Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'd like to run for the Marijuana Party in Kingsway

This is only one of my issues.

There seems to be no real choice here for Canadians, no broad perspective. I was reluctant to run for a single issue party a few years ago and am still against party politics now.

The only issue that the Marijuana Party demands unity on, is the prohibition issue and our fight for sanity. Other than that, it leaves its candidates totally independent. That's Awesome! Because then they can represent the people who elect them.

I will implement TADD in my riding.

I need to have someone stand up and loan the money to my campaign (it's totally refundable), for me to make the effort. It's $1000.00

We truly need new fresh perspectives in our current mix of viewpoints.


In watching the news about all the campaigns and seeing all the political people shining in their enthusiasm, I see everything appears exactly the same.

Didn't Einstein say something about insanity being the practicing of the same error and expecting a different result.

No wonder so many ordinary people who don't wish to control everything are turned off. Most people who own no property only want a fair shake, nothing that isn't due to them. They are concerned about having a roof over their heads at a fair price, while the Property Holders/Developers are concerned with how much their investment appreciates.

The property developers are interested in shaping the future to feed their selfish affluent materialistic concerns.

The poor are denigrated and trained to think of themselves as powerless. They are concerned with everyday living and confused by the complexities and have no real advocate to stand in for them.

It's a fixed fight. Much like the way a PM has the ability to call an election at his whim ambushing his opposition and stacking the deck in his favor. and we thought that was fixed.

We believed that we were beyond that as a Nation but Mr. Harper has proven the consummate liar, showing us he'll do anything he wishes no matter what laws he passes (Thursday the 4th after watching the National and local news, I added this)

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