Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Humans are susceptible to addictions.

What got me going on this subject again was Tony Clements rumblings about Insite and the fact that I see my computer addiction as severe and deplorable as any other habit that I have developed an unhealthy dependency on. Making a state problem out of a normal human condition is true idiocy.

In my opinion there is no difference in any of the addictions to any substances or pleasurable habits for humans, rather it is how, and in what context we judge them/ The religious have set themselves up in perpetual and unjust judgment of those who are not followers. Every issue where an adult human being's right to choose is at stake, the believers somehow wish to deny what god decreed, that each of us has the right to make our own moral judgments. God gave us the right to choose wrong without being made criminals, too.

There are an infinite number of things which can addict humans to them. As far as deadly addictions, the burning of fossil fuels might be the end of us, if it is not our love of religion induced conflict and strife.

Compared to our dabbling in even the hardest of drugs, the end of the human race is at stake due to our ability to lie successfully to ourselves. As Fraudulent Apes we don't like to look at, and judge ourselves, too harshly, while it is always those "others" who are the problem. This is a lie of course, yet Mr. Harper would use it to harness those who have their eyes closed, only to underscore the hatred of the "other," by asserting himself as tough. Solving the problem of drug addiction and the misery of tens of thousands doesn't mean diddly-squat to Mr. Harper when compared to getting votes for the big blue machine.

Again, it is a matter of finger pointing by the believers in god, which paints the smoker of a joint as dangerous while the Pastor, who drives to his church, gives no thought to his own impact on our biological existence. It is religion that has always stood in the way of sane democratic equality, always oppressing those who would dare to think and do differently.

Prime Minister Harper feels that he can make judgments of others and believes that it is his business how Canadians should perceive the world, what is good and what is not. This is the same myopic folly that those racist religious forefathers used which corrupted our peaceful society with shortsighted laws, which encouraged the growth of crime and lawlessness throughout the last century. The only thing Harper has shown himself consistent in, is lying to gain votes: fixed date elections, income Trusts, concern for Canadians and our future.

Humans are addictive in the their nature, to criminalize some according to the substance they use is not only oppressively cruel, but because prohibition makes it a lucrative enterprise to encourage addiction, totally hypocritical!

The current violent rule of organized crime is directly due to prohibition policies of the religious right of a century ago, and mr. Harper is plowing the same ground today.

Truly, we need change, not more of the same!

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