Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little story about a man named Bud

Many of you don't quite grasp the moment of our triumph. It felt every bit as good and will be the eventual undoing of the government, imo.

The official government minutes

That is the official parliamentary record of Canada.

Mr. Ed Fast introduced myself and Robin with these words
"We also have two individuals representing the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, Mr. Robin Wroe and Chief Justice Bud the Oracle."

We are two freemen -individuals- who are representing the -Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society- clearly stating my title -Chief Justice Bud the Oracle.

And if there was any doubt as to my role as Monarch/Head of State, or, as to the official recognition of our society as a separate state, I wore my Crown of Buds before your parliament. I was never asked to remove it, therefore I assume that as the only humans allowed to wear a Crown before your parliament, besides the Queen of England, is another head of state, that the Government of CANADA HAS OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED ME AS SUCH.

For me to accept what the rogue VPD wish to burden me with in the way of legal torture would be foolish. There is no Klaus Kaczor according to the government of Canada, only Bud the Oracle Chief Justice, a sovereign Monarch. One who had the temerity to say these historic words on the record of parliament as from one head of state to another.

" Mr. Chairman, I am Bud the Oracle, chief justice from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

Peace to this hotel and to the House of Commons justice and human rights committee.

In summary, our society's judgment is that prohibition and your Controlled Drugs and Substances Act are failed policies that trespasses upon the peaceful possessory right that ought to be enjoyed by everyone. Your society's policy does not respect this right. You violently oppress otherwise law-abiding members of your own society. Your corporation's own policy is the organized crime.

In respect of drugs, your government's own policy is what enables the black market to flourish. Absent your corporate policy, regulated companies would supply drugs on a demand-oriented basis, similar to any other product. Your policy has alienated and will continue to alienate men and women from your society and its government."

No matter what happens from now on these are the facts as recorded on the official government record. They are part of the official history of Canada and can not be erased, nor the meaning behind these actions negated. I am the Chief Justice of our own Society, who did wear his Crown before the Parliament of Canada as only a Monarch is allowed to do.

Some may say that they were asleep at the switch and Robin and I bamboozled them. I say, all is fare in love and war. The facts are what they are and there is nothing that the government of Canada can do now to change these facts.

The biggest thing I am hanging on is my perception of what Robert told me. I have right to believe I have a claim of right, or I have the color of a claim of right. Mine is colored with the official symbol of the house of commons. There is no way I will step back from having achieved this status now.

And as a Head of state I can offer peace, and comfort to those Canadians who are continuing to be harmed by their Government's CDSA and prohibitionist policies. This I am in the process of doing.

There is a challenge facing those up in Ottawa today. Much traffic with hide-my-ass web service on it. Over 30 people on before 9 am. 50 now. I feel it in my bones ...something is gonna happen and soon.

We should all be strutting away with our freedom as this ex cop did. And boy it feels good to have worn a crown before the government of Canada. All you have to do is act the part and use the correct script.

and the following post on the Freeman forum

With these words Robin forewarned the government of Canada exactly of our intentions and not a word of objection was heard:

Absent repeal,we declare that men and women may constitute their own governments respectful of their right and good custom and be done with you, and that would be a shame, for Canada is a decent idea. It is not, however, a mandatory idea.

The result of those words without a repeal of the CDSA by the Government of Canada led to the creation of the Marijuana guild and the court of Justice as the mechanisms to implement this policy we spoke of, in our third parliament.

Record of third parliament mp3

Video record of the writ of Summons of the third Parliament handed personally to Stockwell Day, Minister of the Federal Government.

This all comes from the efforts of many including and especially Robert Menard, Robin, to name the most important. God has put the right scripts into my hands and scheduled the various scenes. I'm just another actor on this stage!

But I am having fun with the role.

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