Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another night in Jail! Then a reward with Judge Rideout

These are posts on CC forums where friends and skeptics dueled it out on my behalf.

Tonight I was hippie tripping according to some young trippers Schrooms and X. I though about how wonderful it is to be free and how hard it is for those who are now behind bars. My heart goes out to them all! Tomorrow I will be demonstrating on behalf of Marc Boyer from 1 pm till 2. I will bring the White Wolf to have some support. He may be afraid but then so are many others of the "justice" served up within, 222 Misery Mill on Main.

Well the varmints corralled me again. That's 5 days of imprisonment whilst I claim to be free. Got Judge Rideout again and he seems to be clearly on my side and understood why I am there. No "Rule of Law" rhetoric to Mr. Crown. Called me Bud the Oracle asked as to my updated escapades, and the gave me only two conditions 1 no weapons, 2 stay away from Victory square. This is all very nice but i complied mainly to get of Jail. What my first impressions were are not necessarily what I will do. I am not going to trial as Klaus Kaczor ever. The store is busy with well wishers and people who desperately missed me for herbal reasons. Starting as low as $6/g for the high quality vegetables (7 kinds)
This seems to be common I am told, it means nothing. Thank God I have good friends who can break down the events into a more realistic perspective. I feel that being in jail is a great distress. It ruins ones true understanding because of the threat of further jail time/assaults. Yeah, it is something that seems totally unfair when the Judge says "Well I have jurisdiction here" and you are wearing the jump suit surrounded by armed men.

One can almost be coerced into admitting they are Sadam Hussein.

That is why torture is unreliable, because it distorts truth.

I glad to see the concern for me. Thanks

Quite a few jailers and sheriffs are addressing as Bud the Oracle with a proper respect.

Its fun getting their bold support amongst others who still deride me as is the custom here. It kept me properly focused, STAYING QUIET and respectful as is befitting a Chief Justice. Its so warm having these fine actors enter my play in those circumstances.

They understand

When the good Judge Rideout asked and nodded at the same time, "I take it you are representing yourself" I read him quickly and said yes your honor. He said "I have scheduled a full day for the trail" So I take it he likes good legal theater too. Since I will stipulate to the facts and argue lawful excuse. Since they have our tax records I will call the Registrar to the stand to flesh out the whole sheebang. I will subpoena the signators to my claim of right some of whom are very respected scientists who work for the government on occasion and other very respectable business persons. Only two of the six are tokers.
These were my first impressions and what I am actually going to do, will bear no resemblance to what I said I would do. My blog is a compilation of my uncensored opinions at the moment and I don't feel bound by them.

Does anyone know if the RCMP senior officer by the name of Rideout is the brother of this Judge. He was actually present at the Arbutus meeting, witnessed me wearing my crown in my official capacity as Chief Justice, and to my surprise after the meeting had adjourned said, "Good day Chief Justice"

I replied "Good day Sir." These people enjoy good theater I tell you!

They had another new actor from the crown today. He was a young man very cowed before the judge and not at all making a single demand. The judge told him that he wanted to a have a meeting concerning this matter. He agreed. I sense in him a respectful dutiful opponent.

This will be a good gig for me to immerse myself in and I look forward to exiting discussions with the registrar planning, choreographing and writing the dialog. I really don't understand why you pay someone to do the fun parts for you

We will give you, free admission (limited seating)the very best legal theater you will ever witness, guaran fackin teed. Five full hours of legal theater that will keep you in suspense, starring yours truly, Bud the outrageous Oracle. May turd
Upon reflection I really don't think I will be attending because I have a better plan brewing that will be put into effect long before these dates. I am not waiting till then to settle the issue of my true identity. What does it matter when then they have no Jurisdiction over me. I will have better documentation the next time. Yes I will play my game again. This time even better.

I am Chief Justice Bud the Oracle whose remarks are contained in the record of Parliament of Canada. They play this game all they want I am not complying I have my own laws. Change of venue will be demanded again and the Good Judge will accept That I am Chief Justice and not under his Jurisdiction (Unless in Jail) I keep on showing up to deal with the matter and expect to get released immediately. I have every right to stand on the recognition the Parliament of Canada gave to me.

It will be as momentous as this true deed

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