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Howdy folks, (apologies for multiple posting)

I've worked with Rob Menard for several years now, helped him produce his first couple of documentaries (Bursting Bubbles, Magnificent Deception), and i run the website.

So i feel qualified to add my thoughts to this discourse.

Learn or Don't. That appears to be your choice, right? We all know the police & court system is corrupt. We all know the banks are corrupt. We all know the government is mostly corrupt. We know the system is seriously messed up.

Rob Menard (and MANY others before him), have simply removed their emotions from their research, and realized how the Courts, Banks and Government work TOGETHER to put us literally into a Matrix of Control. They've deconstructed how it works. I've gotten confirmation of SO very much of this information, simply by reading different Acts and Statutes, the Uniform Commercial Code, Bills of Exchange Act, as well as experienced BEING TO COURT and seeing charges dismissed because someone stood on their Sovereignty.

Being a Freeman-On-The-Land is not the ONLY choice. There are many solutions IN and OUT of Commerce, but they require you to file correct paperwork, in a correct fashion.

Rob Menard doesn't want to lead anyone. He was wronged by the system, so he decided to learn how the system works so he wouldn't be wronged again. He works independent of if people like him or his work or not. If people want to join him in his pursuits, and stand beside him and others, in actually TAKING ACTION to declare our Rights and our Sovereignty, then that's awesome...

It's WAYYY easier to sit at home, sit at a computer, or watch TV and call people crazy or call us whackos, or take the position, "Show me the proof what you're saying works for sure 100%", or "I'm going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs until someone explains this whole Freeman thing to me", without having done any meaningful research.

However, i can agree if someone says, "It appears there might be some risks involved in blindly executing some of this Law Technology, so i will reserve judgment, learn what i can, and apply it where appropriate in my life, if i deem it appropriate at all. In the mean time, i can ask questions of my fellow man, including other people in this movement, "real" lawyers, politicians, and other officials in authority."

Most of the time, Questions don't cost anything, and carry very low risk in asking (unless you ask Questions like a smug asshole - that won't win you any friends). The biggest thing i learned from Rob Menard is that in asking questions, be respectful, communicate human-to-human, calm, even appreciative of the persons time, even if they try and intimidate you. Show no fear or anger, which takes THEIR emotional power away. This disarms the usual authoritative triggered response of Fight or Flight, where they club and arrest you, or run away from you.

Rob also taught me that when your Questions, Notices, Claims and Declarations are sent Respectfully & Correctly via paperwork, and are Notarized, and sent via Registered Mail, they have enormous Lawful and Legal weight. (you may want to learn the HUGE difference between Legal and Lawful, by the way)

How about you do your due diligence, and LEARN some of this stuff for your self? Lawyers (and Doctors) have to go to school for 7 years or more - why? Not because learning Law is so hard. Just take some sample LSAT exams and you'll see its all about logic, reason, and recognizing details and deception. It won't take anywhere near 7 years. Try 7 months of solid learning... 7 years is so that a certain mentality of conditioning can be set in. People knew all this stuff back in the late 1800's, before Lawyers held so much power. I wonder why?

Now Lawyers are taught that Law is essentially "black word magic" used by the "enlightened" (The Law Society) to control the ignorant who are considered "functionally illiterate" at best. If we try to fight them with their words, they say we don't belong to their Law Society, so we can't use their words, but they still try and use their words against us.

It's like a bully comes up to you with a knife threatening you, and so you pull out a larger knife in defense, so he says, "No Fair! You don't know how to use that knife!" and tries to order you not to use it in the fight, but of course, he insists on keeping his own knife, and using it to intimidate you. How is this even remotely fair? Then why go to court under their terms?

If we don't know what words mean (in Legalese especially), then how can we communicate effectively? The people who write Acts & Statutes (and their associate Word Definitions) KNOW that 99% of us will never read the Acts or Statutes (hell, most of the politicians don't even read them), which gives them ENORMOUS control, simply because they can assert it, and WE CAPITULATE. But why do we? Is it just that we don't understand? Are we conditioned to not understand? What if we break that conditioning, and undo their ever encroaching Police State Matrix?

If we look for someone to blame, we can only blame ourselves for becoming lazy and allowing this rise up around us, and we can only look to ourselves, to each of our individual selves, to find remedy. To find solutions...

Not in Menard, not in any leader, but in our own hearts and minds. Freedom is not something you apply for, or ask permission to have. That's Plantation/Slave mentality. Please Realize - You are Born Free. You only have to CLAIM it. You did not choose or consent to having your parents sign your body over to the state, and create a Corporate Legal Entity called a Person with the same NAME as you. So abolish that Implied Contract. They only have authority and ownership of you, because you Tacitly Accepted (by your silence) by not SAYING NO. By Claiming your Rights, you are EFFECTIVELY SAYING NO.

This Freeman movement is about Personal Responsibility. Period. The Revolution starts within you. It starts when you lose the fear, and realize your power to do something by learning, growing and sharing your positive ideas with others, and earning mutual trust.

Lawyers are the gatekeepers of the Elite, and we've lost our trust in the whole lot of them. We are figuring out their corrupt game, and we are storming the gates. I know so many lawyers who use & support Cannabis, and yet the other lawyers who yearn for its continued prohibition, end up being the "lawmakers". The Elite know an end to Prohibition means an end to their huge poisonous profits.

Using Cannabis is our own choice, its usage doesn't harm another, and doesn't harm the user. Cannabis users should be FREE to do as they want without harming another living soul. That is the essence of the Freeman/woman movement. A large segment of the Freeman movement seem to be Cannabis users/supporters, and we're all collectively waking up to the Tyranny of our ever growing police state, and want to do something constructive.

Menard advocates filing paperwork Declaring your Rights. What is wrong with that? You do realize that if you don't declare your rights, then you HAVE NONE! You realize that a cop arresting you gives you your LIMITED rights as a LEGAL PERSON. It's a shell game, and if you can't distinguish between your Human self, and the Legal Person (Identity) you carry, then you are only playing into their game. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT (from experience and multiple times witnessing).

If you want to read success stories, then check out the Forums of World Freeman Society, or the Think Free Forums (

A good starting point for those new to this information might also be my first documentary film, "Hijacking Humanity" ( which deals with the Media, Banks, Law and Commerce, and False Flag Terrorism, and has interviews with Rob Menard and others discussing these subjects.

My second documentary film, "Believers Beware" comes out next month, and deals with The War on Drugs, Cannabis and Hemp, the FDA and Pharmaceuticals, Alternative Health and Remedies, Food, Nutrition and Codex Alimentarius, Astrotheology, Shamanism, and the origins of Religions, as well as Spirituality and Quantum Physics...

All this stuff is tied together, and although it requires some actual homework and study to understand, and fully understanding is an evolutionary process, it's definitely not IMPOSSIBLE to figure this all out.

Rob Menard and my self put out our educational films FREE OF CHARGE to share this empowering knowledge, not so we can profit financially, but socially and intellectually. If people want to buy DVD's and then make copies to hand out to people, we both appreciate and endorse that. This is about more than making money, but we are not businessmen like Marc Emery.

Much like Canada's Rick Simpson (who cured cancer with 80% THC Hemp Oil), i believe that Cannabis should cost the same as Corn (by the lb.), and that all forms of it (oil, hash, etc.) should be completely Lawful and Legal, so that the Profit Motive is removed from the Plant itself, anyone can grow it cheaply, and Marc Emery can still get rich selling awesome 6' bongs till he's green in the face.

The more people who are awake, aware, educated and empowered, and on our side, taking on not only the Unlawful Cannabis War, but the Unlawful Extraction of our Wealth, Invasion of Sovereign Countries with no evidence, and continued injustices at home (Police State/Judicial Corruption), then the more positive change we will see.

Cannabis use and tolerance is on the rise, only because more people are smoking, seeing the benefits, and losing the fear. As we continue to wake up, and see the Hemp plant's benefits, things will get better, but we have to be educated in ALL areas, not just Cannabis, or we will continue to be enslaved, financially, physically, and even spiritually..

It's a deep rabbit hole, and i'm not here to judge people who haven't come out the other side yet. But consider this scenerio:

You are living in a big box. Inside that box you are told that a Soulless entity will take care of you from cradle to grave, but you have to sign over your kids, give 1/4 to 1/2 of your energy in Work, pay taxes upon demand, get permission for perfectly lawful activities like driving, voting, marriage, business, with more and more things, not less and less being regulated, controlled, and forced upon you - and you tolerate it all, for a few potential "benefits".

Now imagine someone opens the top of the box, and blows a huge billow of cannabis smoke into your box, and says, you're free! So you leave the box you were in, and now, your mind is opened a little, and you realize the system is not all it's cracked up to be, but the system has decided your cannabis plant is not profitable to the system, and too empowering to the individual, so it uses your usage of the plant against you, and now you are out of the first box, but stuck in an even bigger box.

And this box may have nice blue sky and clouds painted on the inside, and it seems so real, and well, you're already out of that other box, so might as well make due with this box!

That's were most of our counter-culture is at. The 2nd box. It's bigger, it's more beautiful, but its still a box of slavery.

NOW, imagine you grow tired of the indentured servitude of the 2nd box. You feel something is still missing, even though you like that Obama is president, and you work for cash under the table to minimize tax, and can grow a small 8 light setup to make ends meet. You still feel the pressure of a Police State, forced Vaccines, Currency manipulations (inflation/devaluation), a flawed Medical System, and increased Checkpoints and Cameras with Behaviour Interpretation software. Thumbscans and Retina scans, and a Passport or Drivers license with an RFID in it. More Acts and Statutes (not Laws) go on the books to control you more and more.

Suddenly a concept falls into your lap.. Sovereignty.. People - they used to be Sovereign. You owned your own body, and had unalienable rights which NO ONE could violate, without the lawful response of violence. Everything is a contract between yourself and your fellow man/woman. Acts and Statutes apply only to PERSONS (Legal Persons) who have SIGNED AWAY THEIR RIGHTS via a Social Insurance (or Security) Number or Drivers License (Contract to Submit to Authority of Police Officers).

Suddenly you see the 2nd box for what it is, a larger box, and BAM - You see the Matrix as it really is. You've cracked the code. You're Neo. You've broken through that deeper level of understanding, and see things from a higher perspective. It takes some work to get there, but once you're there, there's no looking back.

The bottom line is, if you are happy and comfortable in your existence, don't learn about Sovereignty, your Human Rights, Legal Notices, Claims of Rights, Freemen or Persons or any of that stuff. Just keep smoking your joints until the United States and Canada are merged, and all your "progress" evaporates at the stroke of Stephen Harper's satanic pen.


REALIZE Acts and Statutes are Consentual - YOU NEED TO AGREE TO WAIVE YOUR RIGHTS (your Drivers License/S.I.N. are PROOF (your signature) that you have WAIVED YOUR RIGHTS as a Human Being, and WILLFULLY allow the State to become your Master, in exchange for the "Benefit" of Driving/Paying Income Taxes) BEFORE ANYONE HAS ANY AUTHORITY OVER YOU.

They say that the best kind of Slave to keep is the one who foolishly thinks he's free. We are all Debt Slaves of the Banksters System, and Acts and Statutes are their Invisible Chains.

Declare your Sovereignty if you can, but don't dump all over the people who are trying to do this themselves.. We are acting as the Guinea Pigs to see what works and what doesn't...

I believe if Marc Emery really wanted to put his nuts on the line, he would declare his Sovereignty, but in my opinion, he has too many business interests that require him to keep using his Legal Person, so he'd rather be rich and in jail, than re-organize his life, and not go to jail. He is entirely free to make whatever choice he wants, but casting insults towards a group of educated and well-meaning individuals without explaining his position clearly seems needlessly confrontational at best, and willfully ignorant at worst.

I'm sure if there was a cookie-cutter way to become "Free" and Sovereign, via a form you just fill out and send to the Government, people would probably line up like damned lemmings..

Why? Because they want justice, solutions and remedy in a Pill form, easy to take, no side effects, no research or hard work required. Do you think then you have earned your Freedom? This is the lazy approach... Freedom in a Pill - gimme a break. You were born Free, yes, but that Freedom has been taken away, and we have to earn it back through our journey of life. All of your experiences have added up to being who you are, reading this sentence. Are you YOU? Or are you a NAME that someone CALLS you? Does that question offend you? If so, then WHY?

It's far easier to pooh-pooh us as we work to find REAL solutions and remedies by testing this Law Technology in Courts, via Registered Mail, with Notary Publics, and via making videos to educate people of our findings, mistakes, failures and successes.

Dismiss this all if you wish, based on your emotions, or a few zealous people who failed because they didn't know what they were doing, but that is only your ego letting you off the hook from actually taking personal responsibility by creating a Rationalization for your Cynicism.

Some people would rather be Correct 100% of the time, than be happy. I prefer to learn from my mistakes, grow from that learning experience, and move on, appreciating i'm stronger and smarter for having learned.

Marc Emery can call people anything he wants. That doesn't change the fact that if he had Declared his Rights, become a Sovereign, and fought this Unlawful Extradition on Jurisdictional grounds, he WOULD HAVE WON.

My good friend James-Crawford of the Craig family, used Menard's and others Law Technology (including Winston Shrout), and we documented ON VIDEO, his entire process, including when the Charges were DISMISSED, and he WON.

Check out our videos at

There's lots of great videos on my Channel to give you an introductory idea of how all this Law stuff works...

The rest, is up to you figure out. But the answers, and the Truth, are out there, you just have to be tenacious enough to find them.

You can watch my first film, "Hijacking Humanity" for FREE at

The trailer for my second film, "Believers Beware" is here:

Some resources for further empowerment:

And remember, there's more than just Menard talking an teaching about this!

Check out John Harris, Winston Shrout, and many others with Videos on-line for FREE!

I sincerely hope everything works out positively for Marc Emery and his co-accused, and that they beat this thing, but i would also hope that he would see the pointlessness in berating and alienating a growing movement of conscious and concerned people who are on his side, trying to help, and want almost the exact same things he appears to want from society, except we're taking the power back from the De Facto Courts, and putting it back in our Lawful hands. Lawful hands open to those willing to take the journey, and the responsibility.

Truth is First Ignored and Insulted, and Second, it is Violently Opposed, but then Third, it is Accepted as Self-Evident. Such are the inevitable 3 Stages all truth must pass.

Thanks for your time in reading this long-ass letter, but thank you even more for your open mind, non-judgment & understanding.

Peace and Respect;

-Paul Verge
Writer/Director, "Hijacking Humanity", "Believers Beware" (at)

PS. For those who learn about this stuff, and learn about the Birth Certificate, and its attached Bond # - Please realize that the Account linked to your Birth Certificate Bond is there to OFFSET Debts in your NAME, not be some kind of unlimited bank account for you to get a house, car and boat with little to no work. The books have to be balanced, so get any greedy ideas out of your head. Redemption Schemes may exist, but usually they are just Schemes asking for money up front! Beware of those people who get into this movement or Teach other people in this movement that they can use this Law Technology to access unlimited money or credit, and have "all their dreams come true", are doing it for ALL THE WRONG REASONS.

In the end, Like Trey Parker sings, "Freedom Isn't Free." It costs your time and energy to Claim and Maintain. It's a mutual energy exchange. You can't get something for nothing.

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