Saturday, October 10, 2009

What was the point of Death Online? CBC Fifth Estate

As I watched TV for the first time in weeks last night on my computer the fifth Estate, Bob Mckeown, Death Online I reflected on the words in my live TV program of the morning. The marketing of the Fifth Estate on the Early Edition gave it more credence than it was actually worth in my opinion. It was painful for me to watch it.

I found the program to be bordering on the side of empty sensationalism. It purveys an attitude of irrational fear towards the predators on the internet. Is this anymore dangerous than any other thing in life? Hasn't life always been dangerous? Bob seems almost to be bullying Carlton University as being largely responsible for Nadia's death. Here is a true story of my interaction with someone whose last communication was likely with me before he committed suicide. He was found with an empty bottle of liquor beside him, having shot himself through his mouth.

The other thing this story exposes to me is the blatant fraud that only police have the ability to investigate themselves. This amateur "horsewoman" in England did pretty dam good, didn't she? and she was not trained in police work at all. This is an example too of how "trained" responders like the University's councilors and security officers lacked the understanding, knowledge and basic human empathy necessary to help save this young girl's life. the total incompetence of the Nanny state is revealed.

We are always in danger! Life is dangerous!

Sometimes it is wise to be trained to survive any eventuality

Part of my crusade is to make each of us more resilient, self reliant, and part of that is freedom of choice and taking personal responsibility.

Yes, others can always respond better to any situation, and maybe more THC would make a kinder gentler society.

The grief in that mother's soul touched me but in the end, for all the resolution it did, it made me feel like a pervert to watch it. Can anything ever take that pain away?

If her own mother couldn't reach Nadia, how could the University be responsible?

I personally believe that if she just put this down to a sad choice and did what she could to move on with her life Nadia would be able to rest in peace

Perhaps Bob McKeown did his best to out this dangerous pervert, but there is no satisfaction in it. To think law enforcement can't do a thing about this guy, but it can persecute you for your diet. This is insane to me.

I found A GOSPEL OF GREEN a much better more optimistic/productive less sensational program

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