Friday, August 21, 2009

The OPCC, "A useless tit of an Organization"

I'll keep you apprised of the process.

I laid a complaint about the assault on Monday 17th. Today I have been after trying to get my camera back. It was in the possession of someone who was arrested not charged, and then released in about 7 hours. The VPD has literally stolen this valuable tool for my activism but it is a vital link to my safety for recording events around me as well.

Here is the email I sent off this morning. does anyone have any better ideas?

Greetings and peace to all whom these presents may come,

I wish to know the status of my complaint.

Also I wish direction as to if this is the appropriate place to lay charges of false imprisonment, false arrest, theft of property by the VPD?

I also have a fee schedule which was formerly submitted to the Canadian Government and wish to submit my bill for these unlawful infractions covered thereby.

Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society
Clerk Marijuana Guild
Freeman on the Land

This is the response they gave me this afternoon. Notice how the complaint against 2, probably 3, guards has suddenly turned into "The jail guard referenced in your complaint has yet to be identified"

Dear Sir: Your email of August 21, 2009 has been forwarded to me, as I am the Investigative Analyst assigned your most recent complaint. Please note the following responses:

Ø In regards to the status of your complaint (OPCC 2009-4799):

· It has been characterized as a public trust complaint and a related notice has been forwarded to you in today’s mail.

· The jail guard referenced in your complaint has yet to be identified. However, I note that it has only been four days since you lodged your complaint.

· Unless your complaint is dismissed, informally resolved, or withdrawn, a commencement of investigation report may be anticipated within 45 days and subsequent progress reports every 30 days.

Ø In regards to the laying of criminal charges:

· Sergeant Jeff Rice of the VPD Professional Standards Section has responsibility for the investigation of your complaint, including the forwarding of reports to Crown Counsel when deemed to be appropriate.

· You may want to discuss the laying of charges of “false imprisonment, false arrest, theft of property” with him.

· Sergeant Rice may be contacted through the main switchboard for the City of Vancouver at 604-717-3535.

· Please note that the Professional Standards Section file number for your complaint is 09-145208.

Ø In regards to your “fee schedule”:

· There are no provisions under Part 9 of the Police Act (complaints) for compensation for injury or damages.

· Should you wish to make a financial claim against the Vancouver Police Department, you will need to contact Risk Management of the City of Vancouver.


William MacDonald

Investigative Analyst

Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner

I liked Charlie Chaplin's speech so much in the video Robert Menard Posted that I recorded my own version of it below, for the halibut. Just hit go

This is my Claim of Right. The document was formally submitted to various principals of the Canadian Government. I borrowed someone else's template and used it for myself.