Friday, September 12, 2008

Mounties gullible and buy into TASER's fraudulent term "Exited Delirium"

Turns out the Mounties own suppressed independent review of TASER use by the RCMP, places the blame squarely on the poor research into TASER products and almost total reliance on the Company's sales pitch. These gullible morons make decisions which will kill hundreds of Canadians based solely on the company literature. And they claim to know what is best for Canadians such as Prohibition. These are idiots making decisions way above their league.

They stick to their illegal stand using this untried, unsafe, untested by CSA, weapon against Canadians no matter how many they kill.

This group of Buffalo Patchers is out of hand, forgetting their role and duty as public servants first, who is boss, and that the people of Canada decide what weapons they carry against them.

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