Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marijuana Guild Sales a success!

$720.00 worth of Cannabis was sold in 4 hours. Taxes collected $36.50

Mamny are interested and happy about being able to buy Cannabis openly

David Eby of Pivot Legal has a few good questions and some encouragement. I suppose He is going to ask the Crown what's up witht the CDSA if he has a client charged under it. I would. Is this law even enforcable anymore if all you need to do is put on a funny hat and declare the law null and void? What's up with that Mr. Harper, Nickleson?

Pleasant people buy Cannabis. The rest walk peacefully by. For what fucking reason does Canada make a large part of its peacefull population criminals? You are the fucking criminals, you moron elected shytes!

Responsible people enjoy controlling their own diet for a variety of reasons


Eric said...

Hey bud the oracle could you post a schedule for your hours of business. I might take a day trip and come over and visit. Just don't want to miss you when I come to Vancouver. :)

bud oracle said...

right now I have no fixed hours. it si call first

778 329 6043