Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I called 911 because my buddy was being assaulted (click for CC magazine article)

Again thes cops are taking my Crown as a trophy

Do you see the guys whose turf I am threatening standing around siding with the cops? The cops and criminals are the same symbiotic group feeding off prohibition.

Here are a few posts explain what happend from CC forums:

3 VPD jailers hauled me out of my 3 by seven bare cell and hung one of the worst beatings on me in my life in terms of injury. They pulled me out of my cell after taunting me repeatedly to sign under the name of my former person. When they insulted me I got pretty insulting right back. One stepped into my cell literally tore the shirt off my front and hauled me out into the main room of the jail. The one held me while the other two repeatly kneed me in my up thighs. It huryts so much that I can BARELY GET UP OUT OF THE CHAIR.

Tomorrow first thing I am going to the hospital to get checkout. Then I am going once more to the useless tit of the OPCC and lay a formal charge.

I was twitching so bad after the beating, they had cuffed me tightly and thrown me into the hole in front of the cold air lowers with only my shorts on. I guess it looked pretty serious and omeone called the nurse, two kind black dudes. The one promised to pass on the message that I had been assaulted. The shift supervisor then came in and made a show of sayuing that I hadn't cooperated, that's why. They then put me into a more comfortable cell, with a mattress and a kind female guard of east indian persuasion called me Bud for the first time. this was around midnight.

All day they sure tried to get me to say I was someone else. I refused finger printing until the istrument of arrest came at about 21 hours into the ordeal. I signed duress on all copies.

Finally they made me sign some paper under threat of going to the Fraser remand until court appearance 18th 1:30 pm. I never saw a judge, a justice of the peace in all the time I was there 24 full hours.


Thanks so much! I feel that the love transcends our prickly words. Sorry to hear about your torture as well.

My theory is that this response hardens all criminals and makes good policing exponetially more difficult because of the bad will generated.

And to think that these goons are tasked with controlling the vegetables I wish to use!

I have such good friend, like Carol who sprung Aloofus from doggie jail at the cost of $188.00. I will add that to the bill that I will be presenting the city of Vancouver. This will include the former 20 hours of illegal incarceration when the Utube bust went down and The 24 hours this time. If you listen to my claim of right I demand a sum total of $5000.00 for every hour or part thereof for illegal incarceration.

The document I was released on is so hoky we are going to the supreme court to verify if it was legal.


They charged me with posession for the purpose of traficking. They got all the records of our transactions pluss about 2 ounces bagged up in dimes and 1/8 I made one last deal while the one cop was question R with him watching to a brave soul who was about to sign and swrea membership form because he was comming up on pot charges and it was looking like the cop would leave our dealing alone

Two T3s given by a client are just kicking I hate the head trip but the pain seems far away now.

Another client said that it was just like her soccer injury where she got a charlie horse for 4 days. couldn't bend her knees because those are the muscles that are used.

Release form said I must stay away from selling or using illegal drugs. I'm open for business as always. Had customers waiting when I arrived home.

This was a non legal arrest and detention because I will not back down from my claim of right no matter how much they torture me.

They are fucking in the wrong way with the wrong guy. You would think that after all the times they tried to touch me before on other matters when they had egg on their faces they would not fuck with me like that.


Now I have some great worthy fellow warriors to help me plan and execute.

This was a skirmish which has loaded my ammo belt and shapened my focus.

You are right, in the vid where the VPD investigates by driving by on the 9th I wasn't my loudest but you can hear twice marketing to them. What was going through my mind was that I didn't want it said that I was breaching the peace. I know they heard me and saw the baggie, because we had eye contact the FIRST time I SANG OUT.

What can I say, we make some mistakes take a hit in the thighs, but we are not backing off. Now we actually have more proof that the rule of law is a figment of bovine Canadian's minds!

There is an oversupply of proof of lawlessnes of police everywhere, yet Canadians are blinded by pure bullshit from fraudsters, like Rob Nickleson.

They are told it is marijuana smokers which cause the lawlessness, and tyhe bovinbes believe it. I can't imagine how stupid you have to be to not find the truth for yourself. Open your eyes you Moron canadians,. It's the laws AND those who enforce them which are problem, not pot or any drugs.

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