Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dancing Wu Li masters, S&M, Lori Douglas associated Chief Justice

Here is my latest and last video on the subject on Bud's Island, False Creek Vancouver. That was written only a few hours ago but now it seems that there are further serious allegations which surfaced. As I did mention in my initial post, it should be upon a thorough review of her decisions that final judgment be withheld.

Follow the back conversation over this on Cannabis Culture forums "Agency 59 sounds pretty sinister to me"

A three hour audio summary of the Dancing Wu Li masters by Gary Zukav

In this University of Washington program, award-winning writer, director, and producer David Lynch discusses his films and his 30-year relationship with Transcendental Meditation, and its role in his creative process. He is joined by physicist John Hagelin, who was featured in the documentary 'What The Bleep Do We Know?' and neuroscientist Dr. Fred Travis, Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management.

Or for another viewpoint try Tao of physics Fritjof Capra

What is it that I am trying to get at with this transposition of S&M and Judicial improprieties as well as blackmail, and political propaganda, and of course Physics, you may well ask?

I am dancing, am the dance at the same time. For me it is almost like soaring my hang glider was a revelation to me one day, to watch the thousands of people visiting my blog on this story as well as others. On the hang glider, on a fine day just under cloud base, somewhere over the Athabasca River near Hinton, much higher than the Rocky Mountains to the west, while the variometer was chortling its song of lift, as I was feeling surges of upward acceleration connecting me with the turbulent heart of the thermal, I looked up and happened to see the sun under my high wing.

The air was rough. The airframe of the glider groaned and sang in protest as the G forces loaded and unloaded. We were close to the freezing line, or cloud base, with the wide panorama of mother earth about three to four kilometers below me. At once, in an instant, I connected the live actions I was experiencing, including the view, wind sound and the adrenaline rush in real time, to our solar furnace and a packet of photons reaching out from the very core of stellar fusion, ninety three million miles away. In one long unbroken event, only taking thirteen minutes to reach the ground below me and heat that bubble of hot air in another parcel of time very similar to the packet of photon's journey at the speed of light, I was riding on/experiencing, the results of a stellar produced thermo nuclear reaction first hand. I realized in one moment of grandeur that I had ahold of the primal forces of the universe on several planes at once (gravity, stellar fusion and of course the biological me: the living appendage of nature looking at itself) and was using them to milk this parcel of ecstasy for an excellent, uniquely wonderful, visceral/spiritual experience (called an "airgasm" by many old time pilots). My name for this riding of thermals is "Riding the Fusion Dragon"

This paradigm shift is one of many I have experienced in life and they always all come from pursuing something I am intensely interested in, usually while I am enjoying myself. Like almost all my flights, I toked before I launched on this one, too. Probably Afghani hashish and yuki tobacco.

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