Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little old Granny does old age shooting of manager Gibson's.

Things are in Free Fall! Can you imagine the pervasiveness of the "lawless attitude" in Canada?

This comes to a head because of the "Justice" practiced by the likes of Daft van Dongen and Willy Wally Opal and their entrenched policies.

Since he was a "political" aspiring Judge Mr. Opal has had his imprinted through the old boys club. Certainly his thinking is as stale as the bread the poor are forced to eat in jail. That's a large percentage we see in jail: poor people who are oppressed by poor laws and myopic "leadership." Who else would be to blame for the present predicament of violence throughout our entire society except the people in charge?

On a more personal note. I'm in excellent shape now able to deliver a full days work, no problem.

I'm also playing with my first consumer addiction, my Sony Camcorder. Presently setting up up a cheap used computer with a legal copy of Windows dedicated to video editing. This explains my withdrawal from writing/podcasting. The capabilities of this last year's demo model inexpensive piece of technology amazes me.

I have been accumulating raw footage, some good interviews and getting the hang of encouraging spontaneity from the subject. Some jokes and conversations. Footage from my bicycle while riding with Al trotting on leash (same hand as camera). Still have hours left. Battery is the limiting factor. Bought a larger spare.

It's keeping me extremely busy while not working and I am getting tired of shouting down the wishing well for Sanity.

Should have something up on Utube and posted here by the weekend, hopefully.

Be patient, please. No one is paying me to do this.

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