Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Researchers find marijuana smoke not linked to cancer

Here is a Canadian who will not step away from benefitting his society no matter the forces aligned against him. He knows the truth as I, and legions of others do, as well. Why would doctors be allowed to keep anyone from using anything that they deem effective for what ever reason? Especially a terminally ill patient?

There is deception everywhere in our government keeping a common cure for cancer and many other ailments that people could grow in their own gardens from competing with the monopolies of big Pharma. Why are people like Rick and myself persecuted for something that you can see in my utube videos as being happily accepted by my community during our public sale of cannabis?

Why are we being persecuted when all evidence points to maruijuana being a benfit to humanity? Where is the harm that we might keep this possible cure for cancer, happiness producing plant, illegal? In the Bill of rights and freedoms it says:

"no law of Canada shall be construed or applied so as to

(a) authorize or effect the arbitrary detention, imprisonment or exile of a person;"

For what reason are they harming harmless people committing a harmless act by their imprisonment and exposure to physical violence from their jailers?

Why do they have a warrant on Klaus Kaczor when he no longer exists due to having withdrawn his consent to be governed by Canada? What harm has he done to his fellow people? who on those videos objects to what Bud is doing? Why do people congratulate and thank Bud the Oracle profusely and endlessly when Rob Nuickleson claims Canadians want harder drug legislation. Who has proof of their claims? Who is lying, the Justice Minister, or, Bud the Oracle?

Can anyone point to any behavior that is not peaceful?

Why were we left unmolested on August the 9th and then arrested 2 days later after calling 911 for an assualt perpetrated on me? Does that mean that the police will only arrest us if criminals try to evict us from their territory? Does that mean that the cops/courts work to keep the criminals in business?

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