Sunday, September 14, 2008

Radio Interview went well, to be aired 1:05pm 15th

Len Catlin is a skilled interviewer and CTV is lucky to have him. He has that confidence that comes of time/experience spent making a living (Len's 32) and the intelligence to set a new course for himself. He is working on an upcoming show "First Story," something to do with natives. I'll be watching. Whereas my face is made for radio, Len's is better suited for TV! The whole crew were certainly not, motley. I offered them my promo sheet and telephone number in case anyone felt like making campaign contributions if they are in the neighborhood.

The interview came in at almost exactly 15 minutes, only eight seconds over. He was a serious questioner and hit the obvious hard points: my headgear, if I was serious or content to be fringe, and how I wished to engage the middle to win. I haven't heard it yet but he seemed to like it. I was in trouble when Len asked why I was mixing Afghanistan in my city politics.

I tried to paint my reason why everyone should be concerned, but I was treading water here. I misunderstood the reason for him asking it. Yes Federal politics and global tensions are on my blog, because they are on my mind. This blog is like an open journal where I think aloud, record my feelings and impressions on everything, not because these things have direct relevance with city politics, but because they expose who I am boldly. Don't like what you read, don't vote for me. Enjoy my honest and broad comments, pass them on and vote for me. I'm certainly not painting myself as ambivalent, to obscure myself from those I seek to represent.

One thing that Len was adamant about, was that I should put up MP3 podcasts and use my "excellent" voice to tell my stories. That way people could listen to me. I am a pretty good raconteur and can tell jokes, so I will try do this.


Monday 15th 8:41 am

I've listened to the recording several times now. After getting over how unfamiliar my voice sounds, I wasn't unhappy with it. We cover a lot of material, he wasn't pandering to me, I was able to cogently explain some complex thoughts without getting too over the top and I was getting to feel at ease by the end of it. I will try reading my stories first to record myself, that way I may have to edit them again for a vocal script. I hear the potential that Len heard as well. If I could flow like I do when I am reading, or even in an easy conversation, the hesitation would disappear. The halting lag was due to my spontaneous editing of a fresh response to a vital question and my sense of what was being recorded, wanting to get my words just right.

The radio this morning is talking of a market meltdown, exactly what I was talking about: The conservative right has had a dictatorship of power for the last century and these calamities are the result of not having a balancing input from the left. Total idiocy to believe the religious right-wing denigration of the free thinking left is beneficial to our survival. We will suffer from this poor myopic leadership as we see all around us, when the lies collapse.

The guy who shot the Jack Russel on Quadra Island was lucky I wasn't around. I would not have stood by the side of the road and cried. This dangerous Psychopath will hurt humans if he hasn't already. This act in law has no consequence for him, because the puppy was a "thing." If ever there was a time to take someone out of society, as a preemptive act for the safety of citizens, it would be to lock this man up!

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