Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why should anyone fear Justice in court?

Basically I am not loosing sight of the fact that in essence “Justice is supposed to be a beautiful expression of man's loftiest notions overlaying a body of human faults.”

How Do I feel with court coming up on Feb 9th?

In one word: Confident!

Not necessarily confident that I will “win,” whatever that means, but assured of the correctness of my ethical and moral position. It may not be popular, but I believe it is very important and relevant to all of us.

It is on my heart to pursue this safe course of civil disobedience for all the right and timely reasons, therefore I must do as my spirit commands. Many others who do this and are much better/more effective than I, at it. this is of no relevance to me also. I firmly am of the opinion that my personal safety is not as important as the damage that this law does daily

What will happen? I really don't know, but am at peace over it. I have a peace inducing ally/friend (rather than conflict generating lawyer) and together we are ready to roll the dice of truth and honesty on behalf of the safety of society. How can I loose? I was always taught that this is the foundation of all Justice.

What happens is not in our hands at any rate and I will be happy to go on with this same path, independent of any result, good or bad. Until this society quits discriminating against me and others for doing nothing but making a safe personal choice, I will not quit. The Prohibition laws cause drug dealing in playgrounds and gangland violence in my neighborhood and increase dangerous drug use, poor policing, and lawlessness throughout all of society.

It is Mr. Hogg, the Crown Attorney, that is on the side of Evil making my country unsafe to live in. No excuse such as the NATO charter on drugs can stand in the way of democracy and a community's right to safety at a grassroots level.

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