in our government.

The sheep are not bright enough to catch these things, but happily persecute others at the whim of their masters.

Merry Christmas from a former Catholic to all present deceivers
and their Nazi Pope.
I don't trust any organized religion as being capable of delivering something which is naturally within us to be experienced, rather they dumb us down. I have used Psychedelics to enhance both my spiritual and mental perceptions as I believe the first intelligent humans did. The reason for our modern day troubles lie in the abandoning of the regular ritualistic use of such substances.