Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good news!

Recall of a conversation assuring me of the imminent return of my camera!I told the Sgt that I was a benefit to society while the government is actively trying to make me out to be a criminal

NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE RISK THEIR LIVES TO DO THE RIGHT THING AS I DID IN THE MP3 BELOW: "I TRUSTED THE RCMP" A true story of police corruption and the perversion of a good deed to blackmail me into submission. Your police forces hard at work solving crime. This was during the time of the Picton Pig Farm murders. Obviously these cops were too busy doing there own thing to help stop those crimes. Facken morons is what the RCMP were who tried to screw with me.

Green Living:
How To Change The World

The power of change lies in us all. We are strong enough in each individual to conquer the tyranny of the state.

I still remember that brave Chinese student standing up to the tank. See movie below

Why you never get ahead

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