Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The news of the Canadian elections is tragic

There is nothing new under the Canadian Indian summer sun! Worn, tired rattlings of the would-be medicine men who vie for the job.

These green initiatives should have been put in place when I went to school in the environmental sciences after the propaganda of Rio. This was an Initiative of the Ray government in Ontario in 1990, quashed by the Harris Conservatives. These strong arm bullies, tough on murdering natives, allowed the Ontario landscape to be a dumping ground for effluent of multinational industries.

It will be your children and their grandchildren that are going to reap the bounty of that horn of plenty. And you deserve it for voting the idiots in!

Yeah 38% is what harper has, the same as when he broke his own gesture to democracy, the set voting date and pulled the plug on Parliament.

This is a consummate liar not to be trusted no matter how smooth he appears. George was a smoothie too, and look how he fixed things up for America.

Not too much innovative to help us from any of them. Same old, same old.

Voter train the scumbags! Vote against the status quo shake things up!

Einstein said, that to follow the same error path and expect different results is the definition of insanity.

He has described Canadian politics of the last century to a tee, with his statement.

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