Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gangland guns, the drug trade, Evan Dyer

The last few minutes of the program The House CBC is a true solution to our gang violence problem: Repeal the CDSA and control and regulate the trade of substances through the exactly model of the Court of Justice overseeing the Marijuana Guild.

It gives me great hope that our script will be accepted and our society can move forward from this current insanity.

Thanks so much to the House Click the title and listen to the podcast (last article About American guns being used in a large number of our gangland murders over the drug trade.

The solution voiced by Evan Dyer is the same solution we are asking for in our court date on the 29th. The only outcome of our present course
is the escalation of this type of violence

The Minister of Public Safety knows why we have the problem but won't accept the obvious solution. This is the change for safety that we seek here.

Here is an example of the VPD working with the Hells Angels whom they have helped become powerful through the CDSA

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