Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heros disregard police advice to save assets from fire, Kelowna

News stories about local acts of heroism such as the workers saving a lumber mill by staying behind against police orders to put out spot fires, or the local water treatment manager driving through fire to save his chlorine tanks from venting by ignoring police warnings. There comes a time when police authority must give way to personal initiative even at a risk to one's life.

That is the exact scenario I see myself engaging in to help save our society from disintegrating into criminal chaos like Mexico by practicing my activism. At one point, imo, one must draw the line for what is right and disregard personal danger.

There is a fire of lawlessness and police/government corruption in our society caused by an idiotic attitude to a vegetable and people's god given freedom of choice in Canada. This is caused by a foreign country's racist laws applied through hedgemony.

CBC news also reveals that the cause for the large influx of refugee seekers from Mexico is due to that country's instability also a result of this same "war on Drugs" policy.

You better believe I am trying trying to put out this fire caused by tyrannical idiocy

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