Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanks for the return Kindness, Duane!

The link to the title is my White Wolf Blog.

When I picked up your notebook on the bench at China Creek park I never thought that an act of such return generosity would befall me. Coming from a person whose heritage I respect, those two huge salmon tasted extra special. Still got a few pounds left after eating fish in new ways-even for breakfast-since Wednesday. Not letting any go to waste and I am getting creative.

Thanks to the Karma exchange, another beautiful person has entered my life. Wow, I am blessed!

Sad about your loss though! I can see why if you were on your way to a funeral you might have been absent minded and forgot to pick it up. The only dilemma I had, was that someone might be coming back for it right away, but when I saw the numbers-home and cell-I thought that contact would be imminent and be able to reach someone.

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