Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey Rob "Dick-head" Nicholson, give up your insanity

Where are the fucking labels on alcohol, you government dick wads?

Criminalize a bunch of harmless people, make a fucking industry out of your bullshit courts/cops/and officious assholes, and create lawlessness and havoc throughout our communities, all to please the likes of a fucking war mongering nation with Georgie morons, or banker puppets in charge.

Well, we have had a fucking enough of your idiocy, now.

Welcome everyone! Buy your substances from the Marijuana Guild

Some people think I swear too much. Too bad. Get over it!. These people are responsible for murder and mayhem in my community. Directly responsible. In my eyes they are no better than the likes Suharto, Idi Amin, GWB, Adolph Hitler and his hate for the Jews. If you forget this you would never be as outraged as me and they will cow you into submission through good manners. Fuck your good manners, these people cause human misery and no one is outraged? Are you people fucking nuts?

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