Sunday, May 24, 2009

Activism / Smactivism, who needs it?

We do, don't we? To keep our democracy from rusting, we need to keep exercising it? Use it or loose it.

The people in this forum were not kind to myself or Robin. Mostly they expressed their doubts and used personal insults based solely on their opinions.

I believe that what I said about the former “Giants” of the marijuana activism movement are the facts. These people have lost sight of their goals, have sold out for desirable plum of corporate monopoly.

The opposition has deduced, by seeing the election results of these self absorbed people, that the Marijuana “movement” doesn't exist and therefor they could introduce legislation like bill C_15 with impunity. I once had an idea of changing the paradigm from suicide terrorism to demonstration tourism. Unique ideas are non conformist by their nature and can be a hard sell.

These Freeman and Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society ideas belong to others, but they fit me well. I have always thought that the future lies in changing thought, much as is the role of mutations in our genome responsible for the wondrous Monster. Nothing healthy in nature remains stagnant.

I believe that we are on the side of Justice, good and freedom and that we can not loose this battle because of who stands with us, just and reasonable harmless men and women, and the foundation we have in Jesus Christ as is the foundation of all English law.. Rule of God's law trumps tyranny anytime.

How dare any government in today's times deny harmless, reasonable men to choose their state of mind or how they access it, all the while destroy peace through violent crime and lawlessness as a side effect in society at large?

YOU continue to give them the authority to continue down this road of oppression by not rising up against this injustice. We have done so in an acceptable and peaceful way and we will not be denied our peaceful existence and persecuted for a harmless choice we commit upon ourselves . If people can drive cars for their personal pleasure and destroy our environment without serious restrictions, how dare anyone make me a criminal for smoking a reefer.

As I gave these government clowns a visual parody of how stupid their marijuana laws are by wearing my Cannabis Helm to the Parliament of Canada, I held the floor in A CREATIVE ARTIST'S VERSION OF SHOCK AND AWE. The floor's visual attention was held by me from the moment I stepped off the elevator to the moment I got back on, 3 hours later. Everyone else got the alloted 10 minutes we did have to speak.

It seems a shame that the current activist giants would denigrate me so vehemently for a bold statement such as this. As I mention in the thread the MPs got it squarely, even though cannabis activists didn't. I held the Arbutus room visually, and no one had the guts to look me in the eye. I did actually call the Canadian government and these representatives organized criminals. They understood that I was speaking the truth and felt guilty. I judged them and they accepted it, without an objection.. Because they know that they are guilty.

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