Friday, September 5, 2008

Stephan Dion's dog, Kyoto, is not a White Wolf

Yes of of course Kyoto is cute, but alas a White Wolf he's not. I hope he is getting out enough.

The more I see of Dion the better looking he becomes, especially when he is with Kyoto.

But he is still a liberal who have had too much power for too long, for their own good.

We need real change, not more has-beens.

Try voting for any one other than the Conservatives and
Liberals to "Voter Train" our politicians to be more voter responsive.

Let's not reward either one of these autocratic entities, as if we were training a dog. No rewards for bad behavior.

It is discouraging though, when I look around at the people in the dog parks. By the looks of it, the canines are smarter then the primates who own them. Who picks up whose crap, after all?

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