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On Terence McKenna 01 Hallucinogens and Culture, by bud oracle (click for video)

An Oracle by any other name is still the same!

This picture came up and was cropped by the gadget, not me, when I googled images "shamans". I kind of wanted his tobacco smoking buddy in there too. It's all about the human compunction to use substances of many different kinds. There is no role for racist nuanced, temperance inspired prohibition statutes in an enlightened society which is interested in rejuvenating itself continuously to follow the model of creation. The other road, the avenue we are currently following, will lead us to choke in a perverted stagnant religious concept meant for endless mindless control to subjugate us to the state for exploitation in an economic sense, all to amass power for others to wield. Further made to debase ouselves with militaristic fraud and propaganda.

Humans who have never used Psychedelics are generally, in my experience are usually fearful, non self aware followers. I have never met a truly intelligent person who hasn't at least tried pot, while most have tried mushrooms and other Psychedelics. There is no way to keep humans from this natural quest for enlightenment, nor should there be.

I resent the thought that one sector of political religious thought can conceive it might have the right to control what others did, especially something that did not in anyway impact them. Before the government has any ethical ground to control each individual's drug use so that they might not harm themselves, I demand the government curb the burning of fossil fuels as is their fiduciary duty, to curb this real menace which is destroying my world. Other than that, screw the thinking they can make a criminal out of me for such a benign un intrusive thing!

A sad quirk for me, as I found Terence on the one day and then lost him the next. This article made me shed a few tears for someone whom I only had met yesterday. I wonder immediately what it would have been like to trip with him. Here is an article in "Wired," By Erik Davis

Thankfully there is so much out there. Terence McKenna's words reach my soul, touching me with their truth and insight. In many ways it is fortuitous that I only discovered him now. This gives me even more confirmation that I didn't just import this mindset of mine from some one else.

People such as Terence are rare indeed. They are meant to be. Sprinkled sparsely throughout societies/cultures, they are meant to tweak the far edge of reality. A culture which doesn't value and tolerate a full spectrum of thought/politics, will die. We need, as I have said in Institutionalized Idiocy, the full spectrum of perception in order to move forward as a viable society. These are self evident truths. A society which is ill is also easily recognized. Ours must be, to have such an absurd distortion of values.

For instance, one value of my society is that: I must be persecuted, because I choose to reach my special plane of existence through which ever natural, god given/human created vectors I wish, marijuana, LSD, even though I am interfering with no one else.

Yet the government sanctioned, promoted reality seems skewed to me. While alongside of my bicycle, with my dog trotting beside me as we are making zero impact on anyone else, high on LSD, there flows the encouraged by all government departments, bail-out and all, the foul poisonous exhaust of many single occupant gas guzzlers destroying our world at a phenomenal rate.

Something seems distorted here. Can this on the face of it be considered rational behavior?

I don't believe so. Then why do we do it?

Could it be, because we have lost our way from the real connections to creation, fallen away from the full meaning of what it is to be human with boundless imaginations free to explore the full richness of our own personal universe? Why must the only existence model for Canadians be the corporate slave to consumerism, taxed to be allowed to take part in the mindless addiction to more things, more wages for more credit for more soul emptiness.

I'm glad that I was not a disciple of Terence until I had a chance to form my own understanding. He must draw cultist fans. I like his logic and imagination and skilled used of language. His delivery could use a bit of resonance, but the meat is so delicious that we can forgive him his slightly plain presentation. I can't figure out why I have never heard of him before. He is certainly worth getting my hands on everything of his that I can.

This is the truth. I will have my truth as it has been given to me by my birthright in life to explore all that creation has to offer.

Again I state categorically, that the government has no right to make me a criminal over my responsible, zero impact on society, use of these substances while allowing an addictive consumer product totally unnecessary, that has shown deadly impact on our biosphere within the 80 years it has been commercially available, to thrive like, actually encouraged it to flourish.

Our values as a living entity are so far divorced from reality, what the true treasures and beauty which we are meant to behold are, that we are blind to the obvious. If only we didn't try so hard to divorce ourselves from nature, creation. In everything we are encouraged via the marketer to participate in this mindless, endless pursuit of wealth and power, without ever asking ourselves why? These things never make one happy, only leave you wanting more.

Even our current religions seek to separate themselves from nature in every way. There is no reflection of the natural in them, only the supernatural: Something that is unattainable in this life.

I believe, like Terence McKenna, that we can not know our true relationship, including the spiritual, unless we try the Ethnogens. I can't conceive of any other way that humans developed there intelligence, creative imaginations, in the early years before culture. Out minds have grown at an exponential rate due to nothing other than the use of Psychedelic substances throughout all our recorded history and for tens of thousands of years according to our molecular biological records. To be prohibited from using them now, when we need a rejuvenation, is true idiocy which will bring down our society, as it well should.

The folly of such oppression as is practiced by our current prohibition laws will eventually make this branch of evolution wither, simply because it developed a false cultural view of reality fed by religious perversions in the form of control, and denied itself the cure on ideological grounds. Thoughts on the tragedy of Easter Island come to mind..

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