Monday, September 14, 2009

Crown Attorney Jessica Lawn, another criminal?

My day started off with another liar calling me. Sgt Jeff Rice, of the Professional Standards Gang, a fixer for crooked cops, complained about receiving so many emails about my Camcorder. When he went away he assured me that there should be a release by the Crown Attorney as he saw no need to hold the camera. That was nearly 3 weeks ago. Still no camera. WTF is the problem?

I then phoned the Crown Attorney's office, and got in touch with Jessica Lawn (I kid you not) She may have law in her name but there isn't a glimmer of honest justice to her. I was assure she would review the files and get in touch with me. I called again in the afternoon and was assured that I would be hearing from her today. Still nothing at 6 PM.

This is another blatant example of there being no Rule of Law in Canada.

There is absolutely not one single reason to legally withhold my camcorder. It was not used in the commission of any crime except as a recording of the assault on myself and the camera operator. It was in the possession of that operator when the police arrested him on false allegations and later released him without charges.

The police copied the video and should have left the original video on the camera as it is evidence of an assault on us. Why is that camera still not in my friends possession? Under what pretext are they keeping his lawful property?

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Why is crime by the Crown/government and police never a crime in Canada?

BC is the only province without civilian oversight of internal criminal investigations. The VPD has deservedly earned itself a reputation of being a criminal organization with several murders under its belt. How could I even hope for a fair investigation into the assault perpetrated upon me by the jailers?

Jeff Rice is already trying to shift the blame of the assault onto me. He hasn't even seen the video footage and he wants to interview me? What a joke this process is. A pile of criminal bullshit masquerading as law and order.

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