Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The National today confirms my post below!

Go to the link in the title of this article and watch the National for September 8th 2008. You will see that the poles show exactly what I perceived during my campaigning on Sunday 7th , the one entitled "Canadian soldier killed,7..."

As I have said before, people are not interested in the Afghan mission nor the political conflict of leadership. People want, no crave, real policies for the future, for keeping the country competitive so that we can have jobs and do well in the world economy. Those policies which might have helped us today were shunned by Mulroney and his clowns.

The young parents on the National in Toronto are interested in a future for their children more than they are in driving cars.

I believe our politicians are behind the momentum on this as every other issue. This is my proposal for Vancouver:

I would if I could work to implement a vehicular magnetic strip licensing system with remote road sensors. A nominal fee for the initial yearly tag, and then a fee of $1.00 per day it is sensed on the roads.

The home owners would see a direct deduction in their property taxes for these tax incomes. This would encourage the use of alternative to fossil fuel burning personal transport and reduce tax rates for home ownership close to where one's employment is. a change in lifestyles.

A further benefit would be a reduction in policing costs because all vehicles would be able to be traced in real time. Of course a record could be kept for later perusal of all vehicles on all roadways. Crime would be much more difficult to conceal. Compare to the rate of deaths and injury from Cannabis use, the hit and run fatality and injury lists are staggering. Is it because many of these random hit and runs are committed by otherwise "respectable" citizens, that all the attention is diverted to me being a threat for smoking pot, while hundreds are killed or maimed every decade in Vancouver alone?

Fack you Mr.Harper, I'll not be your target of convenience anymore!

The daily vehicle fee would help off-set a portion of the real cost of fossil fuel burning personal vehicular transport to our environment, as well as spur on the search for alternatives and encourage the use of bicycles and public transport.

I have done this personally 4 years ago and can assure you that our citizens would become healthier, happier, and wealthier if they were encouraged to get out of their cars. This would lessen the burden on the health care system and make us a better adjusted more civilized society as people begin to socialize with each other again. I can at 58 get anywhere in this town, or within ten miles on my bicycle faster than a driver, if I had a week to get into the route and logistics.

And it really is getting pleasant, looking at all the healthy people that are on their bikes now! Much better than Cadillacs.

The resistance to this change is due to our addiction to the car as a marketed consumer product, as deadly to the entire human race, as a crack addiction is to an individual. Heroin was a legally produced pharmaceutical, too. But it wasn't used by the majority and mass marketed so heavily that the car becomes a symbol of personal freedom, an inalienable right! Even trumping my right to breath clean air!

Therefore, it is insanity that we make people who smoke pot criminals, but worship those as successful who drive a hummer! We really have to wake up and give our heads a shake, or be ready for a swift calamitous end to all this hypocrisy. This is a blatant deadly waste of the worlds limited resources to serve the gods of American Consumerism: Materialism, money.

It is legal, marketed madness, supported by religion! Much more dangerous to life than Marijuana. Yet I'm called stupid legally by my Prime Minister for holding my rational thoughts.

We'll see who is stupid soon enough, Canada. Steven Harper and the bovines who vote him in, or people like me who are calling for real change now before it is too late. You are definitely making the bed you will lie in with your children's future. Yes the Germans thought Hitler was a real "leader" too. The same with the Americans and George Bush. Harper is a hollow metal robot ready to serve up your children's future for American ideology.

As a soaring pilot, having made many challenging decisions successfully under the influence of Marijuana, I know what it means to be at the point of no return. I assure you that this is where we as a nation, as a species, are now!

I can also recognize a lie without difficulty.

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