Thursday, October 2, 2008

Campaign induced thoughts on the political nature of humans

Today I was campaigning on Granville Island, Thanks to all for the nice smiles.

Although I was accused of "Thread Jacking" by TM Jaworski, I think my postings were interesting and vital insights on the value of this media in general and these forums specifically. Click on title of this post to check out my thoughts on the Blog habit. The Western Standard Shotgun blog.

The other day when I was getting some printing done, the store owner told me of a time when he was a youth in the fifties, of the times he went to the exact place where I now live and the White Wolf has his hillside. He told me in response to my story of where I lived and how Aloofus gets to howling when the coyotes do.

He said that as a kid he would go to the exact same spot where Al and I now live, and there was a cave there, then. When I told him of how Al sounds out like a Wolf and how it makes me think of a time 200 years ago when there might have been Wolves here, he told his story. How his pals and him stood here and howled like wolves at the coyotes too.

Basically, am having plenty of fun meeting people, as you know if you've met me. What it will shake down to remains to be seen.

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